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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical Season 2 [EP.5] Witches

Join Sunshine on an intriguing exploration into the mystical realm with the Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical podcast. Diving into the controversial and captivating topic of witches – our world’s earliest healers – this podcast promises a blend of history, storytelling, and practical wisdom.

Sunshine, the headmistress of Illuminate, the Unschool of Witchcraft, introduces listeners to a world where witchy skills aren’t just learned but are practiced and honed. Discover the magic within you with their latest I-Heal workshop, an Intuitive Healing workshop designed to unlock your potential for magic and healing, proving that the art of witchcraft is more relevant and empowering than ever before.


Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:


Hello, hello, hello, hello. Welcome back to season two, episode five of Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical. And for those of you who are watching this on YouTube and seeing the video, you’ll notice I have good blue light reflectors on my glasses, and I’m trying to be bonkers. So, if I’m not looking at the screen, why? I can’t stand it. But I’m excited about today’s topic; it’s going to be potentially, maybe even a bit controversial. I don’t know, we’ll see. But today, we are talking about witches. I think our first doctors, right, are they, and so I’m going to start with a little bit of a story. If you’ve listened to any podcasts before, you may have heard it mentioned, but I am the headmistress of Illuminate, the Unschool of Witchcraft. So, we introduced a new workshop into the unschool programming this past month. And it is called the I-Heal workshop. And it stands for the Intuitive Healing workshop. 

We’re constantly learning how to apply our witchy skills and practice using them. We’re not just learning about these things. We go in and practice them. I’m not a big fan of lectures. I mean, I spend like maybe five to 10 minutes lecturing with a workshop. And we jump right into practical application. And so it was amazing to see how this past week’s workshop worked because it was the first time we’d run it. And so, I’m constantly testing and trying something new with it. And if it sucked, we would have put the kibosh on it, but people enjoyed it and got a lot of value out of it because we’re practicing people on the other side and getting to receive. And some folks may be wondering, why do I do this? Like, that’s okay, that’s interesting. Why is this intuitive healing workshop in an unschool of witchcraft? The reason is pretty simple: this is my personal belief, some of my philosophy, that when folks step into the witch’s path, they often do so because they are being called to heal themselves. And that healing of themselves also leads them to heal others. 

I’ve watched it over and over and over again. And if you start talking to witches or folks who are stepping into the broom closet to see if they try on the cloak and if they like it, before they step back out, a lot of them, when you start to ask them why, it’s because they’re trying to heal, they’re trying to bring more self-love into their life, they’re trying to bring love, recover from a bad relationship, do shadow work, things of that nature. That is one of the very, very common reasons why people step into the path of the witch or start practicing witchcraft or magic. So today, we will discuss witches as our first doctor. And as always, we’re going to start with the definition of a doctor because I wanted to see if somebody is going to go out and start, you know, have a problem with my own belief and kind of philosophy and bringing this up, like, what are some of the things, and so I always love the definitions. 

You know, everybody can look it up. It’s recorded in an “official book” called The Dictionary. Yes, there are different versions, but they should be similar. The first thing to consider is the definition of a doctor: a qualified practitioner of medicine, a physician. And so here in Western medicine, that qualification comes through years of education and certifications by boards and all that lovely stuff. The Unschool of Witchcraft is not a Certified Medical University or anything, but there is a qualification, so to speak. In the practice of medicine, I looked at that and went, Okay, interesting. How are they going to define medicine? And so, the definition of medicine is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, often disclosing surgery. I’m pretty positive that is what it said. I’ll have to double-check that because I have written it here, but my memory says differently. 

Medicine could also be a compound or preparation for treating and preventing disease. So you’re getting this like the treatment, the diagnosis, the treatment, and things of that nature. And so if the reality is I believe that the witches, the medicine, men, medicine, women, the shamans, these were our first doctors. These are the first folks, and the way they were qualified is very often in the past. This was passed down through through generations. It’d be the grandmother passing it down to the mother, and they’re passing it down to the daughter, right? And that’s often where that qualification came from. You were often raised for years, centuries before you’d be the town witch or the town medicine man or medicine player, the tribes, Shaman, or however you want to look at it. That’s often what qualifies. From a qualification perspective, the other thing can also be people going to them and trusting them. Are they seeing results? Are they truly seeing results? 

