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Solar Plexus and Inner Child

This month we are taking a look and diving deep into the solar plexus with a focus on the inner child. That means that I’m once again sitting here and smiling at the thought of little Jen. I remember the first time I was working with a therapist and she started talking about inner child work. I was in my early 30s and it was not comfortable. 

As I would sit there with my therapist and share various different situations and challenges in my life that were bothering me, at some point she would stop and ask, “well what does Little Jen have to say about that?” or “Well what does little Jen need to feel safe?” And every time, I would kinda of be shocked by the answer. Once the shock wore off I’d be hit with this sense of wonderment and appreciation that I now knew how to handle the situation we were discussing.

It was only after I stepped into recovery and started doing the deep chakra work that I have that I began to understand that this inner child work helped you define what you need to do to take care of yourself. So now, whenever I am uncertain about a situation I just ask little Jen what she needs to feel loved and safe.

So, I thought I’d introduce you to little Jen and some of the things she needs to generally feel loved and safe.

  • A cozy, comfy, quiet home. Little Jen doesn’t like a lot of noise. This includes loud TVs or arguing and yelling. If it’s too loud, she’ll need to go hide.
  • Super duper crazy intense honesty. Little Jen doesn’t like to lie or be lied to. And she certainly doesn’t like to be asked to lie. She’d much rather embrace the truth regardless of the consequences. (It hurts her soul too much to lie)
  • Accepting that she’s indecisive. She changes her mind kinda often and she really needs you to understand that and be okay with it. Most of the time it’s because she learns something new and her opinion changes.
  • Knowing how to spoil her. Like, Little Jen loves sugar. Some of her favorite sweet treats are cookies and cream ice cream, sugar cookies, Twix and Starburst (The Reds). Bring her something without her asking and she’ll write your name in hearts for weeks. 
  • Respect of Boundaries. For example, Little Jen loves getting hugs but is often too shy to ask for them. She’d much prefer that you ask and if she tells you no at first, please understand that she just wants to get to know you better first.
  • Lots and lots of conversation. Little Jen loves to talk and to listen. One of her favorite things to do is to have a sleepover and stay up late just talking and laughing. About anything! The crazier it is the better it is.

So I’m curious, what are some things that your inner child needs to feel loved and safe?

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