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Sunshine’s Guesting At The Witching Hour Or So Podcast: The Akashic Records

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In a recent episode of the “Witching Hour Or So” podcast hosted by Jodi Anne, Sunshine captivated listeners with an in-depth exploration of the Akashic Records. Sunshine, an esteemed expert on spiritual and metaphysical subjects, delved into the enigmatic world of these ethereal records, which are believed to contain the collective knowledge of all human experiences and events. Throughout the conversation, they elucidated how individuals can access the Akashic Records for wisdom, guidance, and healing. The episode provided a profound understanding of how these records can influence one’s personal growth and spiritual journey, ensuring that listeners were both enlightened and inspired by the wealth of knowledge shared.


Jodi  00:35

Hello welcome back witching hour or so, I’m very excited today because I have a lovely friend to introduce you to. And this makes me so excited because like me she identifies as a wit. Not just a metaphysical worker but a full on another witch with us here on the witching half hour or so. Sunshine is an amazing tarot reader. She’s a psychic mediums soul healer, Shadow worker. She has an open freesumes circle that anyone can join. It is called witching hour. She also has a podcast called Witch please Sunshines guide to the metaphysical and is running illuminate a School of Witchcraft. It’s a mentorship program. I’m so excited to have you we’re going to talk about Akashic records, sunshine. Hello,

Sunshine   01:26

I, Jody, and so delighted to be here absolutely really excited. You picked a topic that I love talking about to you. So I’m

Jodi  01:35

so glad and I love your take on it because we were chatting. And with the Akashic records, you really have this idea that they’re open to everyone. It’s not this gate kept secret book. So tell me about that. Well,

Sunshine   01:51

let’s make sure we start and kind of define what an Akashic Record is first. So if anybody any of the listeners have never heard of it before, you know, if you’re gonna go do some reading or do some research on it, you might hear it referred to a little bit differently or, you know, studio is kind of implying to there’s that there might be some gatekeeping on it. But the way I’ve always come to understand the Akashic Records it’s this belief that every single soul so my soul, your soul, God and soul, all has a you know, a theoretically written record of its past its present and its future. Right. And I always like to refer to this kind of as your like your your souls gigantic, Choose Your Own Adventure book. Right? If we go back to like grade school and stuff like that, it’s like this gigantic Choose Your Own Adventure book, meaning there’s all sorts of various different paths on all sorts of various different scene scenarios or anything that you could you could access and, and look into. And yes, there are a lot of folks that I’ve run across or stumbled across in my journey professionally over the last number of years that we’ll often talk about them, and they they teach, you know, this is the only way for you to go access your records, you have to follow this path, you have to follow this procedure, you have to say this prayer, you have to call this angel, right, you have to do these types of things. And at the end of the day, you know, this is actually a lot of this belief or knowledge has come from as many times as I’ve opened people’s records. That’s not true, that record is yours. Nobody else gets to tell you whether or not you get to access it, whether or not you get to open it, how you get to access it, how you get to open it, it’s really up to you to make that determination. Lots of other folks may disagree with that out there. But I’m never a big fan, any one way to do anything. So if

Jodi  03:47

we were all supposed to do everything exactly one way there wouldn’t be so much diversity in nature. I think that’s a deep truth. Like you look at every every tulip flower is different. Every blossom is different. Everything follows that golden ratio, but there’s a variation. So how could we be expected to do our spirituality, the same as someone else? Exactly the same. So I love that idea. And I like how you validated that our Akashic records belong to us. That’s such an empowering statement. Everyone has access to the wisdom of their soul and its journey.

Sunshine   04:30

Yeah, they do. And I mean, I when I say that I’ve come across this in my experience, you know, I’ve been opening up records for folks, you know, people will literally pay me you know, they’re like, Hey, I’ve got something I want to explore. And we’ll we’ll recognize that what they need to explore is not a right here and and now thing, right, we’ve got to go into the records. We’ve got to look you know further we’ve kind of explore a little bit deeper. And so the reason I’ve just discovered this or stumbled upon this is because I will literally have had instances where I’ve been met with a guardian on somebody’s records. Right? I’ve been met by like a lock, or, you know, a, like a Fort Knox kind of approach to it. And you know, I’ll get to this kind of door to kind of go in and try to look at and I’m told no, I have to ask for permission, right? I have to literally state to the client on the other end, like, hi, you know, are you okay? Are you willing to allow me access to your records? And they’re like, Yes, I am. You know, yes, I do. And so it’s only at that point that I can actually go in and now physically start to see read or feel those records themselves. So

Jodi  05:42

powerful, though, the agency really belonging to each of us individually.

Sunshine   05:48

Yeah, it’s so powerful that there have been times very often when I’ve opened records, and I’ve not seen that. I’ve asked them, you know, my clients afterwards, do you want me to protect this for you, so that nobody else is able to come in to them except you.

