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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 6 ] Rituals: What the Fuck are they?

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode Six. Take two, because Goodness gracious, would you believe that I have already recorded this I actually went live. And the software that we use cut me off about five minutes at the end. And so the Live is out there, I can’t really do anything somebody gets like, you know, about 16 minutes worth of really great content. And then they missed the most potent and important part, which is at the very tail end, I tried to give you some advice, right? Because Goodness gracious knows. And I’m trying to find my notes because I literally I thought I was done. Because Goodness gracious knows that if all I’m doing is spewing a bunch of information at you. I am certainly entertaining. But I’m not as helpful if I don’t give you something to work with. So by assistance literally like, oh my god, I can’t believe this. And yeah, such a bummer.


So today, Episode Six, we’re talking, I feel like I’m in deja vu land, we are talking all about Rituals, and what the fuck are they? Why do we do them? And I’m going to start off, you know, I’m actually I’m not gonna try to repeat the last series, so much of what I do is very off the cuff here and I share, you know, kind of whatever I’m divinely inspired to say, and so maybe there’s just something different that’s supposed to come up this time. So I’m going to try to slow myself down for a second. And appreciate being able to share this with you. So we’re going to start off first by talking about what a ritual is. And as I was preparing for this morning, show, the commentary that the question, you know, that was kind of rumbling around in my head and like chit chattering was, what is a ritual? And like, what is a spell? And do people know and understand the difference? And do they use them in interchange, and you know, and so instead of trying to, like guess, or assume or anything of that nature, I thought we’d start there, we’d start really talking about what a ritual is, and even sharing what the difference is between a ritual and a smell. And so of course, I’m going to share with you my own thoughts and opinions. But before I do that, I want to talk to you about what I found.


So I always I love the internet. You know, Google and I are friends. Kind of besties it’s been there for me for a lot of hard times. So we’re gonna start, I searched for the definition of ritual. And so it came up and I don’t remember which dictionary it was from, but a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. I also went to look up the definition of a spell. And fortunately, it was a little bit more difficult because it’s not none of it, like formal dictionaries had a definition that really spoke to me. It made sense. And so I found this one a spoken word or form of words believed to have magical power. So how would I personally how it’s sunshine describe a ritual and I think are very close to how they’ve described it in the definition. So ritual for me, it’s gonna be something that is performed on a regular basis, it has a prescribed order, as they stated, a set of patterns, a set of steps, it’s happens the same way each and every time.


You know, folks that are, might be a little bit on the OCD side probably have lots of rituals, you know, kind of like, I do consider myself OCD. And my rituals probably aren’t too crazy. But yeah, you’re right, something that you are regularly accustomed and used to performing. And doing right. That, to me is a ritual, and a spell. My definition of a spell is a magical intention, that is cast. And the reason why I really look at these differences, because spells don’t have an art necessary to have as much structure. I do believe that the words and the language and the speaking portion is definitely a part. That’s why I mean, you can have something as simple as a statement. Be a spell, right. And so I know in the live stream, I joke, but it’s true. I joke. Every person that has ever responded to someone sneezing, with the statement of “God bless you” is casting a spell. Right? Like you’re casting a spell. God bless you. Right? “Peace be with you.” You know, if you’re Christian, casting a spell, or it can be very elaborate. It’s probably if you’re going to be into a more elaborate work. You’re probably dancing into the ritual area. You have something very structured, very ordered, very prescribed that you’re following.


And so that being said I do believe that all kinds of like magical ritual.  All magical ritual will have some kind of spell in it. But not every spell is going to be a ritual. So I hope that that makes sense. For all intents and purposes today, as I’m talking about this, I’m going to use the word ritual to mean any kind of act that is performed with intention, any kind of act that is performed with intention. And that intention does not need to be magic, that intention does not need to be transformational. That intention can be as simple as you know. Putting caffeine into your system, right, you might have a ritual of pouring yourself a cup of coffee every morning when you wake up, right. And the thing is that there are a lot of religions and spiritual beliefs that have rituals built into them, that they’ve adopted.


