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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL [EP.17] Planets and their Planetary Deities

Are you ready to dive into the cosmic mysteries of the universe, you brave voyager? This episode, dubbed “Planets and their Planetary Deities,” is a tantalizing exploration into the celestial ties that bind us to the cosmos. We dismantle the norms, shatter the illusion of separation between the macrocosm and microcosm. Can you feel the whispers of Jupiter pulling you towards prosperity? Or perhaps, the fierce passion of Mars igniting your subconscious bravery?

To hell with conformity, let’s ride the cosmic wave into the heart of our Planetary Deities. This is no ordinary journey; it’s a rebellion against the mundane, a heretical dance with the divine. Will you dare to join the revolution and discover the planetary deity pulsating within you? Unleash your cosmic potential, tune into this exhilarating episode, and embrace the universe within!

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

All right. Let’s get this party started! I love it. I love it. I love it. I do this I think every time, right? Because we record these live obviously, if you’re seeing this on YouTube, there’s no fancy editing on this. No, no, no, no. No fancy editing on this, this is live. And but it saves that image. So I always do something silly and weird in the beginning. Welcome back everyone to our let’s see 16th episode of  Witch Please! Sunshines Guide to the Mystical. I’m excited for today, I’m actually excited to to join in a chat and talk with you guys. I think every single time, I want to make sure I can see those comments just in case anything does come through, we don’t have a whole ton of folks that watch us live yet. And we do you know, repurpose these and everything. But they do they do record live. So if you ever, you know, want to pay attention in, you know, chat through these, please, you know, take a look at when they’re live.
We are talking today about the planets, and more specifically, the planetary deities. And it’s so funny. I’m like editing stuff. And I’m like, Why did I wait? I didn’t I missed an edit from last week. So I got distracted there. So why? Why we’re going to talk about the planetary deities I’ll share with you in a moment, but I want to first level set, you know, and I don’t have like a definition, I can’t go like look up in Webster’s Dictionary anything like what the definition of a planetary deity, but I always want to make sure, and- Hi Melissa!
When we talk for the first time that we’re level setting, we’re all like approaching this from the same point of view. And so, a planetary deity is, the planets themselves are named after the Roman pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Each of these planets in essence has a Roman god or goddess that is associated to them. So these are the exact same planets that we’re talking about, when we’re talking about astrology, these are the ones that have like this huge role in our cosmic selves, like we will talk about where with sign is our sun in our moon, in what sign is Venus and like, whatever that is, and it shares this perspective or this insight into us. And it says, like, based upon these, “How are we?” But each and every one of those planetary deities each each one of those gods and goddesses had a persona had qualities that are associated to a same way with the planets, right?
If we were gonna go into astrology, we will look at what is the planet you know, we’re in Mercury Retrograde right now, as I’m recording this, like, what does that mean? What is mercury associated with those kinds of things? It’s very, very similar. So if you have followed astrology at all, you know any of that, then you know, the planetary deities much more than you may realize. And why am I talking to you about them right now? I have been in the throes of some work all week with them. I have been for the last five weeks I’ve been running a manifestation it’s what it’s called, but it’s a money magic ritual course. And by ritual course what I mean is we are literally learning things, but it is through a ritual the whole like the entire time. So the six week long ritual, and we’re in like the the culmination of it right now this week.
And so every single day this week, I’ve been once again engaging and talking to each of the planetary deities. And so I’m in the thick of it, I’m really swimming with them pretty deep right now. And so when I sat down and I was thinking about like, what do we talk about today? That’s all that was ringing in my mind and here’s the reality is they love to be spoken about. They love to be talked about it is something they appreciate very very much so you know the bonus their bonus there for me sharing all this with you. And actually by the time we release this like to the podcast platforms will have wrapped moneyfestation. So yeah, life is the this the only energetic that you’re sitting on this side. So I thought I would share with you today my perspective on working with them not just from an astrological sense, but what working with them in a magical sense.
And so there’s a couple of things when we think about doing our own magic, we can pay attention to where the planets align, and we can lean into that energetic influence itself. So in other words, Monday day is ruled by the moon in for a lot of folks, I actually work with Pluto on a Monday and I’ll share with you why. But Monday and so you may say, “Oh, well, I’ve got this really deep work of like self love that I need to do. But I really don’t know what’s been blocking me, I don’t really know why these patterns are happening“. And so you might do some ritual or some deep reflection, or some shadow work on a Monday. That energetic of that Monday that moon, that illusion type stuff. So you can use it from that perspective.
