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Sunshine’s Guesting at the Shifting Dimensions Podcast: Shadow Work, Chakra Imbalances and Carving a Path Towards Authentic Living

Sunshine   00:00

This is our heart chakra. And these are all of the like stories around our worth. You know, in the worthiness that we have. And the conversation that her and I were having, she was telling me, she’s like my her mother who’s passed away a number of years ago. mother when she was alive would do everything for everybody else. And what to the detriment of herself, right would burn herself out. And she telling me, she goes, yeah, she goes, I realized my mom was doing this, when I realized that I was doing it.


Jummie Moses  00:40

Sunshine, welcome to shifting dimensions. Thank you so much for being here. How are you?


Sunshine   00:45

Oh, I’m doing fabulous today, Jimmy, how are you?


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I’m great. And I’m excited to kind of dig a little bit deeper into your journey, because I think you have a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of personal life experience that you can really share with the audience, as well as a lot of your spiritual practices and gifts that you have. So I want to start off by asking you, when did you realize that you were a psychic medium?


Sunshine   01:15

That’s it. You know, that’s an interest. I don’t know that anybody’s ever asked it to me in that those words. So all of a sudden, I was like, wow, when did I realize I was a psychic medium. I don’t think I started claiming the label psychic medium until I started literally doing it professionally. Just four years ago. When did I realize I had psychic abilities, or was a medium. I was a teenager, I was a teenager, around the age of 16 years old, you know, and I shared the story. I was born and raised Catholic, right? And around the 1111 years old, I went into my parish priest and I said, I want to be an altar girl. And his response back was like, No, and I’m like, but I don’t understand. I’ve been to other churches and their altar girls. And he’s like, my church, my rules. And I was just really confused. You know, I’m like, What do you mean, your church, I thought this was God’s house, like, I was so confused. And so I kind of ventured away from the Catholic religion at that point. And around the age of 16. I remember, you know, just a mile from where I live right now, the walking downstairs into this metaphysic store. And getting hit with a sense of incense for like the first time and feeling like I was at home, right feeling like I was someplace that I belonged for the very first time and in probably almost my entire life at that point. And ended up buying my first tarot deck. Even though you know, there’s this stigma that you’re not supposed to do that started reading for my friends. And realizing I was hitting on things like I truly could pull insights. And at the same time, my grandmother was a medium though she referred to it as talking to the angels. And so I’m dabbling with some taro and pulling some cards. And around the age of 19, though, my grandmother passed away. And I never was able to witness medium circle with her. She did it with a lot of the family, but just the cards never kind of hit where I was able to sit and witness a circle with her. But around a year after she passed, I got a call from my grandfather. And he had offered to pay for my airfare and hotel for to accompany him and a number of other family members on a trip to Hawaii. You know, darn well, I was gonna take him up on that. Coming from Michigan, Hawaii first time. Yeah. And I remember talking to my aunt when we were sitting around one one of the mornings drinking coffee. And I told her that I thought I could do it. I thought I could. I thought I had mediumship skills. And she said, Well, why don’t we try tonight. So here’s me 19 years old, in a hotel room in Hawaii with I think at that point, it was three of my aunts. Four of my cousin’s two uncles, I think my grandfather had already gone to bed. And I tried, I just closed my eyes. And I just, you know, took a shot at what I could see what I could hear. And I was I was getting hits. I was describing things that my grandmother had said it like I said, I’ve never sat in circle I was describing things My grandmother had told my cousins around their spirit guides and the folks that kind of followed them. I was pulling forward people that my aunts had known when they were teenagers and like in their early 20s Right saying things that i There’s no way I should have known and so yeah, you know, between the two of those me now I realized that was psychic psychic mediumship that I was doing, you know through the Tarot went through this mediumship session. But yeah, it was probably I was a teenager between 16 and 19, when I first started actively using these very beautiful gifts,


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it’s so interesting how you grew up Catholic, but your grandmother was a medium. So it seems like you even though you grew up Catholic, it seems like your family was open to the spiritual side of life that wasn’t just focused on a specific religious dogma or religion or set of rules. So it seems like, although you grew up Catholic, you still have that freedom to kind of explore that metaphysical side and kind of tap into your psychic gifts and so on and so forth. Is that correct? You’re


Sunshine   05:45

correct. And then I never felt as though there was fear around any of this. I’ve talked to a lot of clients, a lot of folks that I’ve mentored were, even though they may have grown up Catholic or Christian, their families were very much against it. Right? It was evil, it was dark, it was the devil was the devil’s work and things of that nature. But no, it was never, it was never anything like that. I mean, there are stories that I’ve been told of what like, you know, you couldn’t lie to my grandma, you couldn’t like stories I heard. And that was from every one of my aunts. You know, that was just how it was, it was how it was for them growing up, my grandmother had these psychic gifts. And they, you know, they couldn’t get away with anything.


