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The Witching Hours Podcast with Giant of the Frost and Medium Jenny Lea

Sunshine – the pink-haired psychic medium guest speaker at The Witching Hours podcast hosted by Giant of the Frost and Medium Jenny Lea.

The Witching Hours is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of the paranormal, supernatural, and weird. Streamed live every Thursday live on Twitch and uploaded to wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Giant of the Frost: Hello this is from the land of conjurers flying through the internet to your device like a UAP hauntingly unexplained in downright weird. This is The Witching Hours and we are ready to take off in the flash of an eye good evening to one and all wherever and whenever you are listening to this program. I am Giant of the frost and joining me as always is medium Jenny Lea how are you doing Jenny?

Medium Jenny Lea: I’m doing fabulous because I’m already laughing at all the butt-

Giant of the Frost:  I had a fly blind tonight I couldn’t hear the music for some reason

Medium Jenny Lea: You had like double music going on it was great. It’s going to give me a seizure I couldn’t hear anything.

Giant of the Frost: Sometimes it does that and I just have to like restart streamlabs but you know I’m not going to do all that just to hear some intro music even though-

Medium Jenny Lea: You got it straight

Giant of the Frost: Linguis song is fire but uh yeah anyhow, good to see everyone back again this week uh there we had that one week off and now we’re getting it back into a row again so welcome in everyone.

All right so um just to kind of  catch everybody up on what we have coming on we do have uh last week um we have the uh interview that’s you can find that on YouTube and in all the places you listen to your podcasts, we’ve had some good ones lately and we expect that to keep on going like I said we’ve had some really good talks next week we are going to have Irene Panagopoulos back on and we are going to discuss some haunting stuff as well as what she has going on with some TV stuff happening some paranormal investigations so we’re going to talk to them.

And then on the th we have the much anticipated  Valley-Hood two-year aniversary stream I don’t know I’m just making stuff up “Valley Hood”. I just made it up uh the Halloween special but it’s also our -year anniversary so we have lots of stuff planned fun for that so make sure you put that on your calendar and pop some popcorn or candy corn or caramel corn. Ca-ra-mel corn or car-mel.  Maybe that can be a pole at some point in time this Halloween season so anyway lots of good stuff coming up. 

Medium Jenny Lea: And tonight uh Kesha is already warning Sunshine that if we love if we love her she will be harassed to return.

Giant of the Frost: Okay are we ready for the news?

Medium Jenny Lea: What are we gonna say Sunshine?

Sunshine: I was gonna say the good news is is I love to talk. So, bring it on!

Giant of the Frost:  There we go

Medium Jenny Lea: Yay! All right it’s news time!

Giant of the Frost: News time all right. The Weirdnews.

Medium Jenny Lea: What do we have this week?

Giant of the Frost: Okay so uh a lot I’m telling you the more we do this I feel like the more the universe realizes I need like I need weird news.

Medium Jenny Lea: You asked, and you shall receive.

Giant of the Frost: So we’ve talked a little bit about this before but the next big solar storm could fry the grid and basically it’s a story that’s been coming out that people been talking about there has been some very big solar storms lately and it hasn’t even reached the solar max, yet there’s going to be lots of more solar storms coming and they’ve looked at uh the past and kind of what’s going on there and uh some scientists are concern.

So the story is you know waking up and uh you know people losing power uh trying to get information about the power uh being out could be troublesome because you don’t have any internet access you don’t have any radio you don’t have any television.

And then you know eventually you find out that millions of people across the globe uh do not have power uh and what the issues of that could be a situation where we could have months or years of  R trying to rebuild the grid uh the electrical grid to be able to get things back online again and uh that is exactly what could happen if we get hit with that gigantic solar storm uh the odds are low that in any given year a storm big enough to cause effects this widespread will happen and the severity of those impacts will depend on many factors including the state of our planet’s magnetic field on that day but it’s a near certainty that some of some form of this catastrophe will happen someday says Ian Cohen a chief scientist who studies Heliophysics at John Hopkins Applied Physics laboratory to get ahead of this threat a loose Federation of us and international government agencies and hundreds of scientists affiliated with those bodies have begun working on how to make predictions about what our son might do and a small but growing Cay of scientists argue that artificial intelligence will be an essential component of efforts to give us advanced notice of such a storm and it kind of goes on to talk about things that have happened in the past .

One in a now legendary storm known as the Carrington event hit while before we built a civilization dependent on electronic devices it caused auroras as far south as the Caribbean wow uh made Telegraph lines spark caused Fires at some Telegraph stations and shutdown Parts the uh telegraphing Network in the northern hemisphere so we can only imagine uh in the as if it were Havoc what it could do to a very technologically dependent world that we’ve created here. I remember listening to Art Bell back in the s when they would have people on and they would talk about how is imperative that then that we bury our electrical cables that we could we could do that and we could basically make ourselves protected from solar flares but also um emps if they were to be used like militarily against us it could be a good way to keep that from happening. But it would cost a lot of money and so we would rather I guess when it comes down to it we’d rather build tanks than protect our grid.

So off we go number two tonight you know what would have been cool you know what it would have been cool what’s that if at some point we would have figured out how to get all of our energy and power from the Sun and then when the solar flares came we would have had extra power there you go well exactly right that is kind of curious we were getting there we’re getting there slowly or something we’re getting there slowly but yeah something’s got to be done eventually I imagine it’ll take something like that to make that usually change doesn’t happen in you know reactionary you know reactionary so number two a 2749 lb pumpkin breaks the world record at California  saw that yeah a Minnesota farmer.

2,749 lb pumpkin took the top spot at the  annual World Championship pumpkin way off in Half Moon Bay California and broke a world record in their Pro uh process uh Travis ganger claimed his third victory in California competition with a pumpkin he named Michael Jordan he previously won in with a 2,560 lb pumpkin named Maverick and in 2020 with a 2,350 pound gourd named Tiger.

It was uh his previous pumpkins broke National records but his latest effort took the Guinness world record for largest pumpkin from A 2,702 pounder grown by Italian farmer Stefano Cutrupi in 2021.

Medium Jenny Lea: I want to know how they move it.

Sunshine: I was wondering the same thing.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yeah for the place it was grown to wherever they judge the things.

Giant of the Frost: I know right and it’s got to be so dangerous it’s got to be like the a White Knuckle Transportation situation.

Medium Jenny Lea: What if it accidentally falls up-

Sunshine: Yeah, I’m looking at some pictures and they’re showing them I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an engine lift yeah oh yeah but it almost looks like an engine lift taking like picking it up and then they’re putting them on flatbed trailers. But I would imagine it would be very scary because if you’re in a contest the slightest ding could take a fraction off or and poof there goes a pound.

Giant of the Frost: Off it goes. The farmer said that caring for the pumpkin cost him about $15,000 since being planned April 10th.

Medium Jenny Lea: That was a hungry pumpkin.

Giant of the Frost: And he received a $30,00 prize so I guess that’s not too bad, make 15 grand off of it there.

Off to another one we’ve talked about recently here ancient Footprints up in timeline of humans arrival in North America so new evidence adds to work showing people made the footprints at White Sands have you seen those before the Footprints and White Sands I saw that yes not in person of course but that they were made sometime between and 21 –  23,000 years ago.

Medium Jenny Lea: It’s amazing we just keep finding older and older and older things.

Giant of the Frost: Well that’s kind of what this article is about which is why we’ve been talking about it so much I decided to throw it in the news today.

So dozens of all inspiring ancient Footprints left on the shores of an ice age lake have reignited a long running debate about when the first people arrived in the Americas. Two years ago a team of scientists came to the conclusion that human track sunk in into the muds in Sands National park in New Mexico were more than 21,000 years old the provocative finding threatened the dominant thinking on when and how people migrated into the Americas soon afterward a technical debate erupted about the method used to estimate the age of the tracks which relied on an analysis of plant seeds embedded with the footprints now a study.

So this was a couple years ago but this just came out recently a study published in the journal science confirms the initial finding with two new lines of evidence thousands of grains of pollen and an analysis of quartz crystals in the sediments. Fossil footprints were first seen in New Mexico’s Tularosa Basin in the early 1930s and were initially thought to be evidence of a Bigfoot. They turned out to be from giant ground sloth a 2,000 lb mammal that went around 10,00 years ago. So at the end of the Ice Age researchers also found tracks from trudging Mammoth a direwolf and other ice creatures.

One of the people who was studying this at the park said he first saw fossilized footprints in the Basin that looked human in and a growing team of scientists began to study them those tracks brought to life a vivid snapshot of the place it’s seen, the epoch that started 2.6 million years ago and ended 11,700 years ago.

Medium Jenny Lea:  It’s just fascinating like how long would it take for the footprints to become fossilized? And and how in the world did nothing step on it or mess it up between when it they were the foot sunk in the mud, and the time that happened? Like there just must have been a lot less depth. 

Giant of the Frost: Yeah and the other new story that I had kind of attached to this was a kind of a continuation of this um about you know

who were the first Americans and talking about the Clovis and the bearing landbridge everyone’s still on the same page. In this article they’re talking to different anthropologists and stuff like that that have been studying this and they still are on the same page that everyone came through the um beringia continent.

But so they’re still stick there but um they’re talking about how humans could have come as early as 31,500 years ago which would have been like the heart of the Ice Age. Before stuff started melting so it’s pretty interesting.

Medium Jenny Lea: Get your Mammoth gear on we’re going across the land bridge.

Giant of the Frost: I can post the article to Discord possibly. there’s a really cool map that was on the story that I was looking at that showed like pinpoints on in north or well in the Americas North and South America about where these findings were made and how old they were and there was actually one that was in uh in Brazil of stone tools that were 60,000 years old wow but they think they were made by like kuchan monkeys so but they don’t know for sure so yeah well there you go yeah exactly we’ll leave that story for another time and we’ll keep it going since we’re talking about things with two legs in North America.

