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Deepest Spirituality Podcast Season 1 Episode 9: The Spiritual Journey of Dominique Skates

Check out Dominique Skates: Dominique is an intuitive spiritual coach that strives to create non- judgmental open spaces to explore one’s life journey and he offers coaching for clients seeking guidance towards a more spiritually fulfilling life. Through his work, Dominique hopes to share the message from Source that life begins and ends with unconditional love. Specializing in the use of shadow work, Dominique looks to explore all aspects of life creating balance on one’s own life journey.


Website: https://www.thessgjourney.com/

Podcast: Growing Full Circle (available on all major podcast platforms) 


Listen closely, dear readers, whether fate or serendipity led you here matters not. What matters is that you grasp this opportunity with both hands. Don’t miss out on the profound topics we cover, for they are not meant for the faint of heart. 

Behold, the magnificent Dominique Skates, who graciously joins us in this episode to unveil the secrets of their spiritual journey. Brace yourselves, for we are about to embark on a voyage that will traverse the depths of their soul.

Join us on this expedition, fellow seekers, as we embrace the tales of a remarkable soul. Open your hearts, sharpen your senses, and be ready to discover the profound beauty that lies within the spiritual journey of Dominique Skates.

Sunshine: All right, everyone. Welcome back. We are now on episode nine, the Deepest Spirituality podcast. And we’re super excited for today. I think you know, we’ve had some, I think, the last couple of episodes, pretty serious topics and much more around concepts. I’m really excited about today though, because we’re gonna get to know a person a bit more. And so, once again, you’re here joined by your two co hosts of the diva spirituality podcast. This is Sunshine, the pink-haired psychic medium, joined by

Devin: Devin, the mindful mage.

Sunshine: Awesome reminders for all of you. If you are hearing this, for the first time it was shared with you, it was I don’t know you stumbled across it. I don’t really care how you found this. But if this is your first time, go check out other episodes of the podcast or other episodes that are out there. And we would not want you to miss any of the great topics that we cover. Because they are deep, deep best. They’re not surface level. So make sure to go ahead and it’s just a reminder to go find us on any other podcasting platforms or even up on YouTube. I’m excited for today’s guests. 


As I said, we’re gonna deep dive a little bit deeper into this particular individual’s journey of their soul and so excited to have Dominique Skates joining us today, he will be able to share a bit more of his journey as we get going. But as usual, as we start off all of these episodes, I know I’m excited. Devin, would you like to kick us off in our regular ritual?

Devin: Yes, and before we begin, I would like us all to entertain this concept of a higher self as purely a model for understanding our experience of being human. There is some benefit to imagining the higher self or the holy guardian angel as distinctly separate from our human self. However, truly, we are one being with our higher self, our inner self, and our present human self. It’s all one thing. So we just use this idea of a higher self to generate feelings of space, trust guidance wisdom, to then reintegrate those into our present self. With that in mind. 


Let’s begin. If it is safe to do so I invite you to pause right where you are. It is as comfortable as you can in your body. Get recline, or lay down a comfortable surface and I invite you before you close your eyes. Just gently look around your environment. Take it all in, take in sound. Again the light. Big in the sensations that your physical body is receiving. With your eyes still open. Let’s take three deep breaths together beginning by exhaling fully. Now inhaling deeply, fully through the nose and out through the mouth. Keeping the eyes open. Just being another deep breath in through the nose exhaling eyes still open, feeling more relaxed. One more deep breath in through the nose. Holding in at the top. 


And as you let this breath go, allow your eyes to close by yourself to sink deeply into this relaxed state of being allowing all sound and sensation allowing all thought to simply be as it is, without needing to change anything at all for now. Now I invite you to imagine I am above you, almost higher than you can imagine. There is a star that notices the color of this star and the size of this star. 


Notice the feeling of this star and the sound of this star and I invite you now to imagine that this star is a symbol of your higher self and everything that symbol represents Now, let’s imagine a brilliant cord, a beam of light shining down, down, down from all the way up from this star down, reaching you where you are now, entering through the crown of your head. 


And this brilliant beam of higher self Starlight enters through the crown of your head traveling down your entire spine, down the central column of your physical body, filling your spinal cord with this healing yourself starlight. With a deep breath in, imagine this higher self energy flowing out from your spinal cord through every nerve in your body branching out like a tree branches and roots reaching every muscle, every bone, every organ, every cell of your body countdown from three to one, this tension between you and your higher self becomes completely established three to one and you can say out loud, I am now connected to my higher self. 


I am now connected to my higher self just noticing how this feels, noticing everything that arises from this connection knowing that you are completely connected to your own Higher Self now.

Now I invite you to bring your attention back to this higher self star high above you. And imagine next to your star is another star. Just like before, notice the color of this star, the size of this star and the feeling of this star and the sound of the star. 


And I invite you to imagine that this second star is a symbol of my higher self and just like your own connection to your higher self, you can see a brilliant beam of light traveling down from my star reaching me where I am now. And in a moment, I’m going to count from one to three. As I do we will both imagine a brilliant chord of light connecting our stars together. One sending out that connection to almost their three noticing how it feels for our higher self stars to be connected now.


And we can say out loud, our higher selves are now connected. Sounds are now connected, noticing how that feels. Noticing an exchange of energy now taking place no matter where you are, no matter where I am, no matter when this episode was recorded, no matter when you might be listening. This connection is beyond time and space as we know it.Now, my favorite part is to imagine these two higher cell stars in your awareness and zoom out, zooming out, out now from these two stars, to see an entire universe full of higher self stars each one sending out its own brilliant beam of higher self energy traveling down to connect to its human form. realizing now that you are never alone, on this journey where there are infinite other beings traveling alongside you, whether you know it or not. 


And as I count down from 321 Let’s all imagine these higher selves stars, our higher self stars connected together. Form One WeBWorK. United consciousness, prosperity magic. Three, two, deep breath in and out. One remembering, remembering remembering you are one with this moment. One with your higher self. One with this entire universe and as I count now, from one to three, let’s return to our fully wakeful experience of reality. Eyes open on the number 321 Deep breath in three big sigh ha. Here we are.

Sunshine: Oh my I don’t know why that one was such a different experience this time. Devin Yeah, that was really interesting. But I’ve got to tell you, I gotta tell you this Devin before we jump into there, and get to know Dominique, because I’m afraid I’m gonna forget if I don’t say this but as I was connecting to your star, you know I think I shared with you last time some of your star was this oscillating blue and pink right and when I asked why it was like you know trying to combine the divine you know the feminine and the masculine was a big deal. 


But all of a sudden as I started connecting I started getting anger in my ear every time I could see the blue right this like anger and so I don’t know what kind of anger that you know maybe rattling around in you or what? Maybe you’re not, you know what hasn’t hit you quite yet. But yeah, that was a really interesting one and it sat on my right shoulder. The voice was like there was literally something sitting on my right shoulder into this very like that the eye there was no words but there the feeling was this jolting like this prodding to like be angry, right? Somebody being like you should think that’s not fair. That’s not right. You know, you should get angry about it. Like, you don’t need to set like this really weird thing. So I just want to share that with you because it was odd.