Jodi  06:05

Okay, so I’m going to go down a rabbit hole. Because I do a lot of work with energy boundaries, because it reflects my life, right? I had problems with boundaries in my relationships. And I learned that that was reflected in my energy system, I would absorb other people’s energy, I would become exhausted. So I needed to have energetic boundaries. So it’s interesting to me what parallel there is, for a client who doesn’t have a good lock or a good door on their records, how that reflects in this incarnation than in others as well. What, what piece would they be able to work on in the here and now?

Sunshine   06:48

Yeah, you know, I don’t even know it’s their own, what would they would be able to work on? It’s a matter of, you know, this protection is more so in place, from nefarious people being able to access it. So the reality is, there’s this, you know, we, you know, we both identify as a witch, and I don’t know how many times you’ve had this conversation, Jodi Ann, about like, do you do black magic? Or do you do magic? Do you do magic that’s trying to change or control somebody else’s will?

Jodi  07:15

Mm hmm. Minnesota on ethics, actually, yeah.

Sunshine   07:18

Right. And so this is, it’s a common thing that comes up when you start talking about or introducing yourself as a witch to folks that maybe aren’t as familiar with witchcraft, with that, if somebody were to, in fact, go, you know, wanted to do that wanted to do something that was, you know, against your own, you know, true will or changing your trajectory in life or anything of that nature, how do you think they’re gonna do it, they have to be able to go ahead and access your Akashic Record in order to set you down a different pathway to that new result. So if you do not have a solid protection on your records, somebody is going to be able to come in and in essence, change your timeline, you know, shift how you’re doing something, you know, set you down another path, and that may not be in your, you know, in essence, highest and best, best trajectory forward.

Jodi  08:09

Wow. Did you see my brain explode like were your earbuds but my brain just exploded? Yeah,

Sunshine   08:16

I had one person that what I ended up in their records, this was like a Fort Knox of protection. I had multiple doors that I had to walk through in order to get to it and ask permission upon each into the point even once I got to the room that it was contained it it had another lockdown that was in it. Almost every single individual if when we started to go into their past lives, had a very strong magical background in their past lives. We’re talking about incredibly powerful magicians, witches and things of that nature, you know, shamanic journeys that, you know, that knew and understood. And so if I were to say, I don’t even know how many records that I’ve opened up, but if I gave a percentage, it’s probably only been about 5% of them that actually have protection on it. Wow. But when they do it is it is tight. You

Jodi  09:09

now know, I’m going to be doing some work some solo work and checking out my own records. Yeah,

Sunshine   09:16

but at the end, put the protection on them. Yeah. Right, you know, and put the protection on them because they are they exist on the etheric planes. Right. You know, there’s actually spent a long time since I first started researching that. But I remember there was one story that I was really fascinated with when I first started reading that stated there in like, another dimension, right? You’d go into these other planes of existence and what it was like once you reach this, like 11th plane of existence, or something of that nature, that’s where the records you know, existed. And I was just like, Okay, I was like, That’s interesting, because I just kind of like close my eyes. And they were they were, but all right. So yeah, there’s there’s also this concept too, and I think this might Be it’s interesting. My guides are telling me they’re like this is why this is why the programs or the certification things have been created, is to try to like, add a layer of complexity to people going in and accessing them. But, you know, the reality is, and I might even take this note that the emphasis should be on how do you go access your records or other folks records? The emphasis should be on? How do you protect yours? And why would you want to be protecting them? Yeah,

Jodi  10:31

I like that. And it’s interesting, because there’s a lot of ways I think that like we are, I do believe we’re inherently protected, right? Just like when you’re hypnotized by a magician, or a hypnotist, at like a bar, you can’t do anything against your own morals when you’re under hypnosis. So I believe there is an inherent level of protection. But I do believe in really protecting myself when I do magical work, because the channeling we do, because the work we do, lights us up, and makes us so very visible. It puts this beautiful, brilliant spotlight on us that without some cloaking. Without some protection, you become very visible, more visible than you know, Sally getting groceries, you’re channeling, you’re walking the plane. So it’s very important to protect yourself. So it’s really interesting to and it’s I’m thinking while you’re talking, I can hear myself processing, the idea of the gatekeeping being a way to keep it protected without saying you need protection on your records.

