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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical [ Season 1 Episode 4 ] The Identity of a Witch

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium:

Hello, hello, hello, how are you? Welcome back, we are on Episode Four today and not gonna lie to you, I just figured out what I was going to talk about, like, within the last 30 minutes. You know, I sat here I know these come up every week. And I always kind of asked my guides throughout the week is there something and I’m watching the, you know, the Facebook Group and I’m checking the emails and what people are chit chatting with me about and I’m always kind of checking in to see and nothing was really resonating. Nothing was really sitting down, even this morning when I was laying in bed and thinking about it. But then it kind of like it hit me a bit as I was doing some other writing, and then I was getting prepared.


And so I’m going to talk to you a bit today about the Identity of the Witch. Because in the in these episodes, and in the podcast, we may talk at any time about different magic and various different things. But you know, this one kind of like hit home and to me because I’ve been talking a lot more about the fact that I am a witch and the kind of witch and what I do and all that kind of really, really great stuff. And so I figured we’re gonna talk a little bit about all the different kinds of witches and I don’t know, for any of you that happen to be watching this on video and not just listening to the podcast, I’m realizing that this lovely like feathered cape behind me like looks like a half of a wing. I don’t know if you can see that look looks pretty interesting. So I’m gonna try not to distract myself, just seeing myself reflect back. I am totally curious. You know, I’m about to list off some labels, some names that witches can call themselves or refer to themselves as and just you know, ask yourself if you’re, as you’re hearing these, have you ever heard these names? Have you ever claimed to have this title? And have you ever wondered, should you write we’re going to talk a little bit about some of that today, and even you know, I’m even going to like wrap this up of like, why, you know why this may even like matter? Like, what can you do with this information.


So, let’s talk about some of the different labels. One that I am very comfortable and very familiar with is the Psychic Witch,  there’s actually a book that’s been written I’ve never read the book, full like back, you know, cover to cover, but I do have it on Kindle and I flipped through it every now and again. So there’s a psychic, which you may have somebody refer to themselves as a Kitchen Witch. Right, so a psychic, which is going to be a witch that’s probably leveraging and using their psychic powers very strongly, a lot maybe they actually claim to be a psychic medium like me, maybe you can have a kitchen witch somebody that does their magic within their food and within their cooking and leverages all the tools like their literal altar could be their kitchen counter, right?


Somebody might refer to themselves as a Green Witch or even like maybe a herbalist which and so they’re really going to be strongly aligned to things like plants and gardens and growing things. And literally seeing, you know, bringing things to life so to speak, you might have an Ocean Witch are a Water Witch somebody that finds a lot of their power and are constantly drawn to bodies of water or to the ocean or to things that are ocean like seashells, fish, you know, crustaceans, anything of that nature. You can have a Fire Witch so once again, on the very opposite somebody that’s drawn to fire the sun, things of heat, fire, which is probably to me often are going to be much more, you know, even alone, along the lines of when I’m getting this picture in my head, it’s a very physically, kind of active, from a fire, which so if we think about the element of fire, it’s very, very much associated to action.


You might even have heard the term of Hedge Witch. Right? There’s all of these different terms, right? A wicked witch, a good witch, a bad witch, right? All of these different terms, or, you know, types of witches, right?  Which begs the question, why do people gravitate towards labels? Why did people gravitate towards wanting this title or this term or this? This description of themselves, right? And so, I’m going to share a couple of my opinions as to why write a label is going to help you find a similar connection faster? Right? So if we just we walk into the mall, and everybody’s wearing black shirts and looks exactly the same, like, maybe it looks exactly you’re never going to know and understand how to gravitate towards people that are, you know, a like mind, you know, or might be similar to you have things in common. So a label allows us to say, Hey, I’m actually you know, interested in X, Y, and Z. I’m a gamer, I’m a biker, I’m a, you know, a drinker. You know, those kinds of things. And so you could say, oh, yeah, yeah, me, me too. And you can, you can establish a connection relatively fast through a label. Right? And so that’s one of the reasons why people are going to gravitate towards the label to be able to find, so you know, when you do that, when you find these people, and you say, oh, you know, I’m, I’m a biker, I’m a biker, too, oh, my gosh, I’m a biker, three, or, you know, I’m a witch, I’m a witch, too. I’m a witch three, it brings a sense of community to you.


So these labels can bring this sense of community by referring to calling and sharing. And my guides are even kind of, like poking me right now. And they’re like, oh, yeah, and you kinda hesitated. Right. And it’s not that I’ve never referred to myself as a witch or shared any of that. But I really have not talked specifically about the fact that I help mentor, and coach and teach people which skills I mean, even now, that’s kind of like a crazy thing for me to say out loud, right? But it does, these labels are going to be able to bring a sense of community. And it also kind of like, there becomes some like comfort in just knowing who you are. Right there. Like become some cover like, finally, I belong somewhere. My odd, strange, weird, crazy, I belong somewhere. So you know, knowing where you belong, makes you feel safe when you when you have a place of belonging, you feel safe.


So often, you know, we gravitate this is like, once again, my belief and my opinion as to why we gravitate towards labels, right? It allows us to find these connections faster, right? Those connections bring us a sense of community, that community allows us to feel like we belong. And that sense of belonging brings us a feeling of safety. Right? Which I don’t think anybody’s going to really argue with I think that makes sense?


