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The Witching Hour: Magickal Talk for the Spiritually Curious 2023-09-22


Unveiling My First Encounter with the Mystical: A Coffee House Revelation [ Sunshine’s Story ]

Let me take you on a journey. Buckle up and prepare to be mystified. So there I was, frequenting this coffee house, amidst the hustle and bustle of life. And oh, how I had noticed her presence, this mysterious woman who seemed to grace the place every now and then. But it wasn’t until that fateful day when curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to take a seat and delve into the unknown.

She read tarot cards, a beacon of ancient wisdom in her hands. And believe me, Amy, I kid you not, I still have her business cards tucked away in my desk drawer. I was merely a sixteen-year-old back then, completely oblivious to what lay ahead. As a psychic now, I often wonder what I would ask my younger self if given the chance. But let me tell you, there were two revelations she shared that continue to bewilder me to this day.

The first was a stomach-churning revelation. She spoke of stomach issues, problems that I couldn’t fathom at that time. I was healthy, without a care in the world. What could she possibly mean? It was sheer disbelief. And the second revelation, Amy, brace yourself, for it was nothing short of a wild adventure. She proclaimed that pyramids loomed on my horizon, beckoning me towards Egypt. Can you imagine, a sixteen-year-old dreaming of mystic lands and ancient wonders? It seemed far-fetched, I must admit.

But hold onto your seat, for the cosmos works in mysterious ways. Months later, during my senior year’s spring break, destiny guided me to Myrtle Beach. And there, in all its glory, stood the magnificent Hard Rock Cafe in the shape of a pyramid. My jaw dropped, my heart raced. The psychic had seen it all along! She couldn’t have known about this iconic landmark, yet she saw it in her mind’s eye. Mind-blowing, right?

And so, you might be wondering what happened next. Well, life has its twists and turns. A year later, I found myself battling excruciating stomach troubles, enduring countless trips to the emergency room. Eventually, I had my gallbladder removed. It was as if her words had manifested into reality, leaving me in awe of the inexplicable.

From that point on, my fascination with the mystical deepened. Soon after that coffee house encounter, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the nearest metaphysical store, yearning for answers and seeking solace in the unknown. And let me enlighten you, dear reader, divination finds its way into all our lives, in myriad forms and unexpected moments. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience or an entirely different one. 

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary tales of spiritual awakening from our participants. These stories will ignite a fire within you, urging you to embrace your inner healer and join the rebellion that is reshaping the very fabric of existence. Are you ready to dive into a world where boundaries are shattered, where souls are set free, and where the power of transformation reigns supreme? Buckle up, my friend, for these stories will leave you breathless and inspired, ready to embark on your own journey of awakening.


The Awakening: A Journey of Healing and Connection

Brace yourself, because I am a healer, and my journey began long before I even realized it. Picture this: I’m just a kid, around eight or nine years old, massaging my grandparents and aunt at the table. They would sink into relaxation, but I had to stop because they were falling asleep mid-meal. Who knew that those early moments would shape my destiny?

Fast forward to my teenage years, around fifteen or sixteen. We had recently moved from our old house to a new one, and life was full of change and possibility. Then, one night, a dream shook me to my core. I dreamt about my cousin. It felt so vivid, so real. Little did I know that the next morning, at around 10 o’clock, my mom would receive a devastating phone call. My cousin had been in an accident and tragically passed away.

That moment changed everything. It opened my eyes to the inexplicable connections we have with the world beyond what we can see. It awakened something deep within me, a calling that couldn’t be ignored. And so, my journey as a healer took flight.

Since that fateful day, I’ve delved into realms beyond the ordinary. Mediumship psychic work, card readings, death doula services became a part of my path. I embraced the mystical, the spiritual, and the unknown. The whispers of the universe guided me, and I listened with every fiber of my being.

But let me tell you, this journey hasn’t always been easy. Society tries to confine us, to make us doubt our abilities, to dismiss the extraordinary. But I refuse to be limited by their expectations. I stand firm, rebellious, and passionate in my pursuit of healing.

And now, here we are, connected through these words. 


From Baptist Church to Reiki Master

Listen up, my friends, for I have a tale to tell. A rebellious soul was I, raised in the confines of a Baptist Church where the preachers were forever prophesizing. Their words echoed through those hallowed halls, but the memory of my first encounter is shrouded in mystery. Yet, destiny had other plans for me, leading me to the realm of hypnosis.

