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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the MysticaL Season 2 [EP.3] Finding Your Witchy Community

Are you ready to tap into your mystical heritage and shatter the mundane chains of reality? In this electrifying episode of Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical, we’re tearing down the veils to reveal how you can connect with your spellbinding kin and unravel the secrets to finding your witchy community! Forget the whispered tales and hushed guidance of yesteryears; we’re here to boldly proclaim the necessity of witchy camaraderie in igniting the magical rebellion lying dormant within you. Are you prepared to join the ranks of powerful, heretical witches determined to heal this world? It’s not just about understanding the essence of community; it’s about embodying it, crafting it, and thriving within it. There’s no holding back—it’s time to seize your power, defy the norms, and step into the mystic revolution with Witch Please!

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:


All right, welcome back, everyone. We are on season two, episode 22[It’s Season 1 episode 3]. Or, however, whatever the episode is, it is, please, Sunshine’s guide to the mystical. And I’m excited to be back. I aim to do these once a week. But let’s be real: I provide myself with a lot of grace, especially right now, because 2024 is kicking my energetic apps. I’ve been burning the candle at two ends for what probably is months now, probably about for the last five months. And it’s tough to even stay motivated at this point. Even though I know there are plenty of things that I want to be doing, I love to be doing, it’s tough to stay motivated because all I want to do is kind of sleep and rest and try to relax, you know, I think my you know, my energetic system is definitely on overload.

So I’m not going to say that this isn’t for all the right and the good reasons. Please don’t consider me sharing this or expressing this as me complaining; it’s for all of the right reasons. I have a corporate job right now that I absolutely love. I love it very, very much and enjoy doing it and going there. But that’s three whole days out of my week. That means I’m not engaged and kind of working on this stuff. And, you know, being here to show up for all of you lovely folks, and what I really, really, really not just love to do, but like, you know, it’s part of my soul. But, you know, I’ve got that I was invited to begin teaching some classes, you know, some spiritual classes at a local public school. So there’s even an adult education program. And so I’m teaching there; I left some programming at a convention this past weekend and participated as an attendee. And so you know, all of this, like this kind of burning the candle at two ends and being a bit energetically tapped, is for all good reason. All the right reasons lead me to today’s topic, as I just mentioned. I kind of mentioned the convention that I was at, and, you know, these public classes that I’m teaching and stuff like that.

And so today’s topic is all about finding that witchy community I shared with you last week and why I believe it’s important. And then I’ve been thinking about the last episode. How in the world do I help folks understand? How to find it, how to go about finding it. I mean, that’s, that’s the truth. I am checking to see that we’re in episode 3. So we’re in season two, episode three, I guess. But whatever, whatever. We’re okay. But let me I’m gonna; just in case you didn’t hear that episode that I’m speaking about, I want to make sure that we’re all set on what I mean by a community. A community is this feeling that the definition that I gave at that time is this feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. And so if you think about finding a witchy community, right, they’re gonna have common attitudes, meaning there’s going to be things in that kind of, like, that witchy roam around attitudes, like what’s the perspective on that particular witchy path?

You know, I am personally very eclectic; I don’t put my own beliefs on anyone. Some people find it very comforting to have a dogma-specific dogma that they write. So that would be kind of like an attitude. The interest is interest, like all things witchy and spiritual. Tarot, spells, and potions are like all of these kinds of things. And then goals, like what are you actually trying to achieve? And what is the purpose and the point of that community? And to me, on that witchy kind of path, there’s really two you actually want the individuals that you’re going to learn and grow with, right? Or you want the people that you’re just going to really engage that beautiful, magical energetic with, in some way, shape, or form, and it can be both, but to me, a little bit of one or the other. And so, you know, how have I found mine in the past and I think back in the very beginning of my journey, it was one friend there was one friend that I happened to share that I went into a metaphysical store with, and they had expressed interest in going into it as well.

So I’m pretty positive, we went back and the same thing, another friend and kind of just seeing engaging, you know, their interests. I think stores are really, really fun ways to kind of see. So, if you’re new to the path and you’re asking how I find out if my friends are interested, ask them to walk into a local metaphysics store, see what they’re drawn to, see what they’re called for. Maybe they’re like, “No, that’s not my jam,” or maybe they seem really interested. And it might be a really beautiful blossoming part of your friendship. There might be some community that you’re creating with them. If you do happen to find, oh, yeah, you know, a girl, I’ve been on this for the last two years, so to speak, they may have other folks that they know and understand. So you will definitely find that your friends who are kind of on this path and this part of your own little personal witchy community are probably going to introduce you to other folks. So that’s another really great way.

