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Podcast Shine Within with Gina Kunadian and Sunshine – the pink-haired Psychic Medium

Sunshine – the pink-haired psychic medium guest speaker at Podcast Shine Within hosted by Gina Kunadian, a wife, mother, and certified massage therapist, is an alcohol-free sobriety coach dedicated to empowering women to overcome alcohol dependency.

As the host of the podcast show Shine Within, she guides her clients to cultivate unshakable confidence, clarity, and energy, enabling them to unleash their creative potential and live fulfilling lives, free from alcohol’s grip. Gina‘s personal journey of triumph over alcoholism fuels her passion for helping others reclaim their lives. With her signature “Transformation SHINE Process,” she supports women in their recovery, empowering them to achieve their goals and embrace life on their own terms.


Gina: Welcome back to the Shine Within podcast I’m your host Gina Kunadian, and I have someone extraordinary here and I’m so excited to have her, her name is Sunshine perfect for this podcast!

She is a psychic medium, Soul healer, spiritual advisor, High  Priestess and a recovering alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their Shadows so they can uncover their own magick and psychic gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their souls enlightenment.

She is the creatrix of  Illuminate the Unschool of Magickal Psychic Arts. This transformational membership includes Sunshine’s Divine inspired gifts and seven different monthly workshops and one-on-one access to her.

In addition in addition to owning and operating Sunshine reading Sunshine is also an award-winning software product manager and business operations expert that is helping corporations revolutionize their internal structure and processes in order to adopt a more Innovative culture.

In her spare time you will find Sunshine dancing, cooking, painting, and hanging out with her five kitties oh in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Thank you so much, Sunshine for coming on to my show today

Sunshine: Oh, I’m so excited to be here Gina and you know finding people that are talking about sobriety or being just alcohol free is amazing and I love this and I’m so excited to be here.

Gina: I’m excited too because I wanted to ask so many questions about your gifts because I am just starting to tap into my gifts and we were just talking that I’m starting to my body responds to certain things that people say that gets me all worked up and excited my hearing- I’m hearing like *high pitch sounds* and I’ve always heard that and people always tell me “oh that means someone’s talking bad about you” um that was like the biggest romour. So I would just love to hear your story and how you’re able to tap into your gifts.

Sunshine: Hmm yeah I mean that’s great feel free if like I say something and you want me to elaborate let me know but I- my belief is every human being has these gifts right we we all have a sixth sense, um it shows up to us all in various different ways you you know before weeven started you were saying the goosebumps you know those tingles throughout the body, um you know, and for me- I didn’t know as a child that that’s what these gifts were right um but I have I’ve had them since I was a kid uh and it’s interesting I’ve got to share this little tidbit because they’re popping it into mine I’m watching some story yesterday uh and this girl’s talking about um uh the the like the host is talking about how Lorraine Warren who is a very famous Clairvoyant, Paranormal Investigator when she was young in school, she could see auras, and she thought everyone saw auras and so like that was just how that was the normal world and so it’s very similar to me like growing up I could feel energy I could feel a spirit, I could see spirit.

When I was real young I also one of the psychic abilities if you have strong enough you can also mind read telepathy is something that is and so as a child I had a lot of mind-reading that would get me in trouble, because I would know things and people did you know now I appeared like a know-it-all.

So you know our gifts show up in all sorts of various different ways. A lot of folks that are highly, highly gifted are also highly sensitive or empathic. So they are literally receptive to the emotional energies around people and so even as a child I’ve been an introvert growing up like I’m very kind of much a I enjoy being a bit more of a recluse because of that right a lot of energy can wipe me right out or send me into like chaotic spirals and I won’t realize until like halfway through a day that I’ve been filled with anxiety all day and I’m like why what am I like why am I so anxious I have nothing in my life to be anxious about and then I’m like “oh my God I was hanging out with Susan right like she right oh wow right”

So yeah our our gifts can manifest and show themselves in all sorts of different ways but I didn’t know about them and I have realized in my sobriety, that my alcoholism was used to dampen them it allowed me to go into social situations it allowed me to be around people that maybe I didn’t feel were right but  I was supposed to be around right um it’ll it allowed me to uh you know, frankly quiet my head at night so I used to drink you know to make sure I could quote unquote fall asleep I mean yeah.

Any person that’s ever drank before bed and woken up with a hangover knows that does not work, um so yeah uh there’s all sorts of various things that I’ve explored around my alcoholism but that is one of them is how much it was used to quiet the voices dead in my like physical senses um stop the pictures from throwing you know showing up in my head or distract me from the thoughts that other people were having, because I was too concerned with when’s my next drink or  how am I going to handle this situation if I can’t drink.

