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Using Play to Connect to Your Inner Child

When was the last time you watched children play and they didn’t seem to be filled with happiness and joy? Seriously though? Sure maybe there was a fight or someone got hurt, but the general emotional state of children playing is happiness and joy. 

The emotions of happiness and joy are the highest emotional vibrations that we can experience as humans and children do it so naturally.

So if you are looking to boost your own vibrational frequency, I’d highly recommend a regular practice of play to make it happen. Here are a few tips to incorporate more play into your daily life…

  • Get a joke book and share a joke a day with someone. I frigging love bad puns, dad jokes and horrible jokes the most. I’ve often incorporated these into team meetings or even daily chats with folks. For instance…did I tell you about that time I went to the psychic for some spiritual guidance but all she did was stare at my feet? She was trying to read my sole.
  • Smile at everyone you see. Literally look at them and smile. Maybe even give them a wink (throw in a little gun at them too?) This is a joyful practice and will even extend that joy outside of yourself and into others.
  • Read a guilty pleasure book. Not a self-help book or an educational piece, something that is literally the most crazy fiction you like to sink your teeth into. And once you read it, share whatever you read with someone close.
  • Play with a pet. Whether you have a dog, cat or some other kind of critter, play with it. Do whatever it is that it likes to do. I know I love to play with the kitties and they will bring me so much joy.
  • Talk dirty with your partner. Seriously, this is a fabulous form of play that has soooo many wonderful benefits even outside of invoking joy and happiness.

How about you, what are some ideas you have to add play into your every day?

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