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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL Season 2 [EP.4] Rituals

In this enlightening episode of Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical, we’re casting a welcoming spell for all curious souls seeking to intertwine magic with the mundane. Sunshine takes you through the enchanting process of transforming everyday habits into powerful rituals, infusing your day-to-day with intention and mystique.

Whether it’s your morning coffee or a nightly skincare routine, learn how to embed magical intentions into your daily acts to cultivate energy, manifest change, and empower your reality. We’ll also explore crafting more elaborate rituals for those ready to deepen their practice and create significant life shifts.

Remember, the power to enchant your world lies within—lean into your intuition with Sunshine as your guide, and discover the witch within you. Don’t miss this episode, where the mystical meets the practical, and every listener finds a spell just for them.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:


Hello everyone, welcome back to Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical. We are in season two, episode four. I’m excited about today because I get to talk to you about a topic that I love and adore and also because I get to tell you a little bit of storytelling, which I’m pretty excited about. And so yeah, Sunshine here, and pink-haired psychic medium, high priestess, reiki master, and you may not have realized it quite yet, but headmistress of Illuminate the Unschool of Witchcraft

Today, we’re talking about rituals. And we’re going to start with a story. I live in a decent-sized city in the suburbs of Detroit. We’re a big-sized city. And I’ve lived here or close to it most of my adult life, even my childhood, but most of my adult life. And I say that because my city has a beautiful and fabulous Adult Community Education program. So think about, like, if you ever have any of the cities, or the towns or the communities that you live in, and maybe they put together courses, programs or things like that, like, for example, I’ve taken belly dancing before, through the city’s community adult education program. It can be Zumba, different exercise classes I am taking, writing classes, art classes, and other things. They have pretty much everything that you could be curious about. I’ve seen it come through the program. 

Several years ago, I noticed that there was a couple locally that was teaching some psychic classes. And I thought that was very curious. And so I decided last fall to reach out and ask them, How do you teach? Like, how do you become an instructor? How do you offer a course? What does that look like? After a great conversation and the program instructor saying, let’s give it a shot, introducing some of what you might want to teach. Thus far this semester, winter was the first time I’ve been teaching a few different things. I taught a Reiki level one certification and had a beautiful turnout for my first formal public class there. In the next couple of classes, I did a series of three different magic-related courses. And it’s been incredible. It has been such a blessing to have this opportunity to work with the city and have these esoteric, even occult-related topics not shied away from because, let’s be honest. If we were to go back ten years, they might have shied away from it. If we were to go back 20 years, they absolutely shied away. And if we were to go back even 30 or 40 years, some of these things would have been considered illegal and could even have gotten folks arrested.

So today, we’re going to talk about rituals because this past week, the class that I taught was writing magical rituals. And I just thought that the conversation was incredible and excellent. And some of the questions and the things that came up. So, I thought you guys might want to hear about that. As always, we will start with a definition to level-set what we’re talking about and where we’re coming from. And that definition, if you were to go look it up, it’s a religious or solemn, and the meaning of the word solemn is formal; why they could use words normally, I don’t know, a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. If we were to go ahead and do that, I, as an individual who was raised Catholic, the Catholic mass is a ritual, right? It is a religious ceremony of actions performed according to a prescribed order. It’s the same thing with mass, like the marriage ceremony. It’s the same thing as funerals, anything of that nature. If you’ve ever gone into a church, you’re, in essence, part of an event like a religious ceremony; you’re participating in essence and a ritual, right? You may not have equated it to that, you may not have looked at it like that, but that’s what it is. They call it mass. And I don’t know; I should probably look that up one day. Why did they refer to it as mass rather than a ritual? Who knows? But that’s the definition. 

Today, though, we’re talking about rituals. We’re not talking about religion; we’re talking about formal rituals. We’re not talking about religion; I want to emphasize that we’re talking about a magical ritual. I define it as simply a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order with magical intentions behind it. A magickal ritual has magical intentions behind it. That’s what a magical ritual is. It’s a prescription. In other words, you’re not going to go, I’ll give you an example of a difference between, you know, a ritual I happen to on occasion if I’m driving somewhere, and I need to find parking, I’ll call upon Mercury, and quickly ask, “Hey, can you help?” That’s not a ritual; that’s a prayer, so to speak. But let’s say that every time before I got into my car, I had a series of actions that I performed to ensure that I would be able to drive safely, navigate into an accident, and find perfect parking. And anytime that I was needed, that, in essence, would be like a formal, you know, it’s a ritual, it’s a set, it’s performed on a regular basis. When I asked the question the other night, I asked, “What does ritual mean?” For example, when you hear the word ritual, Can you explain to me what it is? One of the individuals in the class said to me, oh, you know, I get this picture and these images of all of these candles and robes and dark rooms and things of that nature, and don’t get me wrong. That is a ritual that is very much like that. That sounds like a ritual, like if we think about, you know, we go back to some of these magical orders, we go into the Freemasonry, we go into the OTO, Golden Dawn, any of these kinds of society, secret societies, or things of that nature, they definitely have rituals that have like, passed through generations. 

