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Psychic Mediums 101: Why You Need To Visit A Psychic Show Or Fair ASAP!

Do you feel the pull to explore what lies beyond the realm of our physical world and into that of the often unseen? Then you might want to visit a local Psychic Show & Fair!

Psychic shows & fairs are a great way to tap into your curiosity, learn about yourself, connect with credible psychics or psychic mediums (like me!), as well as exposing you to people who share common interests and passions you may hold dear –even if a bit secret. 

But how do you decide if these events are worth attending? Let’s explore the fun of psychic shows & fairs and how to make the most of them in today’s blog.

Psychic Shows & Fairs – What to Expect From The Experience

Psychic shows & fairs are public events that offer services and goods related to metaphysics, divination, mediumship, and other concepts that exist beyond our physical realm and common perception. These events typically house Psychic Mediums, Tarot readers, Psychic healers, and more, all there to share their unique gifts with curious individuals like you. Psychic shows & fairs are common in major cities that are hosted throughout the year and can be found under multiple search terms like, psychic festivals, psychic shows, holistic fairs, metaphysical fairs, and more.

In addition to an array of services, psychic shows & fairs typically have a wide variety of vendors as well, offering everything from psychic readings to psychic portraits. Psychic healing services like Reiki and energy work are often offered along with books on spirituality and metaphysics, crystals and stones, aromatherapy products, metaphysical jewelry, tarot card decks, dream interpretation, and more.

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You may also find psychic games and activities, psychic speakers or classes and workshops that are related to psychic exploration. Psychic shows & fairs also provide an opportunity to connect with psychic mediums and other psychics you may have wanted to purchase a session from, but want to have a low-risk way to check them out before purchasing a full reading. 

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the whole event is having the ability to meet and connect with like-minded people who share a fascination in the paranormal. We’re all looking for our people, right? You may find them at events like these! 

What Psychic Services Can You Expect?

At psychic shows & fairs, you may find a variety of services and professionals to satiate your endless curiosity with and still have plenty left to explore at later events. Let’s look at a few specific services, though, shall we?


Psychic Services 

Psychic medium services can range from psychic readings to energy healing, depending on the psychic’s specialty. Psychic Mediums can provide insight, clarity, and advice on a range of topics and may specialize in a variety of services such as reading tarot cards, giving angel readings, or even channeling messages from spirits that have passed on. 

General psychic readings can help uncover answers to your biggest questions, such as career advice or relationship guidance. Psychic healers may specialize in healing techniques that can offer spiritual cleansing of the energy body and chakras. 


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Healing Services 

Other professionals at psychic shows & fairs include astrologers, aura readers, numerologists, crystal healers, and more. Psychic healers may also offer reiki treatments and crystal healing sessions, while other practitioners offer aura readings and energy work that can help balance the body’s chakras. 

One of my favorite services is Kirlian photography, or aura photography. Kirlian photography is a technique used to capture the subtle energy fields of objects, such as humans and plants. It was developed in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor and pioneer who wanted to use this technology for medical diagnoses. The Kirlian technique works by passing a subtle electrical current through the object and capturing its aura with a photographic plate. The resulting image is said to provide insight into the mental, emotional, and physical condition of the object or person being photographed.

Kirlian photography can be used at healing events to measure the energetic and psychological state of a person. During these sessions, practitioners will typically take a photograph of the individual’s hand or another part of their body before and after the healing session. The resulting Kirlian images are then compared against one another to see how much energy has been shifted or released. This technique can provide valuable insight into the efficacy of the treatment and help practitioners to better assess their progress in aiding a person’s healing journey.

Healing Products 

Get ready to empty your wallets, because these psychic shows and fairs are abundant with healing potions, spells, oils, tonics, tinctures, amulets, tools and more! There are books and resources for the avid learner, moon-charged bath products for the sensuous spiritualist, healing herbal products to help with your body’s restoration, and ritual packs for those seeking a more tangible practice with their favorite deity.

Truly, the imagination is the only limit to the wild and wondrous treasures you can find at events like this. Make sure you plan ahead and have some spending money to take advantage of wares you won’t see in normal stores!

Educational Experiences

Depending on the location and size of the psychic show and fair, you may find some of your favorite psychic mentors and healers offering exclusive workshops, courses, and classes that allow you to learn from those who’ve mastered the skills you feel awakening within yourself.

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Clearly, you’ll find a whole range of psychic readers and healing professionals ready to share their unique gifts! Are you excited yet?

Are Psychic Shows & Fairs Worth Going To?

Psychic shows & fairs are great for gaining clarity and expanding your spiritual horizons and are definitely worth attending if you’re looking to explore your spiritual path and connect with psychic mediums in a safe and supportive space. Psychic shows & fairs provide an opportunity to ask questions, explore different psychic medium and healing services, and uncover your spiritual and magickal gifts.

Although psychic shows & fairs can be exciting, it’s important to do your research into the psychic mediums and contributors who’ll be present to ensure you’ll have access to people with interests and specialties you’re aligned with. Make sure to research psychic shows & fairs for reviews, psychic medium websites, and social media accounts, and the psychic’s credentials before making an appointment or booking a service at the event.

In conclusion, psychic shows & fairs offer an excellent opportunity to explore metaphysical concepts, learn about yourself, and connect with psychic mediums in a safe and festive space. Psychic shows & fairs are worth attending, as long as you do your research and plan for budget and timing to allow you to really get the most from the experience.

Do you have experience with psychic shows & fairs? Have you ever attended one or booked a psychic service? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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