Sunshine   11:49

And it’s interesting, yeah, you’re spot you’re spot on that the more and more that we step into our path of, you know, our own spirituality, and we start into this path of enlightenment, right? I mean, I believe, like most folks, you know, which are not which, right, are gonna understand that when we’re in the spiritual journey, we’re doing it to transcend right we’re doing it to be able to reach a state of enlightenment. And so there’s this picture that always kind of gets painted in my head, if you can imagine the Tree of Life, right, you know, the, the literal Hebrew Tree of Life, the Kabbalistic tree of life, if you are familiar, there is a complete mirror opposite, right, which is called the it’s the clipper, right? And so the moment that you you go from like that melt tooth, and you start to raise, that means you now have the exact mirror possibility available to you. And the more and more you raise and you continue to kind of do that ascension, the more you are going to have those low vibrational entities and energies, clipping, you know, clipping literally at your ankles to try to pull you down and fall. It’s interesting that they’re putting this into my head, you think about you think about these folks, if you’ve ever watched any of these, you know, the documentaries that have been coming out in the last couple of years, or even like older ones and talk about these folks that walk a spiritual path may eventually end up in the point of like, a cult. Yeah, right. They they never sent out, they didn’t step out into the town. They weren’t like, they weren’t like, you know, little 10 year olds going like, hey, I really hope to run a cult one day and ruin people’s lives. Right? They continued on their path of ascension, ascension, and at some point, you know, whatever you want to call it, dark force, low vibrational force, demon, whatever you want to refer to it, right was able to grasp at it and pulled it down far enough, but was able to delude the human that they hadn’t fall.

Jodi  13:50

It’s so funny that that’s what your guides were giving you because as you were talking, I was thinking exactly that like absolute power corrupts absolutely. And how many spiritual leaders have gotten caught up in what I call the quote unquote, ego, where they go from being a leader to being a corrupt leader, and I’ve seen it in pagan circles in my community. Yeah, called on a fire you rise and they never they’re not evil people, they didn’t start out to become corrupt. But something happens in this guru mindset. And I love the idea of of the tree of life. And how we can see that

Sunshine   14:33

oh, god, yeah, honestly. It um, and it’s, the ego is, is something else. I mean, it’s a human, it’s a human. It’s, it’s a human thing, and it can be a blessing and it can be our curse. And I don’t think any of them set out to be in that path. And I don’t think I don’t think they have any intentions. You know, like I’m, I’m kind of trying to bring it back into the Akashic Record. First, and I apologize because they’re painting all sorts of pictures like they themselves at some point, right, have tried, you know, they’re truly trying, they have a purpose and they have a mission that they’re trying but there’s some path in that in their records where that like, you know that clip or of that low vibrational energy has been able to pull them off. And the path looks almost the same. Right, except this, this is what I share with people if you want to know and understand where that Guru has lost, where they have that where they have actually missed footing and it slipped down into the clip or if it is when they when they are influencing or reflecting power or control over another human being

Jodi  15:43

100% One 100% Because anyone at any level of ascension knows that this is a path of agency. That’s what I love about witchcraft. It’s what I love is it is one of the spiritual paths that it is very transparent about the fact that your actions and your karma belongs to you.

Sunshine   16:07

Yeah, yeah, your actions and your karma belong to you. But you also get to choose all of your own beliefs to write, you get to choose that agency is like is about you choosing and it’s interesting, I posted, put a meme up yesterday on my personal Facebook profile that made a joke about the whole buying your own first tarot deck. And it was just goofy and funny. But I had one person who I kind of admire on my friend circle that was like, oh, yeah, I totally believe you should always buy your own first deck. And I was just like, Oh, God, right, you know, like, no, like, you don’t get like, if that’s your belief. That’s cool. That’s fine. Right. But that’s your belief. That’s not there’s not a belief that everybody has to adopt this other belief that everybody has to prescribe to, right. And I don’t I don’t prescribe to that. I bought my first tarot deck at the age of 16. You know, I didn’t have anybody else that would ever have purchased that, for me. I don’t have friends that I was hanging out with that would have done something of that nature. I didn’t have family members that were into any of this. I didn’t have adults in my life that would have been like, Hey, here’s a path that you should go down. Right. So yeah, I couldn’t, how would I have ever, you know, I never would have gotten I mean, I could say I never would have, but I wouldn’t have ended up, you know, potentially doing some of the things that I had in life, I’d never taken that step. Right. I just went up. So yeah,

Jodi  17:27

interesting, because I teach Taro. And I have jacks that come through my household that I ended up giving to some students. And I think the reason those decks come to me is because they believe they need to be given a deck. So decks find their way onto my shelf, and then they find their way to the person they’re to go to. Because I don’t believe you have to be given a tarot deck. I do think that you can purchase a tarot deck, it will be just as special as when given to you. But some people are really attached to that belief. And I have decks show up at my house for them. And I give them freely it doesn’t lay home, they’re not for me. I’m like, Oh, you were totally not for me. Your artwork is not my artwork.

Sunshine   18:17

Yeah, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve gifted plenty of tarot decks over the years for that, you know, it’s kind of that same reason, you know, or I get the poke that nobody else they wouldn’t do it themselves. Yeah, so to speak, like, they just wouldn’t have the courage to walk into a store, they wouldn’t have the courage to ask, or that, you know, or anything of that nature. So I’ve purchased plenty of them. But yeah, you know, it’s a, I’m gonna just never a fan of anybody ever trying to claim that there’s one way, you know, kind of what we’re talking about. There’s just, it’s just not the truth.

