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There is Only One You

Remember that the Universe is waiting for you to embrace every single moment of your life to express yourself. There is only one you and not only do *I* love you – so does the Universe. And the Universe wants to bless you with everything your little heart desires. (I would totally bless you with everything your little heart desires…it’s just that’s kinda the Universe’s thing *wink*)

Of course you may be sitting there thinking, “but how in the world do I do that??” So I thought I’d share with you some of the ways that I express my own individuality.

  • I have pink hair! It started with just a few strands or peek-a-boos and when I finally realized the only reason I didn’t dye it all pink was because I was afraid others would judge me…guess what I did? DYED IT ALL PINK! PINK HAIR FOR LIFE!!!!
  • I hardly use my potty mouth filter. That’s right, I’m known for being crass, and straight to the point. That’s with my friends, family, support team, and even my current corporate America job. Yes, I’ve been known to drop an f-bomb in a meeting. And YES, I didn’t get a job offer once because I dropped one in an interview. (oh boy am I glad for that one, that place sounds horrid.)
  • I don’t wear a bra. Yeah, this sounds a little bit odd and risque, but I kept asking myself why in the world I was wearing one and it was like, “so other people think my boobs look good.” And yet they are uncomfy and itchy and FUCK that. Bye-bye bra!!!
  • I bought a two-piece string bikini and wore it to the beach. Oh my god. Talk about having to face some serious fear of judgment there. But the suit has a rainbow pattern and it’s so unbelievably cute and I really don’t give a flying fuck what people think of me and THAT is what I wanted to express with that one. (P.S. the guy that I’m dating absolutely LOoooooooved me in it, so I went out and bought three more this year.) 😍😍😍

So I encourage you to pick ONE thing to do this week that is a bit scary…a bit uncomfortable…a bit outside of your comfort zone but aligns SO unbelievably well with who you are as an individual. And if you’re feeling brave, drop a comment below and let me know what that is.500

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