Devin: Wow. Thank you for sharing. Yeah, I’m sure that I will get that soon enough and my connection and I think that it’s important to remember that anger, and any other emotion is a powerful teacher, and a powerful healer and helper. We are meant to feel these emotions. And let’s not push the emotions away. Oh god no rather receive what they are telling us because even anger has its place as we are each creating our own reality.

Sunshine: Yeah, just came into mind, every emotion has a story to tell it all at once is for you to listen. Let’s go ahead and get started today. Because we’ve not even introduced our guests yet. I’m incredibly excited. We get to meet all sorts of new people. And it’s just fun. Because, you know, I’ll reiterate, Devin just did this beautiful opening and connected all of us and reminded us that we’re not on this journey alone. I mean, and these episodes cannot validate that any more when we meet and talk to all of these different deep intellectual spiritual folks. And we’ve got another one on here with us today. So Dominique skates, we’re really excited to have you with us. Why don’t you start an opening here? Tell us, tell us about yourself. Who is Dominique? And what is your spiritual journey? Been like?

Dominique: Oh, before we dive into that, I love the opening, because that’s exactly what I’m here for is to connect to intelligent spiritual people, like yourself, sunshine, and Devin. And I’m having so much fun. immersing myself. So thank you for having me on. But yes, the sorry, the question what brought me on to my spiritual journey. I have always been here. I am one of those people who I am. I say this now because I am learning it more recently than I’ve ever thought that I ever could. 


But I was blessed to have a mother who believed in her spiritual gifts. And she truly helped people with her psychic readings. And I was blessed to be in that world and understand their world at a very young age, when it was introduced to me at age seven. So the thing that prompted me was I like most people, I had a dream. And in that dream, I had a conversation with I don’t, I’m one of those people who don’t get names. There’s something that I’m working on now. But I guess names in my in my life, just something that

Sunshine: Let me share this Dominique. Right, because names I have been a practicing psychic for well over 20 years, and names are one of the most challenging things for me. And I finally asked my guides why? And they said you reach beyond space and time, which name do we give you?

Dominique: Exactly? Yeah. So when you read when you try to tell people, the first thing that I kind of think of is, I want to attach some type of name or identity to it. But it’s kind of hard, I just have to explain the experience. So, for me, I was talking to a spirit and they asked me to help them, you know, across the other side. And as a seven year old, I don’t know what that means. I don’t understand what is going on with me. And I was blessed to have a mother said to help me guide through some of those challenges with spirit early on.

Sunshine: I like that it is not enough. Why? And you had a spirit athlete tell me I don’t hear that storie I want to hear that story.

Dominique: The story is one of those that takes you down my life. With that comes acceptance as a young child, when your mother tells you something, and you feel it, and you can see it even in her life. It’s something that I believed in half heartedly. And obviously living in reality when you don’t see that. I’ll date myself, I’m 33 so that can pinpoint you to where I’m at age seven. And understanding that other people around me didn’t understand what I was going through. So when I would try to tell someone you know, I’m psychic, you know, my mother told me I’m psychic, I see things I feel things and being rejected for feeling and believing what I felt, you know those things stopped or reduced my path in a way where I decided not to trust it as much and decided to go with what was popular and what was I felt was reality. 


And as I went on, obviously, that changed. But the story goes, I recall my first the first person I ever told him psychic, I have recently moved to a new school, I was fourth grade boys bathroom, my new best friend and my new school, hey, I’m psychic, and the look, I still remember to this day, and that the shun of no you’re not, can’t be they’re not real, it’s not possible. And I felt as if there was a disconnect. Because it wasn’t that I didn’t trust who I was, I trust why they didn’t understand who I was. And as the child trying to wrestle with something so deep.


I don’t really know why I had so much trust other than I could only be who I am. And that is the path that I continue to follow, I can only be who I am. That’s what led me to where I’m at today. And trying to help people down their own journey. And I just want people to be authentic, and feel the way they feel and trust their emotions and that intuition inside of them to be there to be their guide. Because it’s all from source. And that’s my message that I continue to push. But I’ll continue with the story down the line of how I got on my spiritual journey.

Devin: Dominique. Can I pause you here for just a moment, please. Because something is said I think is very beneficial for us all to remember and practice remembering every day, which is that I can only be who I am. And that is enough. And so I just wanted to take a moment to invite us and our listeners right now to take a deep breath in and center ourselves once again. And let’s say that affirmation together, say three times together. Now I can only be who I am. And that is enough. I can only be who I am, that I can I can only be who I am. And that is one more. I can only see who I am. And that that is enough. Huh? That’s right. Thank you for pausing with me, thank you, Dominique.

Dominique: Yes, that was very beneficial. I felt my heart kind of pacing a little bit before the polls, getting very excited to tell the story. And that really brought me back and grounded me a bit. So thank you for that. I didn’t expect that. But yes, the story. So being that I do trust who I am, I still utilize some of my abilities. And the favorite story I love to tell because things happen to me. And I know it happens to a lot of people that just can’t explain it. 


It’s hard to tell someone about it. But for me that thing was I learned how to do autonomous writing. And for people who don’t know what that is, that’s an allowing source allowing spirits to guide you to the answers. And for me, as an elementary school student, when I first learned how to do this, I used it to cheat on tests. And it was something that I just thought was, it was my ticket, you know, my golden ticket and tell them a story. 


Now I recall my mother mentioning something to the effect of, you know, allowing the Spirit to guide you for things and I took it, and I used it for this purpose. And this is such a powerful story for me because I learned a powerful lesson from it. And let’s explain how I did it. When I would get a test, I usually would use it for spelling tests. That was something that was very hard for me. And it was a matter of I’m a young kid I want to play who has time to study spelling words. 


So for these tests, I would sit my pencil down, and I would close my eyes. And then I will become completely still and relaxed. And I would ask for the answers. And slowly but surely I start to feel my arms moving to the correct answers and finding the right words to say and eventually it just stopped working and I was really confused, because I was I thought, I’m psychic, these are just things that just I have, you know, this is something that just is a skill that I had that I can use to my advantage. 


But through time, I have learned that your gifts can be given to you just as quickly as they can be taken from you. And that’s a matter of being able to commit yourself and energy to the practice. And I don’t want to get too much into talking about that just yet. But learning that I had different skills, I will utilize them throughout my life. And another one of those was my connection to intuition. 


And that’s the thing that really took me down this path of how I became who I am today, my connection to my intuition, I’ve read this is something a lot of Scorpios go through with high perceptions and connections. But for me, I can always feel people’s intentions. And it’s something that I developed really strongly today. But as growing up and not understanding what that was. 


And just a side note, this wasn’t something that I could go to my mother for. For some reason, this didn’t, this conversation didn’t equate, because I didn’t understand what was going on with me. So it wasn’t anything to talk about. And what happens is, I’m very clear and sentient. And I have a strong like this, like a strong pool within my chest. And when you feel people’s intention, or if you feel like they’re not being honest with you or with themselves, it’s hard to call them out on that. 


And being, you know, just a person trying to understand life itself. You know, you have to rigorously go to school to learn, you know, your language to learn how to be social to learn about your body, when do you ever have time to learn about a feeling in your chest that no one talks about? So it was to a point where I didn’t really know how to communicate with people who weren’t being authentic with me that I felt from my own intuition. And I’ll do my best. I found that there were a lot of people. 