Jummie Moses  06:31

So after you realize that you were able to get impressions and sort of act in the capacity of a medium when you were 19? Did it trigger questions for you? Did you start like questioning things that you may have learned about? You know, whether it’s religion, or just like the way the world works? Or just because your family has been so open? Maybe those questions? Oh, man already been answered? Because, you know, you had that freedom to explore. You know,


Sunshine   07:01

I wish that was the case. Right. But my family, you know, like a lot of families had its own set of baggage, its own set of drama, its own set of trauma, right. And so even though we were open to it, it wasn’t an open conversation. And not only was I raised Catholic, I went to Catholic school, all my life. And so it’s, it’s funny that you’re asking this, but I would challenge my religion teachers. That’s what I remember, like asking them why and ask him to elaborate, I don’t understand. And they would just roll their eyes at me to the point that there was a couple of them that would allow me to just fall asleep in class, because I got so annoying that the questions. So I was just always really curious. And it stemmed from that priest, let’s be real, right, you know, to have a priest literally tell me, No, you can’t, you can’t participate in your spirituality in the way you want to, because that’s not cool. It just, it just blew my mind. So it was really at that point that I started to question and wonder, and, you know, I wish I could, I wish I could say there was like some, like, thing that really kind of spawned. And I’ve always had this ferocious appetite for knowledge. My grandfather would tell the story of when I was like two years old, two and a half years old, and I walked up to him, and I hadn’t seen him in a long time. And, um, you know, the first thing that I asked him was, you know, how are you doing, you know, full sentence out. And then I sat down and had a whole conversation with him and just kept asking him why everything he would say, I would say, like, why, but why? And he goes, I could not get you to shut up nothing I gave you. Whatever, you know, satiate your your question, why? And so, yeah, I’ve always really been curious, but I’ll tell you, there’s a book that still to the date, to this day is my most recommended book for anyone. And I was probably around the age of 22, when I first stumbled upon this book, and it was probably in that same metaphysic shop that I ran across it, and I don’t know why I would have picked it up, except that, you know, maybe it just looked good. And it was, the author’s name is Don Miguel Ruiz. And it’s the Four Agreements. Yeah. And that book changed my life. It really did. You know, he is an author as a, you know, a spiritual like coat Toltec like Matt, you know, religious person, just beautiful sentiments, beautiful sentiments that he’s sharing, but as an author, he wrote in such a simplistic way, you know, he didn’t talk over your head. He wasn’t using the these big, like, elaborate words are difficult to understand concepts. He was really relatable. And for anybody that’s listening, it’s never read that book. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve probably I’ve probably read it three times. I throughout my adult life, and it probably purchased it as a gift well over 15 to 20 times over the past 20 years.


Jummie Moses  10:11

I love that book. I love the Four Agreements. And I read it, I think about two times now. I think that book was so incredible for me, because it literally broke this idea of victimization that a lot of us have. And we don’t realize, I think, to your point, he made it so plain, right, especially the part where, you know, we all have a story that we’re kind of telling ourselves and the person that you’re talking to also has a story that they’re telling themselves. And we’re projecting our stories onto other people. And a lot of times, everybody’s stories personal, I guess, again, obviously, I’m paraphrasing, but I just remember reading that book and feeling like, wow, I just felt like, if there was a curse of victimhood over me, it felt like it was broken. And that’s just one of many things, one of many insights that I pulled from that book. So I 100% resonate with that book as well. I think it’s a powerful, powerful book. And I think I’ve given it as a gift to one person as well. So I’m right there with you. So I know that, you know, part of your story is dealing with alcoholism, you say that you’re a recovering alcoholic. And there came a point in your life as well, where you kind of realized that you felt like you were doing things that society deems to be stuff that you should do, whether that’s getting married or like working in corporate etc. And then all of a sudden, you have this, like, big breakthrough, that that shouldn’t be how you’re living your life and kind of like redefining your life for yourself and moving past your struggle with alcohol. So can you talk about that a little bit? And how was your spiritual journey intertwined with that struggle that you had?


