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Discover the Difference: Psychics Over the Phone vs. Over Chat & More

Are you an introvert looking for insight and guidance but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home? Have you been curious about trying a psychic reading but feel anxious about engaging in person? 

If so, virtual psychic readings could be just what you are looking for! Virtual readings offer a convenient and personalized way of gaining clarity on life’s most pressing questions without having to step outside the door. 

Hey, it’s Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, here to answer your questions about virtual psychic services. Read on to find out more about how psychic mediums provide virtual sessions, what forms they come in, and how to get the most out of such services.

What Is A Psychic Reading Over The Phone?

Psychic readings over the phone offer a convenient, personalized way of gaining insight and guidance on life’s most pressing questions. They are usually conducted with an experienced psychic reader from the comfort of your own home, who uses their gifts to provide you with spiritual clarity, information, and understanding.

I remember when I was younger watching commercials for Mrs. Cleo; “Call me now!”. Anybody that’s around my age is probably going to remember Mrs. Cleo’s commercial.

You may call a hotline to reach a psychic or schedule an appointment with them, providing your phone number and they’ll contact you. Phone readings usually don’t include video chats like Zoom; it’s simply just picking up the phone and speaking (yes, people still do that).

What Is A Psychic Reading Over Chat?

Some psychic websites allow you to actually chat live with the psychic in a chat box. This can be done on your phone, your computer, or by using your tablet. You pull up the website, follow the instructions, and in no time you’re chatting just like you would chat with your best friend or your mom. It’s a real-time exchange of back-and-forth conversation.

Alternatively, the psychic may have you use a certain messaging platform. They may be using WhatsApp or Telegram to help. I use a program called Slack and I will talk with some of my clients on that. Once again, neither of you is going to see the other –which can be really nice for some, but can feel cold and impersonal to others.

Phone and chat readings are both great ways for introverts to get their psychic readings without having to worry about putting on makeup, what they look like, or even leaving the house. Phone sessions allow you the privacy of speaking from your own home and not worrying about being seen by anyone. Chat sessions give you the added benefit of real-time exchange with the psychic, where you can be chatting with them just like you would with your best friend or mom. Either way, you get the same great service without any of the pressure of having to look a certain way or bravely travel to areas you aren’t familiar with.

How Else Do Psychic Mediums Provide Virtual Sessions?

In recent times virtual psychic medium sessions have been gaining traction. Virtual sessions come in various forms that are conducted either by phone or chat, including audio recordings, videos, written transcripts, and through email. But how exactly do psychic mediums provide these services?

Usually, the psychic medium will have some sort of questionnaire on their booking page where you can ask your burning questions and they’ll use those to deliver a personalized reading in the format you’ve selected within a specific time frame.

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Audio And Video Recordings

Once a session has been recorded it is possible to save them for future reference, which allows one to return to them as often as needed for further insight. Additionally saved recordings can be printed out for further reading if desired.


Psychic mediums will often use automatic writing methods during a session to transcribe what has been communicated through spirit guides, spirits, or other energies being accessed during the session. This is great because transcripts can be printed out and kept as part of a journal or binder so you can look back at them whenever you wish without having to search for emails from older sessions.

Email Readings

Psychic mediums also offer virtual services by answering questions via email which eliminates any timezone issues that may otherwise hinder appointment bookings due to time differences between you and your reader. The benefit here is that it does not require one to commit themselves to an exact appointment time making it more convenient overall.

The biggest question people may ask when using this service is “what happens if I don’t like my reading?”.

How To Handle An Unsatisfying Psychic Reading

Have you ever had a psychic reading that didn’t hit home? Or felt like the session was a total miss? It’s not uncommon and doesn’t necessarily mean the reader is bad, it may simply mean that the messages don’t resonate with you at the moment.

Before scheduling your next session, read some reviews and check out the psychic medium’s refund policy. Most state they offer readings for entertainment only, meaning there is no refund available. But don’t let that discourage you from continuing to explore spiritual readings.

My Story Of An Unsatisfying Reading

When I was 16, I met a psychic in a coffee shop and she told me that I would be traveling soon. She even said to Egypt specifically, with visions of pyramids! Of course, this seemed unlikely and I doubted her prediction.

Lo and behold, during spring break of my senior year of high school I ended up going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And if you’ve ever been there, you know that the Hard Rock Cafe is in the shape of a pyramid! It may not have been Egypt, but it was still a pretty amazing coincidence. They’ve since torn it down and rebuilt it, but it was a pyramid when I was there!

Take Your Time And Be Open

This experience taught me to be open and patient with the messages I receive during spiritual readings. Sometimes they don’t make sense right away, but eventually, the message will come into focus in a way you may never have expected.

So if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your last psychic reading, give it some time. You never know—it may end up being the thing you least expect!

Try Something New

And if you’re still unsatisfied, don’t be afraid to try a different format for your next psychic reading. I plan to try an email reading myself (yes, I love getting readings from others!). There are so many ways to explore spiritual readings that it’s worth giving them all a try.

Regardless, be sure to give your psychic medium feedback if you don’t like the reading. Some may even offer something in return—though this isn’t guaranteed depending on their refund policy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an introvert seeking the comfort of your own home for your readings or simply looking for convenience and flexibility, virtual sessions are a great option. Psychic mediums specialize in providing these services in various forms from audio recordings to written transcripts which allow one to keep track of their spiritual journey with ease.

By taking advantage of these services, you can access spiritual guidance without any pressure or time constraints that may come with in-person readings, giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore the other side from wherever you are. So if you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to access spiritual guidance, virtual sessions with a psychic medium might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Want to give them a go? Be sure to check out my website where I offer multiple virtual reading options to get a feel for what might feel great to you. Happy Exploring!

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