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The Eight of Swords and Wands in Tarot: Overcoming Limitations

This blog dives into the complexities of personal growth, highlighting comparisons between life’s challenges and opportunities, and the Tarot’s Eight of Swords and Eight of Wands. It illustrates how our human experience is marked by periods of stagnation, represented by the Eight of Swords, where we are bound by self-limiting beliefs and fears. It also explores the potential for swift progress, encapsulated by the Eight of Wands, which signifies the dynamism and forward momentum we can achieve when we overcome our fears and embrace change. The blog emphasizes the transformative power of welcoming change in our life’s journey. I hope this message inspires you to overcome your own limitations and embrace growth. We can use these cards to help us to push through any darkness and to use our wisdom, our creativity and our self-awareness and understanding both the internal and external processes to move through any situation we encounter.


Let’s Talk About It, This Planetary Tarot Stuff


These cards have similarities, but they also can represent two different energies. Both of these cards are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury respectively, so it’s important to understand how those energies interact with one another.

The Eight of Swords is a card that speaks to feeling stuck or limited in our circumstances due to our own perceptions. This card often signifies the feeling of being mentally blocked or restricted in some way. With Jupiter as its ruling planet, this card encourages us to use our intuition and imagination to break out of these perceived prison walls and expand our horizons. It shows us how the importance of reflection and self-awareness is needed because it can become difficult to see our path forward because we may be too stuck in our own thoughts and beliefs.

The Eight of Wands is a card that speaks to swift action and progress. This card brings about a sense of enthusiasm and energy and is a symbol of movement, progress, and communication. Mercury as its ruling planet, this card encourages us to take advantage of the moment and move forward without hesitation. It’s a reminder that even small steps add up to considerable progress over time. It’s all about acting and believing in yourself.

When these two cards interact with one another, there is potential for great transformation. The Eight of Swords can represent the need to take a step back and reassess our current situation, while the Eight of Wands can suggest that we embrace acting quickly. Combining Jupiter’s intuition with Mercury’s enthusiasm creates an energetic balance between taking time for contemplation and getting things done. We can use the energy of both cards combined to help us act and move forward, while also being mindful of our thoughts and emotions along the way. The key is to be able to discern between which actions will propel us forward, and which ones are just holding us back. These two cards together can be seen as an encouragement to move forward with confidence and take full advantage of opportunities that come our way. By taking a moment to assess our current reality and then using imagination and enthusiasm to propel ourselves forward, we can create amazing transformations in our lives.

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Let’s Break It Down Further

The Eight of Swords imagery often shows people bound in ropes, surrounded by sharp objects and in darkness. It’s easy to feel powerless and lose optimism when our hands are bound, and our eyes are blindfolded. The ropes get tighter, and we bump into sharp objects, feeling trapped in our own thoughts. We may realize that we have grown beyond our current circumstances, and this may be why we feel constricted.

The Eight of Swords Tarot card is a reminder to push beyond perceived limitations and embrace growth. As humans, our minds, bodies, souls, and thoughts are interconnected and dependent on each other. When one element fails to work in harmony with the others, we may find ourselves trapped in a closed circuit, unable to move forward or grow. It’s like a computer system that gets infected with viruses or lags, slowing down the entire system. We may feel victimized or powerless, blaming external circumstances for our limitations. However, we must recognize that the internal struggle is what actually mirrors the outside circumstances. Self-limiting beliefs and victimhood can be delicate issues to work with, but we must find the ability to course-correct and move beyond them. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” we should focus on finding the blindfolds and wool that keep us from seeing the bigger picture or beyond the distortions to how things really are. By doing so, we can expand our minds and leave behind the darkness that limits our growth. It’s like looking at a mirror that reflects your spiritual growth and seeing all the ways in which you’re changing and shifting your thoughts and beliefs. Every time you find yourself in a negative thought loop, a crack appears in that mirror. It may seem small at first, but like a crack in a windshield, it can grow and become a bigger problem that requires more effort and energy to fix. These cracks create distorted views of yourself and your circumstances, leading to entanglement and disharmony in your life. The astrological sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet of Mercury, is always in the mind and struggles with splits in their mirror. If these splits aren’t recognized and addressed, vitality and life force can start to fade. It’s like a sword that’s turned against you, creating war and disharmony in your own realm. Recognize these cracks, use your sword to cut away anything without honor or vitality in your sphere, and don’t let negative thoughts and limitations take control. You’re the king or queen of your castle, and it’s up to you to maintain the mirror of your spiritual growth and keep it intact.