But what I love to do, what I love to do when it comes to the magic, I do a lot of alchemical work. And what we are trying to do is actually infuse or integrate that energetic of the planet, into our, our core, our existence our DNA, we want to embody that, the qualities of those planetary deities, and so I’ll give you an example. For somebody, let’s say you were looking for a job right now, and you’re having to go on job interviews, you very well may want to embody the energetic, the qualities, the persona of Mercury, who is a phenomenal communicator, incredible at negotiations. Step into his energy. So my perspective on working with them, and kind of why I’m saying all this and sharing this is, I think it’s important to understand that we are humans, and humans love like love tangible concepts, over intangible. 
So if we’re going to talk about a ball in our hand, like a baseball in our hand, or we’re going to talk about a globe, an orb of glowing light, and another hand, the one that we have a stronger connection to, the likelihood that all of us are imagining the same image. On the hand with the baseball is much, much higher than all of us imagining the same glowing orb. And so, the human brain does better with tangible concepts, and a planet, this planet is a tangible concept. And the deity is also a tangible concept, when we look at the qualities that are associated to that deity, right? When we’re thinking about Mercury being that expert communicator, or Jupiter being the deity around expansion and, and being open to new possibilities. Right? These things are a lot more tangible for us when we look at them in that perspective, than if we were to just talk about feeling abundant, or feeling confidence in communication.
Don’t get me wrong, we can all experience emotion, right? I’m not saying that. But our ability to think about being manifesting in into some other state, some other energetic. Our brains just really love it when we associate it to a tangible thing. So when we think about it as a planet, or we think about it as this being this deity, right? I have images that show up in my head that look like of what Mercury looks like, what Jupiter looks like, about Saturn looks like, what Venus looks like all very much representative from the artists and the things that have already created this before us. Or not, should have before us before me, but I do. So that is my perspective of working with them is that when we work with them, our ability to step into and embody the qualities of them is a lot higher, like the probability that we’re going to be successful with it.
Our capabilities of being able to step in because once again, that human brain loves a tangible thing. So figured I’d share a little bit I said I work with a don’t necessarily work with the moon on just a Monday and I’ll tell you why. A lot of the work that I do with the planetary deities is around wealth, not wealth in the monetary perspective, but wealth in into the sense of, I’m trying to create a really beautiful and enrich to life that fulfills me, from all perspectives, that’s what I mean by wealth, like, oh, wow, like, you know, God, I’m just filled with that. happiness and joy and prosperity, everything is just, you know, lovely and delightful, right wealth. So I work with them around a lot around that.
This is a long game, this isn’t, you know, give-me-something-tomorrow-game, this is a, I-want-my-whole-life-to-evolve and to transform into the timeline where I experience these these like really beautiful enriched emotions on a regular basis. So I am constantly working with them on a regular basis. And very often it’s associated to the business and then growing of all of this. You know, all of this, me showing up with you guys. And so I’ll share with you how, in essence, I work and there’s a couple of planets that I don’t actively work with Neptune and Uranus, not as much haven’t been called. But I maybe at some point, mostly because they don’t directly associate to the days of the week. I couldn’t find a direct connection to the business side. That wasn’t already represented. And so we start the week with Monday, and on Monday, this is typically associated to the moon. But I look at the moon, which is always heavily involved with shadow work. It’s something that we’re doing on a regular and consistent basis with every single one of these days. That moon shows up every single one of those days. So that’s kind of how I look at the moon.
So instead of working with the moon, I really, really, really, especially in a business perspective, wanted to work with the planetary deity of Pluto, I know it’s crazy, it’s a little bit weird. It’s not very common, I’ve done research and reading, I probably should write and talk a lot more about because he’s just not worked with, as often as  maybe from a Hades perspective, maybe in some of the other pantheons, the individual that kind of rules the underwired world has worked on, but like Pluto itself, from a planetary perspective, not as much.