Gina: Yes, and thank you for sharing that because you do bring up a good point and I think that’s why I drink as well because I felt like I didn’t belong to this world I don’t feel like I belong on Earth seriously just to be real like I don’t belong here I would consider myself an alien seriously because everything that I was thinking of people I was told not to do, and there were just too many rules too many conditions too many things that were was holding me down and so that’s why I drink to mask myself because I wanted to fit in to the “In Crowd” everyone else was drinking, so why don’t I drink? Everyone else was smoking weed, why did I smoke? Everyone else was doing ecstasy, why did I do Ecstasy? Everyone’s doing cocaine, I’m gonna do cocaine.  So that way, I was able to fit in uh because I remember I didn’t start drinking until I was maybe 22 years old but then I mean after that then it just went all of course downhill and then I stopped when I was like maybe 33 or so. But it was a journey but through that process like I was still experiencing my gifts but those gifts were just bringing in evil entities inside my home, inside myself,  it was just a mess and it got to a point where like I think my lights were flickering you know I was getting scratches, bruises, uh I had like both of my legs were bruised tremendously. It was like a horrific situation I would hear growls right, it was crazy

Sunshine: Yeah, oh my God you have no idea what you just validated for me. I gotta tell you this story right we talk about gifts, you know and and uh I have a client first time talk to me I don’t know months ago probably three or four months ago she was concerned that there was a demonic entity around her son and so I gave her some advice I read some energy and so on and so forth well I got an email Saturday morning from her. And uh she said something’s going on it’s gotten worse you know the family went,  we’re on a 30-day vacation my husband’s on sabbatical I don’t know what’s going on I actually saw the demon last night in a vision you know. And so I’m like oh my God so I asked for some time I said give me some time let me talk to my guides let me see what else so I mean, a little bit of a long story but it’s so pertinent so once again our gifts like you have to follow them you’ve got to like just trust that the Universe the Divine the Creator whatever you want to call it is always leading you down the right path so that’s Saturday morning Saturday evening I’m sitting there with my partner on the couch my niece and we’re like let’s watch a movie and so I flip open you know, we’re gonna go search for a movie we’re gonna search and um we’ve been you you mentioned aliens we’ve been like watching a lot of alien and UFO stuff lately and so I click on paranormal and my partner goes hey what if we watched The Conjuring.

I’ve always wanted to watch that have you seen that and I was like I don’t even know what that’s about and he’s like oh well it’s about you know Ed and Lorraine Warren and you know so and it’s like I I he doesn’t know about this email from this client in the morning right he has no clue and I’m like oh okay so I don’t say anything I was like to my niece,  “do you want to watch this?” she’s like “well, it’s scary I don’t know” I said, “well, it’s up to you totally up to you.”

And in my head, I say if we watch this if she says she wants there’s something in that movie for me to see. So she says yes lo and behold we watch this movie okay um and I’m I know the exact part that I was meant to see and so the next morning I emailed the woman I give her all of this insight and um she emails back like thank you my God you know this worked I’m gonna you know she’s she’s as ecstatic last night I’m sitting there having dinner with my partner and I’m telling him this like this is what happens and somehow or another he reminds me that we’re both in recovery right he’s got like six years, I’ve  got almost four. He reminds, me he goes “remember how we were gonna paint our drinking demons?” and all of a sudden, I’m like oh my God the picture she sent me, that was an example of the demon. She saw literally looked like exactly like my drinking demon and I finally it hits me the thought comes through and my guides tell me I’ve got to go to this client.  I ask the question, “is your husband an alcoholic?” because that’s what hit me. As we sat there and had dinner and my partner reminded me was that “oh my God, I think this young boy is being impacted from living in an alcoholic household.” 

And this demon is  true. I mean it’s true,  that’s why I’m saying you just validated that for me. So thank you, Gina. That just your example of like you were feeling that Poltergeist activity as you were abusing you know drugs and alcohol as your vibration was at that low state. You just validated that for me so my God.

Gina: I mean wow that’s awesome I’m glad I could help. Yes I mean it’s it was crazy and I mean alcohol alcohol comes from the word “kuhu” which is like an Arabic word, meaning like a ghost eating Spirits or something like that yeah or something like that and then that’s why they called spirits I I’m guessing that’s why they call them booze, like Boo like the ghost I’m that was a guess but spirits and you know uh because literally people change like my so my youngest son’s father um we were broken up a long time ago but he remembers when I was heavily drinking that he’s and he sees auras actually he can see auras that’s one of his gifts.