Sunshine   11:59

Yeah, so I, you know, when I talk about this, I say I’m a recovering alcoholic, workaholic, perfectionist and control freak, right? Yeah, and, you know, there’s a lot of people that might, you know, pause or take a look at kind of, you know, what I’m about to say, and, you know, see the different perspective. But, you know, I’ve been a psychic, I recognize my gifts when I was a teenager, but I know that I’ve had them for my entire life, you know, I know that they existed even as a child, these gifts came with a burden. And it came with a lot of, I think, overwhelming emotion, noise, and the, you know, is that knowing them, or recognizing them, a lot of things that were going on within my own self, my own psyche that I just couldn’t understand. And so I also grew up with in an alcoholic household. And so all of these things combined, really meant that I was right for escapism, you know, I was right for an escape. You know, even though I read that book, even though I wasn’t a victim, so to speak, and I gave up that victim on same same way that you’re mentioning, I didn’t like the way that things felt I didn’t like, the way that it felt to go out into like, big, large crowds, and big, large social and so, you know, like, but that’s what you do. You know, you’re a teenager, you go hang out and party, you turn 21 You go out and drink, you know, even like, even like college, you know, thinking of that, like my father was just like, you have to go to college. And that’s how you, it’s how you make it in this world. That’s how you get a good job. And there’s all these pressures that kind of came down. I mean, I don’t even know. I don’t even know that there’s like, they’re directly said to you, like, I don’t know that any of it. Maybe some of us have the very direct statement, but there is there’s this, like societal pressure that kind of comes with growing up, you know, and I even remember when I was like, 18 going, like, why are you asking me what I want to do for the rest of my life? Like, I’m 18 Like, it’s just mind blowing to me. But I did it, you know, because that’s what you do. You know, you go to school, you get a job, you work you get a house. And you know, even though marriage thing was kind of really strange. You know, there’s a piece of me that didn’t even want to get married, but my husband asked, you know, my ex husband asked, and what do you say like when they ask, you know, you’re like, Oh, we’ve been together two years. I think that’s just what you do, right? That’s just what happens next, like the box that I gotta check. And it just it was there was a lot of a lot of acting and responding as though I had this predetermined to checklist of things that I had to do in life. And with that was also, you know, a lot of underlying anxiety, a lot of underlying fears. And even this just a, I don’t even know how to describe it, even just this kind of hesitation to really allow myself to even connect or be intimate with someone. You know, it was looking back, I never recognized it is that when I was in my 20s, I remember I would tell people, I remember the boyfriend that I was living with at the time, one time we got into an argument and he his response back to me after I said something was, you’re such a robot. Yeah, because I wouldn’t even allow myself to feel emotion, right. Imagine growing up with psychic abilities be a high being a highly sensitive person being you know, an empath and never recognizing it, you know, starting to numb it as soon as you possibly can. I was eight years old when I first started to drink. You know, it’s mind blowing. Right? Catholic, thank you. And yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t allow myself to feel I didn’t allow myself to be I didn’t allow myself to live. And that’s because I was too busy. Following that checklist of all of the things that society was telling me that I needed to do. Or that my, in reality, my father was, you know, expecting, you know, unspoken, ugly expecting and so it was a, I don’t even know, I was what brought the change about. And even though it took me almost two and a half years to get sober, what brought the change bout was really, my, my marriage, you know, and going through therapy, and sitting down with these therapists, and like, really having them start to like, reflect back to me the things that I was saying about how I had been treated in childhood and how I’ve been treated when it was being treated by my husband, and realizing just like how distorted my view of self was, right? How distorted it was to the point that I wasn’t allowing myself to be, you know, to be to be given the things that I really, truly deserved as a human, let alone as a loving, you know, person. You know, so it was, it was pretty wild. And, uh, oh, it was really, it was really tough. And I would never go back there, you know, even as even as hard as it is feeling all your emotions now, I would never go back to the point of not, not feeling them. And yeah, so it was 2017. My divorce was finally done. I had left, I remember, I was in couples counseling. And I finally had this counselor. And they’re not supposed to do this, but we were nine months into therapy. And my ex husband walked out of the room. And that therapist leaned over to me and said, it’s never going to change. He just does not get it. You know? And it was I don’t know, I don’t know why in the world. Some of us have to go down these paths in life that just are so the the picture that I in my head is like grading, you know, it’s just like you’re just dragging yourself through, you’re just like, not easy, making it hard, all difficult, you know, gotta learn things the hard way. But it was really with that divorce. And then that year in 2017, my father was, you know, as I said, was an alcoholic found himself on his deathbed. And I took a two and a half month of leave of absence to help care for him. And it was the first time at that point, probably, which is my like mind blowing 20 years. Because I’ve been working since I was 14. That was the first time and going to school mind you, you know, even in high school and stuff is the first time in probably 20 years at that point that I actually had time to do nothing. And I realized just how kind of sick I was sick. I had become with how I seen the world and how I prioritize work over family and loved ones and friends. And I was doing I was heading down the same path as him.