And that drove me to isolation. It drove me to have this desire to feel loved. And there wasn’t that I didn’t have a good home life, it was a matter of I felt like it deserved to have a level of love that I wasn’t good at. Yeah. And that goes back to ego and, you know, not loving myself. But in those moments, I thought I deserved more, and feeling depressed and feeling as if the things in my life couldn’t provide that. 


So I was so much sunken into myself, because I had a perception of the world that I couldn’t quantify. So for me, throughout my life, my main goal and passion was to understand what was my purpose? What am I here for? Why was I given these gifts? Why do I continue to have these premonitions within my dreams that came true? Why did I continue to have visions and meet different spirits? And why was this my life?

Sunshine: I mean, you have, there’s all sorts, there’s two notes that I want to comment on, you know, like, everything that you’re saying is so amazing. And there’s, there’s even like, I’m like, we should chat separately. Because I think there’s a couple of things from like the psychic ability and stuff, just some things that popped up that I’m like, my guides are saying, like you’d benefit from here and some other things too, but I want to touch on those whole gifts taken away. 


And so Devin, I can’t remember if you were you were the one that facilitated that session last with me with me last year, or if it was someone else, but Dominique I have a clear way I did like a channel, the younger session, a version of myself, I went in when I was a very younger and my guides took my gifts away from me around the age of six or seven, because I could see spirit and, you know, someone in my family decided to have an abortion. And my guides didn’t want me to see that spirit. 


And so, you know, yes, they can be taken away. Our guides are there to protect us to guide us and to help and so there was some reason you know why you have that, you know, we’re given the ability to use them and they were taken away but yeah, that’s not uncommon. Mmm. And you say, this uncomfortable feeling. And I have a very, very similar feeling. But you know what, what happened to me? Yes, I could pick up the lies or the ill intent. But I could read minds as a child. So not only that I have the like, clairsentience I could read minds. And so I could hear the literal truth. And because of this, I had a lot of people that would label me as like a No at all. A boss. Yeah, trolling, and things of that sort. 


And I had no clue like, I didn’t know what these thoughts were in my head, I didn’t have a mom that said, You’re psychic. Right? I didn’t have a mom that said that. So it was a very weird experience. And those of us that are gifted often have these signs that show up in our childhood. It really does.

Devin: Jump in here, sunshine, of course, seven, please. Well, I have a few things to say, one is dominate. Thank you so much for sharing your story. So completely, I think many of our listeners will find it very relatable. And it’s, it’s always comforting to know that there are others out there, whether we know them in person, or not, who are sharing and caring the same struggle, not to say that we hope others are sharing our struggle, but that it is yet comforting. Yeah. Something else I want to say but first, sunshine, that anger you were picking up on I think is actually very, very relevant in today’s episode. 


Because of that, that feeling that I am not getting the love I deserve as a child, not even from the people who are closest to me and supposed to be caring for me in the context of being highly sensitive, or highly perceptive, or having these psychic gifts or abilities. I think that is the just cause for anger in the human form, I really think it is. And I think making room for that anger to be forgetting how to act on the anger right now, but just holding space, to feel the anger that’s really all the emotions are asking about just to be felt.


 And to hear the story. We don’t need to act on our emotions, they are irrelevant to anyone else because we are the ones who are feeling them. And that’s our own personal experience. 100% no one else’s. And so I think I would like to invite us all to pause once again and without an affirmation this time let’s just take a deep breath in center ourselves and notice if there’s any anger that’s been knocking on the door of our perception within our own selves about the way we were treated or the ways that we have not received what we’ve wanted to receive felt like we deserved to receive at any point in our lives.


 Imagine this anger having a color, a texture and notice where it appears in the body. Notice what part of the body to present all this anger is asking of you now is to be seen and felt held in the way that you wished whoever else was involved holding you is now this anger is yours. It belongs to you. It is your responsibility to cherish this emotion and just like that we can let it go and return to the flow here.

Sunshine: And I’ve got to share mine showed up as this deep deep burgundy read that like gradient into a brighter red, and then it showed up you said textures as dragon scales and then it showed up on my back and extended across my entire body and turned me into a fucking angry dragon. Get in. Yeah. But before we even said to let it go, I took it off and set it down. So it was wow.

Devin: Everything shows up for you to dominate.

Dominique: I have not felt anger in a while. In the form that I can’t remember. So no, nothing has shown up for me.

Sunshine: Yeah, that’s amazing. I mean, it’s not very often and I’ll, I’m like, I’m like, of course, of course, you would be saying some of these things, Devin today, you know, and saying this, i Same thing down. I don’t have a lot of experience of anger now that I’ve stepped into, I think, a much higher vibrational frequency on a regular basis. But I’ve had no contact with my parents for a year and a half. 


And they are showing up for this memorial at my house tomorrow. And so the dragon was like, the showed up, that’s the vision that I kept seeing was the dragon tomorrow coming at, you know, like, oh, no, like, Oh, goodness. So yeah, definitely childhood related stuff here today. So I wish I could love this. I’m like, there’s this piece man like, Wow, maybe we just need to talk about like, our, our spiritual journeys from childhood. But we’ve got a couple other questions here, that I would love to make sure that we touch base on and, you know, I think all of us in our journey have ended up in this place. Right? 


That you are, you know, kind of right now, Dominique, where you are referring to yourself, you’re answering kind of this, this, knock on your door, but you’re you refer to yourself as a spiritual teacher. So like, what does that mean to you to be a spiritual teacher? What does it mean, to show up in this world, and offer knowledge, you know, from a spiritual perspective?

Dominique: The spiritual teacher, it’s, it’s, it’s a label. But, and that’s kind of what it means to me. And I have wrestled with it. Right now, right? In my life, I am trying to dissolve the term teacher, from what I do, I’m more of a coach. And my thoughts on that have aligned with what I want to do is to show people that they have the power within themselves to find the answer. And I am not looking to teach them how to be spiritual. I would like to coach and guide them on their spiritual path with different tools that we all use and love. But the answer to the healing comes from self. And that’s not something that I can teach you, but I can coach. So to answer your question, I chose this path, because my intentions have evolved into a simple, pure feeling of wanting to just help people. 


I have discovered something in my life, that I would say, I don’t I don’t get my emotions don’t rule me, they don’t define me, I am in complete control of who I am, and how I feel, and creating my own reality, and the joy and the happiness and the love that I feel, from connecting to source and connecting to other people. I would like to share that, because in my experience, I found a lot of people who are looking for that. 


And if my experience and the knowledge that I have, if I can share that then that is something that I am willing and open to do. It hasn’t always been that way. I have been pushed by sources to be a leader and overcome fear. But that has been a part of my journey. And I am just now confidently able to present myself as being my authentic self and understanding that my journey is a path of love. So that’s why I chose to do what I do.

Sunshine: I love it. I am you know, you said that there are a lot of people that you’re seeing that you’d like us and help that support. And so this is just something that I know we chatted about before we kind of started jumping into this recording, but something that’s popping into my mind right now. You know, we may have folks that are listening in wondering like, you know, I have that calling, should I do this? Should I do that? And, you know, I do think that there are sometimes people like Dominique you’re saying you had to know kind of to gain that confidence and face those fears. 