He saw my face transform like I had shifted into some other being and he said I had sunken dark eyes and I just looked like scary. Even the time when we were like just laying down like this is I was also still heavily in my drinking he just saw this demon not even myself, but this demon and so I know I was being possessed because I was I went to jail for it you know there’s a lot of different activities that I have done that caused me to go to jail but it wasn’t me because I feel like I’m a loving Spirit. Trust me, I have my moments I’m a human being here on Earth and Ihave as a female, I go through some emotions here um but I’ve learned to react differently now that I stopped drinking. I’ve learned to be more grateful I’ve learned to not be so selfish but think about others before myself and I’m such a giver, and I’ve always been like that but I swear that alcohol really created a monster inside me and now that I don’t have that issue. I want to help people in the transformation so everyone has the potential and I feel like a lot of people feel like there’s no hope you know what do I do.

Sunshine: Well no, I mean I love that you actually are you know, we’re kind of talking about some of the gifts and the site these psychic abilities because let’s be real right if you would have recognized if your 20 year old self Gina would have said, “oh my God I’m a psychic” or you know um “I know some folk I’m a witch right like I’m this magical being that has all these super powers um and it’s making me feel crazy and weird and awkward and strange. What do I do about this?” Right, if you would have had this like Epiphany or this Insight at that point you may never dampened all of that through alcohol and drugs.

Gina: Right! You’re absolutely right.

Sunshine: I, myself you know. I mean I’m also the child of an alcoholic. I grew up in an alcoholic household. My story does not start at 22. The story of my drinking starts at eight years old right after my first communion I was raised Roman Catholic, and realizing the taste of that- that feeling of that warm, the warmth that wine gave me, I can still remember walking up to the to the person that handed me that cup, and the way that it felt the first time. After that, I would go search out my father’s half finished rum and coke to feel that same experience. wow yeah

Gina: Yeah because that- it just numbs us inside and then we just kind of forget about the gifts that we were given.

Sunshine: Oh yeah I mean, it numbs us. It distracts us you know it does this temporary moment of quieting but you know all that quiet does is like- remove all of the answers the guidance and the love from our higher selves, our higher powers. I always laugh I’m like, how I was like you do realize that they put alcohol on like wounds to kill anything that may literally sicken us and kill us. But yet you are pouring it willingly into you.

Gina: Yeah totally and I always want to ask you, what are some solutions? How can we help the women, the men, whomever, who are struggling from their addiction just to overcome it? What are some practices you know?

Sunshine: I definitely used AA. My partner did not use AA. Many people don’t use AA. But I will tell you that there is one thing that I really appreciate about AA, and that is; first, admitting that you have that problem. Like, I don’t know about you, I haven’t listened to your story but like it took me almost a year to get to the point that I admitted I was an alcoholic, and I still had a relapse after that. Before I finally quit, so the very very first thing is, like we are I love that you said you’re human because we are human, we’re not perfect right and so admitting that, like yeah you have a problem, it’s not treating you well. It’s not serving you well.

For me, I had physical symptoms show up. I had the shakes. I had a corporate job. I never had anything suffer. I was like, you know “a white collared alcoholic” that on the outside, nothing was wrong.

Nothing was wrong but I was miserable. I was sad, I was in poor sleep. My health was deteriorating, I was riddled with anxiety and just afraid of living, afraid of making mistake. So the first thing is just admitting. And then, to me the second thing is be willing to ask for help. Like, you are literally a sobriety coach. The number one thing that I have realized in my recovery- you cannot recover alone. Like alcohol isolates you. It’s a lonely, lonely path. It is a path of one. Life is meant to be a path with many.

So if you can recognize and admit to yourself no one else, you don’t got to go tell anybody else, I’m not telling you to you know, buy a billboard and put it up and tell everybody at work, and you don’t got to wear a badge, and there’s no T-shirt, there’s no hat, and a club you’ve got to join. But admitting to yourself first, and then being willing to ask for help from someone else that has done it. Because every recovery journey is going to be different. What may have worked for one person, may not work for you. But don’t stop.

Gina: Exactly. Yeah, because the relapses, people are like “oh but I relapsed”.  That’s part of the process. I mean there is very few people, I don’t think I know anybody actually who never relapsed. I mean that’s unheard of, so it’s very common. So I always want to tell people, “hey, don’t beat yourself up.”  “Hey, welcome to the welcome to the club! You’re in the right path. If you’re relapsing.” yeah right you know so I said it is part of the process, as long as you’re pushing and trying. It’s because your goal is that you want to recover, and that’s all that matters. That’s what you’re headed for. So, it’s in your head already, and it’s just a matter of just taking that action doing those practices, and practice, and practice, and like getting rid of those friends that are your drinking buddies. Start hanging around with people that are maybe in recovery as well, or have the same mindset and goal set as you do different and things like that. 