Picture this: I found myself seated beside a radiant being, a practitioner of Reiki. The resonance was electrifying, an awakening of the spirit. It stirred something deep within, beckoning me to explore the depths of this ancient healing art. And so, with fiery determination, I embarked on the path to become a Reiki Master.

As I immersed myself in the practice of Reiki, an extraordinary phenomenon unfolded. In the midst of those sacred sessions, I became a conduit for divine knowledge. Downloads and revelations poured forth, unveiling secrets reserved only for the chosen few. It was as if the universe whispered directly into my ear, guiding me with unwavering precision.

But hold on tight, my fellow seekers, for the story does not end there. The boundaries crumbled, revealing a gateway to the realms of psychic abilities and mediumship. I stepped fearlessly through that portal, embracing the unseen and connecting with spirits beyond the veil. The floodgates opened, a torrent of wisdom pouring forth.


Embrace the Unseen, Defy the Norms

Picture this: a life colored by whispers of the extraordinary, where being labeled a weirdo only fueled the desire to unveil the mysteries of the universe.

From the earliest days of childhood, I stood apart from the crowd, bearing witness to events before they unfolded. A teacher’s absence, a skipped homework assignment—I could sense them all. But oh, how the other kids laughed and jeered, branding me a witch. It was far from a positive experience, my friend. But now, in this very moment, I ask myself, why? Why were they so quick to dismiss the power that coursed through my veins?

As the years went by, the fascination grew stronger, an unyielding force that drew me deeper into the realms of the unseen. Without cards or tools, I simply knew. Whispers of insight danced across my mind at their own whims, whether I was deep in conversation or lost in introspection. The compulsion to share these revelations consumed me. I couldn’t help it, my friend. The knowing flowed through me like a torrent, demanding to be heard.

But here’s the kicker, my fellow traveler: reading my own cards? Well, destiny seemed hell-bent on thwarting every attempt. Cards would mysteriously vanish, succumb to damage, or fall into disarray. Oh, the forces of the universe had something different in store for me. So, my cards remain untouched, their secrets locked away, waiting for the day when fate blesses me with a reader.

Yet, do not despair, for beneath the cloak of uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerged not too long ago. Picture this: a man, intrigued by the freckles adorning my palms, attempted to read my fortune. But alas, I lacked the means to compensate him, and thus his wisdom remained hidden. Ah, the tantalizing taste of what could have been.


Dreams that Transcend Boundaries

Picture this: a month ago, in the depths of slumber, I experienced a dream so vivid, so intertwined with love, that it shook me to my core. But hold on tight, my friends, for this story takes an unexpected turn.

Two days later, I discovered something mind-bendingly extraordinary. Brace yourselves, for it defies the laws of logic and reason. The person I am entwined with in this grand tapestry of life—a soul whose heart beats in sync with mine—they had experienced the exact same dream. Yes, you heard me right. The exact same dream, down to the very day and time.

Can you fathom the magnitude of this revelation? It was as if our spirits were tethered together, connected on a level that transcended the physical realm. Telepathy, perhaps? A dance of synchronicity orchestrated by unseen forces? We may never truly know. Yet, my friend, it is undeniable that a profound spiritual connection exists between us.



A Personal Journey of Resilience and Rediscovery

Brace yourselves for a story that defies the ordinary, plunges into darkness, and ultimately illuminates the path towards reclaiming one’s true power. This is my story, a story that took me two decades to find the strength to share.

It all began when I was just seventeen, a young soul yearning for adventure and seeking solace in the arms of the older ones. But oh, how twisted fate can be. I found myself playing the role of a grown-up woman, intertwined with a thirty-six-year-old man who rented a modest house in Virginia. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of a journey that would leave me forever changed.

Enter the woman who claimed to practice white magic. Her words dripped with promises of power, but beneath the surface lurked a darkness that eclipsed any flicker of hope. She dealt her cards, revealing a tapestry of doom and gloom, foretelling a future brimming with unspeakable horrors. But wait, there was a catch. She insisted that salvation lay in carrying rocks in our bras and commanding stoplights like a puppeteer. Our spirit guides, she claimed, would listen, if only we performed the rituals with unwavering precision.

Oh, the weight of deception! It was all nothing more than a tangled web of lies. A charlatan preyed upon my sister’s vulnerability, exploiting her abusive marriage to keep her ensnared in a cycle of darkness. Negativity consumed us, overshadowing any glimmer of hope that dared to flicker within our souls.

