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Signs Your Throat Chakra is Funked Up (And Why You Should Care)

Hopefully at this point, you have realized that I love the little energy centers called the chakras. So much that a lot of my spiritual work involves them and the understanding of energy in general. I’ve come to realize that when these energy centers are blocked or misaligned, we just aren’t loving on life the way we really deserve to be. And that flipping includes me.

One of the chakras I find is the EASIEST for us to keep all funked up is the throat chakra. Which sucks. Because when our throat chakra is blocked, we literally don’t feel like ourselves. We will get feelings of frustration, bitterness, and resentment because we are unable to openly and honestly express ourselves. And in case you didn’t know, these are VERY low vibrational emotions.

Of course, why does that flipping matter?

Because when you are rocking low vibrational energy, your ability to bring about changes in your life is super limited. Sometimes it is downright even impossible. This is why once people step into a cycle of chaos or drama, they often tend to keep swirling around it.

So, my dear human incarnate lovelies, here are 5 signs to check for…

Sign #1: You have allowed your boundaries to be crossed without telling someone they did
I’m not talking just big gigantic boundaries here. I’m even talking about those little ones like someone constantly being late when you need them on time. Or someone not having the courtesy to ask to borrow something. I mean it, no one gets to tell you if your boundary is reasonable or not. YOU get to choose. And if you think it’s important, and the person loves and respects you, they won’t cross it. If you’re allowing that to happen though consistently because you never TOLD them it bothers you, then you are certainly creating some blockages in your throat chakra.

Sign #2: You find yourself constantly apologizing
There are certain things in life that require an apology. If I were to turn around quickly while waiting in line and elbow someone, I would apologize. But a very common habit that people have is apologizing for who they are. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” or “I’m sorry I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” or even crazier, “I’m sorry I don’t agree with you.” I mean folks, are you REALLY sorry? Or are you just dismissing your thoughts, feelings and opinions as being as important as someone else???

Sign #3: You feel afraid to tell people things
Worse than constantly apologizing, other people will completely bite their tongue. Never speaking up for themselves or even allowing for vulnerability (usually for a very solid reason) with another person. It’s almost as though they have a hand around their throat!

Sign #4: You have a tendency to tell little white lies
Mmmhm. Yup. I would guess you’d have expected this one. We humans are some super fantastic liars. We not only will lie to other people but we will also tell little white lies to ourself. You know that ones I’m talking about, “I’ll just have one more” or “it didn’t bother me that much that he said that” or how about “I’m gonna fold the laundry tomorrow”.

Sign #5: You find you constantly have to justify your actions
This one to me is one of the hardest ones to witness. This is when we are confronted with a situation that we emotionally can’t handle and instead of just recognizing that and bowing out to cool down – we start to spin a tale. We start to share all the reasons shit happened. We may even add in all of the above in at the same damn time!

So, my dear human incarnate friend, do any of these ‘speak’ to you? Do you identify with any of these chakra-blocking habits? If you’re feeling brave, feel free to drop a comment below or you know, look back at #3 and roll your eyes instead. 😉

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