Jummie Moses  19:50

Wow. There’s so much that you said there. I think the biggest thing that I really resonate with is how Being to show up in spaces that don’t feel authentic to you. So like when you were talking about being young and feeling like, Oh, I’m supposed to go out, you know, being in a relationship and getting proposed to I guess this is the next step, right. And I resonate with that so much, because for a while, and still currently working through some of those things, being myself always felt so scary, because how dare I question an alternative life for myself, that does not fit the picture of what people think is best for me, right? And I’m trying to live someone else’s life that’s not mine. And literally being so hard on myself, and like you said, like, grading myself through it, trying to force myself painstakingly, to, you know, show up in these spaces. And while doing that, literally shoving my emotions down trying so hard to suppress all of my feelings, because I don’t even want to question that maybe this reality and how I’m living my life, and the choices I’m making are not serving me. So I absolutely resonate with that. And I want to know, you know, with you realizing that you had medium abilities when you were a teenager, did you put that on the back burner as you were going through life? When did you revisit that? And did that help you kind of become more authentic and step into a life that was more authentic to you and more aligned with you? Yeah,


Sunshine   21:35

you just got a really big semantic response on your neck question. Oh, yeah. You know, I, I would say, I love that you use the word backburner, because there was always there, my spirituality, the psychic abilities, mediumship, they were always there, but they were on the back burner. I would pull these things out only when needed, you know, only when in dire circumstances. You know, I only use these gifts when my friends asked me to do things. The mediumship actually got me in trouble a handful of times, I would tell people and they’ve tried it, you know, I prove it, so to speak. And next thing I know, I’d never hear from him again, dating. Don’t ever tell somebody you’re dating your medium? And then tell them that you see their grandfather and share messages because you won’t get a return phone call? I mean, I promise you on that one. Yeah. And so I did I put it I put a lot of it on the back burner. And you know, I think I think there’s a lot of people, you know, we’re talking 20 years ago, which is a lot different world than it did, there was no witch talk 20 years ago, you know, and so a lot of that was I was in the closet, I was in the closet with all of these gifts with all of this bits and pieces of my spirituality. And if I wasn’t in the closet, it was a joke to people. You know, they laughed at it, they thought it was humorous, it’s funny. And then my ex husband just he was, it was a piece of work when it came to it. He ridiculed me on it. And really, really made, you know, brought invoked a lot of shame out of me because of it, and not because that’s what I was, but because like I couldn’t, he wouldn’t allow me to do it. So I was like, there was this this weird shame of like, how am I in this relationship with this man that doesn’t accept me for who I am type of thing, and I can’t be who I am. Even though he knew that’s who I was, when we first started dating. It was like, we got married, and he thought it was okay for him to just ridicule things about me. So yeah, it was a it was it definitely on the back burner. And not not really a part of my life, my everyday life like it is today. Until I resigned from that job that I told you, I took that two and a half month leave of absence from I got back in two and a half months after and realized how sick and toxic of an environment it was. And I was only there for I think four more weeks before I resigned nothing lined up. No clue what I was going to do. I just knew I could not stay there anymore. It was so horrible for me. And you know, that was probably the first time when I remember. I was very vivid, vivid memory of stepping out and not having anything to do for the first time now again for you know, long time in my life. And I would wake up in the morning and I had set a timer to put a heater on in a room and I had a yoga mat. And I do like 90 minutes again yoga every morning. I don’t know if you’re familiar at the end yoga, but I claim it’s the most difficult yoga you can do because it’s all mine. And after I would be done I’d be hot and I’d be sore and I would lay there and I would just meditate and I would talk to my guides I remember laying there and I just, I just asked, I said, please, I don’t ever want to find myself in that situation again, you know, I don’t ever want find myself in a situation that I lost myself that I’ve literally prioritized work and a career over, you know, my family and my loved ones or myself for that matter, right? And I asked, I said, Can you? Can you please like, please show me? How can I do this? How can you help me? How can you help me and they gave me one of my, one of my guides showed up, which I now have come to realize this is actually my higher self. They showed up in the form of a ball of light. And when I asked them what their name was, they said their names be just BP. And yeah, and I just lay there, and they gave me this beautiful gift that I started to use from that point forward, which is, all I had to do is ask them was this calf in my highest and best use? Or was it not, and they would show me, they would show me, they would paint the picture of a very strong clairvoyance. And so I would look at whatever the scene is, or the picture is, or, you know, whatever the imagination that that it was in my head or a person. And they would paint it in this beautiful golden light, it would look like the sun was shining on it. It was warm, like a beautiful spring, summer day. And if it wasn’t, it would look like a store, like, you know, storm clouds and these blues and purples and that like blues of green. And that’s how I started to change my path, I would start to follow that. And I’ll tell you, it was probably about three months after that I started my own first started my LLC around that time. But I ended up finding a full time job, which was the job I’m retiring from right now. And the only reason I accepted it was because it was shown to me in that bright sunlight. Yeah.