Sunshine: I’ve heard this story over, and over. and I would imagine that you very well have shared this I look back now almost four years there isn’t a single person in my life that I hang out with on a regular basis now that I was hanging out with 10 years ago. That’s not by coincidence, that’s by design. That’s because these are the people that love me, support me, but they believe, you know, they they accept me for who I am- my weirdness, my pink hair, my witchy ways, my like esoteric, like my staring off into space, and talking to things that aren’t there hahaha!
Gina: It’s so funny, because I do talk to myself. And it’s funny I refer to myself as we, so it’ll just come out like- I don’t know where it comes from, like oh yeah we just like oh I just I don’t know I don’t think okay, I refer myself as “we” sometimes because I don’t know, I don’t feel like it’s just me. Like I have a cheerleader now, you
know? Rooting me on. It used to be the enemy, it’s telling me negative, and lies, and negative things about myself and others that are thinking negatively about me. But it wasn’t true. That was the enemy speaking.

Sunshine: Yeah I mean, literally for me one of my biggest things was personifying it into the drinking demon, and the way I explained it is that drinking Demon had one job and that was to put alcohol like get me to sip. They did day in and day out. And when he punched out, that there was another one right there, that’s their whole purpose and their existence- was to get me to drink. So that was to me like, that’s the little thing getting you to all that shitty things that they’re saying to you.

All that negative self-talk that it chatters away in your head and the moment you you say “I’m not gonna allow you” and you start to recognize, you do have a team that’s on your side you have a higher self . You have Guardian Angels, you have ancestors, you have all sort. I call it my spirit army. All behind you.

Gina: Right? We have we have support system if we don’t see it they’re still there. And that’s what’s hard for people to believe. Like, you know it’s hard for them to accept a higher power, or they’re just like I don’t believe in God or the universe or anything because they cannot see it. I remember for my experience like I didn’t grow up religious I didn’t grow up a spiritual, I mean I’d heard of Jesus of course, you know I heard of Buddha of course I’ve heard of all the gods of course but I never really paid attention to them. Until I got to the point of despair, and I needed help because I know I’m like you know what I’m done I’m done, I can’t do this by myself. I had relapse five times already, I’m just like I’m literally needed to drink in order to drive, I literally need to drink so I can perform at work and my health is deteriorating. And I just look jaundice and just disgusting and felt disgusting.

So I remember calling out I said “God, I need your help. Please help me. I cannot do this alone.” I went to the hospital like within a week- pancreatitis. You need to stay here, detox and chaplain came prayed over me I went to actually a faith-based hospital that that time and then I was just starting to like learn about like Christianity and like Jesus more and just trying to that’s where I felt like I was being led you know because like everybody’s path is different you know not everyone’s going to go to Jesus. That’s okay, oh yes you have to do whatever your spirit aligns to you. Whatever is true to yourself, and so but for me it was Jesus. So, I went to church and  I said this in my other podcast like I went to church, and I swear I as soon as I but let me back up I had to drink before I went inside church. I am not gonna lie, I was drinking in the parking lot. That’s just how it was but at least I went inside church, and then the Holy Spirit or some Spirit took over me I was bawling, just crying, and crying I’m like why am I crying? I just came inside, I didn’t know what’s going on. But that was my transformation. like right there like boom okay, I need to be here so that’s what I was doing going every Sunday.

I was away from my children at the time. They were taken away from me, I was awake I was already not mayor I was already separated from my husband. It was just me, myself, and God. So I was there, and from there I was starting to serve and then I started like meeting different people I was going to Bible study. I was doing this, and then I was doing that. I was, like wow this is a completely different life. And then, I got a mentor for a mindset because my mind was all messed up from like sexual trauma, and drinking alcohol, and abusive boyfriends, growing up and everything and then just like- there is another side you do need to experience. Sometimes when you are experience that darkness, like your quote there I love it. Uh that I saw you do see the light and let’s talk a little bit about that quote. I love it. It says “Only when we know our own darkness, can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine: I mean there’s all sorts of amazing quotes that I could probably go but like this is, and I think this is even why you’re doing what you’re doing right like because if we haven’t set in that [ __ ] and that muck and that just like feeling like the world is collapsing around us and and have not felt the wonderment that can come in like sobriety and recovery and spiritual enlightenment if we if we’ve never been down that path,  we’re not able to be of service. We’re not able to help people and say like there is another way. There’s a way where happiness is an everyday occurrence. There is a way where anxiety will not plague you day by day. There is a way where you will wake up grateful for all of the beautiful people that are surrounding you and supporting you in life.

Gina: Absolutely, and it just gets better and better. And then when you’re helping others, it’s like you don’t even think about yourself anymore. You’re just thinking about other people.