I think sometimes it’s really easy for people to talk themselves out of it. Because there are other people that do this. Why? Why? What makes me better? What makes me so curious, do you? Do you think like, I mean, if you were to give advice to anyone right now that was contemplating, you know, stepping in down the same path as you to like, leverage their gifts or their skills or their experience to help go coach or guide or mentor folks, you know, what would you tell folks if, if they were hesitating or fearful of getting into it, or thinking that maybe there’s too many folks already out there, I’m not going to make a difference? What’s your advice for them on that?

Dominique: My advice is to always look internally and not outside of yourself. That’s where your answers are going to be. And always be authentic. And that’s the main message. So for me, one, maybe if it’s probably the thing that I have the most joy with is meditation. So I do meditation for fun. So this isn’t a job or that looking to achieve something by helping people, it is just a part of who I am authentically. 


So my advice is if, if you find something that you truly enjoy, that you utilize for yourself, see if it’s something that you are open to sharing. Because more often than not, you’ll find people and find value in the things that you find value in, and you can find that you’re able to help them. So do something that’s fun. And don’t try to make it a job, or something you feel like you should do. Trust your intuition, trust your source, trust your education and follow your heart.

Sunshine: I love that. I do I really love that a lot. I’m curious what your thoughts are. And I’d actually love for all of us to kind of share why why do you think people are called to this right? We hear it a little bit of your story. But why do you think so many people are being you know, are drawn to this path are drawn to this path of service of help of, of being you know, there to guide why why do you think that people are, so many of us are being called to step into that path.

Dominique: It’s a part of that awakening, we are I feel we are in a time where we have an abundance of information. And you can only hide truthful information for so long, in my opinion. So I feel that more people have gotten access to the truth, whether it’s mixed in with things that aren’t really reading the reality, they still are able to consume some truth. And with that they are able to go inside themselves or find answers and work those out. So they are coming to understand their connection with others. 


And that connection is for me and my experience this connection to Source from what I feel, and through my journey. When I connect there is nothing but unconditional love. There hasn’t been any other feeling other than the knowledge that I get from understanding the perspectives and the love that I feel from that same feeling of understanding perspectives. So that self love that I feel hasn’t turned low for everyone else. So I think people are being called because they too have felt the love for everyone else. And they would like to share that.

Sunshine: I love it Dominique, Devin, how about you? Why do you think so many folks are being called towards these paths nowadays.

hold on a second Devin, You’re getting a little robotic voice there.

Devin: Oh, can you hear me now?Thanks, that’s a funny thing to happen based on what I was gonna say. I think modern ways of living. Leave a lot to be desired. And sort of connecting this to what we talked about before. Sometimes it can feel like the world is not treating me like I deserve to be treated. I’m not fine. meaning what I’m looking for. Out here. It almost conceals, devoid of, of substance. Meaning. 


And, like Dominique has said, beautiful. I think having a real experience of that, however, that appears for someone in their life is a powerful invitation to look within, for the answers, after not finding what I seek out there. I think that’s a really powerful catalyst for people to turn towards something more spiritual. And, you know, that’s a label, right? It’s a flavor of reality. I remember. I remember times, long ago, when there actually was no separation between the material and the spiritual world. 


There was no notion of God, or the divine or spirit, because everything existed just in the moment, a kind of non dualistic Aliy, where there was a sense of reverence, permeated everything. And so there was no need to have these concepts of the higher self or a god or savior or Ascended Masters or anything like this. The thing was just sort of one together like that. And now do we live in a more dualistic experience of reality? It is useful to play with these concepts of higher selves and divine and separation, so that we can reunite but primarily reunite with our own self, because that is the gateway to unity with all things. So I think people are just feeling that pull of that magnetic attraction.


Sunshine: Yeah, no, I mean, as both of you, you’re kind of chatting, I was seeing what was coming up. And like, some of the words that I wrote down, you know, for me as to why I think so many folks are being called, you know, whether it’s just to start their own journey. But I think there are many of us that are being called to help other people along their journey. Some of the things I wrote down as the world is a bit fucked up right now. Let’s be real, right? Like, someone just, you know, we had people pay lots of money to go dive under the ocean, you know, we’re totally dating this, this when this podcast was recorded. 


And they didn’t make it like I you know, just like how like, little fucked up Ness like that, let alone like this riot and France and the world is just a bit fucked up. And I think because of that, more and more folks are recognizing that like, this isn’t the world they want to live in, they want change, right? And you might have some of them on one side of that fence that are much more concerned. Like, I want to go back to the old days and you know, they might be much more regressive in their thought process.


 But there are a lot of folks that I think are stepping in and these folks that are you know, answering this calling are in that more progressive you know, they want that change for the better they want that change for that higher vibrational they, they want to experience the you know, the emotions of love and you know, peace and hope. And it’s funny it was I’d written it before you even kind of made this comment Devin but people want below the surface, right? They’re tired of you know, the masks, the masquerades, you know, just I told you that it’s like, you know, I said it so it is true, you know, this kind of magical manipulation of the news and all that kind of stuff.

Devin: The bread and circuses.

Sunshine: yeah, you know, and so the last note that I put down is people I think are driven like we are hardwired for the question why you know, why why why this and you know, as a child all the way through and so at some point you know, I think educated out of us, that’s exactly it like don’t worry about that like and so there becomes a point that all of the world’s fucked up we want change you want you know, you’re not settled with the easy answers and so you want the deep why tell me why like, 


I’m not going to settle for your surface level excuse anymore. Yeah, Dominique, you said that you really love meditation. I’m curious. What do you love doing with other people like when you say that you want to help, and you’re driven to help and things like that? Is that meditation something that you’re doing with folks? Are you trying to teach folks like, how do you really love showing up with other people and helping them?

Dominique: Yeah, meditation is a great way to do that. I have a couple of guided meditations coming up, where we’ll lead a group and discussions and meditations where we are open to discuss their journeys. And the meditations will be guided based on discussions that we have, and being able to really work on ourselves in a group and community setting. So I love to just be a part and to show up as a way of helping people and to share my experiences. 


So allow people to feel connected. Because at the end of the day, I feel community is very powerful for something where we have all experienced it in some way. And at certain point, I know, I’ve met a lot of people who felt like I felt and feeling alone with their gifts, and being able to show up to let them know that I, I don’t judge you, I completely accept who you are, and your experiences, and I am interested to see what happens. Because I am someone who just truly enjoys life, and wants to be a part of it, any moment I can get, and life is about spending it with other people.


 So that’s why I show up. But in other ways, I have a very strong connection to my intuition. So I do a lot of coaching, allowing people to guide themselves in a way to do their own answers through different tools and techniques like journaling, or, you know, helping them to see that you just need to walk today, you know, no need to set fire or something. And just allow them to remember that the tools are there. And to help them utilize them how from my experience the best way I know again.

Sunshine: I love it so much. Is there anything that you like to shy away from or, you know, that’s just not your cup of tea, you know, I know is a psychic medium for me, there are some folks that have very strong psychic abilities, but shy away from doing mediumship. That’s just not what they’re, they’re cool with any any any like boundaries that you have, when it comes to what you want to explore or folks that you want to work with or anything of that nature.