But the climax of this macabre tale was yet to come. The day arrived when we had no choice but to evict this sinister enchantress from our sanctuary. As she departed, she left behind a scene straight out of a twisted nightmare. The very fabric of our home was stained with her malevolence. She had bred her house cats with bobcats, confining them within those once-loving walls. Chaos reigned as these hybrid creatures devoured one another, their tortured cries echoing through the corridors. And there, etched into the carpet, a chilling reminder of her presence—a burned pentagram, a symbol of darkness that lingered long after her departure.

It is no wonder, my friends, that it took me two decades to rediscover my path. The scars of that experience ran deep, piercing my soul and clouding my vision. But here I stand, basking in the light of resilience, ready to share my journey with you.

This story is not just mine—it is a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering capacity for healing and growth. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable darkness, we have the power to reclaim our light.


Embracing the Unseen: A Journey of Psychic Awakening

Listen closely, my fellow seekers of truth, as I unveil a chapter of my life that unfolded in the midst of Renaissance fairs and whispers of the mystical. Picture a young soul, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of middle school, with the faint scent of possibility lingering in the air. It was during these formative years, in the heartland of Pennsylvania, that my path intertwined with destiny.

It began innocently enough, with field trips and the occasional visit accompanied by my adoptive mother. Little did I know, these encounters would forever alter the course of my existence. It was amidst the vibrant tapestry of Renaissance fairs that I first crossed paths with the enigmatic figures known as psychics. Their gaze pierced through the veil of my being, whispering secrets that sent shivers down my spine.

Time and time again, throughout my tumultuous journey from middle school to high school, I found myself standing before these mystics, their eyes peering into the depths of my soul. And each time, without fail, they bestowed upon me a revelation that echoed through the chambers of my consciousness—I possessed a psychic gift. Yet, in those early days, understanding eluded me, like a riddle veiled in a dense fog.

Vivid dreams danced across the canvas of my mind, leaving me bewildered and yearning for answers. But alas, there was no guiding hand to help me decipher the cryptic symbols that unfolded before me. I stood alone, adrift in a sea of uncertainty. That is, until fate intervened, leading me to an unexpected ally—a street magician and a CSS tech expert.

Together, we embarked on a journey of discovery, weaving together fragments of the past and present, connecting the dots that formed the intricate tapestry of my abilities. Through their guidance, I began to unravel not only the unseen dimensions of my psychic prowess but also the ethereal essence that lingered within the walls of our farmhouse.

Oh, dear readers, imagine the intoxicating scent of memories long gone, wafting through the air as spirits from my childhood made their triumphant return. Time and again, they visited me, leaving no room for doubt. And yet, when I turned to my adoptive mother, her response fell upon deaf ears. She dismissed it as mere imagination, the ramblings of a curious mind. But I knew better. I felt it in the very depths of my being—their spirits were reaching out, seeking solace in the connection we shared.

But fear not, my fellow travelers on this winding path. For in the face of skepticism, we find the strength to embrace our truth. The journey towards self-discovery is rife with challenges, but we must press on, fueled by the fire that burns within us. Let us challenge the boundaries imposed upon us, pushing past the limitations of the physical world into the realms of the extraordinary.


The Legacy Lives On

Listen closely, dear readers, as I unveil the hidden threads that weave through the tapestry of our lives. Within the depths of our lineage, lies a legacy long forgotten, a tapestry of boldness and enchantment that courses through our veins. It is time to reclaim what is rightfully ours, to unearth the truths that have been buried beneath the sands of time.

As I journeyed into adulthood, seeking answers to the mysteries that whispered through my soul, I found solace in conversations with my father. To my surprise, he revealed a ritual that had become his own. Every night, as the clock struck three, he would rise from his slumber, grasp a cup of steaming coffee, and gaze out into the darkness beyond the windowpane. This revelation sent shivers down my spine, for I realized that within our bloodline flowed a current of connection to the mystical.

My grandmother, a woman of deep faith and unwavering superstitions, left an indelible mark upon my upbringing. Crystal talismans adorned our home, suspended like shimmering stars, casting their protective energy throughout our sacred space. As a child, I assumed this was the norm, oblivious to the unique prowess that permeated our family’s existence. It was only later, as I embarked on my own path of discovery, that I came to comprehend the significance of these ancient rituals.

And then, there was my daughter—a vessel of wisdom beyond her tender years. Even in her infancy, she possessed a knowingness that defied explanation. She would recount memories of being cradled within my womb, hearing every word I uttered, though unable to communicate in return. At her birth, a mark upon her calf emerged—a handprint imprinted upon her very being, a symbol of intergenerational connection.