Jummie Moses  27:08

So I have to ask them curious, did they show you that everything that you had to go through an experience? Did they show you that that was for your highest path? That’d be show you that.


Sunshine   27:19

So be didn’t show me what the path was. And this is interesting that you kind of asked, and I’ve had a lot of people ask like, don’t you look at all of your stuff? Don’t you constantly look at where you’re going and all of this? And I’m like, no, because my belief is the whole experience of life is living it. So it’s only when I have a decision to make, I have two paths in front of me that I will happen and ask my guide which path I should go. And so that’s what B would start to do. I would say should I go talk to this person? And they would give me a yes or no? Right? I remember the first time I tried it. I had lunch with a gentleman that I used to work with. It was a networking lunch. And he was really gung ho. He was like, oh, I want you to come work for me. I’ve got start off and all this kind of stuff. And it would like sounded really, really good. And, you know, the little squirrely brain of mine was like, Oh, this should be great. This would be a good opportunity. And I did that. I looked engaged one or the other. And B showed me No, it wasn’t a good situation. Lo and behold that proved itself out about three months later, when I forget what it was that I had said to him but he flared up said something really disrespectful back to me. And I was just like, whoa, okay, good. Thank God never gotten to bed with that man. Like you be.


Jummie Moses  28:36

Okay, so I get it. So they basically are be just shows you what path to take that would be for your highest interest, but not necessarily telling you the future or saying, oh, all these decisions that you made in the past? Were for your highest good. It’s kind of more on the present, like should I go left? Or should I go? Right? Okay, yeah, I got that. Something else I want to talk about is, you know, your work around shadow work. And I think, you know, in our conversation we’ve kind of touched on the shadowy aspects of life and kind of being unconscious to how they affect our lives. But I kind of want to go a little bit deeper because I know that you even have like an intensive Shadow Work program. So I know that you’re pretty deep into these things. So I want to start off by asking, what is Shadow Work? I hear that so much. I hear it a lot on tick tock, I’ve heard it on several different podcasts. My understanding of Shadow Work is looking at the parts of our personalities that we’re too afraid to look at or the parts of our life that are affecting us in a negative way and how we are playing a role in that negative side effect or what we might perceive to be negative. That’s my understanding of it, but I want to hear your understanding of what Shadow Work is and why you passionate about this space.

Sunshine   29:54

Yeah. So Shadow Work is a You know, for anybody that’s listening, you can do some research on it from a real kind of background. It was coined the term itself was coined by Carl Jung. Right? So this has been around for well over 100 years and exactly how you described it as exactly how he intended it. It’s these parts of our psyche that we tend to repress. Right. That’s my belief, too. And so the way that I often will look at a shadow work, the easiest way is think about something that you’ve always wanted to do, and you’ve never actually done it. There’s a shadow there. Right? Why haven’t you done it? Oh, I’m afraid, okay, why aren’t you afraid? Or why are you afraid? Like, what really is going to happen? And that process, and I’m kind of talking about right now of questioning and exploring and evaluating? That’s the work, right, that’s the shadow work. The challenge that I think a lot of people face, though, is they’ll do the oh, well, you know, I, here’s a, here’s one. This is this is one that a long time ago, when I first kind of stepped into doing this professionally, I was nervous and afraid of kind of getting up and being on video and doing lives and all this kind of stuff. There was a shadow and so I had to, like start to explore and oh, like, why is it that I’m afraid? Well, I’m afraid people are gonna make fun of me. Why? Why are you afraid people are gonna make fun of you? Well, because, you know, for much of my life, people have, you know, I’m a chubby girl, I’m an obese girl, you know, like I have, I’ve had many, many years of bullying because of the way that I look. And so the challenge that a lot of people have when it comes to shadow work, they’re like, oh, okay, cool. Yeah, I’m afraid that’s cool. I’m justified in that fear. Got it. And that’s where they end. Right? They often will forget that it’s the actions beyond it that that matter, that’s where the true work happens in the uncomfortable places, right? In the actual hitting the go live button and going live for the first time hitting it again, and again, and again, and continuing to do that work. And guess what, when that first comment comes through, you know, Hey, Fatty, hey, look at you over there, right? Feeling it? Right. And knowing that it’s not a truth? I don’t have to own that. Right. That is that is somebody else projecting their own insecurities on me. And I don’t have to respond to it. Yeah, so you know, Shadow Work, to me is such a huge proponent of much of what I do, and even though I may not refer to it in every way, shape, or form, but I often say, I don’t know that you can do I don’t know that there’s any deeper shadow work than actually stepping into recovery. Right, admitting that you have a problem whether that’s in a problem with alcohol, whether that’s a problem with you know, drugs, sex chaos, violence, drama, shopping, food, sugar codependency, right literally admitting that you yourself has something that is not serving you anymore. You have a habit, a pattern, a thought pattern, you know, a physical behavior, whatever it may be, and literally starting to dig into the root of why it is that that is the way that it is, and how you no longer want that to be how you’re defining your life. Right shadow work, if you truly want to come into a state of enlightenment, a state where life feels beautiful every day, even in the moments of sorrow. You’ve got to be willing to do that hard, deep shadow work and look into the things that once may have frightened you once may have made you drink may have been G may have ignored people abused people abused yourself. Right? You gotta be willing to face it.