Another way is just to try to find a way to be comfortable being the weirdo in the room. That’s one of the ways that I’ve done it; I’ve mentioned it, I’ve talked about being a psychic before, I’m going back to when I was in my late teens and early 20s and stuff. And, like, literally being the weirdo in the room can definitely pull your people in. Another one is you might come across some type of program, or you know, you know, like some type of spiritual program that’s very aligned with what you want to explore. It may be an educational program, or it could be an actual retreat that very much incorporates some of the things that you’re interested in. I have found that a lot of folks find it more comfortable to start their journey in the spiritual side of the house, so to speak, doing yoga, talking about chakras, talking about crystals, buying some incense, versus getting into the deep topics and conversation of witchcraft, and that kind of witchy more spelled related work. But if they’re in the spiritual stuff, there’s a high probability that I found that they do venture over; they just may not have really looked at the things that they’ve been interested in as being a part of a kind of witchcraft or witchcraft practice.

As I mentioned, I was leading programming at a convention. Attending a convention is like literally finding something that refers to themselves as a convention. And I will tell you, the reason why I’ve done all of them, I’ve done a joint spiritual program, I’ve gone through, as I said, my friends, I’ve connected to a coven, through a friend that just did not sit well with me after a while. And this convention was the first time I had been at it. If you’re in the metro, the Southeast Michigan area, or anywhere in the Midwest, it’s pretty accessible. And, like, the pricing is so ridiculously good. You’d be floored, called convocation; that was what I was at this past weekend. And it’s hosted here locally, in a city called Ypsilanti, right by Ann Arbor, Michigan, right by the University of Michigan. And I fucking loved every bit of it. I loved every bit of it, and it was my favorite. And I want you to understand why. Not only does classification consider itself pretty agnostic as far as the path that you go down.

So, you get this rich, rich environment of people that walk all sorts of various different paths. That’s number one. Number two, they incorporate lessons like learning and the ability to explore different topics, and it’s literally four days. It’s a Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And it’s like the number of topics and the things that were possible to learn and explore. They were just unbelievable; these workshops were just so incredible. Not only do they do the learning and the education piece, but they also incorporate and look at it differently. So you have other instructors and folks that are leading like actual, you know, esoteric, occult type rituals all the way from like healing rituals, to sound rituals to like full-blown magical rituals, to alchemical rituals.

I participated in a drumming ritual and an ecstatic chi-gong ritual; I led different rituals of my own. A water ceremony, I mean, it was so unbelievably nourishing. Because not only, like I said, I was able to go in and learn, I was able to go in and participate in a ritual with and see how all of these really beautifully, deeply spiritual folks who are embracing their own paths, they put a call out for folks.

So if you have an interest in teaching or leading anything of that nature, the probability of being able to step in, they love bringing new folks in. The number of different paths, the number of different people, the learning of the little ritual, and everything that they did right for the participants was incredible. We want to know the thing that I really adored the most about it. They had programming for kids and teenagers. For real, they literally indicate whether or not the workshops or rituals are okay for all ages for number one, but they have separate programming specifically for kids, someone who was really good, and I wished I was going. That’s like day, they had one that went through the mists of, I forget which it was, but they ended up walking around the hotel in the conference space, banging drums with, like, the old horse’s head. It’s like an old, I think, Slavic type of mythology. But yeah, it was unbelievable. It was my favorite. And those are all the reasons why.

But of course, this isn’t just me talking to you about the things that I like; it’s why this is important for you. To be hearing and to understanding and to kind of be thinking about spending some time thinking about let’s be real. And so I taught a class this week that was like an introduction to alchemy class. At the beginning of the class, I asked folks, I said, what brought you to this class to introduce yourself, or what brought you to the class and most of the individuals in that room? I think there were 11 of them in total; I would say probably at least eight of them stated it was because they were curious; they saw it in the program and in the class offerings. They felt like they were being called, they wanted it, and they had a desire for something different in their life. But they couldn’t quite put their finger on what to do, or how to how to go about it or anything of that nature. And the reality is, there is a couple of folks in that group that were probably in really good places in their life, that they’d been doing some work, and they really wanted to have a little bit more of a formal understanding of maybe some next steps that they could take.

But there were some other folks in that group who were just struggling; I could tell they were struggling. I even spoke to my partner last night, and I said I could see the stink on some of these individuals. I mean, that’s how it kind of shows up people. Somebody asked me, can I read an aura? And I’m like, Yeah, but these auras don’t just show up as colors. Sometimes, to me, that energetic understanding can feel a certain way. It can feel heavy, your sticky ears, gross, or anything. But it can also smell sometimes to be with, which now is triggering a whole other set of thoughts. But in the class, we were probably about three quarters of the way. And someone had asked, somebody had said, “Hey, you mentioned about like being in low vibration, or in high vibration and things of that nature, like what can someone that is struggling to kind of step into where they want to be to take the actions that they want to take to really find the motivation to do any of these changes, what is something that they can do to help?” Right, because that’s the reality, we may be sitting on the couch or laying in bed going, I want something different, I want something different, I want something different. I’m miserable and unhappy. And we may be stuck in a bout of depression or even like, paralyzed by anxiety, unable, unable to kind of take action.