Dominique: I don’t really have boundaries, eyes seek to just be authentic and everything I do. So if it’s not something that I have experienced with or uncomfortable with doing, then that’s something I’m gonna shy away from. Mediumship is one of those things I have, I don’t have a strong connection to. So that’s something that I don’t do. But I utilize the things that have helped me and the things that I have practiced. So it’s not a matter of saying no to anything, it’s a matter of me living in reality, and just helping people the best way I know I can as authentically as I can.

Sunshine: Well, I’ve got to tell you that this message is coming through. You can take it how you want. But what’s being said to me is don’t shy away from them, lean into them in your authentic self and tell people, I don’t have a lot of experience in that. But let’s explore that together. Let’s see where this could go. Because I think you’re a man that loves to learn. And there are people that will allow you to learn with them.

Dominique: Well, that’s what I am discovering. I recently got a partnership with a group of people and they are truly amazing, the awkwardness. They have allowed me to be able to explore my gifts, in a setting where we are all Lightworkers and practitioners who are looking to practice and understand from one another.


 And that opportunity is open to I truly for me because as you said, it is something that I lean into and say it’s not something that I’ve had a bunch of experience in but let me see if I could tap into it with you so that it’s a joy and it goes back to me saying community is so strong. So in meeting people, even connecting to this podcast, you have become a part of a community with people who are able to share their story and it’s powerful. It leads you down your journey in a more fruitful way. Even fast track if you will versus someone who just tries to do the work on their own. This really helps tremendously a lot.


Sunshine: I go back to the opening ritual that Devin does, you know, connecting all of our stars to each other. And so I like to think that that community is a reflection of all of those stars that you’re connected to. And once you have that connection, you can pull anything, you know, and lean on your community for all that help and guidance, right. That’s how Devin and I met in a, you know, spiritual program. 


And I mean, to this day, I still lean on those folks for love and kindness. I literally as we were chatting, have one of them that just walked in my door upstairs to be here with me for my, you know, my friends, my ex partners, Memorial tomorrow. So that community is such a key in this journey. And I think that’s one of the reasons why Devin and I are here doing this podcast to help connect.

Devin: Yeah, it’s very easy. I noticed in myself and I imagined for others as well. I recall, you dominate, saying that you went through a period of your life like this, it’s easy to pin the toward isolation on this path. Yeah, it’s, it can feel like, wow, I’m just too weird. To fit in anywhere. I’m a lone wolf now. And just, it’s just me and my higher self, , or whoever..

Sunshine: And take pride in that. Right. Like Devin, like, let’s like people will not just say that, but they’ll take pride in it. Like, I don’t need anyone, I’m independent.

Devin: It is a part of their identity. Yeah, exactly. We’ll slap another label on their beingness and say, exactly, I’m independent. I don’t need anyone. I’m no one’s bitch. You know, whatever. Doesn’t matter. It’s like, I’m in this alone. And that just nobodies are all spells? Yeah. casting spells. 


Yep. Words have power, you are creating your reality. I would much rather be a part of a beautiful thriving community of people who share connections that nourish me on the level of mind, body, and spirit. And we are all working together to create a world that reflects those feelings of love and acceptance, and also responsibility and truth and authenticity. That’s the reality that I am fasting into being

Sunshine: One of the affirmations I wrote last month, Devin, was that I am surrounded by people that mutually love, support and respect each other. So it is. We’ve talked, you know, we’ve talked a bit here today, about many of your journeys and what you’ve gone through and how you’re here to help some folks. And I’m just wondering if maybe there’s a way or something that comes into mind right now, I would have the statement, you state that you seek to spread love and trust in the world. 


And I like to like, I like to think of this as individuals that are called to share these messages, that these messages become ripples, right, that when this message is shared, that it ripples, and this has this effect to extend and expand across, you know, many, many, many folks and circles and things of that nature. So, Dominique, for any of our listeners that are here, right now listening, and you know, maybe they have fallen into that pattern of isolation, or they have fallen into this pattern of thinking they can handle it alone, or they don’t need anyone else. What would you say to these folks to help them be able to embrace more love and connection in their life?

Dominique: I would say face the journey. That is the one caveat, I would think is that it doesn’t stop. Even in my life the way I feel I feel as if I’ve done so much work on myself that deep that I’m in so much control. But that doesn’t stop the work. Because I am human. And I still am plagued by certain thoughts that don’t align or don’t identify within my character. And that is a part of the work of continuing to remember where you come from? Remember how you’ve got through this journey. 


Remember, how you connected in the first place. And understanding that this is something that is about balanced life is balanced, is there’s always going to be a tug a pool pushing for a contradiction. And that’s where the work comes in. So the isolation keeps you stuck, keeps you in a place where you don’t grow anymore. So my, again, my response is to continue to journey, continue to do the work. 


And you will eventually find the things that you see the things that you have gone wrong, comfortable with existing in, you begin to break down out of that box. And being a president is so much deeper than just the word language is so powerful, as you mentioned, sunshine, it, it goes so deep, that it gets hard to quantify in a way where you can only experience it, the present is more than just the day. 


The present is a feeling within your emotions, that you are able to let go and detach, and be truly existing within that love that you feel for yourself. And in turn, you will begin to understand that you are connected to everyone in a way where that same self love can be unconditionally given to others. And that’s, that’s the path that I have experienced in my life.

Sunshine: Yeah, I know I love that so much I get there’s a whole slew of things that are like flashing around in my head. And I’ll share the one kind of perspective that comes to mind for folks that I may gravitate towards or lean towards, like, this isolation, or I’ve got this and I don’t need help. And, you know, what am I going back to? We talked about childhood, right? And think about that, think about as a child, would you really have felt happiness and joy alone and by yourself?

Dominique: Could you learn the world, you know, the people around you provide the information for you to understand and exist in reality. You know, coming in and coming out, you don’t even understand how to communicate in your language, you have to hear that. And you had to understand how to convey the things that you feel. So someone else can understand that. So I always say no one can do it alone. It’s impossible. it took help for you to even arrive here. So there’s no way that anything, anything you can do can be done alone.

Sunshine: We do not come into this life without help. And we do not exit this life without help. Like, we cannot take our casket and roll it into the crematorium. We cannot take our casket and put it down into the ground. Right like we are always relying upon both in the very beginning and the very end other people in our life. And so you know, to rob yourself of that.That human right. Just the truth seems like a very selfish thing to do to yourself.

Dominique: Yeah. You get lost in your own perspective.

Sunshine: Yeah. Devin, anything else? I’m just you know, passion nominee. This has been amazing.

Dominique: I’m having fun. I truly enjoy being here. You both are amazing people and it’s a joy to talk to your boss. Thank you for having me here.

Devin: We can feel your joy. palpable. Thank you for being here.

Dominique: Yeah, I tell people this is what I truly enjoy doing. Saul’s talking to you about it existing in living in it. I’m truly living a dream. I speak and I’m choosing to be a leader because of the joy that I have in the field and the experiences that I have. And it’s awesome. I am someone who has created his own reality. 


And I have got everything that I’ve asked for. And I am chilling. That’s why I love it because every day really, the two things that I wanted in this lifetime. As I mentioned before, I wanted to understand the meaning of life. And I got the answer through source and understanding that that was all about the love and sharing that I have been down that path and I have nothing but joy. The second one was understanding romantic love, and source bless people. My twin, my twin Flame. And that was such a challenging relationship on the offset. And it was because of the spiritual connection. And I say that everything in my life came true as I created my own reality.