Bigfoot reportedly spotted from a train in the remote part of Colorado every once in a while the out there. Colorado team will receive a report of Bigfoot sightings very rarely do these reports come with our photos or video footage to support the claim thus in most cases the report is very difficult to cover that wasn’t the case with a Bigfoot report that landed on October 10th when Shannon Parker reached out to share an experience that she and her husband had when the popular Durango to Silverton train ride over the past weekend they were treated to uh they were seated near the back of  the train when they spotted movement on a hillside.

The two were shocked when they noticed it wasn’t your average animal instead moving about on two feet the person beside them grabbed their phone and started recording while Shannon snaps several photos the video footage that was captured is compelling clearly showing the Bigfoot creature walking and then squatting down and  they said that when it comes to Bigfoot seeing was believing. They found it odd that the majority of those on the train passed the scene without noticing the creature didn’t cause any sort of an uproar and had those in the back seats of the locomotive would have gone unnoticed. She shared the photos with the people who worked on the train they said they had never seen anything.

So if you’re interested I did post that over on Discord over in weird news. It‘s pretty cool they have some the video that was taken, as well as some still photos and close-ups and all that stuff so let us know what you think.

Medium Jenny Lea: One of my former students is now a park ranger in Colorado and she’s seeing all kinds of cool stuff. I hope one day she gets to see the Bigfoot and then she can tell me all about it.

Giant of the Frost: It says in the story that Colorado isn’t a hot bed for bigfoot but they do have sightings there so.

Medium Jenny Lea: Then we can have her on as a guest, it would be cool. Come tell us your Bigfoot story.

Giant of the Frost:  And that was ladies and gentlemen, the weird news. All right so we have what I think is going to be a great show for you tonight. We’ve been super excited about this one coming up.

So Sunshine is a psychic medium, soul healer, spiritual adviser, High Priestess, reiki master, recovering alcoholic and founder of sunshine readings her passion is helping others learn how to step into their Shadows so they can uncover their own magic and psychic gifts needed to remove any energetic blocks to their Soul’s Enlightenment. She is the creatrix of Illuminate the Unschool of Witchcraft.

This transformational program includes Sunshine’s Divine inspired gifts in seven different monthly workshops and one on-one access to her in addition to owning and operating Sunshine Readings

Sunshine is also an award winning software product manager and business operations expert that is helping corporations revolutionize their internal structure and process to adopt a more Innovative culture. In her spare time you will find Sunshine dancing, cooking, painting, and hanging out with her five kitties in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. Please welcome to the show Sunshine. How are you doing Sunshine.

Sunshine: I am super excited. I’m great! I’m happy to be here.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yay! Some of our some of our most loyal viewers live also in Michigan.

Giant of the Frost:  We have quite a few of them we have some michiganders here.

Medium Jenny Lea:  Yes, quite a few.

Sunshine: Where are you guys at?

Both: We’re in Virginia.

Sunshine: In Virginia. Did you guys get hit with? ‘ cuz you we were talking about

the solar flares and back in like what was it 2004? When the whole Northeast- the whole grid went out.

Medium Jenny Lea: I don’t know. Do you remember that happening?

Giant of the Frost:  Oh in 2004, I don’t. I do not

Sunshine: Oh yeah the Northeast grid went out from Michigan all the way to New York City completely wiped, no power for like four days. It was it was the craziest and wildest experience that I’ve-

Medium Jenny Lea: That must not have happened down here. then I don’t have a memory of that, unless it was on a different timeline or something.

Sunshine: Yeah I mean maybe it was a different timeline or you know.

Giant of the Frost: That’s very possible the only thing I remember losing power for in Virginia was hurricanes and Ice storms. So neither of which we’ve been kind of lucky with over the last decade or so so we’ll see we’ll see what’s going on there. But yeah, we haven’t had to deal with that but I know it’s a constant threat and I know that recently there’s been lots of coronal mass ejections that have been going.

Medium Jenny Lea:  On our favorite terms and you know. mud cracks.

Giant of the Frost: Yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of things. I don’t know I just feel like it’s something that somebody in government would have taken seriously at some point but it’s a lot of money I understand I think it’ be hundreds of millions of dollars or maybe even I imagine at this point that’s back in the 90s now it’s probably billions of dollars to kind of redo our grid but I feel like it’s probably worth putting the money into.

Medium Jenny Lea:  Yeah Amber said she was in Michigan for that outage.

Sunshine: Oh yeah, it was wild. I remember driving around this and you think of the first day, like not a big deal right if the power goes out. But for it to hit four, five days they still didn’t know. And I don’t  know how long it took for everyone to eventually ‘cuz they still had to bring the grid back up in certain time frames. But yeah, it was spooky. It was really spooky.

Giant of the Frost: There’s also like the thing. There’s like a step process of losing power. It’s like oh the power went out all right like we’re good you know, and then like you know and then like the night comes around it’s like oh we’re gonna light candles and we’ll play board games and it’s like oh that’s cool an like we got we’re gonna make you know something on the fire you know then the next day it’s like oh we still lost power but we’re going to like use a cookout on a fire or something or grill out and it’s like still no big deal when you start hitting that third day, and that fourth day, it starts to get real really quick.

Sunshine: I mean that’s that’s a lot of it was it’s it’s not like and it was the middle of summer it was like July so it’s not like there was any any warning to like go make sure you have toilet paper or cash right? And so like you couldn’t buy things I mean it was yeah it no you couldn’t buy gas, you couldn’t buy food or groceries if you didn’t have cash on you yeah cuz none of the yeah it it was it was a weird experience like-

Medium Jenny Lea: Twilight Zone. Just imagine now like nobody has cash.

Giant of the Frost: That’s what I’m saying everything is because I at least in 2004 there was a good chance.

I can’t remember what it was one the whatever tropical storm we had the flooded Richman. We lost power for like four or five days. And the same thing happened like

after a few days all of a sudden you saw people selling like gallons of water at the gas station like just in the parking lot for like ten bucks a gallon and then it’s back in like 2004 or something who knows what that would be 30 now bucks for a gallon of water. Hopefully hopefully someone will champion that cause at some point because.

So, let’s get to what we were talking about so I guess the best way to start  most of these conversations is from the beginning. So, talking about all these things you’ve accomplished, and all these things that you’re doing, how did you kind of get started? 

Sunshine: Well there’s kind of like two starting points in the story that I kind of always like to talk about. And the one is I’ve had my gifts my entire life, I was born with them, I grew up with them. They caused me issues I didn’t realize that they were what was causing me some of the issues, and until I was an adult.

But the thing that really started and led me to sitting here with you, or other people that I sit down with, or the literal clients that I work with was just over four years ago now. October 9th 2019 was my first day without a drink in this last streak. And so getting sober deciding that I was no longer going to have a uh active relationship with alcohol was how this all started you know like really from a professional perspective.

Giant of the Frost: You said that was in October.

Sunshine: Yeah four years ago this past Monday.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yeah congratulations. And isn’t it interesting that it happened right before 2020.

Sunshine: I know like there’s a lot of things when I look back my kind of like move towards that even started you know two years prior to that but I’ve reflected back many times and I’ll tell you a little sad tidbit here. I don’t think I would have made it through the pandemic if I had enough and as a matter of fact my partner at the time also an addict did not choose to recover, and passed away this past April

Both: I’m sorry to hear that.

Sunshine: Yeah, oh no I  appreciate it very much you know, it’s a a blessing to be a medium sometimes, but it was the first person that I actually was close to, to crossover so that was that’s been a wild experience. So I think this not only did that happen, this is the crazy thing.

I decided to get sober I also was like running a small business consulting company at the time, and I had my own little office. I have a corporate job but I had an my own little office that I ran it out of I decided for whatever reason to let go of the office and built an office in my basement. So that’s where all this is right now in my house. I mean, like all of these things no clue by the time the pandemic and I was like “whoa”

Medium Jenny Lea: Yeah there’s so many stories like that of people. And it’s like, there had to be divine intervention that whether people were aware of it or not because there’s just so many story after story after story like that. It’s like leading you up to “hey this this is gonna happen and you need to do this”  Divine timing.

Sunshine: Completely, 100 % And I am grateful and thankful for it every day because my life is beautiful in a way that I couldn’t even fathom ,I couldn’t even have imagined.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yeah, well give yourself plenty of credit too. I mean we’re we’re giving the Divine plenty of credit like thanks for giving us all these nudges but you it doesn’t work unless you listen to the nudges. So give yourself a pat on the back, because you listened.

Sunshine: I do appreciate that very beautiful  reflection, I did. But you know to me like the gratefulness is that timing. Because I had relapse three times the year prior, and so like there was something that finally that timing was finally because I just I really could not imagine and I know many people whose relationship became horribly dysfunctional with alcohol when the pandemic ended a like just really bad. I don’t believe in coincidences, but I don’t think it’s a surprise that you started to see some of the sober or the non-alcoholic movement kind of come in. 

Medium Jenny Lea: So many things happened during coid times yeah it was a horrible terrible time but it was also a very transformative time in a lot of good ways for people and the planet.

Giant of the Frost:  Yeah well we talked about this a little bit recently like I think I was taking one of our daughters to go I think it was when I was take one of our daughters to go clothes shopping and I realized we were like an a it was like Target it was mainstream store like Target or so something Kohl’s or something like that. And there were all kinds of  shirts with like spiritual slogans on them and I was like man, where is this coming from?

Sunshine: The estimated growth rate in the industry that they actually could tie us to which is this alternative medicine industry is ridiculous. Like over the course between now and 2029, this major indicator. It’s like mind-blowing what they’re projecting uh and I don’t think it’s a surprise, those that you know walk a spiritual path know that you know lots of us in this universe have been called to awaken. You know, lots! And every day it’s just more and more and more and more and more.