The Eight of Wands imagery typically shows things in flight, such as birds, or other animals associated with movement and drive like wild horses. The images bring about associations of gusts of wind, whirlwinds, frenzies. You get the feeling that something is being stirred up and a sort of anticipation and the feeling of being antsy knowing energy is moving and will be passing through very quickly. It’s like the fire has been lit and you don’t have anything to put it out with, so you buckle up and let it take you for a ride!

 In the Eight of Wands, we see Mercury in Sagittarius, a fire sign representing expansion and searching. By tapping into the creativity of the mind and soul, we can push ourselves forward, just like Jupiter rules Sagittarius. However, without enough fuel from within the gasoline tank will drip out little by little until the vehicle stops moving. This creates a pool of stagnancy that feeds into the loop of feeling stuck, as if the world is out to get us and nothing is going right. Despite this, when you find yourself on the inspired side of life, when there are moments of expansive joy and adventure, where every step taken brings the promise of something new and exciting you can be free of the struggles, and old stories, which keep you in looping patterns that make it hard to move forward. The key is to stay curious, keep exploring, and tap into the creativity of the mind and soul to keep pushing forward. Sagittarius is what gives this card its zest for life and thirst for adventure and moving into new horizons. It’s the spark that lights the fuse that will inevitably take off at speeds that, if you’re trying to save something from catching fire, would be completely out of your hands to do so because that movement has been set off! Make sure you are making wise choices because once you set your arrow, aim it, and let go you initiate an energy you can’t always take back. There is a feeling of freshness in the eight of wands, the oh’s and aha’s and moments that occur in the now that you can’t help but be curious about as it leads you down a rabbit hole of adventure that will be nothing short of epic proportions.

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Let’s Compare The Positives and Negatives


Contrasting sharply with the Eight of Swords, the Eight of Wands embodies a different type of energy. Where the Eight of Swords is introspective and stationary, provoking deep self-reflection, the Eight of Wands represents dynamism, movement, and rapid progress. It is a card of swift action, and it often indicates that events are moving quickly towards a conclusion. Unlike the Eight of Swords, which encourages breaking away from self-imposed boundaries through introspection, the Eight of Wands sparks change through action. It advocates for proactivity, urging individuals to harness their energy and direct it towards their goals. It symbolizes momentum and the power of intent, inspiring individuals to propel forward with confidence and decisiveness. However, the Eight of Wands also presents its own challenges. The rapid pace can be overwhelming, potentially causing hasty decisions and missed opportunities. The contrasting energies of the Eight of Swords and the Eight of Wands highlights the different paths towards personal transformation, each valuable and necessary in its own way. The blindfold in the Eight of Swords and the energetic movement in the Eight of Wands are potent symbols that capture the essence of each card. The blindfold in the Eight of Swords, symbolizing self-imposed limitations and a refusal to see reality, contrasts with the motion-filled energy of the Eight of Wands, signifying progress, and forward momentum. The blindfold in the Eight of Swords often represents the fear and self-doubt that traps us in our own minds, preventing us from recognizing the paths toward liberation that are often within our reach. It’s a profound symbol of introspection and a call to confront self-imposed boundaries and illusions that constrain our growth.

On the other hand, the dynamic energy of the Eight of Wands is a symbol of active engagement with the world. The flight of the wands signifies swift and decisive action, underlining the card’s themes of momentum and progression. This energy is not just about physical movement, but also about moving forward with purpose, intent, and unshakable confidence. So while the blindfold in the Eight of Swords invites introspective exploration of our inner barriers, the movement in the Eight of Wands prompts us to act decisively and propel forward. They represent various aspects of the human experience – the internal struggle and the external action – and through their contrast, they amplify the message of personal growth and transformation inherent in both cards.