And the reason why I love, he is the God of wealth. And so if we think about the underworld, and we think about what truly has what has value that continues to grow, the less we have of it, right, so to speak is a lot of these earthly elements. Think about gold, diamond, silver, oil, anything of that. All of these things that the earth provides, it automatically has value very much strongly associated to Pluto, that underworld, like even the trees from the perspective that it pulls from the earth, like it’s the dead things within the earth that provide all the nutrients and the ability for these things to grow. And so I really wanted to work with Pluto as it related to the growing up and of wealth, right? And the security around that wealth. Because let’s be real Pluto, Hades, whoever you want to however you want to call them. He’s got that underworld now locked. Which then moves us from Monday into the typical the traditional, which is Mars.
So Mars is that warrior energy. That is a very courageous energy. It’s very strong. It’s very determined. It is a very protective. And also can be incredibly fiery and dangerous if not used, you know, we all did.  Definitely done a lot of pretty incredible protection work on Tuesday. I mean, I’ll do it any day that it’s needed, but definitely looking right. So we go from Tuesday into Wednesday, Mercury. This is the planetary deity that I worked with first, which should not be a surprise, he is the messenger of the gods all around communication, travel, commerce, he’s a salesman, he’s also known as the trickster, which might make you understand why he is an expert salesman,. It’s like he’s, he’s literally going to help you paint whatever picture you need, in order to engage in the commerce that he also rules.
Technology is another thing that he and then the Egyptians pantheon. He was associated Mercury’s associated to folks who was also if you go do a whole bunch of reading like God, the Egyptians, math, science, all of that kind of born. So Mercury is pretty freakin cool. Energetically wise, he’s also like the fastest, he wears the wings shoes. You might have seen a helmet with wings on it. So fast that energy with Mercury even just sitting here on this Wednesday, like talking about him on a Wednesday I can feel my energy left. Oh, which then moves us on to a Thursday, which is all around Jupiter. Jupiter is all expansion, big energy. I like to think I’ll just paint the picture that shows in my head. Because Jupiter, in the mythology is the father of mercury and I’m just thinking of like, mercury as that kid that is still learning all those lessons, you know, in his 20s and 30s and running around, but Jupiter is of the mindset. He’s learned them and he’s like just sitting back and able to really, kind of enjoy and direct and share all of it that all of these thoughts and ideas, so I love Jupiter energy.
He’s actually the biggest altar that I have to because of that expansion, that abundance that he represents. I always like to think of him around. I guess guidance of idea, right? He brings new opportunities my way. We moved from Thursday into up today where we record on a Friday, which is Venus day. And that’s a very intentional choice. And the reason why it’s because that Venus energy is all around love and relationships and connections and beauty. And oh, it’s just amazing. And so whenever I think about what do I want to do far as my business on a Friday, I want to connect, and I want to share all this great information and I want to love on you and drop all these little tidbits. And that’s you noticed what I want to do on a Friday. That’s that Venus energy that we move into Saturday, ruled by Saturn granddaddy Saturday as I like to call him but he doesn’t like but I’m very amused by it. And he tolerates it.  This is the man of the planet that is all around discipline karma set, you know, being able to reap what you sow, so if you’re putting in the good work, the time and the effort, he is going to help make sure that you are pulling out what you need to benefit from now, if you are lacking discipline, he’s going to show up he is also the gentleman that can take you all the way.
Yeah, I love that Melissa too. I was actually excited. I was like you’re gonna muscle appreciate this. Saturn is also the gentleman that if you have been ignoring the prompts, to like, put boundaries in place, put discipline in place, take action, things like Saturn’s the guy that will make things more difficult and challenging for you. Right? You know, these are kind of like lessons that you’re you’re meant to learn. So if you ever like why do I have to repeat you know, like, “Why is life so hard” type stuff, they could be some Saturnian energy that you’re in? Because there is a lesson that you have not embraced? Yeah, crazy, right? There we go.
Finally, Sunday rule by the sun, you know. And I think the sun sometimes is a hard concept for us to think about because there is not any one, it’s associated, you could go look, there are certain sun gods and things of that nature. Apollo is one of them that comes to mind. But not from like that, not as tangible to me is as the other planetary deities had been. And so it finally took me some time to realize that Sunday is reflective of our higher self, our true connection to the divine. It is this the piece of us that exists within the collective consciousness within the cosmos, our holy guardian angel. And so as I said, the the Moon is always with us every day. So is the sun, right? Both of these combined. Always with us every single day. All right.
