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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to A Mystical Recovery: Season 2 [EP.6] Sunshine’s Journey of Overcoming Resistance to Changes

In this transformative episode, Sunshine delves into her personal journey of overcoming resistance to changes within her podcast and programming. She shares inspirational stories of how she has adapted her content to better serve sober witches in recovery, with a strong emphasis on the pivotal role that sobriety plays in reclaiming one’s true identity as a witch.

Sunshine highlights the detrimental impact of alcohol on recovery and witchcraft, and provides heartfelt insights from her experiences. Tune in to discover the profound intersection of sobriety and witchcraft, and receive encouragement and support from Sunshine as you navigate your own path to mystical recovery.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:


Tada, tada Oh, hello, hello, hello. Oh, my dear friends, I do believe that we are live. Welcome back, it has been quite some time. But welcome back to which please and we’ve got a little bit of a shake-up today so I’m not gonna see the rest of it. And you’re gonna find out why it’s been a long time. And you know, I’m not going to change the format of how I do this because I really dig the way that I talk and to share information. So we’re going to start with a little bit of storytime right now. I’ve been quiet. You know, this is supposed to be a weekly podcast, and I’ve literally released I think five episodes so far this year. In case you are aware, it is June 2. And that means there have been five months and at least 20 weeks.

So five episodes, weekly podcasts, I missed a few in case you haven’t realized that. Yeah, and life has felt really strange for me in the last number of months. You know, if you’ve been following along or been listening, you know that I held the corporate job for quite some time. And if you just knew, I’ve worked corporate, I’ve worked a corporate job almost the entire time that I had the business. I mean, the entire time I’ve had the business, I guess, except for the last month. And that’s because a month ago, April 30 was my last day I stepped out of corporate, but my guys were encouraging me to make that move back in November. And when I didn’t make a million when I didn’t put that kind of shift and requested. I’ve been feeling like the last couple of months I’ve been living kind of in this two-time kind of timelines, you know, this like stream of two timelines and it’s been very, very energetically draining to the point of I have an acupuncturist. I have a friend that does acupuncture, and I went and saw them a couple of weeks ago, two weeks ago now and they literally said they’re like you cheese been depleted? Like my life? My energetic has been depleted, and it’s taken a lot. There’s been a lot that’s happened as well. And with all of this spirit, you know, the universe has called me to shake things up, I shut down. Just before all of this eclipse season started. I shut down all of the programming, I’m still been seeing clients one on one, but all of my group and all my coaching and mentoring, kind of programming was shut down. And I didn’t know why. They that was just what was told to me. And so I did it.

And then work which they want me to change what I’m offering my focus. So I’ve had to work through my own resistance in that. Any time. I mean, I guess a little bit about me, I have a bit of a rebel side to me, I’m not a big fan of folks. Anyone in this space, saying like, this is what you need to do, this is what you have to do so to speak. And so even when my guides will come forward and say this, and I know that they’re leading me down the right path, but it doesn’t change the fact that still somatically, I may have resistance, there’s things that I need to kind of worked through layers to kind of peel back, like, let’s say, you were to have a dream. And that dream said that you were going to become an incredible stage performer, you’re going to become the next, you know, Taylor Swift, and yet you have horrible stage fright, right? Like, if your guides are pushing in that direction, you’re gonna have to work through that stage right in order to achieve that, right. That’s kind of how things are. So I’ve been working through my own resistance.

So today, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been resisting, because it is a shake up, it is a shift, it is a change to the podcast, as well as you know, some of the programming and things. But I am moving towards serving witches in recovery, specifically sober witches.  That’ll kind of be a requirement for working with me moving forward in any type of coaching or mentoring container is I’m going to work with folks that are sober. And so I figured we’ll talk a little bit about some of the definitions. And then you know, why you might be interested in this. And let’s start first with the definition of witch and I think I’ve been sharing this, and it’s just I’m getting so much more validation, like literally a conversation I had yesterday validated my definition even more. So my definition, my belief, my philosophical belief behind what makes a witch is an individual that is choosing to enable, engage, activate, use whatever you want, however, you want to phrase it, their psychic abilities, magical powers, and their healing, kind of their healing energy, their ability to heal, their healing gifts. All right, so that is a witch. And they do this in order to be of service to others, right, a witch is a true witch. It’s not doing it to be just a service to themselves. They’re doing it to be as to service of others. And sobriety, the definition of sobriety, let’s let’s be clear on what I mean by that is abstaining from drinking alcohol, that is like literally the definition. So sober means you do not consume alcohol. And I have had a couple of folks say, well, like, what if I just don’t drink or I just drink on occasion? And you know, it’s like one or two drinks a year? And my sentiment is like, No, it’s not right. Like, if if it’s only one or two drinks a year, it shouldn’t be an issue to not have it one or two drinks a year.

And my belief in this, I’ll probably have to cover it some other on some other podcasts is just my belief in what alcohol is, you know. And so by recovery, and I’ve been thinking a lot about recovery, like what do I mean by recovery? We are recovering the things that we have lost the life that we have lost, because we were distracted and down another path. And so I do believe there’s this interesting form of recovering recovery that is sober witch kind of has right? Because very often what I’m finding is talking to more and more folks who kind of meet this criteria meet this label, is that often at some point, they have given up their practice, right? They’ve given up their spirituality, they’ve given up their belief system, they’ve given up their, you know, like, incorporating their own spiritual beliefs within their day-to-day life. For whatever reason, right, maybe it’s time maybe it’s lack of confidence, maybe it’s, you know, whatever, for whatever reason. And they’ve become distracted, you know, often because of the alcohol is like a Yeah, I mean, come on, it legitimately can cause people to blackout and lose. So if you don’t think that it’s like, losing, like helping you lose yourself.