Medium Jenny Lea: It’s time people! Take the cloth off your eyes! Okay, no never mind. I wanted to ask um let’s not get on a soap box. Can you tell us some of your childhood experiences?

Sunshine: So there’s a couple of things. There’s one incident that I kind of joke about as a psychic. I do have some telepathy, I can do some mind reading. So as a child, I got myself into a lot of trouble by opening. And I didn’t realize that why people were so angry because I would respond and react based upon the thoughts and the feelings that I would feel or hear on them. And so it really weirded people out. So that was a really unfortunate one as a kid.

Though when I was around the age of six, I actually had to do some past life regression for this. I actually did some like little Sunshine channeling sessions for this I like channeled the little version of myself to find some of this stuff out uh because there’s this blank time in my childhood that I had no real understanding of these gifts. 

My Spirit guides took my gifts from me around the age of six. They refused to allow me to continue to see Spirit and talk to Spirit because my parents became pregnant with a third child, and decided they didn’t want it. So they did not. I was so profoundly playing with Spirits like literally hanging out. Some of my only friends were like Spirits.

At that point that they knew that, and I mean I have since had these other regressions come through just of this life, of what it was like for my parents for me to respond. I’ve talked to so many more adults around their experiences with these gifts when they’ve recognized them, and there’s so much I’ve had this interesting conversation with one of my clients around how the trauma, like how literally because it’s so innocent to us as children, it’s so innocent.

I didn’t know until I was 16 years old that every single person in this world didn’t lucid dream. Like people laughing at me when I told them about lucid dreaming. They’re like, “what are you talking about?” and I’m like “you can’t like move in your dreams?” and they’re like “No”And I was I just in shock. So I’ve talked to so many other psychics whether they want to identify with that title, or not they have the gifts, that you know and they have literally experienced trauma because people don’t know how to respond to them, they don’t know how to react to them.

And so as much as I’m kind of like ba-humbug that my gifts were taken away at that point, like there was a reason and I would guess there’s a lot of things that I did not have to go through. And they absolutely had my best interest.

Medium Jenny Lea: It feels like they were protecting you and your family from a lot more turmoil. 

Giant of the Frost:  Yeah, because when you were first mentioning about that too, it was like I was thinking about the impacts it would have had you on as a child. But the impacts of you discussing that with your family could have been even more traumatic.

Sunshine: I guess yeah, I’d already been freaking my dad out. I didn’t know this until like you know like, I said I’m an adult, but I’d already been freaking my dad out because I’d been talking to his father for a while. And so it was just very strange, my dad is not very acceptive of the gifts. My mom is very gifted, but he shut those down, and my dad made her feel like, he gaslighted the heck out of her so she felt incredibly crazy and had been institutionalized.

As I was a child, like a number of times.  Do you want to hear the wildest story? Do you want to hear how crazy this is?

I was probably like maybe seven or eight years old. My mom used to work for this company by the name of  Turchin. They’re no longer in existence and she was an Executive Admin for one of the big wigs one, of the like presidents of the company. And I’m so little so I don’t recall this story until my mom tells me about it many many moons later. At that time, I knew my mom was put into the hospital cuz she had asthma, that’s what I was told. Well what ended up happening is my Mom was convinced, was determined that they had tapped and wired her phones and were listening in on our conversations in order to find enough information to lay her off. And she’s telling my dad this, and so my dad’s picking it up as paranoia gaslighting her and ends up having her committed. 

Fast forward, let’s go 22 years old. I’m 22 years old, so we’re like 15 years later okay I’m looking for a job, I walk into a company and I accept a receptionist position for this company called-  I’m sorry my mom worked for QQC for Turchin. Lo and behold as I’m looking through all the documentation, it’s the same damn company. I end up talking to the controller finally, and talking about how this was my mom. And the controller it tells me “I’ve got to tell you something I feel I feel horrible about this I felt horrible about this my you know for the last 15 years when your mom worked here I was asked to tap her phone, to pick up her phone calls and listen, in order to..”

I was jaw dropped floored at this like oh my God and I remember telling my mom. We didn’t even tell my dad because there was all that would have done. But I remember telling my mom, and she was just like “I knew it! I knew it!” and I have no idea how many other times he did that kind of stuff to her. But that one, that was like a pure validation. 

Medium Jenny Lea: How terrible that she had to go through all that? But what amazing validation for her to know that she was right all that time. 

Sunshine: I have said to her many times that she has the same gifts and all that kind of stuff and it this runs in the family. My grandmother was a medium while she was still alive but, it’s very unfortunate that she’s not been able to actually lean into them and feel what the real true benefit that they can bring. It’s been quite a bummer she still can’t to this day there still married uh actually tomorrow they celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.

Medium Jenny Lea: And he hasn’t changed? 

Sunshine: Nope, no no no no no no.

Medium Jenny Lea: That’s a shame. Well one day he’ll find out all about it.

Sunshine: Yeah, when he crosses on to the other side and he comes back and he’s like “well I’m an idiot” yeah, yes you.

Medium Jenny Lea: Then he’ll be coming to visit you being like “oh sorry”.

Sunshine: Got some boundaries to set with you Spirit on the other side.

Medium Jenny Lea: Spirit guides take your gifts when you’re about six to save you from a lot of heartache and then you talk about kind of the second was the reawakening of that in 2019 or was there stuff in between there?

Sunshine: No, so I was raised Catholic and I just always ruffled my feathers a lot I just I didn’t understand it. I remember talking to my priests or the nuns, and like asking questions and being so frustrated they didn’t have answers for me. And so I was probably years 16 old when I’d walked into my first metaphysical shop, and it was at that point that I really started to research witchcraft and tarot.

I mean I had no clue at that point that there was all these other div divinatory like means or anything of the nature. But tarot was the first thing that I picked up and you know just reading and exploring. I had a couple of friends that I would pull a couple cards for and stuff and try the Celtic cross. The same same spread I did for like 10 years because I didn’t realize that, yeah you don’t know what you don’t know.

But I was it was like the real kind of like whoa there’s something else here. I was and my grandmother had passed she’d been she’ passed away about a year prior to this, my grandfather had asked me if  I’d wanted to go on vacation with him and some other family members to Maui for 10 days. And he would pay for the airfare and my hotel and I just had to pay for my food and you know any type of spending money. So I was like heck yeah sign me!

And while we were out there, I had mentioned to an aunt of mine that I thought that I could see Spirit and talk to Spirit. And as we sat around in that circle, as I said my grandmother was a medium, all she used to refer to it as talking to the angels know a devout Catholic woman  “talking to the angels” and they used to do it as a family like some of the like my grandmother and some of her you know, my mom and her sisters, and the daughters, and things. A number of them would do these mediumship circles with my grandmother. Like how cool?

I never got to witness one though, so I was always very very bummed about that one. But my aunt was like “do you want to give it a try?” and so it was like me, a couple aunts, a couple of cousins all sitting around. Mind you, I’m kind of a Hermit in my own regard. I love everyone, but I’m also like you I appear very private. So it’s not like, I know even though we’re family I really didn’t know these folks very well. and I proceeded to reiterate the similar Spirit guides that I guess my grandmother had introduced to these folks already. Boyfriends, or like friends childhood friends of some of my aunts that had come through that I would have had no clue about.

All of these things and just being in awe, but I mean I still am in awe most of the time. I’m not going to lie. It’s like oh my God I am a medium. It’s like every time like “holy crap like that happened, wow” like “did you see what I just did?” like this was cool, you know.

Medium Jenny Lea: I completely understand what you’re talking about.

Sunshine: So yeah, that was kind of where it started and from that point forward, I was just really lost in the Matrix. I dabbled, I did some of the Witchcraft, I read taros, you know I lost a couple of  dates because I mentioned that I was a psychic medium, and then I proved that I was a psychic medium, and that really weirded them out.

Medium Jenny Lea: Good riddance to them. 

Sunshine: I know I know so yeah when I was younger, I definitely still did a lot of the stuff, but the sobriety and stepping into recovery for folks that have ever been around or been in recovery, or been with anybody that’s had to be, they talk about it is a spiritual program. It is like you are recognizing that there is something else that is out there  and the first 90 days the hardest thing that I’ve ever gone through but getting past that 90 days and starting to wake up a little bit and see things a little bit differently, and so yeah, the gifts have been amazing. Having let that poison go.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yeah hell yeah um I was gonna say- it’s sad that you didn’t get to experience the “talking to the angels” with your grandmother. But I almost feel like your grandmother is the one that set it up so that you could have that experience. Like it’s like she her passing kind of unlocked it all.

Sunshine: She is still one of my primary guides I leverage her with a lot of my readings when I find people that are having a difficult time they’ve not necessarily transitioned in the way that they can like I literally work with her. The way I explain it to the clients is, what I sit here and do for you I bring you comfort here. She goes and she does with the spirits on the other side.

Medium Jenny Lea: Awesome! She sounds like a wonderful woman. We love a grandma around here. Lots of grandmas and we love them all yeah 99% of them.

Giant of the Frost: At this point, we have some legendary grandmas.

Medium Jenny Lea: One of our one of our favorite grandmas is Grandma Lucy. She was buried in a gold bathing suit, and she always makes me use pyrite when I go to to bring her in. And her whole family is part of our crew, we call them the Lucy Gang and they’re actually one of the ones in Michigan too. Yes, we’re talking about Grandma Lucy, legendary grandma she even has an emote says “Lucy Gang” and it has a picture of her on there it’s it’s great. 

So witchcraft, I noticed on your website that you have a specific kind of Witchcraft that you kind of associate with and even though I do all of this woooo stuff witchcraft has never been something that I really got into, so I don’t know very much about any of it.