Why am I sharing all of this with you? Let’s get to the real meat of it. Number one, you may be curious about working with planetary deities. You may be like everybody else works with it. They have something to do with magic. I’m seeing spells I’m seeing in vocations, you may just find that you’re drawn and you just got a big question mark up every time you kind of get into the wheel like the circle of the planetary deities. If you have a strong Christian background, or a strong religious background, I think Christianity is probably the more prevalent of these. You may hesitate it may feel really uncomfortable for like one of two reasons why you may have leaned very strongly into like the atheist or the agnostic side of the house, probably the atheist side of the house more so than the agnostic and agnostic, still believe something. And so you may just be like, feeling a lot of resistance of like, ‘I don’t want to”.
The other piece too, is you may still have some strong Christian beliefs, you may still even want to lean into, God, the Holy Trinity, and all of that. God, our Father, and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit’s, and that’s fine. And so you may be getting some of these, you know, pings of like, confusion and resistance. And I’m going to tell you, when I tell anybody. God, even the Christian God created everything created all of this, if that’s the belief and the pattern that you take. And it’s only your connection with him and the conversations that you have with him, that really matters. So you get to choose and lean into this or not. You know, if you’ve got the curiosity, I think He planted that curiosity in you. That’s the reality of it.
If you’re leaning on the atheist type of path, and you’re like, “I don’t really feel comfortable with the thought or the concept of this”. Remember, I am not talking to you about this literal, like being that sits on a cloud somewhere and like, you know, shakes his finger, I’m talking about the energetic qualities that these planets represent. Okay, so get your head around it that way. Here’s another reason why I’m talking to you about this. If you’ve got that curiosity, you may have already been hearing all sorts of guidance and advice on doing it or not doing it like “oh, you should only do it if they call to you”, and you see a sign or “oh, you shouldn’t do it if this”.. Or you know, “hey, don’t do it this way. And do it that way”. And oh my god, talk about the magickal world. Like we are the biggest gatekeepers I think around I think we’re like we because like let’s be for real, there’s no one unless you’re practicing like Wiccan or maybe voodoo, who do or something of that nature. There’s really not as strong of a dogma around it. Right?
And so people love to just throw all their ways as these truths. So remember, this is your magic, my dear friends, nobody else’s. You get to choose you get to choose if you do it, if you don’t do it, how you do it, and how high you don’t do it. As long as it feels good to you and aligned. That’s all it matters. There must be like something in this room, because I know I’m moving around a whole lot. But I don’t get this autofocus. I know those of you that are not watching this on video. There’s like this constant autofocus that’s happening. And I’m just wow, it does happen, but not as much as it normally does. 
So I do have some folks. And I think that’s a phenomenal comment there, Melissa. Melissa made the comment that she thinks it’s an easy introduction to deities, because she’s already been around the planets all of her whole life, right. And 100% it was Mercury that introduced himself to me first, he popped up and lo and behold, posts that they just started kind of like coming and showing up. And I do have other other deities that I work with that are not planetary deities, so anyone that you’re called to you get to choose, once again, I’m saying it’s your magic you get to choose, right. And so the last and final reason why I’m sharing all of this with you is let’s be real, I said it in the beginning.
I am wrapping up this fun day, you know, just to two days, a six week long, ritual course, around money magic, and I’ve been working with these planetary deities the entire week. And you know, I adore it. I really do love, love working with deities a lot. My niece asked me recently she goes if he’s not going to ask you what religion would you you know, if you’re a religion, what would you tell him? And I said, “Well, depends on who was asking”. I said, But if I had to, I’d say a pagan, right? I work with a lot of different spirits, a lot of different, you know, gods and deities and you know, from a magic perspective. I do. So if I had to, that’s probably what I would say. But that’s the other reason so selfishly, I am just in it. I’m in it all week. I’m loving it. I love these. I love working with these these deities so much and I hope that if you have not, and you’re listening to this for the first time, and that curiosity has you. Don’t hesitate, take a leap! And if you want to know my recommendation of who to work with first Mercury as always, he is the messenger to the gods. So he happens to, in my opinion, be the most chatty and the most engaged in a lot of areas of our life. So until next time, all of my dear, dear lovely friends much love, from me to all of you. Take care!

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