Jodi  18:47

But I try to check my own organic language. Anytime I say, you must, or this is the way like any time that kind of organic language comes up. For me, that’s a signal to me that I need to look at that belief. What is that belief attached to? Why do I think there’s only one way? Why do I think it must be or it has to, or this is the only? Yeah,

Sunshine   19:13

I would say a lot of times I try to change and I use the language of you may want to consider, you may want to consider you know, that’s that’s always an approach. And there’s very little that I would ever say is a muster up, you have to and I would say I just am sanity checking with my guides right now. And I think this is a true statement. I think the only thing is protection. That’s it. The only thing that I would ever tell somebody that they have to do is protection. And you know, yes, I agree with your statement that I think we are all innately protected. But the reality is we are human beings that live live within an emotional vibration state. And all it takes is for you to drop that emotional vibration scale enough into like a shame of guilt or fear anything of that nature and loan you are you are a sitting duck,

Jodi  20:03

well, and if you’re in the earbud Coven listening to this, you’re also probably diving into realms that need protection, let’s be real about the work we’re doing. Like, like you do shadow work, I do shadow work, I guide people into empowerment, I do healing work with people, when you’re entangling some of those things, it’s sticky and messy, it

Sunshine   20:27

can be real sticky and messy. And, you know, I’ll share I gotta share this story because they’re popping it in my head. So it must be relevant. So, you know, even some of us that have been practicing and had been good at this, or may be seen as kind of an expert can even falter in these areas. And the story goes this past November, and I, you know, I don’t believe in coincidences, but the universe put this, you know, beautiful snake scenario into my path. I was working in Expo, you know, so I’m a I’m a psychic, and I will work I will work fairs, and it’s a pretty big Expo. And there’s a gentleman that I’d seen it a couple of shows that was offering Reiki healings and for whatever reason, I was like, You know what, I needed to get a Reiki healing from him. And so I scheduled you know, sat down, it was 430 on a Sunday. So there’s only an hour and a half left in the show. So it was a little bit slower. And I said, okay, cool. You know, half an hour, great. I’m on his table. We’re like 15 minutes halfway through the session. And he’s, he’s he leans down, and he’s like, sunshine. The woman that is right next to you getting a reading from another psychic has such intense energy, I need to step away for a second. And in my head automatically, I’m going like, this is interesting, right? Like, I’m curious about this, I’m like, You’re a literal healer, I would have, I would have thought that, you know, he would have had this like, protection around you before, you know, okay. So the next thing I know, I’m laying there for a while, and his wife comes over who assists and leans in and says sunshine. She was in such severe physical pain. He went over to try to see if he could help. And I said, Okay, not a big deal, right. I understand that. So I actually I was like, Hey, I have to use the restroom. So I get up and I go, and I used in the middle of a session, use the restroom, I come back. And he’s done helping her. But he is now in almost a full cold sweat. He’s shaking. He’s like, I don’t I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s going up. He’s like, this has never happened to me before. This has never happened to me before. And I’m like, okay. All right. I said, this is gonna seem weird. I said, How about you get on your table now? And let me see what I can see what I can do. And so he did, he got onto his table. And I went, you know, I did a scan, I proceeded to, you know, pull in my guides, you know, I’m taking a look at what’s going on. Lo and behold, unbeknownst to him, in his session, he proceeded to pull a generational deep ancestral curse off of this woman and took it upon himself. Yeah,

Jodi  23:09

I was wondering what he pulled off her because I’m like, What did because, yeah, yeah.

Sunshine   23:15

And and No, no, no idea that he was doing it? No, like, none of it. It had been so here’s me, I’ve got to pull this out of him. Right. I you know, multiple, like pole like cutting, pulling cutting out of them. I you know, put up put it into a lead box, and I kicked that lead box someplace, it’ll never be found. Right. And, you know, people always ask, Well, where did it go someplace? It’ll never be found. That’s literally where it goes someplace that will never be forever, very essential. Yeah. And I told them afterwards, you know, I had to sit them down afterwards. And I told them, I said, that woman did not pay you. You never, you never should have walked over and done healing on your guides did not bring that woman into your path. His ego got in his way. His ego got in his way.

Jodi  24:03

100% Because there’s no reciprocation. Right. And I have a very strict contract with my guides. And with my helpers, I was taught a lot about reciprocation. And it doesn’t matter what that reciprocation is like, I have worked for homemade pie. And I actually feel like I received more than sometimes when I get cash, because the amount of love that went into that exchange, and it was exactly what that person could give. And and it was a beautiful reciprocation but reciprocation protects us.