Giant of the Frost: Oddly enough. Yeah we’ve been together for for quite a while. We got together in high school, but we’ve always we were always into horror and all kinds scary, spooky, paranormal. We totally and we were always in the books a million or whatever looking at all of the stuff , we just for some reason I don’t know like, I’ve bought some books but we never quite got initiated into– tell us all about it.

Medium Jenny Lea:  So my question was what was the specific kind of  Witchcraft that you are associated with, and how is it different from the other types?

Sunshine: Yeah, I’m curious. What does it say that’s making you pick that up on?

Medium Jenny Lea: I think it was on your about me page

Sunshine: Because I do refer to myself as an Eclectic witch.

Medium Jenny Lea: Oh maybe that’s what it was. So are you just mean

like you pick up different things from different types?

Sunshine: Yeah so I am kind of like a rebel through and through. I don’t know if you guys are familiar at all with human design but if you are, I always like to share- I have like this heretic energy in my like chart. And so I just I don’t do well to anything being prescribed to me.

Medium Jenny Lea: Me neither, maybe I have that as well. 

Sunshine:  I’m kind of like a middle finger in the air, don’t tell me what to do, I do

what I want, type of person.

Giant of the Frost: Yes I get that.

Sunshine:  Well the other thing too is, and this is part of  my own personal philosophy is our connection to the Divine, our connection to Source, our connection to our spirit guides, that’s the raw honest to goodness truth of what you should be following. And so I use a lot of like “what should I do” and I will like literally they’ll take me over to the library, and they’ll take me have it grab a book and then they’ll tell me where to pull the book from, or I’ll find something and there’s a website I end up. They lead me to what I need to do.

So it is absolutely eclectic. I could be doing candle magic, I could just be doing affirmations. I could be doing literal full-blown spell. I do a new moon ritual every single month, I lead my you know, in essence, I even hate using the word coven but I have a Coven that I lead. And so we do ritual every month and it’s whatever like I even tell them I have a framework for how I instruct and lead. But I allow the Divine and the universe to tell me what I need to bring to the table and how it needs to come to the table. So yeah.

Giant of the Frost: That actually makes a lot of sense after I said what I said. I think that’s because that’s one of the reasons we never really use those words is because like, I’ve always fought against being anything that had a label title really. Like even though I might do stuff that’s associated with witchcraft, I never wanted to call it witchcraft because I don’t want to be lumped under that umbrella or something like that I guess. So I can completely identify with kind of what you’re saying.

Medium Jenny Lea: I don’t like things that have too many rules and expect you to do it a certain way, like I just can’t do it. Yay for us yeah rule-breaking-follow our own path-people.

Giant of the Frost: And there’s so much of that like it’s like leave this one institution and then join our institution because our rules are better you know and it’s just like I don’t want to be in any institution yeah no.

Sunshine: I get it you know it’s interesting because I have shied away I shied away for quite some time of actually like Pro claiming that I was a witch and like it being a big portion and like once again, Spirit just takes you where you need to go. And all of a sudden, I test started testing some things in my ad copy and I’m like “you’re kidding me this is what everybody wants wants me to refer?” I’m like okay so I literally had to do this own spell-work to allow myself to let go of this hesitation of referring to myself as a witch. And I actually have my own little short podcast that I do.

In a couple of episodes ago, I talked about why and it’s- I don’t like labels either, right? But they allow connection because if I go ahead into a in a room of 5,000 people and I hold up a gigantic sign that says “where are all my witches at?” I’m my people yes, but if I just hold up a sign and it’s blank-  I’m not the biggest fan of the labels either but it allows for people to connect. 

Giant of the Frost: Yeah they serve a purpose to to a certain degree. Yes, I would agree with that.

Medium Jenny Lea: It’s just the association of dogma and layer layers and layers and layers of hundreds of thousands of years of garbage that are placed on certain words makes it hard to use certain certain words like we had this huge blowout about it in stream a few weeks ago about the word prayer like so many of us don’t want to use the word prayer because we associate it with religion, and those of us who’ve had negative issues with religion feel like we can’t use the word prayer, but prayer is for everybody. Because all it is is asking for help, setting in intentions, you know connecting to the  Divine, it’s all the same thing.

Giant of the Frost: Manifesting!

Sunshine: A little spell!

Medium Jenny Lea:  We took it back, we’re taking it back and we’re saying we can also use prayer.

Sunshine: Yes, absolutely! It’s funny, you heard me say I was raised Catholic. I have a lot of folks that gravitate towards me because of that that particular story of walking out of this Christian religion. But I do I use prayer I love Jesus, I don’t have a problem with any of that. Like no shame, no judgment, I will talk to you about all the archangels, we could talk about you know whatever it is. My biggest thing has always been when it comes to his living as a human in this crazy world, the way that we find happiness is through embracing our spirituality. I don’t care what it is, I just encourage people just believe in something even if that something is nothing. Just believe that nothing exists, and stay true to it. Just whatever it is, just believe that there is something. Believe in and what ever it is that you want to choose right now. Don’t get me wrong, if  I don’t agree with them I might hang out with you but I ain’t going to judge you for what you believe.

Giant of the Frost: That kind of comes down to that, you know I know it’s been said a million times but there’s so many different belief systems and all of them have some little part right at least you know and I think prayer is one of those and we had a common in here from pieces of one he was talking about. It cracks me up that people who pray think meditation is bad, and it’s almost like a need for this realization that prayer, meditation it’s all the same thing. All the same spells, ritual, manifestation, you’re all experiencing the same thing under a different name. 

Sunshine: I say this to so many people that I’m floored that the Catholic church can be against witchcraft. What do you think mass is every week? I mean like really if you’ve ever sat in like and I mean I’ve been in all I’ve said in a number of but like the Catholic mass literally you like have to walk up and accept the body of-

Medium Jenny Lea: I mean yeah especially the Catholics. They seem like the most magical of the bunch. All of their weird rituals and stuff, and all of it. They have to wear-

Giant of the Frost: Oh like the bones of saints, and like they even got like for the potion they got stuff toss in there. But you know and you could get into the whole conversation too of ritual uh because I think for the most part, I think most we discussed quite a bit about ritual not being necessary, but ritual being something that can help the process because in order to have prayer, in order to manifest, in order for you know to believe in what you’re doing, sometimes ritual is necessary to help foster that sense of something happening. And so you’re seeing that with prayer, also at a church service you’re seeing this ritual that allows that person to believe and to remove the self-doubt. It’s kind of the way that I’ve looked at that.

Sunshine: I always like to think of like a little bit of ritual too of space and time everything exists all at once. and that concept and so if you’re doing ritual in this like linear fashion, and you’re doing it the same way every single time like you know father like the cross or anything like that ritual of how you like every time you have now accentuated whatever that work is multiply it by every single time that you have ever done this ritual right all of that intention all at once.

When I get really lazy for those of you that are like a big fan of lazy magic tricks, I just pause for a moment and imagine my self in whatever dimension that it’s happening. Take a deep breath, and just take that magic from that moment.

Medium Jenny Lea: I love it so yeah I never thought about that. If all times happened at the same time, then all the other times you did it is also happening right now. Lee said that she thinks  that you should be her BFF,  just so you know,

Sunshine:  Uh let’s be BFFs, I love BFFs. I love people, and I love it’s so funny that I’m at like this hermit that I have this and people like always tell me they’re like you’re so busy and I’m like really not I just like to I just pretend like I’m really busy most of the I just facade of really busy. But yeah I love people so much so I would love a new best friend.

Medium Jenny Lea: Thank you take you up well Luce lives not that far from you so, maybe so to go find you have to go find Sunshine Luce, yes. And Luce also

fosters cats so you also have the cats in common. Five kitties. They always have like a bazillion cats in their house.

Sunshine:  Yeah, that is amazing. I love that. So yes new best friend.

Giant of the Frost: Pretending to be busy is the best way to keep people away. I feel like there’s a lot of -that’s the way I feel I tell Jenny all the time, that I’m like the laziest busy person I know. Like I always have something to do, but I feel like do way less than everybody else. But I never have- I feel like I never have a spare day. I’m always doing some- I got something to do, I don’t know but I do it with the least amount of Gusto as possible I guess. Anyway.

Medium Jenny Lea: Busiest lazy person.

Giant of the Frost: Busy lazy person.

Medium Jenny Lea: Okay, so I saw another one of the titles that you had put in about yourself was Soul healer what is that


Sunshine: Probably some of my favorite work with clients is more past life related work. So as a I open up the akashic records. I’m not positive that every psychic knows or recognizes this but if you’re a psychic you’re literally getting your information from the akashic records, that’s where it exists. And so I do a lot of work within the records depending upon what somebody is sitting down with me. I’m often called to do healing within that actual journey that whatever we’re exploring, and so that is the representation of the Soul healer.

I’m not here just to heal you from a temporary perspective, I’m not healing just this lifetime and your ailments if you got a headache. I’m not just making that go away, I’m actually looking to see what ailments may be impacting you like your soul and bringing that healing to your soul and so that your journey moving forward is a lot lighter and brighter.

Medium Jenny Lea: That’s wonderful so how do you experience the akashic records?

Sunshine: Try to ask me that in another way? What do you mean by how do I experience them?

Medium Jenny Lea:  Like do you visualize being there, and seeing it? And like going to specific places, and getting- what’s the way that you see it or feel it or-

Sunshine: Yeah the experience gives to me. That’s why I wanted to make sure you were asking. That’s what I thought, but yeah. My strongest psychic ability is my Clairvoyance. All of them are pretty good but, the Clairvoyance and so it typically starts with a shows up, as it looks like a book. Literally a book. We find the actual section within that book. And then once that section is found, it’s very theatrical- they actually take me right into it, like it’s actual movie and from there.

I’ll start being the bystander and watching it and then at some point as I start asking questions to explore really what’s going on and what the experience is, they’ll slide me into the main character, and so then from their perspective.