Jummie Moses  33:44

Thank you, that was a great way of literally explaining it and giving an example that I think a lot of people can relate to. And I want to take it a step further as well, because I know that you work, you specifically talk about the different shadows that affect each chakra within the body. Because, you know, to your point, whenever we’re faced with a shadow, also, in my opinion, as well, I think we all have coping mechanisms to kind of stuff that down somewhere, right? So we might feel it in our heart, which I think I don’t know, I think this is a fourth chakra, I’m not sure what it’s called. But I know that we’re going to talk about all of that stuff you might feel in your heart, you might feel it in your gut, you might start having a headache. So I know that whenever we suppress our emotions, suppress our authentic self, were too afraid to look at the dark stuff or admit stuff they do manifest in some way in our body or in the actions that we take. So I kind of want to talk about the different shadows that affect our chakras. So if you could share with the audience and it could be at a high level, the different chakras within the body and the different shadows that come up surrounding those chakras.


Sunshine   34:55

Yeah, the the most common chakras when people are gonna refer to the chakras or I’m going to refer to the seventh. And we’re, you know, you think about the colors of the rainbow. That’s how most people are going to recognize the chakras. And so we go all the way from the root, which is down at the base. And this is everything around like, the things where we find our security, right. And so these are, these are the shadows here, when it comes to like the security and the stuff within our booth. This is a lot of the addictions, right? This is a lot of the I’m, I’m destroying my own self, you know, I’m destroying my own success, I’m my own worst enemy. So those are any of those types of shadows, they’re going to start to come up. It can also be things around like really deeply rooted type of fears, and traumas can end up being in there. And so root when it comes to the root shadow, that’s often something that people need some help and assistance trying to work through, if you really have some deep rooted, some deep shadows within your root. You know, folks that are in therapy are probably experiencing some shadows within their route, we move on up, the second one is going to be our sacral. And our sacral is represented by Orange, it’s all around our creativity. And if you think about what’s the most, what’s the most beautiful form of creativity that a human being has the ability to make another one of us Yes, right. So all the sexual energy, think about any repressed sexual desires that you may have, whether this is your, you know, in the closet, and you’re really, you know, you’re really a lesbian or you’re getting, you know, a gay or trans or, you know, maybe you want to be asexual, you’re like, Oh, my God, I actually don’t like sex, whatever that may be. Those are all those shadows that can be repressed from that perspective, but you’re not actually exploring that, or maybe you’ve got a lot of kinks, but you’re not actually telling your partner about it, you know, maybe you really, really, really, like want to see them in some sexy lingerie, and I’m not talking about a woman, you know, maybe as a woman, you want to see your man and some sexy lingerie, right? Whatever that may be. That’s where that shadow kind of sits in exists, we move up from that orange into the yellow, and this is the big, this one, this is a lot. And so this is this is all of the V shadows are really the stories that other people have written for you that are trying to define you rather than you defining yourself. Right, so our solar plexus, which is that yellow color is going to be where ego is. This is all around, you know, our courage This is so anytime that we, we don’t have the confidence to truly embrace our own story. And I’ll tell you, sometimes we can write our own as well. So this is a really little tiny shadow, for some odd reason. I really, really, really, you know, as a business owner, you kind of have to write, you have to be able to write, and I had this weird thing where I would constantly tell myself, I was good writer, but it was hard. It was a really weird, you know, shadow there. But like, for some odd reason, I kept saying that it was hard. And so I had to do some really deep exploration of why I kept thinking it was hard. And what ended up what ended up happening is, I started to realize it as a teenager. Even though I was always excelled in English, I ended up taking AP Literature in high school. And it wasn’t the writing part that was hard. It was this studying for the AP exam and being forced to write in a way that was not conducive to how I chose to write. Right. And so I had to unpack this story that had had been created because of, you know, this other kind of situation that came about my life, you know, so any kind of like stories that we are telling ourselves that aren’t true about what we can or can’t do typically exist within that solar plexus. And the next one, to your point is the fourth one, and that’s the heart chakra and God, that’s a, that’s a deep one, you know, and it’s making me think of a conversation I was having with a friend earlier today. This is our heart chakra. And these are all of the like stories around our worth. You know, in the worthiness of behalf and the conversation that her and I were having, she was telling me, she’s like my her mother who’s passed away a number of years ago. mother when she was alive would do everything for everybody else. And what to the detriment of herself, right would burn herself out. And she telling me she goes yeah, she goes I realized my mom was doing this when I realized that I was doing it. Right. So once again, you know, sometimes our shadows Are are literally created through just the the behaviors and the patterns, right? We’re not actually living our true authentic self, right? We’ve just become a condition of, you know, society or upbringing or nurturing or something of that, that nature. And so, yeah, that heart chakra shadows really around going to be around the worthiness and the deserving this of you know, having a beautiful life and being loved and, you know, being given the things that we need to be be given. We move on up into the throat. And this is all around our own ability to express and so this shadow is a move. I’m trying to even ask my guides, I’m like, What’s the easiest way? This, the shadow is the lights. So think about how often we lie to our own self, oh, I’m okay with this. That’s all right, I’m fine. Right? Even like little simple lies of that nature, can be a shadow, we’re not reflecting upon the actual truth or not being true and honest with our own selves. Right? Let alone if we’re actually lying to other individuals, right, I find often the shadow shows up more in the lies to ourselves rather than than other people. And if anybody that’s listened and wants to know, I’ll tell you one of the best ways to find out if you actually have shadow here is whether or not you find you take pride in the fact that you are sarcastic. Sarcasm is a passive aggressive form of communication. And it is one of the biggest detriments to biggest killers to any type of relationship building. Yeah. And so that’s a really, really good indication that you got some shadows there within your throat. Beyond that, we ended up in the third eye and we end up in the crown. And these are probably the ones that are a little bit more difficult to recognize. Mostly because if you have not gone through some of these other ones already, your third eye and your crown chakra are going to be really hard to kind of even reflect upon. But that third eye is truly not trusting your own gifts, your own intuition, your own psychic abilities. My belief is every single one of us have psychic abilities, we just don’t know how to recognize them. And if you don’t know how to recognize them, you don’t have to use them. Right. And that crowd is not embracing your own spiritual path. Right. So if you haven’t gone through all of those other things, and really like been true and honest with all that other stuff than being able to get to that point that you’re actually recognize your own spiritual path, your own spiritual truths is really, really hard to do. Yeah,