I mean, let’s think about it. When we step into this natural holistic type of path, there are all sorts of different certification programs out there, but not a single one of them would matter if folks weren’t getting the results, right? And so, even with a doctor, even if we’re talking about literal, Western medical doctors, if doctors aren’t getting results, it’s going to be noticed and indicated. The cool thing about actual Western medical doctors is they often have, because of that formal education and training, and the medical journals and things of that nature, you can tap into and share a lot of research. But I think a lot of that research is very similar to what we wish it is today. There are more publications at our fingertips. I wish I knew this number around this topic that is continuing to be produced by this topic; I mean, anything in that magical, esoteric, witchy type of culture that is being produced, then, I think ever before, you know, I have books that I’ve started to write, I follow a number of authors that are just like well known occult authors, and continue to produce materials. 

And so we may not have a medical library, so to speak, to step into your maybe we need to create one, maybe, that’s something to create, but I truly do, I believe that the witches, the medicine, and so, I want you to picture this. And like the reality, if you were to go back hundreds and 1000s of years ago, we lived at a tribe, let’s say we were right here in America, we were part of the indigenous culture that currently lived here, it’s 1500, we’re a small tribe, we’re part of a small tribe, maybe there’s 150 of us in that tribe. There is going to be someone in that group that folks are going to turn to, to provide them a diagnosis, a look in and evaluation on the physical health, mental health, spiritual health, they’re going to diagnose, and then they’re going to be able to provide treatment. And ideally, even after that treatment, let’s go ahead and bring you back to a better place, they’re going to say, here’s what you need to do to prevent that to continue going back. And I think about this, I think about this so much. 

The way that we refer to the I-Heal workshop this past week was that you’re supposed to start by trying to understand your partner’s ailment. From there, you need to identify intuitively what you might be able to do to offer some treatment. Knowing and understanding what your current skill sets out, what might you be able to do? And then I will have to add this in because I don’t think we touched on this one, but what do you share and tell them so that they move forward and continue to prevent going back into that place? So that’s why I’m thinking about this. I think about how we’ve got a challenged medical system; you’ve got more people turning into naturopathic roles. Even though somebody may not want to hold up specifically, the label or the title, which I believe those individuals are starting to tap into the more natural side, are much more leaning into the witch path. I think the only differentiator there is going to be right a naturopathic healer is going to use all the natural kind of healing; a witch is going to know that there might also be the need to pull in some magic to do some spell work or ritual to continue the healing or to aid in it. Or if you think about it, from a shamanic perspective, people are more going in and some of that treatment can be deeper spiritual things. 

This is why we’re talking about it. It’s just been heavy on my head the last couple of days, but why am I sharing it with you? Why does it matter to you? And so I want to make sure we include that. You feel like you get it. So, number one, you may be a natural-born healer. Number one, that’s why I’m sharing it with you. And how are you going to know that? How will you know that you’re a natural-born healer? I sat here and gave some thought to this. The number one is you find yourself being of service, and you find a lot of joy in doing it. And I mean joy, and I want to differentiate on this because I happen to know that there are some individuals, if this is being of service, not people pleasing. Some individuals have trauma within their past within their childhood. Maybe in their young adult life, they will become people pleasers, and that people-pleasing tendency is to try to make sure that you’re not somebody on the other end isn’t going to hurt you. I am not talking about that. I am not talking about people pleasers because individuals who are people pleasers will do things and be of service. And they often will find it stewing in a lot of resentment. It’s really easy for them to establish resentment in that. 



