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Psychic Shows; Are They Worth The Time?

Are you interested in exploring the mysterious realm of psychic shows? Here at Sunshine Readings, we are passionate about connecting people to the spiritual world. From paranormal and witch-related themes to multiple psychic readers with varied specialties, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

In today’s blog you’ll find out more about Psychic Medium Shows, including where to find them, what to expect, and how to ensure you have a good experience. Let’s explore the magical world together! 

What Is A Psychic Show? 

When I refer to a psychic show, I am not referring to your fav TV show. There are definitely TV shows out there that are about psychic mediums, you may have heard me talk about them before. Tyler Henry, Chip Coffey, and the Long Island Medium are a few off the top of my head. All those lovely folks HAVE psychic shows, but that’s not the kind of show I’m referring to. I’m talking about an event you would attend in person.  

Often psychic shows are referred to as psychic fairs and holistic fairs. Every now and again, I’ve seen them go under the guise of some other names; they may have a witch theme, a paranormal theme, a haunting theme, or something of that nature. Sounds pretty groovy, right?

What Can You Expect At A Psychic Medium Show?

One thing that many people don’t expect when they attend a psychic show is the atmosphere. Psychic and holistic fairs are often vibrant, fun experiences with upbeat music playing in the background and a diverse range of vendors selling their wares. In addition to psychics, you may find massage therapists, crystal healers, tarot readers, astrologers, energy healers and more. It’s a great opportunity to explore different methods of healing and self-care in a relaxed atmosphere.

You may also find reiki circles or meditation groups at the event, allowing you to connect with other participants in a spiritual way. You can interact and ask questions of the vendors and learn more about their services. There’s often a great sense of community and connection that you can feel at these events, making it an enjoyable experience for all who attend.

Many psychic shows also offer special discounts on services or merchandise, so be sure to take advantage of any offers available! These fairs are a great way to explore new ways of self-care and connection without breaking the bank as tickets are usually around $10-$20 per person.

But What About The Psychic Part?

First, you can expect multiple psychic readers with different specialties. This is very important. Depending on what you’re looking for and who you want to connect with, it’s important that the show or fair has a variety of psychics that have their own specialty. Look for those! If someone is looking for an aura reading, they may not necessarily get the best reading from someone who specializes in tarot cards. It’s important that there is a variety of readers with different specialties so people can get the exact readings they’re looking for.

For example, I’m a psychic medium at any of the shows I go to; there are probably anywhere from 10 to maybe up to 15 of us. And usually, while we’re there, only two of us do mediumship readings –connecting to loved ones on the other side or spirits on the other side. In the last show I was at, there were three of us, but it’s not very common. I didn’t realize when I first started doing this that even though everybody can be a medium, many psychics will choose not to. 

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Second, you can expect lower price points and limited offers on personal readings. When talking about psychic & holistic fairs, many vendors or practitioners are looking to provide a more affordable service so more people can access them than may be able to purchase a full reading at their normal rate. So, when you’re at a psychic show or fair, don’t be surprised to see some lower price points than what you would usually find at their regular office or shop.

Thirdly, you can expect vendors selling holistic products and metaphysical and occult products. These can range from crystals to herbs, books and diving into the metaphysical world. Personally, I find it difficult not to want to buy everything I see!

Finally, you can expect a spirituality-filled atmosphere with like-minded people. It’s always amazing when you enter one of these fairs or shows because it’s almost like walking into a new realm filled with spiritual energy. You’ll find many people like yourself with similar interests, and that’s always amazing to experience.

Now that you know a bit more about the different aspects of Psychic & Holistic Fairs, how do you find one?

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How Do You Find A Holistic Psychic Show To Attend? 

I’m gonna give you a couple of answers. First, I’m a bit old school and like to look at alternative print publications. Natural Awakening and The Body Mind Spirit Guide are two great options that can be found in Whole Foods or natural food stores – often even in the waiting rooms of natural healers! You can also access them online.

Additionally, I recommend checking out the local metaphysical stores near you – I like to keep a Google Map of them so that when I travel, I can pop in and check out their energy and goods.

Lastly, do a search online for ‘psychic and holistic shows near me’ and check out Eventbrite and MeetUp – I’ve seen a lot of shows listed there. You can also check the events, pages, and groups (like mine!) in your local area on Facebook.

But how do you know which show is going to be good? After all, if you’re spending your money and time, it should be worth it! Well…that’s a great question. 


How Do You Know If The Psychic Medium Show Will Be Good?

The best way to find out is to ask around. If you have friends who have attended a show, get their opinion on it. You can also check online for any communities or groups related to the event and read any reviews you can find. I often share events in my local area on my website and social media pages, make sure you’re connected with me to stay in the loop!

More importantly, go and check it out for yourself and leave if you don’t feel a connection with the event. It may cost you some money, but at least it won’t waste your time. 

So go on an adventure to your very first (or maybe even your second or third) psychic holistic show! Good luck!

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