Jummie Moses  42:51

that was amazing. I think that was I had goosebumps with every chakra that you went through and talking about the different shadows, because at some point in my life, I literally could, I literally can relate to all of the different shadows, for each different, you know, sacral point within the body. And I want to know, when a chakra is out of balance, is it all of them that are affected? Or can we be very strong in certain sacral parts of our bodies, but then be out of balance, for example, in the Root Chakra, but be very well balanced in the heart chakra or do they kind of all affect each other.


Sunshine   43:33

They’re definitely all you know, affect each other, but you can have misaligned, you know, balance and alignment in one and misalignment in another. I think this often happens more. So we’re one or two will be off when you have somebody that’s truly aware of their chakras and actually trying to live more alignment, let’s be real, we live in a human world. And I may find myself in a situation that I can’t be honest and truthful. And it sucks. Right? I don’t like that. But you know, let’s be real in order for me to remain safe in my root chakra I may need to lie to someone. That’s that’s the that’s that’s the honest truth. And I think same thing to anybody. There. Even my guides are showing me right now think about anyone that’s actually going through any type of sexual identity type of, you know, challenges, guess what they probably in order to be safe, and to accept, you know, even though they’re okay in their identity may have to not be truthful in it. All right, and so they’re gonna get some misalignment and there are ways to bring things back into alignment when you take it out. But yeah, they’re not all going to be out of alignment at once, per se, but they can be. I will say, though, that when you are completely out of alignment, you’ll feel it. You will feel it. Things will not feel right.


Jummie Moses  44:53

I agree with you. I think sometimes maybe a lot of people don’t think about it in the sense of oh, I’m an out of them. I meant for one of my chakras, but people can tell when they’re not balanced. People can tell when people might say like, Oh, my heart hurts, or, you know, sometimes unfortunately, if you’re really out of balance and certain chakras, I do believe that they do manifest physically, right. So you might have, you know, heart issues, you know, God forbid, you might continuously have migraines, you know, or like, maybe you get a lot of sore throat, you know, and there’s throat chakra. For women, there might be like, some fertility issues around the sacral. Chakra. So I understand that that also manifest physically if you know certain, if we were not understanding that certain things within our body are off balance. And I think that’s why somatic therapy is also like really amazing therapy. And because it’s body based therapy, really feeling what’s going on in your body. So yeah, thank you so much for explaining that. That was really good. I want to switch gears a little bit. And I have a transitionary question, which is still a little bit off topic. But you mentioned your higher self, which is B. And then you also mentioned your guides, like I know that sometimes, throughout our conversation, your guides are kind of speaking to you. How can you tell when you’re talking to your higher self? Versus your guides? I’m really curious, I always ask that question, because I’m fascinated by it.