 I’m a person who loves challenges. I didn’t want the mundane. I wanted the top echelon, I wanted the highest love that they say. And that was something that I was giving something that I had no clue even existed. And it was something that was given to me. My partner taught me unconditional love. It wasn’t my experiences on my journeys, it was meeting somewhere who put all my shit back to me, that made me open my eyes to what my journey truly is. And I’m set for life. I have nothing but joy, and love to share. And that’s what I’ve continued to try to do.

Sunshine: Keep some of my psychic abilities and put songs in my head. So of course, the big Shawn blessing song is running through my head. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but it’s, you know, I feel blessed. This is the lyric and that’s what’s playing in my head right now. Dominique, as you’re talking is like, you know, this, I feel blessed.

Dominique: Yeah, um, I’m really curious, because I know, I’ve talked a lot about myself today. Um, I am curious to hear more about, hopefully your journeys. I know we talked a lot about childhood. So sunshine, would you mind sharing a little bit about your gifts? Because you said you read minds? And I’m curious to see, how did that go for you? Did you uncover secrets that you couldn’t tell? Or how did that happen?


Sunshine: Yeah, I mean, there’s all sorts of things that have happened. And, you know, I learned in it. I learned probably in my, like, mid 20s heart that, like, it wasn’t my place. Right. You know, it’s really hard. Because, you know, I’d read minds, I would see these truths. And you know, and when I was younger, I would try to call people out on that shit. Like, I know, you’re upset. And I’m like, No, I’m not like, Yes, you are. And then I get into a fight. Right? And, or, you know, I know you, whatever it is. 


And so with that, like, I had to learn that it wasn’t my place, right? Maybe they weren’t ready for it. Maybe they hadn’t accepted it. Maybe it really wasn’t their truth. It was their ego talking to them. Right. And so yeah, it’s used to cause me a lot more issues than it does. I don’t get like many secrets very often. Mostly because I don’t keep a lot of people around me that requires secrets. Yeah. You know, but I do. 


You know, I’ve had instances where it has really challenged me in relationships, you know, as far as my own psychic abilities, all of my psychic abilities are pretty strong. You know, I’ve got clear vision, clear, hearing, clear feeling, you know, I can feel as a medium. It’s the it’s usually only spirits that come through and scent and taste. But I can smell things that don’t exist in tastings, which is the weirdest thing. Give a match. That’s like probably the most awkward like to be sitting there and be like, I remember. I’ll tell you this. I can’t imagine you’ve ever heard this story, Devin. But two years ago, I conducted my first seance around Halloween, and it was a like a sold event. You know, so people had tickets, and I didn’t have a whole slew but I had a table of folks that sat at the seance table. 


And you know, we pull a couple of people forward and I’m like, Oh, gross. I’m like, Who in the world has someone that likes black licorice? Anise, I’m like, This is disgusting. All I can taste. And then I see of course, the like, good plenties box. And like the moment I showed up, one of the people at the table goes, my grandmother always had plenty in her purse. And I’m like, well, here she is. And I mean, I like trying to get this. I mean, it’s one thing I’ve had honey show up. I’ve had lemons, bananas, but like having something that you despise tasting is not nice.

Dominique: So how did you develop your gifts? Is this something that you’ve just always been connected to? Or is it something over time you become more adept with?

Sunshine: Well, you know, it’s interesting. I’ll tell you one thing. My I’m, you know, I’m a, I’m a lifelong teacher. I’ve been teaching folks since I was a little kid, thus some of the nodal shit that was said to me. But I find that I learned best through teaching. And so a lot of times if I put that ahead of like, hey, somebody else wants to learn X Right, or somebody has asked me is this possible, I will then start to talk to my guides.


 A lot of my abilities and my initial psychic abilities were around just clairvoyance. And so you can get a lot out of pictures, right? It wasn’t until I decided to really practice strengthening my abilities. And I would just work with my guides, I would ask them for, you know, how can I do this? How can I do that? And I, frankly, when you start listening to source and just stop living, you when you finally decide that it’s not like, you really aren’t in control, like your higher self is, and like, you just kind of get to hang out and just enjoy life. 


Things become really kind of spectacular. So yeah, no, I and I literally, this is part of what I do right now is I mentor people that want to awaken their own gifts. And you know, for example, someone this past week was, has been struggling with some medical issues. And I’m like, did you ask your guide, and she’s like, I’m, she’s like, you know, me, I always second guess, when we first start to learn something. And I said, alright, well, we’ve got a session on Monday, I said, we’ll be practicing medical intuitive skills. So cool. Thank you for telling me and, you know, I’ll allow my guides to divinely, you know, inspire how I teach and come Monday.

Dominique: That’s amazing. medical readings and being medically intuitive. That’s one of those things that I have been so amazed by even looking into your birth chart has information about your medical condition, and how your life can progress. And it’s such a great tool to just be prepared for yourself. And, and I find it so fascinating that you can benefit your own life by looking into stars that way, even from a medical perspective. So someone said, but even from my experience, 


I’ve had terrible back pain most of my life. And it helped me through my journey because I’ve discovered yoga and learning how to do breath work. And that really unlocked some things inside of me and was able to relieve that back pain, and even getting readings and telling me some of my back pain was related to accessories and being able to go and understand what that meant. And my back pain isn’t as intense as it has been, it continues to gradually decrease the more work I do. And it’s just so great to experience things like that, in a metaphysical world that affects your physical

Sunshine: As above, so below. Devin, why don’t you share with us because I know I just shared a little bit with Dominique, about  you know, I mean, I think Devin personally is just as gifted as a psychic as I am. He just shows up differently for him.

Dominique: I was moving right to it because I’m curious, that mindful maze when I first saw that, I’m like, okay, so he has a title. And I need to ask him about it. So Devin, could you please share?

Devin: Yeah, I can. I’ll first respond to the comment. Sunshine just made. I believe that although I don’t have the framework, or I don’t have the context for understanding, the way that I perceive the world is psychic. Although I, I over the past few years, I have been kind of unpacking what feels like a little gift box that my we could say my unconscious mind my guides, my helpers kind of packed away for me they prepared this little gift package when I was younger to open up when I was older and actually ready to look at all this stuff. 


And a lot of it I have been realizing is wisdom maybe in a layer sessions kind of way. Wisdom from previous lives, wisdom that just is and gifts that I didn’t have the capacity or the environment. Cultivated when I was younger, just because no one around me My parents, no one in my family, I can think of one relative who was blood related, who kind of understood me spiritually. Now, in my school, no one in my peer group, there wasn’t anyone in the physical world who I could talk to about the way I perceive the world. And I think most of my perceptions came through in what we could just say, emotional perception, 


I could feel things far stronger than anyone I know. Or at least, they would tell me about how they were feeling or anything like that, and just being a very, very highly sensitive boy. Yeah. And it’s just, there was no room for it, really. So I feel like a lot of that was packed away. And I kind of was just a normal, although somewhat serious kid who harbored a lot of anger with unknown origin. wasn’t wasn’t, it was mine. But at the same time, it wasn’t really. And so early on, I didn’t explore any of this explicitly, any of the so-called spiritual and metaphysical stuff explicitly. 