And so I thought about it a bit there, when they’d ask the question, and I talked to my guides, and there were two things that came up to me, and I remember, it was probably the shame of what I did in my rock bottom episode of my 40th birthday that catapulted me into taking some action. And so, shame or guilt can trigger you to take action, but it’s not long-sustaining. You’ve got to change. You got to do some internal changes to make efforts like that long, long term and long, long, long standing. And so the number one thing that I had said was that there were two things. One was establishing a habit of gratitude, finding more opportunities to be grateful rather than to complain. This could be very intentionally writing that down on a daily basis. Waking up in the morning and say one thing, or at the end of the day, write ten things that you are grateful for during the day. There is a really beautiful practice when you are with people like this; it is a really beautiful way to do gratitude. Telling folks, “I’m so grateful for that help,” “I appreciate you so much,” like literally kind of spewing it out. So that gratitude is going to help to raise your energetics to a baseline that is much more powerful than pretty much anything else that you can be doing. So that’s really, really, really important. That practice of gratitude.

I start my week with my team with it every single Monday morning. And I practice gratitude on a regular basis. It’s something that’s very important to me to be able to recognize the things that I’m grateful for. And even if I find myself in this kind of, like, that monkey brain that starts to go around and look at and pick everything apart and stuff, I’ll try to quickly shift and switch to practicing gratitude. But the second thing is kind of our topic of today and even of the last episode, which is to surround yourself with some good folks who are on your path and whom you would consider community. Surround yourself with a higher vibrational community or a community that knows and understands how to bring and raise vibration up. That’s why I’m sharing this with you. That’s why I’m sharing how to find these communities. If you happen to be struggling to bring about change within your life, there are two ways that you can do that, and gratitude is one of them. And it’s gonna get you to a really good place when you tend to stumble when things feel a little bit tough or a little bit harder.

That’s where that community starts to come into play. And this is why 12 Step programs, AAA, and any of those kinds of programs, that’s why they tell you to kind of keep coming back, lean on the community, lean into the community, don’t lean away from it. Things like addiction, depression, anxiety, these are diseases, you know, of the mind that thrive on isolation; the more you isolate, the more likely you are to come to things like depression, anxiety, and addiction. I believe community is really fucking important. And I don’t mean you have to have 25,000 people; I don’t even mean that you need to have five people; it could be a matter of having two really good individuals that you can lean on. And these are healthy individuals. These aren’t folks that are going to let you be a victim. These aren’t folks that are going to persecute you or continuously rescue you. These are folks who love you and love you for your sovereign self.

So how do you go about finding it? As I had mentioned before, some of the ways that I’ve done it, you can check your friends, you can connect with other friends through your friends. But you can actually do a search; you could search for a convention in your area, which is a pagan convention, a spiritual convention, something of that nature, see if there’s something nearby, figure out if you want to take some time off to actually go travel to one. We will be hosting again here in the Metro Detroit set Midwest area convocation again next year, probably in February, you could make that decision. Take a look.

Now, think about something for the fall; for the winter, you may want to save up. What if you do want to travel? Right set aside 100 bucks every paycheck and you can actually take a little road trip and pay for your ticket for a convention, right? You might also be able to look up holistic fairs. Find some things that are going on at the holistic fair that’s near you or a psychic fair. I know that the individuals who are running the psychic and holistic fairs around me have started adding workshops and seminars to the cost of the ticket. So you might be able to sit in there in a group and talk to some folks and meet a couple of individuals there.

Speaking of meeting individuals- MeetUp is another application that you can take a look at often. We’ll have folks that are maintaining groups that are online, and they’re hosting events. Sometimes they’re virtual sometimes or in person. Eventbrite, that’s another one. Facebook groups local to your area. Or maybe you’re an introvert like me, and you really love, dig, and adore the virtual stuff, like I really do love it. I mean, I love the in person stuff but I love having the ability to hop on something virtually I leave a lot of virtual things.

With that being said, I cannot emphasize this enough: if you are trying to bring about some type of change within your life to go find yourself a community Right, they are going to help you navigate that change in ways that you just probably couldn’t even imagine. You probably couldn’t even imagine. So with that being said, my dear sweet friends until next time, Much Love from me. To all of you, oh, and PS. Yes, I do have a community. Feel free to search it out if you think that you’d like to join. So, until next time, my dear friends, much love for me to all of you.

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