And so I did do a little bit of researching this morning, just to give a little perspective. So if we have any listeners, or anybody listening, that wants to reach out and share their perspective on this, I would love to hear or if I misspoke in anything, I love to be corrected. It’s amazing. It’s a beautiful gift that people give me. So I did look up Hindu, does the Hindu religion or, you know, do these Hindu practitioners do they have rituals, and some of the things that came across were silent prayer, yoga, chanting, visiting temple, these are things that they do on a regular habitual practice, you know, I’m assuming get it keep getting them closer to God. The Islamic rituals are the Muslim rituals, right? They have the festival of Ed they fasting, right? Any, you know, I grew up and I live in a town that has very high Muslim population. And, you know, we’re all very, very aware of when Ramadan is because you know, things kind of change a little bit, it’s probably pretty common in this area, that you’re gonna work with someone that’s Muslim, and so you’re going to know and understand that they’re fasting, maybe their schedules have changed a little. And then here, you know, the town that I live in the literal city that I live in has a high concentration. And so we often this town here is the often the town where restaurants during Ramadan will be open till like one or 2am, because that’s when people are actually gonna go out and finally be able to eat, right, all rituals, all ritual.


For those that are coming, you know, and practice and walk down the Wiccan path of witchcraft, you very well may be following the Sabbath, the Wheel of the Year, the moon cycles, things of that nature, you may have rituals associated to all of that. And the one that I’m most familiar with the Christian rituals, I was born and raised Catholic, so I’m very familiar with these, as a matter of fact, I’ve gone through a good majority of the sacraments, I guess not a majority of them, I’ve gone through the first three, so baptism, the Eucharist, and the confirmation. I mean, these are, these are rituals, these are very intentional rituals, even Sunday, mass and everything that goes on, and every portion, I bet you, I bet you someone has done that, where they’ve literally taken the Catholic mass and like broken down all of the different pieces of it, and what the intentions are, and each and every kind of piece of it. All of these things are a rituals, right? And a lot of these religions have these rituals, associated and tied to dogma, right?



Which gets us into the question of why do we do rituals? Why do any of us do rituals?  I don’t know how whatever else, those that are part of religious rituals often are doing it because of that dogma. And I’m gonna give you a perfect example and Christianity. And every, I’m not familiar with all religions, I may have stepped, you know, read, but I do not know them. Like the back of my hand. I’m more much more familiar with Christianity. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna give you an example of how a ritual is tied to a dogma. In Catholicism, and I believe most forms of Christianity, there’s going to be the baptism, right, where you’re actually baptized, in water and somehow and anointed maybe with oils or things of that nature. And that whole rituals intention is to kind of purify the soul. To release it, you’re born with original sin, you’re going to release that original sin. And the dogma that is tied to is if you’re not baptized, you are not going to have the privilege of stepping into heaven upon passing from this lifetime.  So that’s the dogma that that ritual is tied to. So very often religious rituals are tied to service have big dogmas associated to the to that religion.


Which is though, those of us that aren’t like maybe practicing a particular religion. Witches, and you can have a Wiccan witch, right? I’m not saying that witches, though, are going to do rituals for magical purpose. The rituals that we do have magical purpose in them. Even if it’s as simple as your morning ritual keeping you in a high vibrational state. You know, maybe you just, you tell everyone in the house, like “I need my 30 minutes when I wake up to myself, don’t talk to me, don’t you know, let me get my coffee, and let me get my teeth brush” like that can just be keeping you in a very high vibrational state. Every ritual that we do has magical purpose. That’s what that’s what a witch does. And so these can be purposes of protection, health, lock, wealth, bringing more money in, getting some debts paid. It can also be magical ritual for personal transformation. And you know, a lot of the magical work that I am involved in a lot of magical work that we include within Illuminate, and the program Illuminate the Unschool of Witchcraft, and the program, programming there is alchemical based, meaning the ritual work that we are doing is intending to bring about personal transformation.


And so I’m going to give you an example because and is this is the bummer is because I spoke a lot in the actual live recording about last night’s New Moon Ritual, which is why we’re actually talking about today, rituals is because I had a whole slew of other things. But last night’s New Moon manifestation ritual was so beautiful and so potent and so powerful, that by the end of it right there, it’s an hour long, I mean, the time that the the the portion that I do with the group, by the end of it, I was in tears, I could hardly even say I love you. And goodbye, because I had tears in my eyes. And that’s because this work that we are doing is so potent, and so powerful, and it is intended to transform us internally, right? The alchemical process of turning the things inside of us that maybe aren’t serving us into something that is of service. A lot of the ritual work that we do is for all of the ritual work that we do is for magical purposes, a lot of the ritual work that we do within my circle is for that personal transformation, because when you start to transform yourself, internally, your outside world will change.


