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The Sober Witch Life Sunshine’s Guide to a Mystical Recovery: Season 2 Episode 10 Faith and Sobriety

In this enlightening episode of The Sober Witch Life: Sunshine’s Guide to a Mystical Recovery, host Sunshine delves deep into the pivotal role of belief in a higher power on the journey to sobriety. With an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of recovery, Sunshine underscores the importance of having faith in something greater than oneself.

She thoughtfully contrasts her own spiritual beliefs with those of her clients, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives that illustrate the universal nature of spiritual guidance. Throughout the episode, Sunshine eloquently reinforces how faith and spirituality are foundational in the recovery process, offering listeners both practical insights and profound reflections to aid in their own mystical recovery journeys.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Hello, hello, hello, hello. Hey, everyone It’s Sunshine! Welcome back, we are on I believe season two, episode 10, or you know, who knows who knows what those numbers are. But we are continuing to talk about the sober witch life. And so today, I figured last week I kind of introduced you step two, or I’m sorry, step one. Because I have rewritten the steps to recovery. And so we’re going to talk to you a little bit about that step two, today, what does it mean to believe in a power outside of yourself? What does that really mean? And so I’m gonna share a little bit of story that came up as I was prepping the notes as to what I might be able to share. 


I have a client that I’ve worked with for pretty much two years. And that’s some pretty intense one on one work that I’ve done with this particular client in this was prior to me deciding to focus on helping support solver witches. I didn’t have that insight, or download quite yet. I’ve been working with this client for about two years. And I will often see these points of frustration, and we’ll have this similar conversations, to kind of what I’ll be sharing with you here today. But one time in that frustration, I asked him, like, where is this coming from? What’s behind all of this? And their sentiment was, “I want to be like you, I want to have the relationship with your psychic abilities like you have.” And I had to stop and I had to pause and I to ponder that a bit. And because I see, and I witnessed them in a lot of beautiful abilities, I see a lot of their gifts, I’ve seen them help people. I really have. And so, you know, I stopped and I kind of asked my guides and said what is the difference here? Like, why? Why is there a difference? Why are they experiencing this frustration? And, you know, finally I told them, I said the only difference is I don’t have battles in my head, as you know, whether or not I should follow something or not, or move forward or anything of that nature. I just do. 


I believe that the universe is always conspiring in my favor, and it doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy or anything of that nature, but I do I believe that the universe is always conspiring my favor. And so what it asks of me or what puts across my path is meant for me, and it’s meant to continue to lead me into a better place in life. It is truly this step two, which is represented by believing. Believing that there’s a power outside of yourself, that is able to be of help and assistance. 


I mean, look at what the exact wording is for a just so that I know, you butcher it, I’ve come to believe that there’s a power outside of myself that can guide me to high vibrations and lead me out of the dark and into the light. I truly believe that. And so, today I want to talk to you a little bit about that power outside of yourself because I do think that this is the point that people will often get caught up right it when we talk about a 12 step program or you know traditional 12 STEP program. They are that is this step that basis in spirituality. It truly is it is this stuff that does it. So you may call it God, Goddesses, ancestors, angels, the universe source, Gaia, Pachamama spirit, Lucifer, Satan, you may call it something else, you may call it, your guides. You may call it, you may have any any particular name, but this particular step is really potent and important.


The first step that we talked about in the last episode is admitting that you have an issue like, oh my god, I can no longer deal with this. It is now making my life more difficult and for me, and for many folks that are going to be listening, that’s going to be alcohol, but for you, it could be anything it could be. It could be drugs, alcohol, sex, chaos, violence, drama, shopping, food, sugar. I say it’s whatever is robbing you of living your best possible life.



You’re going to need right to step into the path of recovery, you’re going to need to accept that there is something outside of yourself. That is going to be able to help aid and assist. And there may be people that are listening and are saying, “no, I didn’t need it,”. But I would beg to differ, I bet you there is something, I bet you there is something exercise are something that you found outside of yourself, that has continued to help you remain sober. Just the path of recovery, these, there’s 13 steps to get there. This is the second one. So you may still be on that road to recovery, but you may not be venturing too much further, depending upon how you’re leveraging and using it.


Whatever you want to call it, whatever you want to reference it, whatever you want to refer to it, as it always represents the same essence to each of us. It’s this belief that we require some type of spiritual guidance in life, that our egos though necessary, are not the best aid in decision making. Often our egos are swamped with stories that other people have given us stories that we wrote for ourselves, and we were a child. It’s not the best aid in decision making. It’s a belief that we require spiritual guidance, we require help, guidance and assistance from something outside of ourselves, our ego is always going to be biased towards keeping us where we are. Our ego, loves to stop, pause and take a look in the mirror. Our ego doesn’t necessarily want to dream about what’s in the future and how we might get there safely, happily, healthily.


Now this step is what makes recovery a spiritual program? It just is. Why am I sharing this with you today is because simply put recovery is a spiritual path, my dear friends. And no one needs to define what that path looks like but you. Even when it comes to these steps, even when it comes to me sharing and talking about any of these in any context, and I’ll ask any of you to call me out. If you ever find myself giving what appears to be more of an ultimatum, then you need to check me and tell me that I need to get step back and go work my programs more, right? Because there is no one actual way to recover. There’s no one actual way, this is the path. And you may venture off that beaten path and come back around. It’s just over time, enough of the this programming, these 12 steps at some point, have worked for people long enough, substantial enough.


So now the rewrite these 13 steps of recovery for the wedge, is to look at the fact that a witch has a much different perspective on life. No one needs to define their path, though. Only you need to believe in it. You know, maybe it’s an alien, maybe it’s a that your higher self, or power outside of yourself. Or maybe it’s a fairy or Fae or demon. I’m not going to judge, it’s up to you. Whatever is going to keep you on that road to recovery. Only you need to believe in it. It is a spiritual path. The other reason why I’m sharing this is that you may be fearing feeling some of that same frustration, as I mentioned to that client. Maybe you’ve been listening to this and have recently relapsed, or maybe you’re contemplating or maybe you’ve tried a handful of times and you’ve just never made it past day one or something of that in or the weekend or something of that nature. And you’re wondering why spirit hasn’t just helped you finally stop. Like, why is it Spirit just helped me stop for good? Maybe you stopped drinking and you’re wondering why your life hasn’t seemed to change how it’s not going as you’ve expected it to go?


Everybody kept telling me that it was going to get better. There were the promises and I haven’t seen them. Either side of that frustration coin needs the same thing to heal. It needs you to truly start believing that a power outside of yourself is the next step to recovery. And there’s a reason why these are in order is they do build upon each other and build upon themselves and you’re going to see that in the next episode. When I start talking about step three. It needs you to serve Under the how, so that it can deliver you a better way of living up until this particular point in your life, you’ve been making all the decisions to the best of your ability. And now you’re going to turn that over to your higher self to your guides to your ancestors to God to the Goddesses to you know, a spirit to the universe and you’re gonna say hey, I need you you know I need you to help me do this right because I’ve already tried my way got me this far, but it’s not going to get me to where I need to go next.


All right, my dear friends. As always, you’re never gonna be on this journey alone. As long as you are checking out this podcast, maybe taking a look at anything else that I’m sharing, you can visit the Illuminate website, all that kind of good stuff. Or step two, so stay tuned. I’m going to do each of the the weeks moving forward. I think I’m just going to be talking about each of these steps one by one so I hope you enjoy them hope you enjoy getting to know them a little bit more. Much Love from me, to all of you.

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