Medium Jenny Lea: Frosty it sounded like you wanted to have a make a comment or have a question.

Giant of the Frost: No not for that. I guess the one thing I would say is- it’s interesting for the akashic records. It seems like there’s a lot of different ways to access it. From my very small amount of experience or hearing people talk about it it seems like everyone kind of experiences the akashic records a different way, is that true?

Sunshine: Let me put it to you this way, every other person that I have ever talk to that access has literally talks about has gone through some kind of certification on how they are told to do it. So the way I did it, I had my akashic records read once by someone and I just watched and then I went and I was like we’re going to try this. Tell me how to do this. And they’re like whoop and I was like that was cool you know. So no, I do think there are a number of folks because I mean- and Jenny I don’t know what you think about what your perspective I mean even Frosty what your perspective but like a lot of people struggle to have the confidence to like accept these gifts and like just to accept that what you’re being told or shared with is like the Divine truth that you’re being given.

Like so many people want to second guess, and so for whatever reason I don’t do that. And so I’m a like, I felt comfortable to go in access but I think many other individuals go through the path of how asking somebody else to tell them how to do it. It goes back to that comment to the ritual, I believe the same thing all space and time exist all at the same time. So does all existence happen so we are everyone the collective conscious. Means Jenny at some point I’m also you, now Frosty I’m also you at some point, and so in that particular regards with from the akashic record I think some of these folks you tap into that ritual of accessing and so it’s easier for them to just trust that somebody else has set something up rather than find the confidence.

Giant of the Frost: Yeah I think I would agree with that about the second guessing. And see the problem that I have Sunshine is I’m a Gemini, so I very much will practice these things and do these things and I’ll have an experience and I’ll talk J, I’m like I can’t believe this crazy experience I had it was so amazing and then the next day like my logical side kicks in. And I’m totally like, well I don’t know if that’s really what you know I mean there’s you know could have really even happened I don’t understand how this you know. So I think that’s the thing that holds me back a little bit. I’m getting better at, it we’re working on it but I think that’s what happens to some people.

Sunshine: Do you want me to share what I just heard as you were like kind of saying this?

Giant of the Frost:  Yes sure.

Sunshine: So that whole piece of you know that like has a its purpose, I don’t know if your career or something of that nature requires that skill set to always have this critical mind, this critical view into things. And so it’s all you would really need to do is talk with your own guides and state “cool, but when it comes to this, I don’t want those. I don’t want that logic applied”, it’ll change if that’s what you truly want. It has the ability to change.

Giant of the Frost: And you’re right it has purpose I’m a historian so yeah that’s where it comes from. I’ve always been a dreamer and I’ve always had the fantasy aspect of things but especially when I was going through college it was really a struggle for me to- I had to kind of teach myself all right we have to have some kind of physical evidence to be able to back up the argument that you’re making, and so I think that does get stuck with me sometimes. For sure so you nailed it there you [Laughter]

Sunshine: I mean you’re like they’re basically they’re they’re like your soul made a very intentional choice to have that Gemini mentality like very intentional- there’s other purposes beyond ,but yeah “very intentional” is what they said.

Medium Jenny Lea: In my medium classes, number one role of mediumship is don’t doubt yourself  and it’s hard not to. But that’s like the thing you have to not do, you have to trust what you’re getting because really it’s not trusting yourself almost it’s trusting Spirit.

Sunshine: I always like to think like sure we’re a medium- but if you think about a medium, if you think even about in art what does a medium represent? It’s something that you’re using to create. It’s something being used right? And so I’ve told plenty of people like my commitment is, I will always share what I’m told, which it puts you in a very awkward situations.

Medium Jenny Lea: Sometimes you have to tiptoe around things and like re-word things a little so that it’s not like- so back to the akashic records, so the way that I had tried to like I’ve taken a little workshop about it. I never got a certification or anything. I’d been there a couple times, I’ve seen what it looked like, but just recently in the past month or so some of our readings have taken me to the akashic records going into somebody’s library finding a specific book, opening the book, and then I see it like a movie it’s like exactly the way that you explained it. And that’s what I was asking for. Because it’s like are we experiencing the same thing in, the same way. Because it’s just validation that what we’re experiencing is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Sunshine: I would love for you to keep doing and us to chat a year now again about like what your experiences are. So it’s been about two years since I’ve been intentionally opening up the like records, and they show. So here’s the thing, when I first started I wasn’t working with like very deeply magical or spiritual people, it was just some spiritual folks but on a journey. I would show up in these like- the first thing my guides do is they put me into a library and there’s a handful of what I call generic libraries, there’s different scenes and I have no like no rhyme or reason that that I’ve been told why. But as I started working with more deeply magical spiritual folks, I’d be taken to private lockdowns, I was taken to like a castle that they had kept their books in and I was told I had to ask for permission, vocal permission to walk into a locked door to be able to- I was blown away.

And so I’m like finally talking, I’m like what is this my guides are like these folks have taken the action to protect their records. So one of the things that I actually had started to be called to do it when I open up records, or do big akashic records activations I lock them down for the folks afterwards. Well there are some shady folks out there, and if you open the records and you have access to them you can find out how to torture people. What their biggest fears are, like I mean there’s some wicked things that you can do.

Medium Jenny Lea: I’ve seen mine, my akashic record room is like its own little library and it has very intricately carved wood around the top. Our friend Luce we’ve been talking about, I got to see their akashic records’ room. It’s in the basement in a cave-like space that looks like an egg. So yeah there’s definitely all kinds of different manifested created spaces for your own personal libraries. It’s amazing.

Sunshine: I’ll share this kind of like little tidbit that has been really fascinating that I’ve done with them when I open up when I had do like an intentional akashic record sometimes I’m called into the books in the middle of a reading but when somebody actually purchases an akashic record their first time I’ll actually I’ll ask for their book to be delivered I have these crows that actually bring the book back. The books are different, and so I will describe the books and I often find that the description that I have on the book validates for the person that it’s related to

them. So once upon a time, I was like this is so strange I’m like this came back as a binder and I described the binder and this girl’s like takes her camera and turns it and it was there it was sitting on the desk next to her. I was like okay so this is your book. It was funny it.

Medium Jenny Lea: It was her Trapper Keeper from 1989.

Sunshine: Pretty much. New Kids on the Block.

Giant of the Frost: There’s something that kind of popped up when you were talking about the that a second ago about kind of being able to use some of that information for bad, um and it’s and only want to ask it because it’s something that I actually haven’t we haven’t ran into very much in in the spiritual world that we’ve been in. There’s so much of a positive and understanding that you put good in you get good out kind of thing but I’m from a time where I can remember uh the satanic panic, and  the occult being blamed for lots of different uh horrible actions that were taking place.

Have you run into any instances or how prevalent do we think there is people with like I don’t know practicing the left-handed path or really out there trying to do harm do we think it’s a significant portion? Is it something that we’ve been hearing about at all?

Sunshine: So there’s a couple of ways that you could look at it. It’s not like people are out there you know maliciously, like “I want to you know take take down” uh you know they’re like not what they do is very often they have very self-centered and egotistical desires that have no no requirement to pay attention to how somebody else is going to be impacted. I have someone’s program that I joined last year, and there was 27 of us that joined many many many thousands of dollars to join this program. The glamour that this individual puts on so that they appear is so strong that even though we’ve literally shown some of these folks that came out of the program with us where they’ve literally been abused and they’re still like- “but I want to stay around them” and I mean it’s like completely so like it’s not always like they’re going to take down a bank or something of that nature, but here they have these individuals under this spell addicted to the chaotic energy that they feed them.

These people are just like disillusioned and so you know there are some of us that are kind of outside of it looking at it and going like how did like wow wow you know oh oh my God right? Is it something you have to worry about? I don’t think the like casual and even casual might even be a little bit of an insult, I don’t think an individual that would describe themselves as “woo woo” would be somebody that would really have but the further you get down into like the real magical workings, and really start like getting into practice and around some yes I have it has not been the first time um she’s not the only one that I’ve run into that you know has kind of been in this space there’s another.

There’s actually a Netflix documentary um about the woman her name was Nicole something but she was the big kind of like OM or something this really crazy- it turned out to be this really crazy spiritual cult, and and lo and behold this woman that I had no clue at the time, but the woman whose program I took was part of it. So it’s like it does exist. There are people and the very unfortunate thing is, those individuals that are in this low vibrational state, that are already still suffering from things like addiction, or shame, or guilt spirals, or fear of abandonments, and things of that nature. They’re going to be pulled in this person literally expressed that their leadership book is the is the 48 Laws of Power. Are you familiar with this book?

Giant of the Frost: No I’m not.

Sunshine: Horrifying, horrifying book. This is actually also sold in some circles as a business book this Laws of Power and of course it is yeah so I my ex bought it for me, because the job that I left I was with him for about a year before I resigned from this position that I was miserable in it really started all of like started this path and he had recognized that an a former CEO of mine. He was like, everything I would bitch and complain about he’s like he finally bought me this book he goes “this guy is doing all of these plays” he’s like “you need to educate yourself so you understand how he’s coming after you” and I was like “oh my” and so the moment I started to feel how that stuff happened last year, I was like there is something going on and then when I found out, it was admitted that was the book I was like “oh thank goodness” parted ways.

Medium Jenny Lea: Erica has a question for you, has there been someone who works in this world who ended up surprising you as some someone who was actually following the left-handed path, but at first seemed cool?

Sunshine:  I mean this particular individual, I had no clue I’d been a part of their program for probably about two years at this particular point and so that was a bit of a surprise in that regards. There’s not really anyone else and I want to be very cautious because if folks heard that they actually practice the left-hand path, there’s a that doesn’t equate necessarily to like evil and destruction. People would identify it as a much more selfish form of magic, it’s not all like love and light in that regard through the whole world and peace. And then but not it’s not evil uh there are there are some folks that would even consider some of the like Masonic lodges and things of that nature left-handed paths.