Sunshine: I’m just sitting here like privately kind of chuckling because like you may have not been in AA, but you are very very much living. It’s so hard to be in recovery and not still be living the tenets of like AA which is you know, accepting there’s something outside of ourselves. There is a higher power of like being willing to admit to all of our mistakes, and the crappy things that we have done to people throughout life and you know the very last one is like we are out there serving, being of service to other people we’re trying to help other people in their own recovery in their own enlightenment or anything of that nature. I love that what you do is built out of your same thing. Sunshine Readings would not exist today if I wasn’t four months into my my own sobriety and going, how in the world do I “go to church” without having a church that I believe in. And so, I started to go online and offer readings. That’s once a week, I would go online and that’s that’s how it was born.

Gina: So before, like a long time ago because we were conditioned “oh psychic is not real”  no, I believe it’s real. You don’t think like Carrie- that movie Carrie was Stephen King- that’s a true story here. People can do things like this, I mean Stranger Things, I think it’s the same thing. True story, actually. A lot of the movies are like true stories, it’s just kind of. But I’m always thinking, where do they get the idea from? Then you know it has to have existed. Who’s going to be the example of it? And that’s why I believe like oh the psychics, I’m like I love psychics because I’ve never actually had a reading done myself ,but I so appreciate the gift. It’s like wow, who can do that? I can’t do that. Yet, I’m sure I can. Maybe if I tap into that more, but uh I’m not there yet.

But uh I do have some uh abilities where you know like for example a friend’s calling, are about to call and I already knew that they were going to call and then you know like I was just thinking about my cat that ran off and like where’s Ben at you know and then I look outside he’s just a crossing your house but then I turned back I’m like where’d he go? So he’s there, at least I know he’s safe. But he needs to come back home, but little things like that if I think it and then it just happens so it’s kind of nice.

Sunshine: No it’s uh you know as I said. Everyone has the abilities, not everybody understands how to recognize them. And then, to your point even though you’re recognizing them, you don’t know how to strengthen them. To be able to consistently leverage and use them in your day-to-day life that’s that’s it that’s exactly what it is.

I mean that’s kind of the beautiful thing because that’s one of the things I love to do I teach people how to do that you mentioned you know I’ve created a school- uh called Illuminate and that’s the whole purpose of that school is to allow people to really embrace their own gifts, to explore like, you know, magic and ritual and how to be able to leverage and use that to improve and change their life, and even to step into healing modalities.

If you would have asked me in 2020, when I  first started, I never ever would have told you I would have like claimed the title of a Healer. I wouldn’t have been a Reiki master. None of this kind of stuff. But like my journey has taken me down the path of I’d have a client, and we’d explore something and I’m like my guides are literally saying like, “you can’t leave them like that. You’ve got to help them. You’ve got to do more.” And I’m going what do I do, and they’re like “heal them” and I’m like “what do you mean heal them?” and they’re like “heal their energy. Clear their energy. Move their energy. Repair their energy.” And so I’m like okay and lo and behold, I found myself a certified Reiki master.

Gina: That is awesome and can we talk a little bit about that because I am a certified massage therapist, but I’ve never practiced Reiki before, but I know some people who have done that. So can you explain what Reiki is?

Sunshine: Um ,yeah. So I’m gonna go back. My guides are kind of giving me the example of you said it was your son that could see this?

Gina: Oh it was my son’s father the youngest son’s father.

Sunshine: That could see the like demon and the skeleton and everything in the auras? And so what your son’s father is is seeing, is energy that is a representation of your energetic body. It’s not your physical body- it’s a representation of your energetic body. And so, anybody that is familiar with energies or you know, even as a massage therapist, you may have been taught about chakras, or energy points, and as a  Reiki Master you learn techniques on how to move that energy, how to repair, how to fill it, how to even maybe block it and through that, because our energetic body is also a representation of how our physical or even our mental body is.

So you gave the example that you had been jaundice, you weren’t looking so well, your skin was probably impacted all of that kind of stuff. The alcohol had dampened your energy and your physical body was representing that. So as a Reiki master, you go in and start learning how to heal and and use energy to support people’s mental and physical as well as even potentially spiritual bodies. So yeah energy is also a representative of our emotion.

Every emotion has a certain vibration, and that vibration is energy. So if you’re super happy and uplifted and excited, your energy is going to look different than if you may have just found out that this gig that you were gonna get just fell through, your energy may look lower because you’re disappointed and sad.

I’ll tell you this example because this is the second time they’ve shown it. I can read an alcoholic’s energy. So you know you say mask, right? You know you’ve always masked and so a lot of Alcoholics will mask in Social environments especially one that they can’t drink in, and so I told you, I’m the child of an alcoholic. I went no contact with my parents over a year and a half ago, and saw him again for the first time this month, my dad walked in.

