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The Sober Witch Life: Sunshine’s Guide to A Mystical Recovery Season 2 Episode 7 The Sober Witch Life

In this enlightening episode of ‘ The Sober Witch Life,’ Sunshine delves into her personal journey of overcoming alcoholism and the profound impact it has had on her spiritual practice. By candidly sharing her experiences, Sunshine highlights the deep interconnection between sobriety and spirituality in her life.

Listeners will gain insight into her transformative path and discover how embracing recovery can enhance spiritual growth. Join Sunshine as she offers inspiration and practical wisdom for those on a similar journey, aiming to foster a supportive and empowering community.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Hi, everyone, I believe we are live. And I do record these live I stream them live mostly because I don’t know it’s kind of fun and exciting. It goes directly on to YouTube. And maybe that’s just the only reason. Yeah. So hey, everyone, its sunshine I am back again. Yes, second week in a row. And this is a surprise might be a little bit short today, I normally try to aim for between 15 and 20 minutes, but I got a couple of things I got to tackle. And so we’re going to try to make this short and sweet this morning. Little bit of story time. First, though, I am as of this recording, just over four and a half years into my road to recovery. So October 2019, I admitted for the last time that I had to that I was at a rock bottom. And with that, I stepped onto my road to recovery.  I had been like two other times that year that I tried to stop drinking, and I couldn’t. Because I had I was avoiding that road to recovery, that road of like really the deep intensive work that helps keep us in the right path and into our our highest vibrational self.

The business has been just about the same time, I never intended the business like, that wasn’t the expectation or the intention when I originally sat down to like, it wasn’t to create a business so to speak, I sat down and started sunshine readings. And even any of the other endeavors that I’ve done over the course of the last four and a half years, as a part of my recovery. And over the course of those last couple of years, the business has flourished and it’s grown. And it’s still had its limits, because I was always working in corporate.

But as I’ve stepped out of corporate, it’s become clearer and clearer that the reason why I’m doing this business is the same exact fucking reason that I started doing it in January of 2020. And that is, as a way to help me on my road to recovery. And our 12th Step in recovery is to help other folks along, and specifically, what I’m going to introduce, as the witches steps to recovery, to help other witches on their path to letting go of alcohol and recovering that beautiful life that they’re actually meant to live. So that is still my purpose.

And because of that, I’m incredibly excited today to announce that yes, we switched a little bit of things up last week. But I didn’t get the clarity that I needed until earlier this week. But we are going to be switching the podcast up changing it a little bit. Moving away from just that witch please name and moving to the sober witch life Sunshine’s guide to a mystical recovery. That’s what we’re gonna be moving to. And so stay tuned. It’ll be quick, it’ll be subtle, but not you know a little bit why because actually, my dear friends, my life’s purpose.

My mission here as I walk this earthly plane, is to continue to wake up and support other witches on their road to recovery. And so I’m excited about this. If you happen to be a witch that is ready to step into a life of sobriety and to join more witches on the road to recovery than hey, you need to be paying attention. Stay tuned, continue listening. If you are a sober individual, you’ve it’s already kind of like stepped into the road to recovery but it’s struggling a bit because you truly want to embrace a path of witchcraft in your spiritual practice and things that you found just haven’t aligned quite yet. You need to stick around. I’m excited about this. I hope that you are too and yeah, that being said, we’ll be back again real soon with more details. So until next time, my dear friends much love from me to you.

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