Medium Jenny Lea: It’s the service to self versus the service to nature.

Giant of the Frost: Yeah I was going to say, I think how I was introduced to some of this stuff originally when you know because typically the way you first hear about these things kind of can be through like the more things that are considered occult and not spiritual necessarily even when though those things kind of cross over about like Crowley for instance, or something like that and like do as thou  you know kind of but that doesn’t like and I don’t necessarily disagree with that to a certain extent, because if I do as I want to do. I’m probably not going to intentionally harm anyone, I’m going to be doing things for my self benefit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m out to destroy somebody else’s life. I’m just trying to manifest what I want to manifest for myself. Which I think is right Jenny that’s definitely a selfish reason, and not working for the the betterment of all but still-

Sunshine: Yes there is uh so I’ve actually talked with him Aleistair Crowley. He is one of the people that she follows and I’ve actually done a lot of studying about them. I’m trying to figure out the exact statement. But I asked him at some point when he showed up cuz it’s something like “love is the law, love under will” I should know it, but his whole sentiment is kind of around as long as you are always driving towards love, the like energetic vibration of love you’re on the path to enlightenment. that’s that’s the Lima that’s kind of like the whole concept there.

The interesting thing that he had said to me is- I think it was like last year probably right around this time that he showed up to me and we had this conversation. I was literally watching TV and he showed up that was really weird I was like “oh okay hi” The conversation he said he didn’t understand what love was. So in retrospect, he looked back and he’s like I though I wrote it and its intentions were what he understands love to be now that is not how he lived it.

Medium Jenny Lea: I found it it says “love is the law love love under will for Pure will un unassuaged of per of purpose delivered from the lust of result is every way perfect”

Sunshine: Yeah so as long as we are doing like our you know in this energetic of love, that was the whole sentiment and when you study and you start looking at it, it actually is very beautiful how it’s spoken about. But let’s be real, Aleistair Crowley was a heroin addict. If you’ve ever known a heroin addict, any addict for one. But I’ve known a handful that the partner that passed- was they are a whole different breed.

So yeah I mean those are some of the conversations I’ve had he he’s definitely has recognized that, and he’s interested to see how people actually evolve the interpretation in the right way. He would love to see it happen because there’s a lot of really beautiful stuff in his text, crazy stuff in some but a lot of really beautiful stuff.

Medium Jenny Lea: I’m glad he’s figure he’s figuring some stuff out on the other side. Good for you, Aleistair Crowley.

Giant of the Frost: But you know I think some of that stuff can can be kind of important to go back to. We talked about kind of like this being like a new age of spiritualism. I guess there’s another pun that I didn’t mean to make. We had of course the 60s and stuff like that but, I really don’t know if we’ve had this big of a spiritualist movement since the turn of the century of the last century and so it’s kind of interesting to go back and look at some of the people that were doing work then because I almost feel like that’s work we can build off now. does that sound kind of  correct?

Sunshine: think you’re spot on with that. I think about a week and a half ago, I had this conversation with someone where you have a lot of these this literature in the1900s. So you’ve got from Aleistair Crowley to Karl Young to you know, a lot of these people. I mean almost anyone that you name was involve from back then was involved in the cult in some way shape or form. Like whether or not it they just were right. And there was a really big huge like the enlightenment you know, port a lot of it was written from the very patriarchal view of things though it’s not very common to find a book of in that nature written by a woman back then. There is supposedly one woman that actually did publish, but published under a man’s name. And I don’t remember the woman at this but I have heard that that is the case and so I believe that the universe is actually asking for those that know and understand the feminine energy to look back into that literature and now share the perspective of when we actually have combined the masculine and the feminine. What is the message now?

Giant of the Frost: Yeah, well that that’s a good point. Because I was going to say earlier actually just to bring that when you were talking earlier about people. When I was talking about the doubt, and we were talking about people facing that. That was one thing I was going to bring up is one of the reasons I sometimes struggle with doubt with um work working with magic now is because I do have because I am a man, I have masculine energy and that stuff and it seems so much to be in a in a place of feminine energy right now that it’s like man can I?

Because all these mediums that I know, and all these light workers I know, and all these reiki healers I know, and all these people, and and you know maybe not 99%. But maybe 80% of them that I know are all women. And so it’s like, is it even possible for me to do this? Whereas when you go back to what we were just talking about, it was very male-dominated at least in terms of he was being recognized for it anyway.

Sunshine:  It’s funny because uh conversation I had recently too, the reason they I believe they refer to themselves as magicians think about it instead they didn’t call themselves witches or warlocks or anything of that nature. They refer to themselves as magicians. What’s another form of a magician? Light of hand, light of mind, so it’s a for them to kind of like hide a lot of this as well. Like when you start to read about what they did they were doing all of the psychic stuff they were doing all of the spiritual all of the chakra all of the healings they often disguised it in the language of alchemy like like you know it’s not magic, it’s Science. Like okay magic is Science.

Medium Jenny Lea: Yes it’s all the same thing.

Giant of the Frost: I just want to say by the way, that I’m going with I’m going with wizard. I want to make wizard the term that we can use for.

Medium Jenny Lea: Frosty bought himself a wizard hat, and I don’t think that he has not brought it on stream yet so you’re gonna have to break you’re have to break it out soon buddy.

Sunshine: It’s just Frosty the wizard. 

Giant of the Frost: There we go there’s a new emo right there Frosty the wizard.

Medium Jenny Lea:  So we’re talking about some of the the other side of things, and from what I can tell in your bio and some things on your website Shadow work is like a big deal for you. For those of the people who are either listening now which probably not many of them but, people who might be listening later.

Could you explain what Shadow Work is?

Sunshine: I mentioned the name Karl Young. So young coin the term Shadow so it is the belief that our psyche has things about ourselves that it actually represses. It’s the very if you were to go look up and do any of the psychological research around the Shadow or anything of that nature from a witch’s perspective. The way that we look at that is we want to go in and remove all that crap that we’ve repressed that is prohibiting us from wielding our crazy wild magical powers.

So that’s that’s that’s in essence why we’re going to be doing that shadow work. I also look at Shadow Work though as literally removing the things that are prohibiting you from living a beautiful life. So in recovery, I pray for all of those you know part of my like third step prayers I pray for all of those that are still suffering from addiction. Whether that addiction is still drugs, alcohol, sex, chaos, violence, drama ,shopping,  food, sugar. Whatever is robbing these individuals from living the life that they are meant to live.

So to me like I don’t know that you can do any more serious Shadow work than going through recovery. Like you are having to go through things, I’ve experienced um more shame guilt and fear truly experienced it I don’t mean just like waved at it while I shoved it in a pocket and pretended like it didn’t exist right truly experienced it you know since I’ve been sober. 

Your Shadow is bringing things maybe that have been bugging you maybe that like you’ve been ignoring, maybe that you’ve been avoiding, even like maybe repeat bad behaviors. Anything that feels like it’s literally getting in your way of life, you dig into it and pull all of that nitty-gritty pieces of it into the forefront in the light, and very often just that act just acknowledging it is enough to integrate it and make its detriment go away.

Giant of the Frost: So in a lot of ways, Shadow work is essentially spiritual therapy.

Sunshine:  I jokingly say I’ve had people say like sometimes sessions with me feel like a therapy session.

Medium Jenny Lea:  Yeah my therapist likes to have therapy sessions with me. I said you need to start paying me next time.

Sunshine: I‘ve been a leader in most of my corporate career for most of my life, and I’ve had people report to me. And I have this one gentleman that is actually a good friend of mine now that we don’t work at that same place, and he jokes still to this day he goes- I’ve been you in with therapy with Sunshine since 2007, because like it’s just I lead the same way. I’m like “how are you” “what do you need “like “where’s your head at” you know I’m like pulling things out like you’re “you’re struggling let’s look at why” “what’s going on at home” so yeah, definitely Shadow Work is I think that’s a great way to look at it’s spiritual therapy. It’s looking into the pieces of ourselves that we can’t normally see and making sure that nothing’s ailing us so to speak.

Giant of the Frost: All right so real quick I yeah I want to uh just kind of do a quick reset here for everyone we’ve had more people come in and join as we’ve been going along so if you’re joining us you hopped, in we are um talking with guest Sunshine and we’re talking about all kinds of things including psychic mediumship and all the uh all kinds of spiritual stuff and and work and in Witchcraft and all kinds of things. So if you have questions feel free to throw them in chat, if you want to I have like I think probably like five channel points or something you can highlight the message that way we don’t miss your message feel free to throw it in there um and also so uh we have it pinned at the top of chat but if you’re listening later to us on YouTube or in a podcast, make sure you go tosunshinereadings.com and from sunshinereadings.com, you can find a lot of  everything you’re looking for with our guest tonight is there any other things that they need to check out if they’re trying to find you online, Sunshine?

Sunshine:normally say you can find everything on the website but anytime I chat, I let people know too you can always reach me on email, sunshine@sunshinereadings.com. I check all of my own email, I read all of them, and I love chatting with folks there especially here in stories about kind of how things are showing up for them in their world too.

Giant of the Frost: Excellent so check it out sunshinereadings.com

Medium Jenny Lea: We have a question from our friend 713 is asking how do your guides support you

with your Shadow work?

Sunshine: All the time, and so I’ll give you an example of kind of one thing a little bit lately that I’ve been working on. I talked about needing to embrace this whole identity and the label of the witch um and so that’s been a lot of it so them giving me these validations giving me these reminders you know I told you about these ads finding out that ads won and so my guides will often lead me down the path of things that I need to be paying attention to ,looking at, or exploring to like uncover maybe a deeper truth that I’ve not been paying attention to.