Which goes to like, why is it important then?  Why do people gravitate towards a label? Why is it important to have a label? What really is it about a particular label or like going through? Like, why don’t we just pick one? Why do we pick multiples, because even the multiple, right? Helps us truly know who we are, right? allows us to have this sense of self, that sense of identity. And so our throat chakra, one of our seven main chakras, depending on you know, what area you study, there can be a gazillion, I’m exaggerating, but one of our main chakras that is you know, taught, explored, discussed, is going to be our throat chakra. And our throat chakra is all around our own identity and our self expression of that, how do we identify how do we see ourselves and how do we express that out? And so being very comfortable with who we are, understanding who we are, accepting a label as a truth helps us be comfortable, and it means that we’re gonna have this strong and well aligned throat chakra.

Okay, we truly like, Yes, I am a very powerful witch, that is true to me, right? We’re going to know this. And we’re going to be able to express this. And if we’re doing both both knowing and expressing, and I don’t, I don’t mean all of you have to go out and dye your hair pink and you got to get a pointy hat. And you know, carry a broomstick around with you. But I mean, like, literally, like if you go into the store and you’re gravitating towards all the black clothes, and somebody’s like, why don’t you wear something comfy, colorful, and you are okay, that’s like not being who you are, right? But if you truly are doing what you want to be doing and living this life, how you want to be living it right and expressing that witchy self or that spiritual self or that mystic self or that shamanic self, whatever it is, whatever label you want to identify as I really, I really don’t care right? And you know, some people say like, labels are bad like no, once again I explained why they can become so important as they can help you identify your community and bring you a sense of belonging and therefore a feeling of safety.


So, why is it so important? Why am I harping on this like identity piece and like really embracing it and talking about you know, it and it’s self expression. It’s that throat chakra again, folks, because a strong, well aligned throat chakra is going to support you in your spell work. If you are casting spells or performing rituals, there is a high probability that you are stating things out loud. Right? Stating things out loud, this could be an invocation, this could be a prayer, this could just be calling to the four corners, it doesn’t matter what it is, you’re probably expressing something out through your throat. So having a well aligned strong throat chakra means that you’re just that alone is going to put more power and potency into your work, right into your spellwork. I’m hoping that makes sense. I really am. And I’m realizing that like when I pick like just one topic to share with you guys like my ability to like, go on and on for hours, I could probably ramble.


I probably could put out these these little tidbits or juicy little nuggets. So I’m not going to try to like showered, you know, put a whole bunch of other garbage on it. So why am I sharing all this? Why are we talking about the identity of a witch? Why are we talking about these labels? It doesn’t matter what kind of witch you want to claim that you are. You want to say your Psychic Witch, Kitchen Witch, and Ocean Witch Hedge Witch, a Wicked Witch, a Good Witch, a Bad Witch. I don’t care. I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. I think it’s beautiful. Whatever you claim, however, you want to label yourself. Whatever you want to say about yourself, however you want to define yourself, I’m always going to give you a huge round of applause and a hug and tell you I love you exactly the way that you are. And however that is. It just matters.


If you’re going to practice witchcraft, if you’re going to do magic, and I don’t mean dabble in it. All that matters is that you embrace the identity of the Witch of someone that has innate supernatural powers that they can invoke and call upon at any time to create magnificent transformations within their own life, or even those around them. That’s all that matters is that you embrace that identity, because your witchcraft and your magical journey are going to take you down many, many, many, many different paths. And the type of witch that you claim that you are today may not be the type of witch that you claim that you are tomorrow. And it certainly may not be the type of witch that you claim that you are a year from now. So it does not matter what type of which you refer to yourself as just claim your fucking witchy powers. That’s it. That’s all you got to do. 


So before I part ways with you today, I’m going to say, these are a couple of the witches that I am, because I do have, if anybody wants to know if my circle in my community happens to be one that you want to hang out with, right? First off, I claim myself as being an eclectic witch. That means I dabble in just about fucking everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of magical practice magical beliefs or backgrounds it’s been in, I go into all of it. Right? I’ve probably touched on every bit of it. Throughout my magical career, which is a weird word to say, in some way, shape, or form. And there’s probably a handful of other things that I still yet to even tried. So I consider myself an eclectic witch to start. If you have to look at a couple of other labels. I’m definitely a psychic witch. The divinatory powers are fierce. I’m a Kitchen Witch, I will go ahead and do magic within the kitchen, especially if I’m cooking for other individuals. I would definitely say I’m a hedgewitch Absolutely 100% Absolutely 100% of hedgewitch. And by hedgewitch I’m actually able to stand on once you know both sides of the veil, you know the upper world and the underworld so to speak. That’s a hedge which they ride the hedge.


What other kind of witches might I be? I’m a wicked witch in the wickedly mischievous and delightfully naughty sense of the wicked witch term. Definitely not mean and malicious, but, man do I love having a delightfully good time. Yeah, so I mean, those are some of mine. I’m a ceremonial witch. I do a lot of things from a ceremonial ritual, which is another one that I’ve referred to myself. So once again, that ritual versus ceremonial like, I definitely love being very methodical in a lot of my magic but on the flip side I’d also consider myself a chaos you know doing a lot of chaos magic, meaning I can pull from any type of particular energy that’s around. So yeah, those are some of the ways that I label myself.


So any that resonates with you, maybe you belong in my community. I don’t know. I don’t know. If you happen to stumble across this. I hope that you go ahead and take a look listen at some of the other episodes too. But otherwise, if you’re listening to these in order, pay attention I will be back again next week with more and in the meantime, just claim that damn which title will you because I know I am. Take care of my friends.

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