Sunshine   24:42

Yeah, it does. It puts a contract in place that allows us to have a level of protection that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I mean, he felt really horrible. He wasn’t able to continue on he had to keep he laid on his table, I think for another half an hour. You know, we had blankets on him because he was chilling and everything like that. I was finally able to settle down. And so it was probably a month and a half after that, but I went and traveled about an hour away to get a full, you know, he’s like, I’d like to do a full session for you. And I will tell you, I walked into his the room that he does his Reiki healings in and it was he had he had liquor in that room. In his healing room, and I was like, okay. Yeah, so it’s really hard, because, like, in these instances, you know, we talk kind of about, you know, once again, these, these paths that folks are on and, you know, like, I asked my guides, or something that I should do, you know, is there something because there’s a bit, you know, in this place that, you know, I could, as a witch, I could have done something, I could have absolutely changed the trajectory of what, you know, he was doing, how he was influencing people, if, like, my guides are like, nope, nope, this man is, you know, I will never refer anybody to him, nor will ever engage in his services again, you know, but yeah, it’s, uh, it’s interesting. It’s kind of, I don’t think this guy truly knows and understands the world that he’s operating in. Right, when he’s gone. Yeah, when he’s stepping into these gifts. You know, it’s a, it’s an interesting thing. And this goes, I think, I think we talked about this last time, you know, when we got into the Akashic records, as a psychic, it’s like, where do you think psychics get their information? Right, they can feel into the records, right, they can pick up the information up out of the records, they can look at multiple paths. And I’ve looked at his, you know, I’ve seen and I’ve looked, it’s not a pretty picture, you know, he walks a very, very thin line around that, you know, that into that path on the other side of the clip, or a very thin line on it. And, uh, you know, it’s, it’s frightening, because I think so many of us when we’re in this space, and we’re doing this work, you know, we just don’t realize how easy it is for us to step over it, you know, to find ourselves on the other side, you know, and I think some of the people that are the most challenging ones with it are, so I’m not a big fan of the bolts, the concept of the love and the light.

Jodi  27:10

I was just gonna say the whole narrative of good vibes only, I really believe is doing a disservice to people who have a real, true, beautiful desire to help because it sets up this false sense of security, that they don’t have to worry about negative things. And I like to bring things back to reality. I say, okay, like good vibes only are you going to take your brand new Lexus and disable the car alarm and put $1,000 in it, and leave it unlocked? In downtown, wherever pick the city of your choice and go for dinner? Why not? You don’t steal things. You’re protected from good vibes? You don’t believe in theft? So why would someone steal from you? It’s condescending when I say it. Because I want to expose how ridiculous it is. We need to lock our doors at night. Even just so stray cats don’t come in and add moths and things that would frighten your children. Right? Most people I live in Canada, most of us could leave our doors unlocked. It’s been shown and documentaries we do. But we close them at night because we don’t want raccoons in our homes.

Sunshine   28:33

Bears, you know, a bear there’s

Jodi  28:36

you do. Yes. Yes. There’s videos online of bears getting in through screen door.

Sunshine   28:42

There was one recently that I saw that actually was like a bear went in and grabbed the sugar container out of someone’s app. Yeah. Oh, buddy. I’m so glad I do not live around bears. Not not down here. And in the Detroit area. No, it’s an eight you know, it goes back to that whole like, why not? You know, that’s the question that I was why wouldn’t you put that extra protection? What? What is it? What harm does it really do to add another layer of protection to look at things differently and understand that not good vibes only? Sure. Cool. But not everybody has that? Right? We are We are human beings. And frankly, most of us suck at it. Most of us are pretty shitty humans. Well,

Jodi  29:22

and I think to like, our everyone has an ego. Everyone has a shadow. Diving into that. Looking at it objectively, not with a bunch of shame and, and fear, but going okay, there are traits I have in my life. There are things I picked up through my teen years that kept me alive, that do not serve me now. Should I be in a place where I am in danger. That’s where my shadow is going to show up. That’s my clipper and that’s my dark reflection of the lightness I bring to the world. So if I’m aware of it it, that’s another layer of protection, I’m not going to delude myself into thinking that I’m above some of the things I have done in my past. Like, I know, you know,