I’m gonna give you an example of this, just in case you’re like, I don’t really understand what you mean by that. There’s probably a really beautiful metaphor somewhere that I could pull up. But let’s see what comes to mind. Let’s say, right, I’m gonna give you an example of somebody that gets diagnosed with cancer. That individual internally has one or two ways that they kind of go down this path. They could go down the path of fighting the grief. And trying to be angry and just mad and stubborn around the result that was given to them, or at that particular point, if you think about what their outside world might look like, the people around them may be more sad, people might start working on eggshells, they don’t know how to talk about it. People may be starting to exhibit signs of like pity, or people may actually stop talking to them, because they just don’t know how to approach the situation. So you could probably see a little bit how that external world represents that internal versus if the path that they chose to go down was one of acceptance, and surrender into the grief and understanding that there’s still life left to be lived even with that diagnosis. They can come to peace with it, people are going to understand how to talk to them. They’re going to understand how to grieve with them. They’re going to see that as an example of how they want the rest of their life to be. So the external world is going to start to reflect what’s happening internally. That piece. So a lot of the work that we do is going to be around that personal transformation.


Which you may be wondering here , why am I sharing this? You may just be a curious person and been very curious and wanted to hear and listen to this and that’s cool. I dig that. I love that. But I want to make sure with this podcast that I’m only He’s kind of sharing something for you guys to walk away with. And so as a witch, my dear friends, you get to choose the rituals that are important to you, you get to choose what matters. No one other individual out there ever gets to tell you what you should do or what you need to do. And I mean that, I mean that there is one estrus to that one, and that’s if you’ve joined a coven, or you’re going through some kind of magical initiation, then you might need to do something. So for example, if you’re trying to get a certification in something like, I don’t know, witchcraft, like certified to be a badass, powerful witch, you might need to do certain things, I get that. But that’s still your choice. Nobody gets to force you into doing that. And you know, it gets to show me you into that you get to make the choice to join a coven, or a magical initiation. And to take on the responsibility of having to do something prescribed to you, that’s still a choice of yours.


But overall, what I’m trying to say is, it’s up to you, it’s up to you the kind of rituals that you include in your life. It’s up to you the kind of rituals that you want to be a part of, or perform, you know, to bring about magical changes aside what’s important to you decide what feels good to you. Decide how you want to incorporate magic and witchcraft into your daily life. And I say this because you can dabble, you can just step into this magical world every now and again. And maybe for the sabbaths do a little ritual or maybe just do a full moon every now and again. Or, you know, maybe when you just need something, you’re just like, hey there witchcraft, people, I need my prayers heard or whatever, like you can, I don’t it there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s cool. I find though, that life takes on this like really beautiful, magical undertone when you incorporate it into your daily life. And you don’t need your rituals to be complicated. Right, you can keep them very simple.


Find the things that you already do on a regular basis and incorporate some kind of magical intentions into it. Before you get out of the bed for the day. The moment your eyes open saying affirmation I am so grateful to be alive. When you put your feet on the ground, you can proclaim and you slide your your feet into the slipper, I’m so grateful for all of the things that I have. As you’re brushing your teeth, you can even say to yourself, I speak proudly of who I am. Whatever it is, you can incorporate these little tiny rituals, real little tiny magical intentions into your rituals and a daily basis and and turn them into magical rituals. Magic doesn’t need to be complicated. It only needs to be personal to you. I hope that makes sense. I hope that you enjoyed this week’s round two of Episode Six and if you caught it live and I said something else different and you’re listening to the podcast. Yeah, I don’t know. Sorry about that, you know, technology glitches every now and again. I think we’re still in Mercury Retrograde for like another week. So maybe it’s just a couple of days just a couple of days Mondays but they’re showing me so I’ll go check that. That being said, My very dear friends I hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode and that you will turn into the next much love from me to all of you

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