And so I’ll give you an example here. Let’s say you planned a party. And you planned it, asked people to RSVP, and 30 people RSVP, and bought all the stuff. And you got it all ready and set, but five people showed up. So, 25 people never even showed up. An individual who is truly there to be of service, what have doted on those five people, would have been delighted that they could give all their time to those five people; they would have relished in it. They would have looked at it and said, “Oh, this is perfect. The Universe showed up. These five people must really need me; those other 25 must not.” The people pleaser, though, would have seen that. And because there weren’t all 30 people for them to “please,” they would not have responded in the same way. They would have been upset, maybe angry, maybe resentful. Maybe they said something: “I’m never going to do this again.” Do you see the difference there? So, a natural-born healer will be someone who is often being of service and finds joy in doing it, regardless of it showing up the way they expect it to. Another one is that you’ve had your generosity taken advantage of and continue to give. So, individuals are just naturally generous and understand that some humans are so hurt that they will take advantage. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop being generous. Those are going to be natural-born healers; that’s an indication. I also find that if you gravitate towards the kitchen, herbs, and natural products, overall, there’s probably a fire in you to be that natural-born healer, especially like turning into the kitchen. Often, people don’t realize, and I can’t even tell you how many folks I’ve talked to over the years, they’ll be like, I had no clue why in the world I was craving X, Y, I wanted x y when so and so was sick, I went out and made them this. And that’s because they’re often intuitively guided to tap into certain herbs, products, and nutrients to bring about that healing. 

Another one that I find is that you work in the Western medical field. But you’re not a traditional doctor. And I say that because there are going to be some doctors who are still natural-born healers. There’s probably a lot of them. But I think many of them because when you’re drawn into medicine, that is very technical. And so some of them will be leaning more into the literal traditional medicine research things of that nature experience, the practicing of the medicine versus their intuition and kind of leaning in that way. I’m not ruling it out that a traditional doctor, but I will say if you are in the Western medical field and you are not a traditional doctor, there’s a high probability. So this is the nurses. This is the physical therapist, the occupational therapist. These are especially any of those kinds of therapists, even therapists themselves, social workers, and chiropractors. And that’s because there is innately this energy that runs through you, which says there has to be something else I can do to contribute to an individual’s healing. Besides actually going down the very challenging path of qualifying to become a literal medical doctor, So that’s one of the reasons why I’m sharing all this with you.

Another reason is that you may feel that there is something special about you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. So you may feel like, okay, cool. Maybe you hit some of those natural-born healer things, but you feel like there’s something else there. There’s some magic behind the scenes that you can’t quite; you just have never been able to put some words to it, and you’ve never been able to articulate it. The way this will show up for you sometimes is that your friends will always be turning to you when they need help. For example, when they’re in a rough patch, they’re in a rough spot. That’s one of the ways that you’re going to feel. What is this like? That’s a special kind of energy there. The other one is that you’ll have answers and don’t always know why this can even be like how to get the answer, but needed to understand why. That’s another thing, and if folks tell you you’re special, you’re unique, those are other ways. 

So when you combine that feeling of being special and then some of those signs and symptoms of, as I said, being that natural healer, you may decide that you want to explore your intuitive healing ways. And this is your validation to do that right now. You know, I will go ahead and press stop, press pause, put it on your to-do list, text your bestie, and say, “Hey, we’ve got to go make this happen. We’ve got to stop talking about it.” Whatever you’ve got to do, this is your validation that it is time, my dear. It is time to go out and buy the book that you’ve been holding off buying, go out and take the course or the workshop that you’ve been holding off, putting off right, and if it’s a money situation, reach out to the individual right that is leading it running it offers it anything of that nature and ask “hey, do you do any type of payment plans?” “do you have anything for folks that want to work with you but maybe are in a different financial situation?” You would be surprised how many individuals would be willing to work with you if you asked about it. 

And then last but not least, I don’t use this as a plug at all times. But, fuck, you could join us. Come on in and shoot me an email, and let’s talk about Illuminate. The world needs more of us. I don’t give a shit if you’re actually working with me to learn and awaken these gifts and to put them into practice or if someone else. The world needs more of stepping into this path and embracing our healing journey, getting our shit right. Breaking the cycles, breaking the generational curse, stop doing the shitty things that you know humans can sometimes end up doing. Step into the path of healing and creating a much more beautiful life for yourself, and if you’re not called to heal other people, then so what? But at least you’ve done your part by making sure that your shits are right? Yeah, so this is your call 100% right now. If any of those hit you, it’s time for you to step into what you must be doing and become the badass witch you are meant to be. So that being said, all my dear friends, much love for me to you. Until next time, have a beautiful week.

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