The importance of decisive action in the Eight of Wands cannot be overstated. It serves as a call to break free from stagnation and embrace the exhilarating pace of life. This card is an assertion of will, to proclaim one’s ability to dictate the course of their journey. Its dynamic energy is a reminder that life is about moving forward, about taking chances, and about seizing opportunities as they present themselves. The Eight of Wands teaches us that the world is an arena of action, and that our growth is contingent on our willingness to engage, to act, and to move. It is a testament to our power to shape our destiny, to overcome obstacles, and to manifest our dreams. The Eight of Wands sends a powerful message: decisiveness and action are the engines of progress and achievement. However, this dynamic energy of the Eight of Wands should not be considered in isolation, as it’s a powerful complement to the introspective nature of the Eight of Swords. While the Eight of Wands urges us to be decisive and active, the Eight of Swords encourages us to explore our inner barriers and limitations. It invites us to engage in introspection, to understand our fears, and to liberate ourselves from the bonds of self-doubt and self-imposed constraints.

The Eight of Swords is indeed a card filled with paradoxes. On the positive side, it encourages introspection and self-analysis, inviting us to delve deep into our psyche to unearth our hidden fears and limitations. By prompting us to confront and understand our insecurities, it enables us to grow emotionally and spiritually. This card is a beacon for personal growth, urging us to face the uncomfortable truths within us and to dismantle the mental blockages that hinder our progress. However, the Eight of Swords also has potential negatives. It is associated with feelings of restriction, frustration, and powerlessness. These feelings often stem from self-imposed limitations or an inability to see beyond current circumstances. The card can symbolize feeling trapped or constrained, ensnared by circumstances that seem beyond our control. Additionally, the introspection it encourages can sometimes lead to excessive self-criticism or even paralysis by analysis – the inability to act due to overthinking. While the Eight of Swords can guide us to profound self-understanding, it can also plunge us into depths of self-doubt and stagnation if not navigated carefully.

The Eight of Wands is often seen as the polar opposite of the Eight of Swords, embodying action, movement, and progress. This card stands for the swift flow of energy and ideas, representing a time of rapid action and swift changes. A powerful symbol of momentum, it encourages us to harness the winds of change and use them to propel us forward. This is a card of courage, urging us to seize the initiative and to boldly go where we have not dared to venture before. The Eight of Wands signifies that the time for introspection is over and the time for action has begun. However, just like the Eight of Swords, the Eight of Wands has its share of cautionary tales. Its rapid energy can sometimes lead to impulsive decisions or hasty actions. While this card signifies momentum, it also serves as a reminder to consider our actions carefully and not to blindly rush forth. The Eight of Wands encourages us to strike a balance between thought and action, urging us to marry our newfound insights with decisive, purposeful steps. It is a call to courage and action, but it asks us to remember the lessons of the Eight of Swords: that action without understanding is as limiting as understanding without action.


My Recent Experiences

Life can often feel like an overwhelming wave, rolling over us, leaving us feeling out of control and out of place. I found myself in a familiar loop, trapped by my own thoughts and perspectives without the desire to consider alternatives. On some days, I could barely manage to complete my usual tasks. Writing blogs became an irritating task and even maintaining my ordinarily clean house seemed like an insurmountable challenge. This narrative, though stifling, also offered a strange sense of safety. It kept the world from shifting around me, and me from stepping into the world. I felt trapped in repeated patterns and dialogue when it came to my friendships and my relationships. Pure overwhelm ensued even though I felt I had come such a long way from where I had been, spending so much time working on myself and my self-limiting beliefs. But a whirlwind ensued, caught up and swept up in the currents of self-pity, of pain and moving in and out of the victim archetype without any clear direction on what to do next or where to even go next! These old narratives kept a sense of safety around me, soothed by how things have been, deciding that I was right, and it was everything around me that was wrong. But I want to highlight this experience as a reminder that we can often be our own worst enemy, standing in our own way repeatedly. There’s no judgment here, as life can indeed become overwhelming, pushing us to retreat back to our old behaviors and actions. Before we manage to remove the veil from our eyes and stop allowing ourselves to be drawn back from the world and into an internal framework that has ceased to be of value any longer. Remember, movement and change are the only constants in life, and they are worth navigating towards always despite any fear or apprehension to do so.

 P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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