Sunshine   30:13

there, there’s very few things that I ever regret, you know, and I’ve done some, I’ve done some pretty shitty things, I’ve done some, I’ve done some really amazing things in my past. It’s interesting, I just, you know, want to keep thinking about the Akashic record stuff. And there’s this other story that, you know, I have a client of mine that I’ve been mentoring for almost two years now to, you know, advance their own consciousness, their, you know, enlightenment to help help them learn how to better leverage and use all of their psychic abilities, all this kind of great stuff, right? And he gets frustrated with me sometimes, right? And he’ll make these statements. He’s like, you helped me so much, I want to be of help to you. Right? You know, because he’s gifts are really, really beautiful. And they blossom to this beautiful place. And I’m like, okay, and he asks me, this was probably like, two months ago. He goes, he goes, but you know, and it’s like, I appreciate that. And I’ll let you know he goes, but if I saw something in your life that was going to happen, like, would you want to know it? Like, if it was like a detriment? Wouldn’t you want to know it? And I was like, hey, oh, no, I don’t want to know it. And he’s like, What do you mean, you don’t want want to know it? I said, How do you know that I haven’t done some type of magic, or some type of spell or ritual that in essence, may means that I have to go through that in order to get something, something more beautiful on the other side? How do you know that that lesson in my life isn’t so critical that it’s supposed to be the one thing that’s going to skyrocket my career? Right? How do you know that I was like, unless you unless I literally engage and ask you and say, Hey, I need some insight. I need some guidance here on this, this scene and scenario, I said, How do you know that what you may share could actually change? You know, something, you know, the unsolicited advice or guidance could change something that it wasn’t meant to change? Sunshine,

Jodi  32:02

that is wisdom. So I’m going to repeat that for everyone in the earbud Coven, the belief that you are so in your highest and best purpose that no matter what comes to you, even if it looks sticky, even if it looks yaki could be connected to manifestation work you’ve done could be connected to abundant spells you’ve done, there is something in that that is going to catapult you forward. That, that if you see something coming to a friend, ask for permission first, if they haven’t asked you for insight to use your gifts, you could be interfering with something that is designed to move them exponentially forward.

Sunshine   32:50

Absolutely. 100%. I have the belief that the universe is always conspiring in my favor, always conspiring in my favor.

Jodi  33:01

Oh, yeah. I don’t know how many spells I’ve done that did not come out the way I want it because I got something better. Yeah.

Sunshine   33:07

100% Way better. Yeah, it was a real shock to him. How quickly I responded. Right? And how quickly, you know, but I am, I’m a very powerful magician in my own right. You know, I’m a very powerful witch, right? I am constantly doing work. I may not even be aware of the work that I’m doing. Because I believe in this concept that of truly like, I am in all dimensions at one time. So who knows? I was like you do you never want to interfere interject with somebody unless they have actually, you know, given you permission or ask for it. And I even struggle a little bit I’ll have to say I even struggle a little bit of the Ask them if they can say and I’ll say the reason why is because there are a lot of people out there. A lot of people out there that have a hard time saying no. And so if you go hey, hey, Jodie, and I, you know, got this deep download for you today. You know, it was really big, and it was really huge. You know, and like I love to share it with you. Right? You’ve worked on boundaries. Right? You’ve worked on boundary, so you’d be like, huh, uh, you you have a connection with your guide. So you’d be like, Hey, okay, guys, should I hear this? And they’d be like, yea or nay? Right? Yeah, they’re in a lot of people that would. That’s true or not? Even

Jodi  34:25

if my God say it, maybe not girl. I might be a seven year old that is so curious in that moment, that I couldn’t resist the shiny red button. Yeah, because I know. That is something I carry.

Sunshine   34:39

Yeah, it’s so it’s just my own personal philosophy, and I’m pretty adamant about it is that you do not offer guidance or advice. You know, as I mentor and coach both people, you do not offer guidance and advice unless somebody engages you for it. Right. I had to learn these lessons the hard way most of the time growing up as a slave You know, when you’re a child and you start telling people what you should be doing and all this kind of stuff, and then you become a know it all, you become bossy you become controlling well,

Jodi  35:09

and even to think about like, when they do ask you, I’ve done many readings, and I can give you specific information that I’m good at what I do, but it will be cloaked sometimes, and I have to say to my clients, I cannot give you that piece. And they’re begging me for it. I’m like, your guides will not give it to me. This is for you to discover, in the spring, this there’s a change, there’s a shift, there’s something heads up the spring is important. I’m not allowed to tell you why. Yeah,

Sunshine   35:39

but you will answer it’s a journey. Yeah, and

Jodi  35:43

it’s, and it’s funny, because, as humans, we want that we want security, we want to know, and I’m going to bring it back to the Akashic records, it puts the responsibility on my client to go to their records, to look at what is coming to feel into the fact that there is something that they need to pay attention to. And it gives their guides an opportunity to solidify that relationship to work with them more directly, so that they don’t need me. So they are in their own empowerment. Yeah, because I think that’s our job, right? Like we can, as a as a witch, as a, as a psychic. When I’m giving readings, I’m not gonna fix your life, I can give you insight so that you can make better decisions, I can give you ideas that maybe because you’re in an emotional state, you can’t see the forest for the trees, so I can help you see those trees. But the onus is on the client to move themselves forward.

