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Sunshine’s Definition of Abundance

On my to do list for probably the last three weeks I’ve had a task to write my definition of abundance down. This came out of some of my alchemical work that I do every single morning. One of my daily card pulls told me that in order for me to truly bring abundance into my life I had to define what that meant for me. It’s kind of how magic works. Until we are truely clear with what it is that we want, magickal spells that we create or work that we do will never quite really bring forth what it is that we expect.


And that’s because there is something absolutely magickal about writing things down. And sure you can type it up. Whether it’s pen to paper or fingers to keyboard it still has the same incredible power of setting intentions that the universe knows you are serious about. So as I finally sat down this morning I felt compelled to share my definition of abundance with all of you.


Feeling like I have all the time in the world. I thought about this one for a long time. And every single time that I came back to creating this definition the thought of time was always there. Whereas we cannot create more time, I did think that if I felt as though I had all the time in the world that would be enough. I would never feel rushed. I would be willing to sit in the exact moment that I was in. I’d be less likely to spend time thinking about what if or I wish. This to me feels like one of the most blessed areas of abundance I could ask for!


Being able to spoil those I love. I adore doing this. I would think that anybody that has been super close to me I would say that this is true. And it doesn’t really matter how. Sometimes I can spoil people through time, affection, gifts. Being able to spoil whoever it is that I love whether it’s romantic love or that deep intense friendship. I want to be able to give so that people know and understand how incredibly important they are to me. So yes, this includes those individuals that work with me in the Sunshine Readings family! (I cannot wait till the day I get to give out holiday gifts!!!)


Joyfully paying every bill in full. As the business grows, as my lifestyle evolves to support multiple business ventures, I know I will continue to have more bills and things to pay. Abundance is being able to joyfully pay every single bill in full.  To know that every single penny that I would need is available to me, that feels abundent!


Celebrating every meaningful connection. I may be an introvert. I may like to keep my socalizing circles super small, preferably one on one. Do not be fooled though, because I love connection. I want to meet every single beautiful soul that is out there in the world. I want to sit there and listen to them tell their stories. I want to understand and see the world through their experiences. I want to hold space for them and show them that they can be exactly who they are. 


Even as I sit here and type these, I wonder if this is enough. But I sat with this question for a long time and these feel right to me. I would like the universe to know this though, I may add or change these at any time. But for right now when I speak of abundance, when I asked for more abundance in my life, this is what I am asking for. This is what my life includes.


How about you? Have you ever thought about what your definition of abundance maybe? Leave a comment below and share!

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