However, I have always been deeply connected to music, and not even music that other people make. I mean, I was humming and singing and banging on pots and pans and beatboxing and making all sorts of musical rhythmic sounds. For as long as I can remember. And I feel like that inner music, all the music of my soul, which has evolved, continually evolving, like a radio station, just plays new stuff all the time. carried me through a lot of that. And it gave me something to really think into, I was able to just understand music intuitively. I don’t know music theory, I don’t know how to read music.


 I studied piano for seven years when I was younger, you know, briefly went to school for music micro back. But that connection to music, and sound and rhythm, I think, was my connection to God, or source or spirit. It was the metaphor that I use to communicate. Just how I’m feeling with what’s happening around me. And I got really good at seeing patterns, identifying patterns, connecting dots. And I think in addition to that way that it has served me, my musicality has served me . I hesitate to use this word, but I’ll use it for convenience’s sake, as a protective technology, or protective mechanism. Because I’ve always been connected to sound. And even if I’m not producing with my vocal cords, sound is happening. 


And there is sound beyond my range of hearing, there’s sound that gets generated just from my thought that I am making sound. And that gave me something too funny as I’m invited to share this sort of new information that’s coming through that I haven’t really thought about before. But that connection to sound gave me the knowledge with the knowledge beyond a doubt that I have the ability to create something purely from my own energy without being influenced, or as little as possible, influenced by anything else around me. No consumption, pure creation. 


This is my vibration that I am generating. Long Wawa and just playing with sounds like that. It’s very, very, very powerful. And that’s come back to me over the recent years. And besides that, I went through a massive awakening which felt like a psychotic episode 10 years ago, a little more than 10 years ago now, and one of the major gateways that broke me out of the mold and kind of answered a lot of my questions was was psychedelic medicine, my own explorations in psychedelic experiences and integrating those experiences, and they brought me to the edge, it brought me to the edge of my sanity. And at that moment from that edge, in addition to doing a whole bunch of other soul searching, and traveling and integration work, I began to practice mindfulness meditation. 


And I remember, rather than my breath being my focus, at first, I would focus on sound, sound dampening, inspired by some lecture that Alan Watts gave that I found on YouTube is less listening, listening, listening, listening, opening, receiving, listening, observing. And that helps my mind to really chill out and from everything I’ve learned from that whole journey. It’s part of my mission to educate. But when I say educate, I mean, the true sense of the word educate, which means to draw forth from within. Educate means to point in to inner knowledge, not to prescribe doctrine or dogma on to someone else. I seek to educate and empower people in their relationship with their own mind. 


I believe that the mind rather than being a hindrance on our path of enlightenment, or awakening is the most powerful instrument that we have at our disposal. And it can be an excellent servant, it can be a great friend. And it can be an ally, a powerful ally, when we learn how to actually relate with the mind in a holistic and integrative way, and we allow the mind to serve us from its place as a servant, we have to become the master. So that’s a lot of what I do at the mindful age. And other than that, I really just help people to be where they are. Because now is where we are most powerful.


 We’re stuck in the future stuck in the past, there is no free will, outside of the present moment. We must be in the present moment to exercise our free will. I help people be here now. And realize that just by being here, now, that’s the only thing you really need to do. Because we don’t need to go looking for our trauma, or our wounds, or anything that needs to be healed, when we are fully grounded and present. And already, those parts of us will just arrive, because we’re resourced enough to, to heal them. And so it’s so very simple, it can be very simple.

Dominique: At resonate , I truly resonate. And I love how you mentioned connecting the dots. And I selfishly love to talk more about mindfulness, because that’s another thing along my journey that really triggers a lot of awareness for me. And in your work, showing people we’re introducing into mindfulness, could you go into some of the shifts that you encounter with certain people when they are beginning to truly be present? 


Because it’s something in my journey that I too, would like to be able to educate people more, and not only to help them spiritually, because I believe that is a primary road to truly awaken to who you are. But even existing within reality, I’ve always felt by a foot is great for everyone. And as you see it in today’s type of culture of meditation and mindfulness, it is so prevalent because it works. And I just love to hear more thoughts from you regarding the changes you see with people in life on this.

Sunshine: I do want to hear some of the change out but this has popped into my head. So I want to share sometimes, I think people have a hard time recognizing that they’re not living in the present, right? They’re like I’m alive. What do you mean, I’m not in the present moment, right? And so I always I always go back to this statement that I learned a long, long time ago, and I’m guessing maybe both of you are aware of it or maybe it’s a new thing. But when you find yourself I’m experiencing anxiety. Or in patterns of like you, you find like you get in this overactive mind of what if? Right? 


That’s often you being focused on the future, not the present. And when people are experiencing symptoms of depression, and reflective of like, you know, Devin, you said, like, you know, reliving or trying to work through our own trauma or things of that nature, it’s often an indicative of living in the past. And so I personally like to share though, you know, that when people start talking about the present moment, and because I think any of us that are called to do this kind of work aren’t trying to help people with this, like living in the moment. For me personally, those are some of the biggest shifts I’ve seen, is people being able to let go of the anxiety that they once were overwhelmed or plagued by, so to speak, or even the depression that they, you know, would have been suffering from so that’s, that’s my witness that I wanted to share is that was rattling around in my head.

Devin: Yeah, thank you. I’ll preface this by saying, I’m not very well read on modern human scientific research about mindfulness. Mostly because I’m not interested in it. Modern human science is catching up to ancient wisdom that’s been around for 1000s of years. I like to experience things directly. Because that is the only way to truly know something, to have an experience of it. Everything else is just hearsay. 


Everything else is hearsay. Maybe I might put forth some intention and energy into studying the known biology and chemistry of mindfulness and all that. I can’t say for sure. But some positive changes that I see happen in others, especially in myself as well. Is a feeling, a felt sense of greater capacity to experience. It feels like there’s more room for everything for sensations, both pleasure and pain. It feels like there’s more room for emotions, all that anger. And it feels like there’s more time as well. Our felt perception of time expands or contracts depending on how, how one is influencing their attention and awareness. 


I’m feeling yep, yep. So there’s also there’s a lot less anxiety and depression than sunshine. There’s more trust, not necessarily in anything that is a part of this material world. But there’s more trust in oneself. There’s more trust in one’s own connection with the Divine are guides or helpers or earth or sun or sky or the universe or whatever we want to call it. And there’s a lot more peace. More peace? Yeah. That doesn’t mean things are boring. By the way,

Dominique: That is a very that is something that is a very common misconception.

Sunshine: Yeah, piece just means that it’s funny. I’ve been writing some emails. And yesterday I got this picture of the, like witches in the like, good and chaos, you know, the neutral versus chaos versus good and lawful and all that kind of chart if you know the one I’m talking about. And people don’t don’t always think like you don’t have to have chaos in your life. You can actually have, you know, excitement and joy and happiness without chaos. It’s not required.

Devin: He talked about the alignment chart.

Sunshine: I think it’s like a lawful, good law.

Devin: It’s used a lot in role playing games. Yes. Create your character.

Sunshine: Yeah, you don’t have to like, you can have peace and not have kids and like not be boring, right? Because you still have the good and the joy and the fun and the excitement. It means excitement is not still involved with peace, just that I can hear it as a sound that is staticky like, you know, this weird sound, it’s what it’s sounding in my head.