Sunshine   36:47

100% that is, it’s 100% True. And that’s, you know, a lot of times when people sit down and they engage with, you know, psyche for the first time, they think it’s going to be so concrete, like I’m going to tell you, and we go again into that Akashic Record, right. And if, if I’m in this particular point in time, and I were to look ahead of me, granted, I may only have about five paths sitting in front of me right now, between now and that’s gonna get me to the next, like, five hours. But if you were to take a look at one point in time of your life and looked at like, I don’t know, three months out, do you know, paths that there potentially are? How many decisions that could change that your direction or your trajectory that at any given time? Right. And so that’s part of the reason why, you know, I love that you call out that cloaking. It is not uncommon to have that information closed. You know, I’m like, Are you sure I can’t tell them anything, and you share and they’re like, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. It the lesson is in the journey. The lesson is in the journey, they have to go through the journey. And it’s often because they have to be in the uncomfortable spots of making decisions without clarity on the other side.

Jodi  37:59

Yes. How we learn, we learn by falling. That’s how we learn to get up if you if you watch a toddler, they’re fearless. And they fall a lot. They

Sunshine   38:13

  1. And that’s why, you know, the same client asked me, you know, hey, we like I said, we’ve been together for quite some time. And, you know, he’s like, dude, do you ever look at your stuff? Right? Do you ever compete did last summer, this is really funny. I’ve had to watch him fall a lot. And my guides are like, you can’t say anything. You can’t say anything. He can’t say anything. And I’m like, Oh, God, you know, and I’m watching the pain. He keeps putting himself through, right? You know, and I’m just like, okay, but he kept trying to look in and see paths. Right. But he was so set on the certain paths, right, that he wanted, and he could see them and it’s like, yeah, that path is a possibility. But what you’re missing is that like, and I’m just gonna give the example he wanted, he wanted to come into a money windfall. Okay, right, wanted to come into a money windfall. And I’m like, yeah, there is a path that will take you there. But what you’re missing is everything else that you might need to learn, understand, explore all of these others. So that path may be good, but have you looked on the other side of that big money windfall, right? And he’s like, Well, I was like, I was like, for me, personally, I don’t explore my fortune telling I don’t go into my future. And if people ask me all the time, why not? And like, because for me, the experience is unlimited. I love to live, right? I love to just be in the moment. Right? I love to experience what I meant to experience and I put to trust in the universe. I put the trust in my guides. I turn it over literally one of my prayers every morning is I pray to my guides and I asked them to please continue to guide me protect me to take me down a path in life that leads me to more peace, love, happiness, hope, joy and prosperity. Allow me to remain in the passenger seat, let go of all control and just enjoy life. That’s all I want to do. I just want to enjoy this. Yeah,

Jodi  39:59

like What a beautiful incarnation you were in whatever brought you to this moment, because I know you have a journey to get to a place where your sole desire is participation in the beauty that’s coming to you.

Sunshine   40:14

Yeah, just That’s all I want to do. I just want to sit back and enjoy it. You know, I want to, I want to be curious. You know, that was one of the things that I did. Just about two years ago, I went through a fire walk. And in the firewalk, I don’t remember what the the one side of the firewalk was, like, you had to claim one thing on one side. But as we walked through the fire, we had to proclaim something that we wanted something that, you know, we wanted different in our life. And so I didn’t state it in such words, but I want it to give up judgment and replace it with curiosity. And so anything that comes my way to the point, you know, as we were talking about, like, maybe that path in my records has to go and fumble, I have to stumble. I have to like end up with egg on my face. Right? You know, I hit a rock, but whatever it may be, I am curious, rather than judgmental, and I asked, I wonder what in the world the universe has in store for me, that’s on the other side.

Jodi  41:07

Wow, I can feel how that creates hope and bravery. There’s so many things that builds inside someone if you can just say I’m curious.

Sunshine   41:20

It’s probably been one of the more beautiful gifts that I’ve given to myself. Yeah, that is curiosity. So no, I’m never you know, I don’t open up my own records very often I will go into the past I’ll look at some of the past stuff and but understand maybe why I’m, I’m responding in the same way as I do with it. You know, clients, people, people often ask, you know, as a psychic, the big three, you know, people want to go love and relationships, they want to go money, your career, or they want to go into health. And I always say I break health into three, it’s mind, body and spirit. Right? Mind obvious body obvious, but spirit, it’s not always obvious to people. And so the way that I explained that to folks, I said, if you had things in your life that are nagging habits that you’ve not been able to, like, undo, you’ve got patterns that are just consistent and yet you want to bring about change, right? You’ve got an unexplained fears, unexplained anxieties, you’ve got relationships that are just keep showing up and you’re like, why am I keep up with the same? It’s very often that the spirit has an answer for you there. And that is when we will go in and open up the Akashic records. That’s where we’ll explore.