So they’re incredible. I mean I’m very blessed, w not all psychics can even have like don’t you know don’t always have the the strong clear audience I can have full-fledged conversations with them I can talk to them and hear them at any times and so they also helped me you know when I find self like surprisingly in a shadow right because let’s be real sometimes we don’t realize that something was repressed until it somebody else brings it out and so they are often there also to remind me to use like my you know my somatic responses that I know of you know to regulate my nervous system to not respond in a crazy way you know I’m a recovering alcoholic I still have some you know low-level anger issues at some point yeah so like they’re able to help me in that regards too because Shadow work is beautiful when you can do it proactively.

But the truth is a lot of people don’t don’t actually do it until they’re in the middle of it. That they literally had something thrown in their face so I think that’s a great question and you know I think your our guides can always and I think most everyone’s Spirit guides probably going to try to tell them before shit hits the fan, or like a a tower card gets pulled so to speak.

Medium Jenny Lea: But you have to be paying attention. S Erica did not have a question, but her comment made me think of a question she said: Sunshine would be an epic guide for shadow work. So is that uh something and a service that you offer is helping people with their Shadow work?

Sunshine: I absolutely do. So it’s so funny because so many time it’s the way I kind of explain it- if you’re working with me, we’re always probably going to be dealing with your shadows. It’s part of everything, the same thing with like the akashic records.  I find that people most often benefit working with me when they know they are ready to bring a change into their life, they want to live differently. And so when when I recovered from alcohol, I look at recovery as recovering from any anything that was robbing you from your happiness.

Giant of the Frost: We do have a question from Erica now too.  Sunshine doesn’t have to answer, but curious if she was given the name Sunshine at Birth? It’s such a rad name for the spiritual world but I wonder if it was given at Birth did it always resonate, or did they name themselves this because it resonated more?

Sunshine: Yeah I love the question, and I often do share this so for those you know, I think we talked a little bit when I first came on and I shared with you guys but the the audience wouldn’t have heard. So my birthgiven we share the same name, birthgiven my parents when I came into this world uh named me Jennifer and it’s beautiful. I love the name don’t have a problem with it.  It was around 2007 my friend my very best friend at the time had a little three-year-old girl and they lived a mile away. She had two kids but the the youngest was three at the time, and I was over there all the time.

Well things got really busy and I hadn’t been there for a while, and all of a sudden her daughter comes up to her and starts asking when is Auntie Sunshine coming over?  And her mom can’t figure it out who is autie Sunshine. Her mom is like I have no clue who this is. And so it was like still probably another two weeks, I show up and this little girl comes running into the the kitchen auntie Sunshine and I was like, I looked at her mom and her mom she goes “oh my, God it’s you” and I was like okay, so it’s stuck. Tids just started calling me it and my friends, like most people say it suits me so I always say Jennifer or Jen is my birth given name, and Sunshine is my universe given name gifted to me from the the little beautiful heart of a three-year-old.

Giant of the Frost:  Yeah, wow that’s an excellent story.

Medium Jenny Lea: And how appropriate for someone who’s trying to shine their light into everybody else’s Shadows.

Sunshine: The universe is brilliant! What can I say?

Giant of the Frost: What did we say at the what you said at the beginning there are no coincidences. All right Jenny I know there was some other questions you had and some stuff you wanted to get into soI’ll let you keep going here. 

Medium Jenny Lea: Sticking with the shadow work topic, what is your best advice for someone who wants to start working with Shadow Work?

Sunshine: That’s really hard, because part of when Mentor coach teach work with clients like it is very much individual based right so automatically when I’m

asking my guides like how what’s the best advice I can give right now they’re saying like who’s the person asking is a bit of it I would say you know the very first thing you just have to be willing to be honest that something’s wrong, something’s off, and not right.

That to me is it and then you know once you’ve kind of acknowledged that piece exploring it is another story. Some people do really well exploring through journaling and like automatic writing some people work well with tarot card decks and using some like Shadow work type of you know  polls to look at their cards.

Some people, let’s be real, you might be better off working with someone whether it’s a therapist or a spiritual adviser right because you actually need them to talk you through and kind of pull those things out. I would say you know for anybody first after the awareness and if you didn’t want to like jump off and go crazy I’dprobably recommend journaling to start just start exploring and seeing what you write um and you know what comes out it’s amazing sometimes especially because it’s handwriting I don’t mean like typing on a computer I don’t mean even voice memo-ing I mean like literally handwriting because it’s an act so many of us don’t do on a regular basis.

You’ll be surprised and you may even watch the shadow pop when you hesitate to write the word on the page yeah when you don’t want to admit it to yourself because you don’t want to see it at it with your own eyes.


Medium Jenny Lea: What is your absolute favorite thing about the work that you do now?


Sunshine:  It’s going to sounds so strange it’s like so simple and yet like like a little bit beautifully complex at the same time being able to literally love someone else that I’ve never even met. But the but the feeling the somatic response that I get in a client when we have a session and I can feel their body and their literal energy relax to the point of receiving the love. That is my favorite.

Medium Jenny Lea: The answer is always love The Beatles got it right.


Sunshine: They too were part of the occult, so yes they did.


Medium Jenny Lea: :Erica has another question: I’m working towards not feeling things so deeply when I don’t want to like at work in an empathic way what is something that you have learned how to do to any books or practices you suggest?

I know this is a big topic but she would like any breadcrumbs you could throw at her yeah so first breadcrumb that I will send out is um my own somatic Mentor by the name of Luis Mojica – his website is holisticlifenavigation.com.

The number one thing is it’s not experiencing it. I would never ever ever recommend to not experience. What you want to do is learn how to move it through you faster right you want to learn how to move it and regulate it through you faster right and so as an empath it is so important to not block it off because you’re going to start to feel physical symptoms mental symptoms even spiritual symptoms if you’re trying to literally not feel those things it’s just a huge detriment to our own energetic system right you’re going to want to learn how to recognize acknowledge it and regulate it as quickly as possible and Luis is a amazing at teaching it.  It is some of the best work I have done for myself in the last couple of years.

I get zero anything for any refer like don’t this I love and adore this man so much I have recommended him to more there’s only other thing that I’ve ever recommended to people more has been Don Miguel Ruiz’ book The Four Agreements  he’s a beautiful man so and I kudos to you for making the being aware that that’s an issue I think it was Erica right being aware that it’s an issue because now you can actually figure out how to deal with it. But I would never recommend trying to not have the emotion. I would recommend trying to figure out how to move it through you as fast as possible.


Medium Jenny Lea: Yes because Erica your empathic skills are part of your your psychic abilities which you use you don’t want to turn it off she knows about Four Agreements though she said fave so that’s [Laughter]

This whole conversation has been fabulous we touched on so many different topics we have I feel like there’s I if I had time I would write down two more pages of questions but  I have asked all my questions.


Giant of the Frost: Well there was there was one other question I wanted to talk about that we’ve been kind of going on the path a little bit so I wanted to get kind of get your uh input since we had you on the show and that’s said well one thing I wanted to find out is we’ve talked about talking to people on the other side and we’ve talked about Spirit guides and we’ve talked about the akashic records um what other like typically like is when you do your mediumship is that who you pull in as Spirit guides and people on the other side like what are the experiences of  that you’ve had that you’ve channeled or had come through?


Sunshine: Any non-corporal being any non-early entity right like technically so um yes any type of ancestors so folks that have crossed over spirit like animals. so animals have come over to um famous folks Aleistair Crowly not a whole sle.w I had somebody else kind of uh interviewing me one time tried to what famous people do you want to pull a famous person forward and I’m like no no no this is not how this works so and I’m just kind of like you’re seeing you might be seeing some of the’re watching this chuckle and this smirk on my face because these guys love to show up and this is how they do it is like through other people like this because they know I don’t want to bring them up aliens so I do see- aliens. Yes um they weird me out though they’re the only I can have no problem with anything else but they show up and like this like I’m telling you this is literally how they do it because I avoid them at all times and they they make other people bring the topic of aliens up and then they just chuckle and laugh like they’re like yeah well maybe that’s what just happened.

Giant of the Frost:  That’s probably what just happened because that’s been our experience over here we’ve been kind of well not Jenny has been dealing you a lot yeah yeah yeah we uh lots of lots of alien stuff going on so been we’ve been kind of curious about how that’s been going with other mediums?


Sunshine: Yeah they’re funny funny guys. So the first time, I didn’t expect it I didn’t expect it uh it was probably like two years ago I do like a you know a little Zoom thing and you can just pop on it’s like $ and I’ll answer a question and I’m going through and you know this guy go never seen him before never seen him since and he’s like I know it’s going to sound really weird and I’m like weird and crazy and I’m like I love weird and crazy I talk to I don’t know that we can get any weirder and crazier than dead people right yeah and um he’s like I think I have an alien attached to me.

And all of a sudden he shows up and waves at me and I’m like oh my god well I was like I don’t know what to do I was like he’s there you know and I proceeded it was an agreement that his soul had made with this alien actually there to be helping him like all all very purposeful and that was the thing he could feel it and he could he was having dreams and these things but it was maddening to this my this you know client because he was like he was feeling like he was crazy and I’m like no all good you’re all set all agreed he’s like thank God and dropped I was like and they’ve never stopped showing up since.

And I you the word I told you about that program I did last year this one really big ritual this huge ritual this one weekend because it

was an in-person four four in-person weekends huge ritual there’s a particular ritual um I think it’s in the

Order of the Golden Dawn where you can call forward all of the all of the armies of angels and it’s like and 300 something angels that you call forward and so as a medium thank you for the warning number one, you’re calling forward something Angels oh my God so that was super overwhelming to not know it was happening and then afterward whole day is kind of ending it’s like it’s been a long day of ritual and they’re like we’re going to go to the campfire and we’re going to call try to to talk to and um bring down the aliens

And I was like oh no no no no.  I did I totally went to bed so no uh they they are there um and they’re not they’re not they’re not bad they’re not you know not they’re like actually here to help in a lot of ways um they are and it’s funny like my partner’s been very obsessed with some of the the um stuff that’s been released right you know all of the stuff has been released about it, and so we’ve been watching a lot of stuff around that and it’s very fascinating because it’s like we want to be so afraid but like if we all actually could see and recognize they are everywhere. 

