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Psychic For Hire? Three Reasons You Might NOT Want To Make Your Psychic Abilities Available For Hire

The psychic world is full of exciting and interesting possibilities. If you’ve been blessed with psychic gifts, you can use them in many ways – from helping friends make decisions to healing others through energy work. But not everyone chooses to share their psychic abilities for monetary gain. Here are three reasons why making your psychic skills available for hire might not be the best fit for you.

Not A Psychic For Hire Reason #1: Professional Demands

Being a psychic medium is an incredibly demanding task in terms of both time and energy. Much like a nurse who works long hours and comes home exhausted, psychic mediums are also constantly connected to other people’s energies – which can be chaotic and draining. 

As a professional psychic, you’ll be connecting with the individuals who seek your help as well as the energy of all who show up during the reading. Sometimes these spirits and entities are unpleasant, and it can take a while to shake the experience off. Some particularly empathetic people may not even realize they’re feeling the emotions and anxieties of someone/something they’ve connected to (or are about to connect with) and mistake them as their own. Unnoticed, this can create a lot of discord in your personal life.

Those using their psychic gifts professionally must take regular breaks to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual balance. They must also create effective rituals to use before and after each session to keep their energy clean, grounded, and safe from anything that might hang around and drain them.

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Not A Psychic For Hire Reason #2: Personal Boundaries

Having solid boundaries in place is essential when using psychic abilities professionally – both for the psychic medium and their clients. While each psychic has their own unique set of beliefs and practices, having guidelines for how your energy will interact with others is key. This could include setting reasonable limits for yourself regarding the types of work you do or the amount of energy you’re willing to expend at any given time.

Here are a few ways to establish better personal boundaries as a psychic reader or psychic for hire. If you’re providing psychic medium services, decide if there are certain spiritual entities you don’t feel comfortable connecting with, and make sure your clients know this ahead of time. If you’re offering readings, consider whether you should have a minimum time requirement or charge additional fees when looking into deeper topics.

Set limits on social media usage or the number of psychic services you provide in one day. And not all psychics are suitable for every type of reading – some specialize more in health issues, others in connecting with spirits, while others offer advice on relationships and other life matters. Do what feels right to you, and be sure your clients are aware of their own boundaries as well. Establishing this kind of clarity is a way to ensure your psychic services remain safe and respected.

By understanding and setting boundaries, you can enjoy psychic work as a professional ethically and responsibly. You’ll be able to provide meaningful psychic services for both yourself and your clients. After all, being a psychic for hire isn’t just about giving psychic readings – it’s also about creating a safe and supportive environment for spiritual growth within yourself as well.

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Not A Psychic For Hire Reason #3: Intentional Use of Gifts

Even if you’ve been involved in psychic work for several years, you may feel the need to take a break – this is ok! Your psychic gifts can still be helpful during this time, whether through prayer, visualizing healing, or other forms of energy work. Sometimes psychic abilities need to be used in a private, non-commercial way.

If you want to be more intentional about using your skills more personally, for practice before going pro, or to make your life better, there are numerous ways you can do this. 

  • Energetically charge your food and drink before enjoying it.
  • Meditate and divine for areas of your body that could use some support and healing.
  • Bathe your garden and plants in energy and love.
  • Set intentions and create magickal baths and gemstone elixirs to enjoy.
  • Let your intuition guide you into cooking with new flavors and intuiting culinary creations.
  • Clear and bless your home and loved ones.
  • Send healing and love to the world at large.

Your intention and energy are powerful and can impact the world and those around you in amazing ways –even if you’re not using your gifts professionally. Your whole life will improve when you bless YOURSELF with the personal use of your gifts, so don’t be shy!

When it comes down to it, it’s the choice of each individual psychic to decide how they want to use their gifts – whether it be for monetary gain or personal pursuits. Being mindful of your own energy levels is essential if you desire to continue helping others with your psychic abilities. So take the time to reflect on what’s best for you and your practice, and trust that the right path will come.

What do you think? Did this blog make you reconsider how you perceive and use your psychic gifts? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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