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Can Anyone Become a Psychic Medium Reader? What about Me?

Can Anyone Become a Psychic Medium Reader? What about Me?

Psychics, Mediums, and Intuitives are becoming more widely accepted AND in demand as people crave insight into their own lives and experiences that feel… meaningful. 

Gone are the times when we put all of our energy and thoughts into doing things in search of meaning and joy in life. Now we crave that meaning and joy in discovering not what we can DO as one of the masses… but who we ARE as individuals. 

Not as cogs in the machine but as forces of nature unbound by labels and others’ opinions. We are more than we appear. Capable of more than we’ve known. We’re ready to find out what that is.

We know there is more to life than what we see and perceive with our physical senses. Even physics supports this! Now we require an upgrade of our inner senses to learn to walk and wield the powers of this world and the potent energy it swims within, OR we need people already trained to do it FOR us. 

This search and need for a view of ourselves and our abilities from a more expansive lens paved the way for people who’ve ALWAYS enjoyed seeing things unseen, misunderstood, and often overlooked… people who’ve long dabbled in shaping reality from the Divine Source of all creation.


Not only Psychics but also Mediums, Empaths, Spiritual Advisors, Seers, Psychic Mentors, Diviners, Witches, Healers, and all manner of folks who seek and shape life on this side of physical reality and the other.

Which begs the question, Can anyone become a Psychic Medium Reader? 

Yes, I 100% believe anyone can. I think anyone can become a Psychic Medium Reader. Every single one of us has psychic abilities, and we can use those psychic abilities to connect with loved ones, spirits, or energies on the other side. And with the deep need in the world and our souls, developing our inner senses and abilities is everyone’s highest and best use of our time in this life. 

In fact, this is happening more and more, even if you aren’t trying. Person after person schedules Psychic Medium Readings with me, and almost all of them ask some variation of this question: Do I have Psychic Abilities? 

Why do they ask? Because they’re having experiences in their everyday living that have no rational explanation and have them feeling crazy –honestly questioning their sanity. 

  • They suddenly know things are looming before they happen. Like the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a call from someone who’d just popped into their head moments before. 
  • Maybe they are feeling the emotions of others around them without exchanging a word. They knew someone had broken up with their partner, had lost a special item, or was pregnant and excited.
  • They may have started seeing signs or hearing messages from the other side. A song that keeps playing in their head, or a shadow in the corner of their eye that won’t go away.

Not because they ARE going crazy, but because their sleeping psychic senses are waking up in response to the changes in our world. 

Are you wondering if this might be you? Keep reading to know what signs to look for!

Signs You Are a Psychic Medium

Now that you’re good and curious, what are some signs that you ARE a Psychic Medium and are possibly already using these abilities? 

I already gave a hint with one sign you are a Psychic Medium: You identify as an Empath. 

As an Empath, you are experiencing the psychic ability of Clairsentience, being able to feel the feelings and emotions of others –even if you don’t know them and pass them on the street. 

  • You perceive the sensations they’re physically feeling in their body.
  • The emotions they’re experiencing might be mistaken for your own.
  • And you may even hear the words they keep repeating over and over in their mind.

When you aren’t aware of this gift awakening, you may perceive these feelings and emotions as your own, and they can make you truly sick. Best you learn to recognize the difference between your emotions and others quickly!

Another sign you are a Psychic Medium is: You have very vivid dreams. 

Our Clairvoyance (psychic/inner sight) tends to show up in our dreams first. 

  • You may receive a psychic vision if you are a dreamer and have vivid dreams.
  • These dreams have a different quality than normal sleep dreams, haunting you for weeks, maybe years.
  • Sometimes these dreams reveal events that have yet to happen, and it spooks you when they DO. Or they could show events from times past.

Having helped numerous folks develop their psychic abilities, I recognize this as a sign of your Clairvoyance and ability to visualize and see things awakening. It’s often much stronger than you may realize. 

This next is one that I love! This experience ties our Clairsentience dreaming to our Clairvoyance feeling. 

The third sign that you are a Psychic Medium and have psychic abilities is: You hear things that aren’t said. 

When your inner psychic ear picks up on things people have thought and felt, yet never spoken, you’re experiencing Clairaudience. 