My dad’s not supposed to drink, he’s actually a heart transplant patient- not supposed to drink at all. And he walks in, and I’m looking at his energy and he’s trying to tell me no he’s not drinking, still and I’m like um. I can just see it’s got this you know, the whole thing kind of gets like really muted and gross. It’s like everything’s gray, like healthy energy looks really vibrant, and it moves and it’s just yeah it was very sludgy. So energy is a huge deal, and yes I mean, as an alcoholic you’re like, there’s no faster way to kill your own energy than to literally drown it in alcohol.

Gina: Right, you know and I was gonna say something about gray. Every great cup popped into my head and then you went ahead and clarified it I was thinking to my head like, oh I’m sure it looks like grayish-mucky like mud and dirt I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that movie Silent Hill or play the video game uh Silent Hill yes like the upside down world or whatever is all gray and Mucky that’s like probably what it looks like yeah. Now you have some other gifts as well, like I was just asking like what don’t you do Sunshine?
You do a lot so you are also a medium, so do you actually speak or see the unliving?

Sunshine: You could kind of think of it as any type of non-corporal being, any type of non-human body or physical body. Yes, it can be seen and so this can be actual like you know, ancestors or folks that have crossed over it can be like long-term Spirit guides like, you know spirits that have actually traveled with you through many many lifetimes  to your point it can also be aliens. So it’s not an uncommon statement where you don’t feel like you’re of this earth, that is actually something I hear pretty often.

With clients that they get that feeling, and then you know of course I will then bear witness to why, because they aliens love to show up for me like, and they wave because I’m like-  “please, I can’t do this” I was like it’s one thing to have ghosts, it’s one thing to have ancestors a whole other thing to see in Alien.

Gina: You know what, but this is funny because I actually love the topic of aliens.

Sunshine: I love it too because I can see them and they just wave, and they’re like yep we’re here and I’m just like oh God I’m like oh you know, and because there’s nothing wrong with them or anything like that but I’m just like this is just such a weirder thing to me than ghosts.

It’s so weird then compared to ghosts I’m like ghost okay got it it was a human that once was here this alien was never a human body but okay now I can see you all right.

Gina: So what do they look like?

Sunshine: They presented themselves in different formats to me. A lot of times when I’ve asked them, I said  “why are you different?” they’re like we show up however the individual that they’re connected to, so they don’t just like wander it’s not like they’re just hanging out in the world. They typically show up with another human where they are trying, they’re actually helpers.So they are very much so helping, so they’ll make an agreement to help this human soul like learn things or gain knowledge or things of that nature. And so they’re like “I show up however this person imagines me” and so sometimes, it’s been just a like a grade kind of like almost like a sheet you know kind of like a sometimes it’s been the greeny kind of alien- looking. The most common though is just this kind of translucent type of um uh just blob so to speak.

They’ll just kind of like sit there like that. So yeah,  it’s been very amusing I never expected that. I had a client I do this low-cost event usually every other month where um it’s like five dollars, and you can get a seat you know. And somebody had never had show up. One time, and of course that it was the first time this was like I don’t even know two years ago, and he’s like “so I think I have an alien around me and I want you to tell me if you can see them” and all of a sudden there it was, and it shows up. And I’m like oh my God. I’m like I need a moment I’ve never seen an alien before.

Gina: That’s so cool though you know I haven’t seen it myself, but I definitely, I mean I already know there’s others that exist out there and I’ve heard, and I’ve researched as well that they are here to help. Of course there’s ones that are bad,

Sunshine: You know humans are worse.

Gina: That’s rather right.

Sunshine: Yes, we are we are not very kind to our own brethren. 

Gina: 100p percent straight evil. Like I come from like from experience.

Sunshine: Okay like we’re worried about aliens, but yet we also have kids that really don’t feel safe going to school. I’m like
maybe we should focus our right attention in a different place than aliens. 

Gina: Exactly and I know you say you’ve talked to people, and one particular person is one of us my biggest Idol, my most- my mentor, my guide, my everything, and that’s Jesus.

Sunshine: right oh yeah yeah

Gina: Can you please just talk a little bit about that because you know?

Sunshine: Yeah but there is a picture of him, back here- black and white photos. That one was not even expected um and I’ve had a couple of conversations with him. Since uh but that one was I was in a very intense spiritual program last year and we had this very like, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. It was like very kind of big question mark. You just had to trust in. There was very big trust thing. And so, we show up at this one weekend- it was like four weekends throughout the year, and the one weekend we show up and we’re like in the mountains somewhere and they proceed. They have us like proceed down and singing this song up to like the venue that they’re gonna start this ritual. And as we we get in there, all of a sudden I start getting visions of Jesus walking the road to you know Perdition or whatever.