Sunshine   46:26

So there’s a little bit of training that I’ve done, and usually my higher self is found to be talking to my higher self, they are questions that are directly related to me in my existence in my experience in life, right? Which so silly, should I make oatmeal for breakfast? Or should I make you know, a bagel? Oh, I should make oatmeal. Okay, cool. Right? Like, I’m literally I literally did it this morning. Hey, all the time. It I’m weird. So I’m literally talking and asking from a, from a myself for my best my highest purpose. That’s usually when I’m going to be talking to my higher self. Right? My guides are going to answer any other question kind of related to kind of what we’re talking about, if I’m being interviewed, if I’ve got questions, just naturally, you know? Good. You know, this is interesting, this is very even kind of asking me this question. They’re like, they’re asking me this question, do you really think there’s that much of a difference? Like, I guess that, thank you, thank you so much for telling you that, thanks. Very good.


Jummie Moses  47:44

Because I assume that your Higher Self could act as a guide. Sometimes I think, you know, as human beings, we kind of try to get technical with the different terms and try to define things. But I’m sure a lot of these things kind of bleed into each other. But I’ve just been noticing a lot of discourse around like the higher self versus angels versus spirit guides. And to me, I feel like they’re all guiding us. So that’s why I always ask that question like, how can you tell the difference? And do you call on the tap into your guides versus your higher self at certain points? And I guess, you know, like you said, it’s different for different people. But it’s interesting that they asked that question, because I assume like they kind of all work with each other. And they’re all kind of like, blended at the same time. So that’s interesting. You know, I have one last question before we close out the show. And we’ve we’ve kind of touched on it with this question that I asked you, but so what do you think the human experience is about? You know, what do you think about, for example, spirituality? Because I think the human experience is a spiritual experience, really? And truly, you know, what is something that you hold true about this experience or the nature of this reality that we’re all here living? I know, that’s a loaded question. But


Sunshine   49:03

no, I think it’s a beautiful question. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the the TV show Supernatural.


Jummie Moses  49:08

I’ve seen about two or three episodes. Okay. Well, if any


Sunshine   49:12

of your listeners you may be able to relate to this, have seen it in supernatural. And just it’s just this is kind of a way for me to help explain why I think this and supernatural, they have angels that are a part of the show. And it’s really interesting because at some point, there’s one of these particular angels that actually gives a human like experience in the human like experience is all of the five senses. And he starts to taste things for the first time. It feels things anger, love and cries and all of this stuff. That’s the human experience. It’s literally allowing ourselves to live life to its absolute in like most rich self, and like being able to feel all of it, being able to smell, to taste to hear, to see to cry. I used to laugh, write every bit of the emotion wheel and experiencing every bit of it and not running from any of it. All of the highs, all the lows, and doing it, you know, 111 minute, one hour one day at a time.


Jummie Moses  50:19

That was beautiful. Thank you so much sunshine final question to wrap up the show. And that is how you shifted in perspective on anything recently. And it could be as light hearted as you want it to be or as deep as you want it to be.


Sunshine   50:35

shifted in perspective. You know, I think the biggest shift in perspective, as I’ve mentioned, and it really is, me stepping out of this corporate career and into like doing this full time and realizing, you know, just how much I love all of that. And I love everything that’s yet to come.


Jummie Moses  50:59

Thank you so much for sharing that I you know, I wish you the best as you transition from working full time corporate to being a full time you know, business owner and sharing your gifts and insights with the world. Where can people find you if they want to connect with you if they want to learn more about your work, and also listen to you because I know you have a podcast as well. I always tell people


Sunshine   51:22

the number one way to reach me is email me so sunshine at Sunshine readings.com It sounds so silly right now. You can also visit the website sunshine readings.com. Online, all the major platforms Facebook and Instagram the same. And if you are looking for some pretty cool podcasts, you can find, which please on Spotify, Apple podcast, a couple I think all major podcast platforms and I have another long form that I call deepest spirituality. So you can check me out on either one of those.


Jummie Moses  52:02

Awesome thank you so much for stopping by shifting dimensions. It’s been a pleasure having you on the show. Sunshine. 


Sunshine   52:09

Have a beautiful rest of your day.

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