Jodi  42:24

That is my favorite work,

Sunshine   42:27

save favorite work when

Jodi  42:29

someone when a client comes to me, and they’re like, I’ve done the cognitive therapy, I’ve changed the things in my life. And I still see this thread, I’m like, let’s go get it. Let’s go online. Let’s free you, from whatever you have cleared that car Matic thread, let’s clear that it’s some of my most favorite work.

Sunshine   42:52

It says it’s the same. It’s actually this morning. I’m just under a week of stepping out of my corporate life forever. I pretty much retired from corporate next Tuesday. So I sat there this morning, you know, I had some time to myself. And, you know, I’m doing some pendulum work. And, you know, I asked, I said, you know, should I can continue doing one on one work with people? Yes, I should. The challenge is, is Yeah, I love just the psychic readings, or just the mediumship readings. Right. And I do that I work a fair, you know, I work the fairs. And that’s when I kind of get to do that. But the work, same thing, I love that soul work. I love that soul healing work. I love going into the records exploring where the soul has been seeing what still, you know, what contracts have been written? What are the relationships, seeing what experiences what what wounds may still exist, right? Just telling someone, the, you know, the perfect example that I share very often, interestingly enough, it’s the whole the the same client that I’ve referred to, it’s the trigger that got him to start working with me, he had a horrible fear of bridges, like bridges

Jodi  43:57

to, to the point that he was like, 100%. That’s something.

Sunshine   44:01

Yeah, to the point that he would literally create a road trip plan to avoid bridges, he would drive three to four hours out of his way to avoid, you know, big bridges and things of that nature. So it was impacting his life, right? We’re not talking about like, just a fear of heights, so to speak, we’re talking about literally a fear of going out. So we open up his records, and lo and behold, all we do is we come to find out that many, many, many, many lifetimes ago, he had a daily path that required him to walk over a land bridge and thought nothing over land bridge day after day after day, until one day he walked over that land bridge and it collapsed underneath him taking his life. And so on the way down, that soul in essence, imprinted this fear and this hatred of I will never cross another bridge again, right? Like this. I never should have done this. And so just just the understanding of this as being something that was created It lifetimes ago, allowed him relief. Now does he still get some of the somatic response and the anxiety, he says it still happens on occasion, especially with some of the bigger, scarier bridges. There’s a bridge up in the, you know, from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan to the up, which is one of the longest like grit and it can get pretty wild and gnarly. And so yeah, there are still some that will create, but he can actually do it, he doesn’t have to go ahead and create these new road trip pathways. But it was that first step it was at first you know, unexplained fear, that spiritual kind of wound that existed that we were able to take a look and provide him some healing by opening up the Akashic records.

Jodi  45:40

I just noticed what time it is we could talk all day my friend I

Sunshine   45:44

agree today and it’s been beautiful and we can always again anytime you let me know for

Jodi  45:50

sure this is lovely. So everyone in the air but Kevin can find you on your website. Absolutely. which I will link in the show notes and in the description. I don’t have an off the top of my head you know it off the top of your head, right?

Sunshine   46:04

Sunshine readings.com You can find me there. Yeah.

Jodi  46:08

And are there socials that you’re active on that you’d like to have people go to

Sunshine   46:12

you can find me on Facebook. You know, I wish I was on all the socials. But I’m, I appreciate my old age. I suppose. I’m on Facebook, you can find me under sunshine, which ski which is just so hilarious to me. That is so fun. Ya know, it’s so hilarious. It was sunshine MC which for a minute, but then somebody somebody said I sounded like a tasty snack.

Jodi  46:38

Like, it made a sunshine.

Sunshine   46:42

Which I, which I know. And I’m not Irish, so I changed it to which ski to reflect my Polish heritage. So you can always find me on Facebook, their sunshine readings. You can look on Facebook online on Instagram. We’re on both of those. You can find me on Pinterest. If you ever like to explore anything on Pinterest. I have a whole slew of boards and things of that nature. But yeah, go and find me. I’m also a huge fan, if anybody ever wants to email me sunshine at Sunshine readings.com. So,

Jodi  47:09

I’ve had so much fun. Thank you so much. And we will have to do this again.

Sunshine   47:13

Oh, absolutely. Julianne, I’m trying to take a two week break after I’m out of corporate just being completely spacious and free. Yeah. But after that, you mentioned I think I’m gonna be reaching out and see what we might be able to get into. 

Jodi  47:29

I gotta say, I just love that. It aligns with Beltane like talk about leaping into a new chapter.

Sunshine   47:37

You know, not exactly intended, but you know, the universe is always conspiring in my favor. 

Jodi  47:45

I like that. I like that for a mantra the universe is conspiring in my favor. Like always because you’re really quick, my beautiful son, please go eat with your phone in my room. We’re outside we’re recording oh my god, what are your little creatures behind you? Oh, well, I’ve got scars and things but these are grandma and Morticia from the Adams oh my god yeah, let me just why don’t you start recording and recording? Can I do that if you’re the host? You should be able to let me.

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