These ceremonies are much more elaborate and detailed. But rituals don’t need to be big and elaborate. They don’t have to be a room filled with candles, smoke, cloaks, darkness, and all that stuff; they don’t need to be that. They can literally be daily habits, small things that you do regularly. Or maybe it’s something that you want to start doing regularly. And you’re going to create a ritual around it. They can be these smaller types of things. They can also be things that enable you to do other work. And so when I think of stuff like this, it reminds me of how I’ve talked to people about creative rituals. My partner is an artist. And so many times we’ll start to prep all of his paints, they’ll begin to get his canvas ready, he’ll get some incense, we’ll have that lit, he might light a candle. He does this ritual, right? And so, if he wanted to put some magical intentions behind it, he could turn that in. And the same thing. I’ve talked with writers before creatives; they’re more used to it. But you know, you can incorporate a ritual to enable you to do any other work, “let me be the most productive that I could be today,” “Let me be the most amazing teammate,” “Let me be the most amazing mother,” whatever it may be. And you know, before you can go about your day. It could enable you to do other work within your life so that it may be more than just a daily habit. And they can be huge and elaborate, too. 

I do once a month, and I guess maybe the folks who are part of Illuminate: Unschool don’t feel it. I put together a full New Moon Ritual pretty much almost every month. And these are pretty big and elaborate for me, in particular, because I start, in essence, about five days after the last new moon; as the energy starts to shift and that moon starts to be seen, I start getting downloads about what the next month’s ritual is going to be. I start talking to my guides and communicating, testing some concepts and intentions we may want to set, and doing some research. Then, I start to prepare the actual ritual document, which gets me into storytelling and truly making sure that I understand these intentions. And so that’s, as you know, kind of like this high priestess bringing folks along. Those are pretty darn elaborate rituals for me, but from the folks in the program, we set intentions about a week out, an intention-setting workshop. And then, on the new moon, we conduct a ritual, which takes us about an hour. And so they may see that as being less elaborate. 



You could have something that’s just one day or, for example, that I’m sharing, you can have something that’s multiple days, that takes a lot more time preparation, and I think all of those preparations are all part of the ritual. They’re just as important as the actual conducting of that, you know, whether it’s a 10-minute, 15-minute hour-long ritual that you might do. You could also have some ritual that’s multiple days, maybe even months. And I’ve thought about this too. And I think it’d be interesting for anybody who’s listening even to reach out and share their opinions with me on this. Is there a big difference between a ritual and a spellwork? And I think spellwork is important and often incorporated into a ritual. And so I’ll give you a preview, an example of what I mean by this. They’re similar, but there are some differences. I can have the ritual of waking up in the morning and pouring a glass of water and, as I’m drinking it, just saying, “May it be the best day ever.” “May my emotions be clear.” “May my vision be clear.” Maybe I might have just this regular general ritual that I do. 

However, a spell will start to incorporate multiple pieces within it to focus that energy so that you can incorporate spellwork into a ritual, but they’re not mutually exclusive. I hope that helps. I’d love anybody’s opinion because I’ve given much thought to this over the years. What truly is the difference is that as a witch, I do rituals and I do spellwork. Sometimes, I do spellwork and rituals. Which begs the question, Why would I share any of this with you? Why does it matter for those of you that are listening? And so the very first thing that I would encourage you, if you’re trying to incorporate more magic into your life, you’re trying to embrace more of your witchy side, more of your witchy self, you really, really truly want to do this, I encourage you to start small. We think that when we want to step into our witchy powers and our witchy gifts that, we’ve got to go out, and I’ve got to buy more crystals, more candles, and more incense. And I bought gotta buy another theme and a cup and a chalice, and I’ve got to buy tarot cards, and I’ve got to do all of these things. That’s not the case. You can start to incorporate rituals into your daily habits. So think about teeth brushing to start; let’s say you are trying to speak up for yourself more; maybe you’re truly trying to, you know, assert yourself more, speak your truth, be much kinder to yourself as to maybe how you’re speaking yourself, it’s something of that nature. And so as you’re brushing your teeth, maybe you have a little tiny spell that you have written that you’re saying, when you’re saying like, my words, always be clean, kind and comforting to me to an end to those that I love.  