And so yeah, recovery is getting back what we have lost because we have stepped away from our practice of witchcraft, or our practice our spiritual beliefs, and there’s been A role of alcohol in that. You know, and I’ll tell you this, I have had a couple of conversations as well around this role of alcohol sometimes, there’s one thing that I do not want to shy away from. And that is folks that they themselves may not actually identify as an alcoholic, but they are codependent of an alcohol. And so that is something else alcohol has directly impacted their life. And they’re now trying to stay away from partners, relationships, people experiences, where the alcohol actually is really prevalent. Which begs the question, why is it so important to me? Well, if any one of you who are listening has ever been around a 12 step program, the number one answer to that is it is part of my own recovery. It is part of how I stay sober, it is part of how I stay on my path to recovery. This is my life’s purpose. This is what I’ve been brought here to do. It’s to help bring these folks back into the alignment so that they can be their true amazing, incredible sober witch selves. And make a change in this world, impact this world. That’s why it’s so important to me.

I’m just realizing how important things last couple of weeks, as I have had some real shocks, and some real hits me and even like, oh, wow, talk about a somatic response right now. And as some of you may be listening in as a podcast that I do record and stream these on YouTube, and just, you might even if you’re watching the video notice, like some of my heartache in the last 30 days has been because I’ve had pain and I suppose you know might even say suffering because of people in my life that have chosen to not step into recovery. And it just sucks. And so  it’s my life’s purpose to help people do that to bring them back into their own center so that they can be their own spectacular, amazing, incredible divine sober witchy selves.

That’s why it’s important to me why am I sharing all of this to you in kinda like why am I shifting the podcast in this direction? And simply put, this may resonate with you, you may be hearing some of this stuff right now go like, Oh shit, like, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I haven’t seen this. Yes, I am going to be focusing on sober witch, witches in recovery. If you are one of them. Alright, simply put, this just may resonate with you. The other side of the coin is you may identify as a witch and has already given up alcohol, like you’ve already made that choice, you are a sober witch. And you’re really noticing and wondering and curious what it would be like to kind of engage with other silver witches like to literally be within a community or a coven, for that for that matter, like a recovery coven. So that’s one right one reason like this may already be you.

And so you may be really, really interested in engaging with a group of other sober witch is to see what kind of impact that may have on your own magic your own life. So that’s like, we’re going to be building a community of us. And that might be one of the reasons why. So it may interest you in that way. You may have already so the other other other piece of this. So you may have already given up alcohol, you may have already been sober. Maybe you’re celebrating a couple of days, years, whatever it may be, and you’re finding that you are gravitating like you’re in your own path to recovery. You find yourself gravitating towards these very witchcraft type of topics. Like maybe your psychic abilities are flaring up. Or maybe you’re finding out that you’re just more sensitive since you’re sober. Maybe you find yourself gravitating towards crystals, astrology, things in the esoteric space. Like, hey, my dear, you may actually have a long, long history of witchcraft within you.

Your past lives and stuff like that. So it this may be just a perfect way to kind of enrich your own practice. The other side of the coin is you may be somebody that practices witchcraft that maybe has really good practice and things of that nature, but you’re curious about stepping into a life of sobriety. My experience is that even though I’ve been a witch since I was 16, so we’re talking about almost 30 yours at this particular point, right? Even though I’ve been a witch since I was 16 my magic and my practice and how potent it is today would not be the point that it is if I had actually stopped drinking, right, the drinking was a distraction. It’s a complete distraction. Right. And, you know, I go back to like, my guides are telling me again, there may be some of you that are like once a day, you know, once a month, or once a year, anything of that nature. And that’s fine. If that’s your choice, this just isn’t the program. This isn’t like, this is the path, right? I’m really, really looking to work with folks that are ready to give up their relationship with alcohol or have given up.

Either way you identify as someone who is ready to like go one phase of your life and step into the life of recovery that embraces both sobriety in witchcraft on that journey. Right sobriety in witchcraft on that journey, these two things together I have created alchemical reaction for me that just has left this life that I’m constantly in awe over. So beautiful, so amazing, so incredible. So yeah, things are gonna be switched up a little bit more format of the podcast will be the same. I’m going to be trying to come back weekly. Now that we’ve had some of this resistance that I’ve been able to break through I’ve shared with you some of these shifts and changes. We’ll be recording these on Sunday, streaming them live on YouTube. You can always go ahead and take a look on the channel if you want go ahead and find the eliminate channel. And if not, and you’re stumble across this otherwise on one of the platforms or anything like that, please always if this resonates with you, if you happen to be on this path if you happen to be curious about stepping onto this path, please do not hesitate to reach out. This is what I’m here to do is to help you alright my dear friends with that I’m going to wrap for the day. It’s got a nice nice little nice little podcast here. Until next week, much love from me to all of you my dear friends.

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