Like to being you know crucified, and I at this point I have no clue what else but this these are the visions that are happening. And I’m like oh my God, and so then they go and they have us sit within our like eyes closed for a while and so here he goes he sits right next to me. And so he shows up, and I proceed to have this whole conversation like with him you know.

As I’m sitting here waiting, and we’re talking about various different things. He’s explaining like you know because I’m asking you know and I’m like, what was this like, I’m like you literally willingly walk to your own death, you were you know, and I’m watching and I’m feeling this experience of him being whipped, and beaten and spit on. And like and I’m even you know very interesting insights around Mary Magdalene shows up. And she’s basically saying like their relationship and this is going to be very controversial here. Are we ready for this yes ready?

She and Him proceed to share that he had her whip him to prepare him to sustain the whipping and the torture throughout this walk and so she’s telling me how hard it was for her to do this to like literally inflict this pain on this man she loved. He’s saying like I was so blessed that she did this. Mind you, I’m still sitting there I have no clue what this ritual is, that they’re putting me through and like we walk up I’m watching him like walk all the way up to the hill, and then I proceed to go back. Well they had a stand against a cross. We had a theoretical crucifixion done to us, I’m like what??

So then after this, we had six hours of silence. We were basically instructed to go about ourselves in six hours of noble silence, of no conversation. And so Jesus and I spent the rest of the afternoon together.

Gina: Wow, is there any- did he give us any, give you any other insight or anything?

Sunshine: No, and how you know we’ve I’ve actually like I said I talked with him a couple of times, and there’s been various different things and you know I actually have a client that’s very strongly connected to him, same thing like Mentor you know all that kind of good stuff. They’re very very strong relationship with them and so I have a lot of conversations and you know the biggest thing that he’s told to me is it’s kind of like where we’ve talked about with the recovery, these are individual journeys.

It’s about exploring these things for ourselves. It’s learning these things for ourselves it’s not for somebody else to dictate it’s not for somebody else to tell us what we’re supposed to do and so like a lot of the conversation is very similar to one of my favorite movies growing up was Stigmata. Because I think it’s, I forget which 
book of the Gospel that they had found that had been buried by the church, but you know in one state of this is like you know “split a piece of wood, there I am”  “pick up a rock, I exist” as well like, God is within every single one of us. That is this message that Jesus was here to be able to share.

That is the message, that is why he proceeded to go down saying “I am no better than any one person because it’s within all of us” um and so a lot of what he’d shared was just- love is the biggest message. 

I have an occult background, and he’s got a bad rep, but Aleistair Crowley came up with a religion called “Thelema” that has you know, “love is the law, love under will.” Which is basically saying like if you are living this life with love always being in the Forefront love of ourselves love of other people love of humanity love of the gifts that you know Mother Nature has provided or given to us, then life will be beautiful. And as long as you are doing that love aligned, with what what you are driven to do what your higher power drives you to do what your purpose is my gosh like magic begins to happen.

And so Jesus has reiterated this message to me over and over again many times in conversations and has reminded that every single book every single thing that has been written has always been written through the lens of another human being. Take anything that you read with a grain of salt, and ask yourself whether or not it’s true for you.

Gina: Yes and that’s what I always had a hard time because my husband is a Christian because I remarried now and I met him through a Street Ministry we used to go feed the Homeless and everything through our church and um and he swears by the Bible but I was thinking like, I mean that’s not all it can be. I mean this has been Rewritten many times I mean like remember the the game we used to play as children telephone where we say something and then and that’s the last message last person who gets it it’s like not even close to whatever the first person had said originally and so I I always that’s why I always pray to myself and to God I’m just like, please show me what I need to see when I’m reading scripture or when I’m getting the message or if I’m watching even a movie like what am I learning from this please guide me like what was the purpose of this? I’m experiencing this right now why I always ask I always need help because I can’t do it by myself.

Sunshine: No, I think that’s beautiful. And I think that’s an amazing uh you know practice and for anybody that you know is listening to this, and missed what she just said, rewind and listen to it again. Because that is so important and potent in our own spiritual journey and that’s a lot of what you know, you asked what did,  that was the message that he said it’s like it is up to you to create that relationship with God, your higher self, your higher power, your creator, whatever it is that you want to define that is, they will give you the messages. great the books are are fabulous for reference I mean I have a whole library of books that I’ve read I don’t accept any of them as a truth, but I do accept them as reference because what I’ll often be drawn to is I’ll hear in my head go look in the library and so I’ll go look and I’ll and I’ll ask the question what book and they’ll show me the book and then I will literally open it up and I’ll say tell me what page, and literally exactly where they take me will have some message for me.

Gina: Right! Yes! 