A peculiar incident unfolded one fateful Fourth of July, when my daughter, just a young child, arranged rocks in a circular formation upon the floor. Sitting within the center, she picked up one stone at a time, gently touching it to her forehead, reciting words that sent chills down my spine. “This is for my thoughts. This is for my words. This is for my heart.” Her actions mirrored ancient rituals I had yet to share with her. It was then that I realized the legacy of magic and intuition had transcended generations, passed down through the lineage that bound us.

My dear readers, these occurrences are not mere coincidences. They are glimpses into a world where magic reigns supreme, where our ancestors whisper their wisdom through the ages. As I navigate the labyrinth of self-discovery, I am reminded that extraordinary events befall us for a reason. We are not alone in this journey, for the spirits of our kin walk beside us, guiding our steps, and igniting the fire within.


The Angelic Revolution: A Tale of Light and Healing

Listen up, my fellow warriors of the soul, as I unveil a story that shook the very foundations of my being. Buckle up, hold tight, for this tale takes us on a journey through the realms of grief, resilience, and the undeniable power of the human spirit. Brace yourselves, for we are about to witness the birth of a revolution.

It was roughly a decade ago when fate called upon me to volunteer at a children’s grief center. Within those hallowed walls, I encountered a torrent of emotions, a whirlwind of stories that shattered my illusions of what it means to endure. Little ones, aged three to five, shared their raw pain with hearts so innocent yet burdened by unimaginable sorrow.

In the midst of this heartache, amidst the shadows that threatened to engulf their tiny souls, the miraculous unfolded before my eyes. These young souls, despite witnessing unspeakable tragedy, clung to the remnants of light that flickered within their fragile hearts. And there, in the midst of their grief, they saw the presence of their loved ones, their spirits lingering like ethereal guardians.

Among these resilient children stood a little girl, her world fractured by the loss of her mother. She sought solace in my arms, seeking refuge from the storm that raged within her tender soul. At just four and a half years old, she possessed a wisdom beyond her years, piercing through the veils of despair to connect with a truth that eluded even me. With wide-eyed wonder, she whispered words that still echo in the depths of my being—words that ignited a revolution within my own spirit.

“Why do you have so many angels?” she queried, her voice laced with innocence and curiosity. “There’s so much light that I can’t even tell where one starts.” Her words, though simple, shook me to my core. In that moment, I realized the magnitude of the unseen forces that guided my path. Long before I dared to believe in my own worthiness, this precious soul recognized the team of angels that walked beside me, their radiant light illuminating my steps.

Oh, dear reader, can you fathom the power of her words? In her innocent observations, she shattered the limitations we place upon ourselves. She reminded me that we are never alone, that a celestial army stands ready to support and guide us. And that realization, my friends, was nothing short of awe-inspiring.


A Tale of Love Beyond the Veil

Buckle up and brace yourselves, for this tale takes us on an extraordinary journey through life, death, and the unbreakable bonds of love. 

Picture this: a moment frozen in time, where the responsibilities of caregiving intertwined with the ethereal dance of transition. As I stood by my grandmother’s side, a death doula guiding her through the labyrinth of loss, she confided in me a truth that would forever shift my perception of the afterlife.

In a hushed whisper, she spoke of her grandfather’s passing, an event that unfolded back in 2017. With a knowing glint in my eyes, I shared the news that Paul, her beloved grandpa, eagerly awaited her arrival on the other side. But to my surprise, she hesitated, resisting the pull of their reunion.

“No,” she protested, her voice filled with uncertainty. “I don’t want to go meet him.”

I was dumbfounded. How could she deny the opportunity to embrace the love that transcended the boundaries of life and death? With unwavering determination, I challenged her resistance, urging her to seize this sacred chance.

“What are you talking about?” I exclaimed. “Yes, you do want to go. Paul is waiting for you.”

But still, she resisted, reluctant to embark on this journey alone. Her words pierced through the air, echoing in the depths of my soul as she uttered those fateful words.

“You’re coming with me,” she declared, her eyes locked with mine.

In that moment, a surge of emotions coursed through my veins. Fear mingled with excitement, uncertainty commingled with hope. Would I have the courage to accompany her on this transcendental voyage? The decision weighed heavy upon my heart.

And then, a newfound resolve surged within me. I made a promise, not just to my grandmother but to myself. With conviction in my voice, I assured her that I would drop her off on the shores of eternity, but I vowed to return to this realm, carrying with me the wisdom and love gleaned from this sacred crossing.


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