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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL Season 2 [EP.1] Transformation

Dive into the raw, unfiltered journey of change in this explosive episode where we dismantle the norm and rally up for a rebellion against stagnation. This isn’t your average conversation — it’s the battle cry for an uprising within! We’re tearing down timelines and forging through transformations that redefine our very existence. Get ready to recall the pivotal moments that ignited a firestorm of growth because life is not a drill, and we’re here to provoke, challenge, and champion the metamorphosis that awaits. Tune in, disrupt the status quo, and be the architect of your own groundbreaking evolution.

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Hey everybody, it’s sunshine again here with episode 20 of which is sunshine, it’s guide to the mystical. And it’s that a little bit I think it’s been probably at least two weeks, maybe even three weeks up. Gosh, the last couple of weeks. All I gotta say have been incredible. Oh, yeah. And I’m being reminded, we’re in season two, my friends, because we’re in a new year. That’s right. We’re going to be doing a season every year. So welcome back, if you’ve been hanging around and listen, love that. Thank you so much. I hope that you liked subscribe, do all that great stuff. Maybe even reach out shoot me an email? Let me know you’re listening. Let me know you love what you’re hearing.
Last time, we talked about timelines, and kind of like, all the impact of like timelines, and manifestation and all that kind of like witchy crazy magical work and how, as you’re jumping timelines, you very well may be impacted. And so we’re going to continue that because I am, right and what what better way to help you than to kind of explain and share something that I will literally right in the middle of. So today we’re talking about transformations and transitions. As I said, we talked about that timeline concept last week, or last episode. And we’re going to talk about these transformations and transitions. And we always start off making sure that we’re level setting, right, we’re always coming at this from the same exact point of view.
And so I’ve got a couple of notes down here, I do not want to forget, you know what I wrote down because I thought it was really good earlier. And so I want you to think for a moment about a transformation or think for us, for a moment, a time in your life that maybe you had some kind of big event or situation like we’re talking big, we’re talking about, like life changing. And so some of the things that you might be thinking about are graduating high school, graduating college, getting married, having your first kid, these are all big transformations that happen within our life. Very big. It could be getting fired from a job. It’s these events. It is absolutely these events.
Ah, and sorry, I got a little a note there. Yeah, I can see it on my end, my dear Vox, I’m being told that we’re not live streaming right now. But I can see on my end that it’s live streaming. So I’m not positive why my lovely assistant can’t see that. So apologize for those that are watching this. Not live but on replay, because we’re going to figure that out afterwards. We’re just going to keep tackling and recording to make sure that you know what we’re talking about here today. So that’s a transformation.
A transformation to me, really has this like big kind of event that’s happening, has this thing that we are, we are literally doing and a transformation may not be just a once what like one moment, and I’m gonna give you an example of me stepping into recovery, me accepting that I was an alcoholic and admitting that I you know, needed help, and wanted to become sober.  That’s a transformation. I am totally changing who I am and how I show up in the world. So you think about all of those examples that I just said graduating high school, changing who you are now you are a high school, graduating college, now you are a college graduate getting married, now you are married is very much so related to who you are and your identity. That’s a transformation.
A transition is the literal like stage of moving through that. And so if we were to go ahead and give that example of like getting married, there’s a huge transition that has to happen in there. And depending upon where you are, right, maybe it’s a matter of you’re both moving in, maybe you are consolidating households, and maybe you are now thinking about and talking about having children, there’s like this transition that happens as you move from old you into new you. I like to think that these things are always going to happen together, you’re going to have a transformation and then you’re going to have a transition. And you may even have subsequent phases beyond like just one.
So for example, graduating college, you’re going to transition to maybe finding your new job, you’re going to transition into like getting really comfortable in that job, right through these like phases that you kind of have to go through. The example that I’m sharing with me is around my recovery. And so that transformation has been going on the recovery one I think maybe happen, that one in a transition. But really, I would say even the bigger one is me stepping out of my corporate career. My corporate working for other people career. But so now we’re gonna go now I’ll say hello again.
So transformations and transitions, transformations becoming something new from what we once were. And they transition is the time period in between. So that’s what we’re going to be talking about. And so right now, I have been that I’ve been in this transition of getting out of my corporate career for probably almost about two years. But two years ago, I sat down with my, the folks that I worked for, have a corporate job, I like literally employed by a major corporation. And I told them, I said, I have a passion that I want to follow. And that was this, this work, right. And I said, I need some more space, I need some of more of my time back in order to do that. And so one of the trends, the transition kind of started then, and we agreed at that particular point, I moved down to working only 30 hours a week, my salary was prorated. So I took a pay cut in order to do that don’t don’t think that you know, that business wasn’t wise, or silly or, or for doing that. But that transition started then, because one of the things that I talked to my manager about was, at some day, some point I will be walking away from working for other people.