Sunshine: And so this is why I you know I love like I never would have been able to do any of that I would never have been able to trust that I if I if I was still drinking.

Gina: Absolutely right.

Sunshine: Because I feel like a crazy person most of the time I do and I love it. I don’t mind it I you know I have no problem with that but man is it’s like where did this come from. Like I can’t explain it I have no clue right but that’s what I was told to do yeah that’s where I was told to go. That’s what I was told to say I’m like, I don’t you know and I mean the amount of um are you are you Brené Brown fan?

Gina: I don’t even know who that is.

Sunshine: Oh my God you should look her up you love her. She is also uh many many many many years sober but she is a research psychologist. Pretty positive research psychologist and she has  a book called like, it’s something about the heart it’s something but it’s all about how people experience emotion. She’s on Netflix too, there’s actually a series that she goes through and does videos of her latest book but she talks about how all of these different emotions that people have and there are two that she explains she says which is wonderment and awe right it’s just this feeling of like- so like being in recovery, being on a spiritual path, believing in a higher power, listening to our guides, or whoever is divinely guiding, us means like you literally are walking around in life like this. All the time eyes wide open, this delighted grin on your face, this warmth in your heart just like oh I just love living so much. Isn’t it amazing and beautiful and incredible I just can’t wait to just do this all day every day.

Gina: Yes like heaven on Earth.

Sunshine: Exactly like heaven on Earth. And you are not the first person in recovery that has stated as such like that to me that is the exact feeling that it is.

Gina: Sobriety is a beautiful thing because then you get to be who you truly are and it is a beautiful person in there you are a beautiful person it’s like just wait and see trust the process.

Sunshine: Yes, yeah trust the process one day at a time one hour at a time one minute however you’ve got to do it and it goes back you, ask like what’s advice like if you are willing to admit that you are struggling with alcohol use, and you are willing to ask for help there are people that are going to be out there that want to help you and want to see you succeed and you may have never experienced that before you will have a stranger right a stranger nobody else may have ever believed in you ever supported you and you will have a stranger that has gone through their own recovery that will be your biggest champion and your biggest cheerleader ever and it can change your life, it can completely change how you experience the world around you.

Gina: Absolutely, that is so beautiful, Sunshine. Oh my goodness I could go on with this conversation. No I want to know where can people find you? Sign up for your- what was it called again? The magical psychic uh-

Sunshine: All sorts of great stuff that I’m always doing one of the biggest programs that I offer is Illuminate the unschool of magical psychic arts and and as we’ve been evolving and people have been talking about it I’m actually on the verge of changing the name to Illuminate the Unschool of Witchcraft because it is it’s resonating with folks I I’ve been kind of like okay I don’t have a problem with that if that’s what you want um all sorts of other things but you can always find me on the website sunshinereadings.com it’s pretty simple.

I always love to tell people that I do answer all my own emails still and so you can always email me sunshine@sunshinereadings.com and I’ll get that and I love it um it’s one of my most like delightful like channels to communicate because we can just go back and forth and nobody feels pressured with real-time communication right?

You can always catch me on Facebook which is uh Sunshine Readings online I’m on Instagram sunshine_readings we’re on Pinterest um I believe my team has even fired up a TikTok though I keep telling them like please don’t ask me to go on that because I don’t think I’d ever come back out of it like I’m a recovering addict.

Gina: Oh it’s fun I know I love tik-toking but I’ve always able to like I go on there and I’m just like people do readings on there too you know they have their tarot cards and everything and there’s this one that I like kind of follow I don’t forget her name but I swear every time I see her I feel like that message is for me I’m like oh every single time but it just pops up like randomly too it’s like not I’m not searching for her just oh there she is very interesting stuff so I  do take this good so you know I told them if hey want to do that go ahead and just tell me what they need to make it happen so yeah yeah you’re also software- 

Sunshine: Right, my corporate background I’ve been helping uh companies uh build software marketing technology, or operations for the last like 25.

Gina: That is so awesome! Well, thank you so much I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it so yes and also is there anything else you would like to share to the audience?

Sunshine: You know, there’s nothing new I mean I’ll just say it again don’t don’t be shy to ask for help I know it is sometimes the hardest and you know so many of us that are before we step into recovery we’re dealing with so much shame and guilt of like how did I get to this place how did I allow myself like so much and just know that asking for help is a sign of strength and it is the most loving and kind thing you could ever do for yourself in that moment it really is so beautiful I love that yes ask for help and that’s what I had to do I’m sure you had to do that too 90 and 90 days I went to 90 AA meetings in 90 days. So yeah  I asked for help 90 days in a row.

Gina:  That’s great. Well thank you so much Sunshine keep shining !

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 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magickal gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. You can find more about Sunshine and her offerings on her website.

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