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Six of Cups: Pleasure in Remembering

The Power of Pleasant Memories 

The Six of Cups is a card that brings out the joy of reminiscing about beautiful moments of the past. In this blog I’ll talk about and emphasize the importance of reliving these memories and allowing them to enrich our present lives. These memories can bring out both feelings of joy and pain and with that a shaping or reshaping of our perceptions There is an encouragement that exists in the Six of Cups, to reflect on the pleasant memories we have created and use them as inspiration and motivation to continue creating new ones. It reminds us to hold these memories deep within our hearts and draw upon them during challenging times. With the Sun in Scorpio represented by this card the sensations we honor here move past surface levels of depths and become more embedded in our memory banks. So join me and my words on this page as we explore the depth and significance of these cherished memories.


Nostalgia and Memories

The Six of Cups invokes the pleasure of remembering, the pleasure of remembrance, and the pleasure of thinking of the beautiful times that once were. They certainly don’t call the Six of Cups the Lord of Pleasure for no reason. When we think about things of the past, and we think about wonderful moments and beautiful moments that we’ve had, it really gives us the chance to relive those memories in these present moments as if they exist. It’s because they do exist now, as a part of our story, as older chapters in our book of ourselves and it gives us that chance to feel and remember the sensations as they were. 

We can become magnets of attraction in these moments of existence from what those wonderful and epic recollections bring to us. Magnetizing to us similar experiences simply by reminiscing and grabbing those long-lost parts of ourselves and combining that with who we have evolved ourselves to be. Being as much part of us today as they have been. Growing pains lose a bit of their irritation and discomfort by becoming tinged with the sweet feelings and innocence of remembrances of feeling fulfilled from old times.


Using Memories as Fuel

The Six of Cups just evokes that sensation of let’s not forget the past and let us not just lay the past to rest just because anyone or anything outside of yourself deems it unimportant. Let us instead keep it blooming fresh in our lives, as if it is a new season, a new landscape, or a new garden even. A garden where there was a mix of both annuals and perennials planted and now just a single new flower has risen, one where it holds the remnants of what existed before it, using the past to shape what it has become now in its present life.

We can bury those memories in our soil, using them as fertilizer so that we can continue to embrace them. So that they continue to enrich us and provide us sustenance and otherwise motivation to keep going and to create more memories that we can store in our soil and use as compost to engage with the spirit of revitalization in present and future times. Recalling all the instances of feeling good of being with a lover, of learning how to drive, of going to your first party, and of hanging out with friends having a good time joking and laughing. Knowing all those previous actions and gatherings of feelings have taken root inside of the mind and inside of the body in a way that cannot be extinguished. And the Six of Cups card asks you to reflect on those beautiful memories that you’ve created. It asks you to use those memories as a garden hose and to pour them over to help the growth of the greenery that you stand upon now.


The Glorious Battles of The Heart of Hearts

The Sun in Scorpio rules the Six of Cups and the sign of Scorpio itself is known for exploring the depths of everything. Scorpio is known for wanting to dive deep and so each of the cups in the Six of Cups holds that very depth that calls to this watery sign. I’m reminded of the nostalgia felt here, in the very blood, tears and life of our being. The Scorpio archetype is no stranger to the cycles of Death and Life. There is much to be discovered in the depths, but the Scorpio knows when to resurrect itself lest it extinguishes its life altogether.

Scorpio recognizes that the memories serve as branches that the tree has pushed out from its trunk and center. And anytime I think of centers and the number six I am brought to the sphere of Tiphareth, the sixth emanation of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Where beauty and balance and the heart of hearts lives. The Six of Cups embodies that energy with sensing and feeling into the parts of ourselves that exist inside, at times not comprehending why exactly it matters, but instinctively knowing that one has tasted goodness and that it once existed, gently embracing, and storing each instance as a forget me not at its core.

I imagine the Scorpio experiences much hardship and gives in easily to its soul cries. There’s no way you can exist in the Yin waters, it’s been given association to, be ruled by the planets of Pluto and Mars, both modern and traditional, and not be sucked in and given over to the streams of consciousness that live inside of you in past, present, and future happenings. I think about how nostalgia can give into irritation. How the precision of the warlike heat that Mars oozes or the pulled apart transformative aspects Pluto doesn’t ask for permission to put upon you can cause a chaffing to the skin, a feeling of discord when bringing together the then and the now. There’s a pulling of the self that brings discomfort to the person you are now, as you are pulled and swept through a myriad of different sensations and different feelings. The Sun reminds me that Scorpio’s brightest shine exists in the depths of their being as they face these glorious battles, eternally internally, knowing that the only soldier you can count on is yourself when you are faced with what exists within yourself. 

