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Use Knowledge to Fight Cultural Fear

Have you ever thought about that? That if we were all the same…same look, same beliefs, same fears…same everything, life would be super boring. But it is not! We are blessed with a multitude of rich cultural differences all around us. 

Maybe our home town isn’t so incredibly rich with differences, but it is only a google search away to learn about new cultures. And why is this so important to strengthening our root chakra?

Because often we are afraid of what we do not know. And fear robs us of balance in our root chakra which can then set all of the rest of our chakras off. 

So when we start to research and get to know and understand other cultures, we increase our knowledge and reduce our own fears. 

That knowledge also helps us to create connections to others! It helps us open our arms wide up (and our hearts) and bring people into our circle to love and connect to. 

THAT is why it is important to learn about other cultures. That is why it’s important to embrace other cultures. Because deep down, we all desire the same things in life

  • To belong
  • To feel wanted
  • To feel loved
  • To feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves

I encourage you to take some time to learn about a new culture. Maybe one you’ve been a bit afraid to explore. Maybe one that you’ve found yourself uncomfortable with in the past. Push yourself through that fear and uncomfortable feelings and allow yourself the gift of knowledge!

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