That’s one thing that you could do. Face washing could be another thing. Mine would be, “Everybody sees me for exactly who I am.” Putting your seatbelt on? I know that is one thing. One suggestion I made to someone when they gave me the example was that they were struggling to hit for a regular protection ritual. And I said, Well, do you drive? Yeah. So, do you drive every day? I said, Yeah, Well, as you put your seatbelt on, visualize, picture, and maybe even state out loud that that is your protection. Incorporate some ritual that you want to spell into one specific daily ritual you’ve had a daily habit. Stirring coffee is a big one; when I know I’ve got a big day and need to focus, I’ll stir my coffee and ask for focus and productivity. And I know a lot of people probably already have nighttime rituals but thinking about that there, “I let go of everything that may have troubled me today”; “I release all of my worries, all my shame and my guilt, so that I may start my day over with a clean slate tomorrow.” Those can be things that you incorporate into it. So, you may have some daily habits that can quickly turn into magical rituals, and that’s small. I love this concept so much. This was what I’ve referred to in the past. One of the other magical kind of businesses I was operating at some point was called Magical Moments because I wanted to share all of these possible opportunities that you could do at any time you have literally throughout the day. 

There are so many opportunities to incorporate magic into what you’re doing. Not a single one of them must include going out and buying another candle, incense, gem, crystal, or anything. Nothing. You may also have some interest in writing your rituals. I’ve talked to a handful of folks. And they’re like, “Yeah, no, not any interest in it, don’t want it.” But I love it. I absolutely love it. It incorporates two things that really motivates me that I’m very passionate about. And that’s research and learning new things, as well as teaching and instructing others. So, I incorporate both of them when I do rituals. When I’m creating and leading a ritual, I get to do the research, and then I get actually to instruct, so to speak, to lead. So you might hesitate right now; though you may be thinking about it, you may be curious about it and may want to do it, but you might hesitate because you don’t want to do it the wrong way. And don’t get me wrong, there are literal, formal directions and descriptions that you can use. If you want to establish a ceremonial magic-related ritual, there’s a certain prescribed step in which these are often created. You can always reach out to me and ask for that. I’m a headmistress at illuminateunschool.com. But I can’t emphasize enough if you lean into your intuition to your psychic abilities, if you talk to your higher self, your guides, your ancestors, whoever it is that you may work at, you want to pull some cards to do this, if you lean in and truly listen to your inner self, you’ll be able to create that ritual. It’ll be the most potent and powerful ritual that you could ever ever possibly perform. Because you’ve created it, it’s come from you; you gave birth to it. 

If you want to help, you can always reach out and ask for it. You could search online, tap someone else, ask somebody to review it and ask a fellow witch to say, Hey, I’m writing this ritual. I was thinking about X, Y, and Z; what else might you include in it? Another reason I’m sharing this with you is because you may have found a ritual you’d like, or you’ve already found another one. You might want to do it, and you’re wondering whether or not you can write. If you found one, stumbled across one, and you’re being called to do it, absolutely you can. The only person that’s going to put a wall between you being able to do that ritual and you not being able to do that ritual is yourself. That’s it. You absolutely can. Now, some rituals have been written out there that I’m. This is my own; this is my warning that’s coming out. Some of these older magical books, even though they have rituals written down in them, will not write the actual correct ritual because a lot of people in the past were very protective about magic. So take that with a fair warning, take that with a grain of salt, and take the other ritual that was written by somebody else. Just know. And so I’ll tell you, what may happen is you may read it, you may look at it, and you may be like, I love it, but I want to tweak this amount of change. Is that okay? Can I do that? Absolutely. You can. And I see it practically every single month. I create a ritual every month; I write it formally. And people say well, but I didn’t do that; I did this instead. But I didn’t do that; I did this; oh, I wanted to do this. But I figured this was going to happen- this is what I had. And I’m like, awesome. I love that. What a great addition. So you totally can if you find something else that you want to tweak or anything like that, absolutely.

I consider myself a ritualistic witch. It’s a very big part, you know, the things that I do, you know, I’m a chaos witch and a lot of components a lot of ways to, you know, so I refer to myself, I suppose it’s an eclectic witch, but I love ritual, I do. It’s helpful, it’s beneficial. And it helps me to feel alive. And frankly, putting this together once a week or whenever I can is another kind of original. I encourage all of you who have ever contemplated stepping into doing a ritual to start small, find one of your daily habits, and put some magical intentions into it. And then, as you start getting your steps underneath your feet moving forward, and you’re loving it and digging it, try writing something for yourself that’s more elaborate. You may have some work or something that you tried to do, and you write something to help enable that. Or you’ve got a bigger change by shift, whatever that may be. Lean into your intuition, my dear witches, because you know what is best for you. Now, that being said, that is enough for this week. Much love for me to all of you, and we will talk to you again very soon.

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