And I’m not saying that there aren’t Allies that exist, but if you think about the six of cups, there is the knowledge that the allies that did once exist can no longer stay the same even if they’ve stayed with you. I imagine a sense of dread or distress comes over the mind when thinking of this. A sense of something missing even if a situation, place, or person seems familiar and has been with you every step of your journey. But every instance of life guarantees change, that change is a constant feature of this existence and that things cannot remain the same even if you are still in relation to.

And that the remembrance serves you here when you realize that there will always be people and instances that you can add to your memory banks, shores that you will explore here and there, where you can find solace in your seeking to be reminded of how they impacted you in the first place.

The Six of Cups as a Memory Bank

I definitely get the memory bank kind of vibes from the Six of Cups. I think about the image of the old man in the tarot card from the Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot. He’s standing in a field holding a bouquet of bluish, purplish forget-me-not flowers. This immediately brings me to attach the concepts of the throat chakra of communication and speaking and third eye chakra of intuitive knowing. This card speaks to me of how we remind ourselves of our lives, to the very point of not allowing ourselves to forget, even in old age, of the things we have known. Willing ourselves to smile when thinking about how circumstances have shaped us and recognizing that even now, although changed, our past can still serve us in these current moments.

I think of the representation of the ship in the Six of Cups of the Santa Muerte tarot deck. How life is a journey that we adventure through. We have our cups stowed as our most important treasures and stored steadily on the bow of that ship to take with us wherever we are headed. Knowing that there are more drops in the ocean we are traveling that will start to seep into the wood of the ship, our person, and that we will also gather more and more drops of those waters, memories to further fill ourselves with, making sure there is enough emotion and feeling for us to cling to when things get rough, or we find ourselves without the warmth of what current dealings and affairs can provide. 

The stored recollections serve as a little bit of fuel, in my opinion. Yeah, wow as soon as I said this I saw the image of coal. Dark, compacted, brittle and dried up coal. All of our past memories are collected in a heaping pile of coal inside of us. And the reason for these hardened little pieces? One would think, um, I don’t want to be full of coal. That’s what bad children get for Christmas!! ( LOL) But the reason for the need for these to exist inside of us, even after the original juice and moisture they held to be sucked right out of them, is for their ability to provide us with warmth. To be the cover of comfort when life offers stark contrast. It’s a chance to feed our fires and keep them lit and everlasting. We get to use this Six of Cups coal hand in hand with who we are now and provide ourselves with the nourishing and healing sensations we need to keep us sated. To keep us buoyant and floating above any difficulties or hardship life has us endure. 

It’s in the depths that we remember, the spirit and soul of the memories we hold dear in our hearts, that gives us a chance to be inspired all over again and to pull on these cherished roots that offer a lightness when we compare it to the growing pains of becoming another version of ourselves as we change and evolve. We seek them as inspiration to help us keep moving in life, holding onto a faded picture that offers us the truth of yes, we have been there, and we have done that, and now we take that as we continue to strive and be alive in the time that follows. There are many things that happen where we can forget about this. When life hands you heartbreaks, responsibilities, lessons, injury, and illness it can become easy to want to give up, to stop the forward momentum and spiral out of awareness, becoming a shell of existence, unable to find the will to keep going. And so I feel that what has come before us, the path behind us full of all of our attempts of making reality can be honored in reflection without getting lost in them and spiral out of control. 


Here and Back There Tarot Spread

I’m leaving you here with a tarot spread I created for the Six of Cups energy I’m calling Here and Back There Again Spread. If you have your own tarot cards that’s great but don’t feel obligated to go and purchase any. You can get any tarot app to help or use this 1-5 card tarot generator I found online Random Tarot Cards (dragonbanecreation.com). That website shares the meanings of the cards. Or you can use this website that shows the Rider Waite version of the tarot cards Tarot Card Generator – Generate a Random Tarot Card (generatorfun.com). Make sure to change the options of the sets to 1 and options for the number of cards to four cards. Then hit generate to receive your cards.

Before pulling your cards or using the online app make sure to set the intention by speaking out loud or in your mind the name of the spread and the questions so that you can connect your energy to the cards for the best possible cards to come out for


Here and Back There Again Tarot Spread

  1. What memories can you recall now that will serve you at this time?
  2. How is the importance of this memory similar to the experience you are currently having?
  3. What does it mean to be here now as you are?
  4. How can you bridge the gap from your old self to your current self to bring you more joy and warmth into your life?



P.S. With Love 

Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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