  • Do you hear songs or listen to conversations, and you translate them into lyrics or poetry? Or music speaks to you?
  • Maybe you hear voices from people who aren’t around. Spirits may speak to you, or you may pick up on sounds from realities connected to ours. 
  • These can be internal, like the voice inside your head, or external, like someone is standing beside you –but isn’t.

These are all common signs that you’re leveraging and using your psychic abilities and don’t even realize it. I’ve seen these as constant amongst every individual I’ve spoken to, mentored, and coached. 

So next, you may have the question: “Okay, fantastic. I have Psychic Gifts! What now?”

I’m glad you asked… let’s keep going!

How can I become a Psychic Medium? 

Naturally, when one discovers they have a unique and desirable skill, they want to do something with it! Maybe even offer it as a helpful and healing service for others. In that case, I recommend a couple of things if you are trying to become a Psychic Medium, and one is to talk to a Psychic Medium. 

Have a conversation with a Psychic Medium you know you’re interested in and have met with before. Don’t just ask them questions about your life. Ask them about them. Ask about their experience. Ask them how they developed their gifts. Ask how they practiced being a Psychic Medium. Talk to them. Talk to a psychic medium and find out their experience. 

I learned and realized that every single one of us has a different journey to developing our gifts. It’s not just one thing. Yes, there are schools and certifications. You could buy and read books or watch movies, but talking one-on-one to a Psychic Medium is one of the most powerful ways to discover how to become one yourself. 

The next thing I can tell you is to listen to different Psychic podcasts and watch other Psychic videos. Make sure you’re paying attention because Psychic Mediums often explain the various scenes, situations, and stories where these gifts appear. You may recognize they’re probably already happening to you in similar ways. 

But above all, the most essential step in your journey to becoming a Psychic Medium Reader is this: Grow your abilities! That’s always the very first place that I suggest.


How to Grow Your Psychic Abilities

How do you learn to strengthen, tap into, and use these awakened Psychic abilities? It would help if you sat in my chair here, sipping tea with me while I provide personal guidance and advice with a personalized Mentoring Session, but in place of that, here are a few tips!

Tip One: Pay attention to your experiences! 

  • Stop going through your day like a zombie cranked up on caffeine and stress; take a few moments spaced out through the day to observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 
  • Make a voice note, jot down a few lines in your journal, and begin to see your patterns. 
  • This works well for dream-tracking too.

Tip Two: Use every opportunity to practice awareness! 

  • When your phone chimes, take a few seconds to try sensing who it is or what it says. 
  • When listening to music, pay attention to the sensations that appear in your body. 
  • When you feel groggy or irritable, ask yourself if the emotions are yours or someone else’s. Note the changes after your questioning. 
  • When people are talking to you, see if you have visions forming in your mind as they speak. 

As often as you can remember, observe what’s around you, and you’ll be surprised at all that reveals itself. 

Tip Three: Find supportive people to talk about your experiences with. Belief plays an undeniable role in developing and using your psychic abilities. When you keep it secret within yourself, spiraling around in the soup of your unsureness and worries, your gifts can’t blossom. Your self-doubt will steal all the energy from them. 

This is why I always encourage people to find groups, forums, and friends with whom they can share their experiences and aspirations. There’s tremendous power in speaking words aloud —a whole body of physics and occult practices support this! Take advantage of that boost to build your belief; have conversations with people who can help you see your gifts clearly and believe in them confidently.

If you haven’t yet, consider joining my Free Facebook Group, Sunshine’s Bazaar, Playground for the Spiritually Curious & Gifted, to dive right in today!


Where will this take you? Will you apply and use your psychic abilities? 

I’m curious. Which one are you going to try first? Are you going to talk to a psychic that you may know? Or you’ll reach out and listen to some psychic podcasts or videos? 

Let me know in the comments! Once you’ve done that, you may also enjoy this blog about Exercises Training your Third Eye!

P.S. Sad that you missed out on joining Sunshine’s magickal membership for mastering your psychic abilities? Then we have fab news: you can still register through this link! This subscription gives members personalized access to Sunshine as well as weekly live workshops and seminars designed to awaken your own magickal gifts. This is the place to be for anyone ready to become a badass Psychic Magician.

“Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.”

Sunshine is a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic and founder of Sunshine Readings. Her passion is helping others learn how to step into their shadows so they can uncover their magickal gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their soul’s enlightenment. You can find more about Sunshine and her offerings on her website.

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