Dominique: It really seems as if that is something that people have really attached themselves to and thinking that he’s somehow is going to be a detriment and an outcome to learn. It’s, you know, it’s us grasping on to, you know, the current and not being open to changing and other people’s perspectives and other presenters for their own life. And understanding that change is not always bad, you know, there’s change propels us to a better future.

Sunshine: My belief is that people become addicted to it, right? You know, I have, I’m a recovering alcoholic. I do a third step prayer. I pray for all of those folks that are still suffering from addiction, whether that addiction is drugs, alcohol, sex, chaos, violence, drama, shopping, food, sugar, whatever is robbing them from living their best possible life.


 And I pray that they find the courage that they need to take the steps towards a life filled with more peace, love, happiness, hope, joy and prosperity. Yeah. Yeah, so you know that chaos becomes an addiction. That’s an energetic current that they rely upon in order to feel alive. And that’s a fine choice for some folks, not my preferred path.

Dominique: I prefer up relaxing life with joy and love

Sunshine: This has been incredible. I’ve just got to thank you again, Dominique, for joining us today. I’d love to learn a bit about your journey where you’re at what you’re doing, you know, I’m, I’m a huge fan. I say, if I could wave a magic wand and turn every single person in this world into a healer, you know, into a spiritual teacher, I would because I believe the world would be a much better place if that is the case. Yes. So I love it so much. Devin is a joy to be here. Yeah, definitely. Anything else? Devin? Before I ask Dominique to kind of sign herself off anything else you want to share?

Devin: There is one thing that’s been nagging at me. Yes. Ever since we were talking about what it was like being a lone wolf and choosing to isolate and all that stuff. And I think he made a comment like, and cutting himself off from all that love and connection seems like a very selfish thing to do. And there’s this thing nagging at me and Dominique, you’ve used the word selfish as well. 


And I want to leave on this note of what it really means to be selfish because that word has a negative connotation, a bad a bad reputation, to be selfish. And I, I feel that being self is absolutely necessary on the spiritual path, especially when we don’t see anything outside of ourselves. To communicate that what we are feeling is valid at all. Or we need to know that we need to make some steps to change our life in some way. For the better to better our own selves and and follow and walk that path of joy and love. It is a very selfish act. So I’m just curious about sunshine and Dominique. What are your final thoughts about this concept of selfishness of being selfish, maybe in relation to being selfless?

Dominique: Okay, for me, I completely sense with what you’re saying Devin? Because I truly believe you need to be selfish on this journey. I guess going back to what I said earlier about my life and not feeling like I’m receiving the love that I deserve through the work and I was to source I found that I needed to be selfish, in order to find that love that I was looking for. And I found it within myself, and learned to love who I am.


 And learning to love, the things that I’ve experienced and the emotions that I feel strong, I feel them everything that encompasses who I am. I’ve learned to love that. And it took a lot of me being selfish and saying no, and having to isolate in order to discover that love for myself. So selfishness, as you put it, does get a bad rap, sometimes, but like anything in life, I truly don’t believe there is a good or bad, it’s really a matter of context and perspective. And selfish is another example of that, as it can be used for both positive and negative outlooks.

Sunshine: I was thinking a very similar thing, like I don’t put I don’t term words as being good or bad. Right words, words have no duality to them. They’re just words. It’s the human that puts the duality into it. And so, yeah, selfish, there are points and times that selfishness is going to benefit you. And there are points in time that selfishness is not going to benefit you. Right? If I am, this is a very dramatic example that they’re putting into my head. 


But if me and five people are on a deserted island, and I find food, and I’m not willing to share it, I’m going to be selfish, right? Because it’s my survival and all that kind of stuff. What that may mean is that somebody else when they find food, and I don’t, don’t share, right, they don’t provide that kind of connection. 


And so like, selfishness, in that regard, may not help support me, it may not continue the longevity of my life to the, to the extent that it could be if I was to share, and to be, you know, more self less, and, you know, in my, in, in my journey, but on the same same instance, that selfishness is like, if you had an allergic reaction to every other thing that was on the island, and the only thing that you could eat was pineapples. Right? Is that selfish? You know, is it, you know, improper to, you know, eat the pineapple and say, Hey, listen, I won’t eat anything else. So yeah, 


I think that selfishness has a place, especially as Dominique is stating, when we are on our, the beginning part of our journey, and we are trying to recognize and realize, you know, because my experience is most folks, when they first stepped on those paths are not very good at setting boundaries to allow themselves the space that they need to be who they are, right, exactly who they are. And that it’s enough at that time. And so it requires selfish selfishness, right? It requires that, you know, only looking, but if you keep down that path, thinking that you can do this alone, you don’t need anyone else, and you continue down this selfish path. At that point, it may not be serving you anymore. So it’s, it’s I think, Dominique said, you know, it’s the context around it. If you’ve healed those wounds, are you willing now to be vulnerable enough around other people to extend the next leg of your journey? 

Devin: Yes, that’s my answer to that question.

Sunshine: Well, again, we are just about this is the longest that we have gone and I’ve loved every bit of it, that I want you to take an opportunity, are there places that people can find you if they wanted to look for you if they wanted to, you know, they dug you they liked your vibe, they liked the way you spoke about things, how do they find you? How do they connect with you? How do they, you know, not let you be selfish and keep all of your lovely, wonderful knowledge to yourself?

Dominique: Yes, you can find me by checking out my website is the S S. G. journey.com. stands for shadow, spiritual guidance. Again, I am a spiritual coach. I am looking to spread love. If you have a goal and are looking for any type of guidance, seek me out, have free consultations, get to know one another and see if it’s something that I can possibly help you with. If you don’t want to do that, we can also have events where you can come check me out in person or online. 


We can have open discussions and really build a community and talk with one another. Because again, I’m looking to simply help people in any way that I can. And by reaching out and having conversations I hope that I will be able to bring you joy so check me out. Again Come on meetup, typing in shadow spiritual guidance and you can find us for any your bits that have plans such as guided meditations or discussions, or check out my website at SSD SSD journey.com

Sunshine: I love it so much, so much. Thank you.

Dominique: Thank you. This has been a wonderful experience. I was excited to come on and it was well worth the weight and the excitement. You both are tremendous people and I am truly blessed to have been able to hold this space with both.

Sunshine: Yes, the feeling’s mutual. Well, we are gonna go ahead and wrap up in the same way that we do every single week. We are here right now on this podcast, encouraging each and every one of you that are listening. To always find your own path, follow your own path into your own deepest spirituality. So with that much love from me.

Devin: And me too.

Sunshine: Much love from all of us. May all of you have a beautiful rest of your day and we will see you again soon.


Get to know the co-hosts Sunshine and Devin

Rev. Devin Ryback, also known as The Mindful Mage, is a Personal Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist who helps people awaken their true magick and create powerful personal connections with the Divine in all things. Combining mindfulness, hypnosis, and over a decade of spiritual practice and experience, Devin shows up as a wise guide on the healing path for all who seek to know and be who they really are. Learn more at TheMindfulMage.com.

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 “Only when we know our own darkness can we sit in the darkness with others.” – Pema Chodron

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