Well, my dear friends, you may guess why we’re talking about top transformations and transitions. And that’s because right now I’m going through a big one, like smack dab. I’m swirling in the middle of it. And this is both a transformation. A new transformation, because I’ve already liked the recovery was the last one, this is a new transformation of becoming someone, from someone that worked for someone, to a business owner that is now supporting and employing and at some point, operating, ideally a well known respected spiritual business that is able to employ and take care of other families through it. I mean, that’s a big transformation. I mean, wow. Just even even feeling how that sits in me this whole somatic response of chills goes down my body. And the transition, I have started this one, as I said two years ago, but the biggest piece of actually taking those steps has been within the past month. That’s really become I come forward because after the holidays, I realized that and stepping back into corporate and things of that nature, I had to be very, very honest with myself, and make the realization that I’m actually burning the candle at two ends right now. And that is something all alcoholic you know, suffering workaholic, perfectionist, control, freak, Sunshine would have been doing many, many, many, many moons ago. But that’s not who I am today. And so I won’t grind myself, I won’t.
Yes, I’m very busy. I’ve become the conversations with my manager, my corporate job that we are, we need to lead something needs to change. And so that’s cool. I’m sharing a personal story with you. Hopefully you can relate to me and maybe some way, maybe you’ve got something that you’ve done in the past the big transformation, you’ve had to go through transitions. But of course, why why I’m not here to just tell you stories about myself, I’m here to tell you information that is helpful to you and help helpful for you navigating your, your own witchy journey. So transformations and transitions, why we’re talking about is because they greatly impact us.  They may be for all of the right reasons. Leaving a corporate job on your own business, leaving a shitty relationship and you know, to be able to, like flourish and take care of yourself getting divorced, you know, and in order to like, really, truly start to find your own self worth. 
I mean, literally, I’m living right now in a household of a bunch of people in the middle of these transformations and transitions. It’s kind of wild. Not gonna lie. But it greatly impacts us. And there’s a couple of ways from our body. Our body is going to be impacted. For me personally, I’m experiencing tremendous bouts of insomnia. And I think I might have said that the last time, the fatigue, I do know, other individuals that have gone through sickness illness, I have, one close friend that has literally found themselves in the last couple of weeks, they passed out because their body is having such this intense time of going through this. You know, even my niece, she had a flare up of all of her immune responses, hives, things of that nature. When you’re going through transformations, and these transitions, even if they’re all for the right reasons, your body is going to respond to them.
The second one is the mind. And I would say this is the hardest one. And I really do think it’s because our mind is what ultimately tortures us. So you may have doubts, you may start to have regrets creeping doubt, like, “I don’t know if I can handle this.” “I don’t know if I can do this.” “This might be too much I might not be able to, I might not be capable of.”  You may literally start to doubt, you may have spent months years figuring it out working towards it and doubt may creep in. Okay, human. Understandable. I mean, come on. I am literally thinking about leaving a corporate job that I’ve been at for almost six years of a career that I’ve been at for over 25 You don’t think doubt hasn’t snuck in and whispered in my ear? You may start having some regrets for some of the changes in the decisions that you’ve already started to make. You may have these feelings of like, “oh, man, I really shouldn’t have done that.”
Well, if you’ve been around long enough, you know what I say for the shoulds?  Fuck those. I think the most dangerous one of all though, that our mind will play with us is that shame for our decisions. What if we truly just made a decision for ourselves for the very first time? What if we found enough courage to walk away from like me over I guess everything would be seven years ago, an abusive marriage? That like everybody else thought this dude was like, A- okay. What if it was the first time that you found the courage to actually do something for yourself and it was so drastic and so big? Do you know how easy it is for the feelings of shame to start to sneak in. And that shame, don’t even whisper it just sits at you. It just goes automatically from mind right into body.
The last is spirit. And when it comes to our spirit, there are two things, this is the impact. Number one, if you have done magic to bring about this change, if you’ve done any type of alchemical work to try to bring about this change. If you’ve conducted spells you conducted rituals or anything of that nature, you need to recalibrate. Remember them timeline conversation we had last episode, you need to recalibrate if you haven’t listened to it, go back and listen to it. Okay, your whole energetic body and spirit needs to recalibrate. And because of that, once again, that’s where that mind sometimes can get in the way because that recalibration is happening, that body may start to experience some of the you know symptoms. And let’s be real as that recalibration happens, the way that the Universe works, is it’s going to tap you on the shoulder in a number of different ways and say, Are you sure this is what you want? Because once you step over a certain line, there’s no going back. Are you sure? And so you may be tested. You may have scenarios, situations, people places things that pop up in your life to test you to make sure that you’re not returning back to any old ways.