So I just asked them to not show themselves to me and only do it when somebody else brings it up and they find it hilarious they’re a little practical jokers too.


Medium Jenny Lea:  We have a lot of alien stuff come up but I’m not freaked out about it. So I’m pretty open to it we have a bunch of questions now. Frosty would you like to ask question?


Giant of the Frost: Yes has there been a time when you haven’t had capacity to manage someone’s Shadow work and how did you manage that?


Sunshine: There’s not a lot of times. There is yeah there’s probably one example and the very unfortunate truth of that was um how I handled it was refunding was a good idea though if you couldn’t if you didn’t feel like you could help them well yeah the the bigger challenge was uh minutes into the session I knew I mean my guides automatically um and I offered the refund minutes in and then she took me the whole hour oh yeah that’s not cool and then demanded uh a it was pretty hellacious to the point that every single one of my systems has a record of her name her email address that I will never.

And so you know in that particular instance it’s like the capacity to work with I trust my guides that they’ll never put me into a situation that I cannot handle right I just have full trust that I have whatever capacity it is that I need to handle within that situation I think maybe one of the questions is or one of the ways to like that maybe to rephrase or shape that question is have I ever been triggered have I ever had a shadow come forward that is is a very interesting experience it doesn’t happen very often but it can happen with people that are personally close to me oh yeah yeah I can see that yeah yeah where they will be asking for me to help support and then they themselves being knowing me well enough because they get uncomfortable in that shadow we’ll throw a dagger there. 

And so not I mean like Shadow work is hard, it’s difficult work. So it’s I know it’s not personal but in those moments it’s hard to not be a human and to be like no that hurt. So yeah I don’t think I’m ever put in in many situations that one particular client is the only time that I’ve ever given a refund and yeah I just I prayed for her afterwards that she found the lesson that she needed to in that exchange. 


Medium Jenny Lea: Another question: when you talk to someone on the other side or guides Etc do you ever wonder if the spirit is posing as someone else like how humans are trying to impersonate? If you do get impersonating energies how do you decipher it?


Sunshine: So I do teach people how to like step into these and you know Jenny just as you do sounds like you Mentor people too one of the things that I always really try to do is I try to have people establish a relationship with an ancestor that they knew first right and from there to ask those ancestors to provide the protection to to not have that happen so I I try to actually have individuals create an ally on the other side that will be able to prohibit that from being able to come forward for me personally.

I have a for a whole year uh year and a half a whole ritual that I would perform before working with clients every single time I have since had that ritual tattooed on. 

Giant of the Frost:  We have another question: how canyou understand your gift and capacity to communicate with Spirits I know everyone has their methods and practices but, what was the time when you had the “aha moment”? How do you protect your energy? And how have you dealt with any fear? There’s a lot in that question. 


Sunshine: So the fear uh the fear is is is the one I’m going to kind of address first the fear is something like fear uh I had to start to change my relationship with fear as an indication of that there was something better on the other side fear was an opportunity for me to grow through it right um now I don’t say that because there are definitely some longstanding fears that can be trauma based that are very difficult to work through but if it was things like fear of visibility fear of being wrong fear of having a client fear of sharing this fear of I had to take the stance of just fear wanted me to punch it in the face tick it and walk over it um and champion you know be the champion on the other side so that was like the big thing about fear like it was a very conscious effort that every time I experience what I would label as fear in my body that was a sign to do the opposite of what I normally would have done yeah I like that because I want to change I wanted different if I didn’t want something to be different I would have continued doing the same thing

 Now how do I protect my energy? That same ritual that I just mentioned calls for protection, calls clarity right the strength to provide the clarity and the healing to the the the the clients that I need um and it also uh includes protection around the energetic exchange through the mediumship so I actually do allow for possession in my readings as well. And so the last and final piece is to allow for the protection around the energy so that allow that to set in um I wear a lot of jewelry for protection as well if I’m actually out or working with clients I have particular jewelry that has been charged with intentions to help with that.

Now how do I handle my own capacity this goes back to again trusting that my guides are never going to put me into a situation that I cannot tell you how critical to my own Journey trusting my guys trusting this is like as a recovering alcoholic Step One is admitting that we are power over alcohol right and that our lives have become in manageable step two is turning it over turning it over to a higher saying there’s something outside of and so I trust that my guides are never going to put me in that situation or if I’m uncertain I ask should I go do this I literally have events starting at 11a.m. tomorrow until practically like 7p.m. Sunday night.

And I know I will check in the entire time and if at any point they’re like you’re done then I have to deal with the very sad truth that I have to tell these people that I’m done right is it is it cool is it comfortable is it happy are they going to be friendly about like no uh do I care? Not really if I’m trying to take care if I’m trying to take care of myself yeah and it pisses them off, like you know I mean then they’re just they got a little bit of growing to do they’re not understanding that piece and that’s fine.


Medium Jenny Lea:  I think part of Luna’s question too was like how could someone who this might be gifts like how can they start to kind of open themselves up to it? Like how can she understand having a gift of communication spirit I think it might be what part of her question was


Sunshine: I find spirit tends to talk more than- it you know it’ll give pictures but I think Spirit tends to talk talk more than it does anything else and being open to it um I really think the number one way is to start talking to it. It’s a two-way conversation you know it’s not just going to be so the more you actually start talking and expressing and having these conversations with whether it’s your ancestors or a deity or you know you will start to hear.

Now you might not hear as though somebody’s speaking to you but they’ll come to you in TV they’ll come to you in radio they’ll come they’ll come to you in other ways too. They’ll come to you in something that someone says and you’re like that’s weird I was just thinking that. 

Medium Jenny Lea: Synchronicities. We had a question from William Farms Warrior poet: are you familiar with the Carlos Casteneda Don Juan books?


Sunshine:  I’m not familiar with them. I know of them but I don’t I’ve never read them but I’m I’m chuckling because my partner has recently told me that we should read these books.


Medium Jenny Lea: Oh there it is right there synchronicity know his question really was how useful are they but I was wondering if but then I was like well I wonder if you’ve even read, them clearly you’re supposed to. So yeah that just that we have to have Sunshine back after she’s read them and then William you’ll get your answer.


Giant of the Frost:  There we go and we have we have one more that we had put in tonight from 713: have your guides changed since being sober has there been any change with with the communication and who shows themselves to you?


Sunshine:Since I have been sober I’ve actually had a couple of new people pass away. So I look at my guides as being a lot of my ancestors and the folks that I knew like it’s just my strongest connection it’s really good validation when you have somebody on the other side that you can recognize um I have not had any other guides but I have had other deities that have shown up you know planetary deities that I wasn’t used to working with. And they end up just kind of like when I got my reiki certification, that was the like craziest one I hit my level three, went in for my level three atunement and sitting there and ended up being spoken to by St. Germain.

I had no idea who St. Germaine was at that point, no clue who he was.


Medium Jenny Lea:  I just listened to a whole podcast about St Germaine, it was a cool story about a St Germaine that was a vampire in New Orleans.


Sunshine: Oh yeah, there’s a lot of stories that he has incarnated in a lot of different roles. But the interesting thing he if you look up his Wikipedia, there’s a mention on his Wikipedia that he actually doesn’t talk. He telepathically communicates and that was the weird thing. So he showed up as Spirit but I didn’t show up like I heard him, I didn’t hear him, I heard him, I usually hear from this way. So it was a completely different experience.

It shows up in all of the ways, it depends on how much I’m paying attention. So yeah that was a very weird experience but that was there’s been a handful of deities and kind of ascended masters that have shown up in a ways that I didn’t expect.

Medium Jenny Lea:  So things have kind of changed as your journey has changed.


Giant of the Frost: Oh yeah yeah the evolution keeps going I think I don’t I don’t know I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say they’ve reached the end point you know like it’s an evolving and continuing thing from everyone we’ve talked to that uh always a new surprise around the corner it seems like so well everyone we’ve reached we’ve gone past the hour uh thank you so much Sunshine for coming on and talking with us tonight I feel like we probably could do another two hours but this is where we’ll cut it off tonight. But we love back on people are just asking more and more questions yeah we have a lot of questions coming

Sunshine: So anytime, like I said I love to chat so anytime that you want to invite me back please extend the invitation I would love to do.


Giant of the Frost: Sounds great! If they go to your website, is that where they can find your podcast at? Also you said you had a podcast that you do?


Sunshine: So I’ve actually got we’ve got I just launched it a couple of weeks ago and like have been fumbling my way through it and it we they’re on the website but I don’t have them linked yet it’s actually a task I’ve not gotten to okay excellent but you can find if you look on Spotify you can find me under Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical. I know it’s on Spotify right now.


Giant of the Frost:  Yeah Witch please! Go check that out on Spotify and also make sure you check out www.sunshinereading.scom that’s where you can find all the information there’s a bunch of stuff I was looking on there that we didn’t have a chance to get to tonight. But that’ll be something to talk about next time.


Medium Jenny Lea: Yes we’ll go ahead so everybody that had a question that we didn’t get to write it down and we’ll  when we have Sunshine back on next time we will dive into all the other topics that you guys wanted to talk to her about.


Giant of the Frost: So we’ll go ahead and do our finished for everyone listening to us on YouTube or on uh podcast over at Spotify Apple podcast uh iHeart Radio wherever you’re listening to us uh thank you for joining us and we will see you all next  time!

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