Well, that’s why I’m sharing all this with you. What do you do about it? You know, let’s say you are just like me my dear friend, my partner, my niece, all of these people that are literally living in this house with me right now going through these transformations and transitions, what do you do? Number one, I can’t emphasize this enough. If you don’t do any of these other other things that I mentioned, do this. Keep your vibration high, with a practice of gratitude. Count your fucking blessings. Recognize all of the amazing, incredible accomplishments that you’ve done that you have. Be proud of yourself for making the hard decisions and taking the hard steps. Tell people that you’re grateful for them. Be the Gratitude Fairy and sprinkle that fucking gratitude on every goddamn thing that you can. Every place that you can, you know, you you walk into a store and somebody holds the door open for you, “oh, I’m so grateful that you just did that for me. Thank you so much.” Everywhere that you can keep your vibration high. That’s the number one, you can’t do any of these others do that one.
The second one, which can sometimes be a lot easier to say than to practice. Give yourself some more grace. Be easy on yourself, be kind to yourself. You may have a whole bunch of people around you that are rooting you on cheering you supporting you. Or you may have none. At the end of the day, regardless of the situation, the most important person that needs to be kind to you, loving and supportive, is you. You might need to practice some forgiveness. You know, especially if you find that mind start to sneak up on you. You start to hear or you know, get some of those little thoughts that maybe aren’t your of your best. And your best interest. Forgive yourself. You’re human, that’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect. I mean, it’s impossible to be perfect. So practice a little bit more forgiveness a little bit more grace, rest a little bit more, take things a little bit slower. So maybe once upon a time if you had a task and you’d set aside a half an hour, set aside an hour, set aside to be okay not doing some things.
Be okay in doing some things I will tell you if you were to see my list of things that I have not done. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. And I’m okay with that. I hired a business coach in November, you know, very, very hefty price tag. And I said sorry, I can’t do any more work right now. Be okay with that. Meaning say no to more things. No, it’s a very powerful word. If you are not practiced at saying it, now’s a really good time to practice. Yeah, really good time. And as matter of fact, if you’re listening to this, I would love for you to like shoot me an email and tell me something you said no to so I could celebrate that with you another one and I actually wrote about this to my email list I think last week and it’s really been sitting with me a lot these last couple of days. But feed yourself nutritious substance right feed your mind nutrition substance you know don’t watch shitty things try to stay off social media. If you want to be on social media, go add a bunch of groups that are like really high vibration like rate means great topics.
I’ve got like a bunch of house plants groups that I’m in. I’ve got like old homes, antiques, things of that nature like things that are really fun and light right feed your mind. Don’t watch any shows like there are certain TV shows and things that I can’t watch because they’ll create create anxiety and discomfort in me. I may love them. Right but like right now. No way. My niece and I were watching a show called In the Dark great, great show. But we pretty much stopped probably around the beginning of December because it was just it was getting so it was such that such an amazing drama. I just couldn’t handle any more capacity. So, you’ll definitely want to feed your mind all sorts of really good stuff. Maybe get into a habit of even writing journaling on a daily basis, get all that, maybe that crazy making top thoughts out of your head.
Obviously, I hope this is pretty obvious, and you’re already doing this, but if by chance you’re not, here’s a nice, gentle reminder, feed your body well. That’s both the food that you consume, as well as some of the movements that you make. I believe both are nutritious substances that we can give our body. Maybe dance a little bit more maybe stretch, and I’m not talking about this, like real rigid or discipline, right? I love if you can add in some more fruit and veggies, you know, that’s a real good thing to do. I’ve actually started last, probably about six, or maybe almost maybe almost a year ago, I would probably start to prioritize what I ate based upon fruits or vegetables. So that was the first thing that I would look at within the house, what kind of vegetables that I have. And then I would start creating meals and things around that, which made a big difference made a really big difference. And as far as like the movement, things go, it doesn’t need to be crazy, I told my one friend the other day, I was cooking dinner, and I love to dance while I cook. So it’s just like, very intentional movement while I’m cooking, the radio’s on I get to dance and twirl. And I mean, I don’t know about you. But kitchen floors are really great for like sliding and dancing on.
And last, I would say feed your spirit. Feed your spirits round yourself with people that are going to support you surround yourself with people. Like here’s a big one, surround yourself with people that understand that you crying is incredibly cathartic, that are just going to like encourage you to let it out. They’re going to hug you they’re going to pat you on the back and they’re just gonna let you just ball in their arms. Surround yourself with those kinds of people. Read good books. Continue your spiritual practices if you pull cards or you pray, or if you say affirmations continue those. And last, so not least, don’t give up. Don’t turn back. If you made a decision to make a major transformation in your life, even if the transition feels uncomfortable, scary, crazy, weird, overwhelming. I’ve gone through enough of them now to know that when you are making those decisions for yourself, for your happiness, for your peace and for your health. They will always turn out better in the end. Don’t give up I believe in you. If for some odd reason you are doubting yourself just a little bit today. Lean on my belief because I think you’re fucking incredible. And you are worth it.
So with that, my dear friends. I hope that you have an absolutely blessed rest of your day. I’m very grateful for you tuning in for you listening for you being there. And for you just supporting. So thank you so much, much love for me, each and every one of you. Until next time.

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