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What IS Self-Love & Why is it Important

As it is stated in the song by Bea Miller & 6LACK – “self-love ain’t selfish, my love reigns supreme, you felt it.” And there couldn’t be any truer fucking words. 


Loving yourself is one of the most important things you could ever do in life. Why then, do so many of us struggle to do it??? I believe one of the reasons is because we never really pause to think about how important it is, so let me fix that right here with FOUR reasons that self-love should be on your list of things to do Every. Fucking. Day.


  1. You are the only person 100% guaranteed to be in your life. I’m not telling you to say “fuck people” and go intentionally isolate, on no. But so many things happen in life that can take the folks that we love and depend on away. Death, sickness, and mental illness can rob us of the relationships that we depend upon. This means that if shit were to ever hit the fan, you have the potential to wake up one day and be alone. 
  2. Other people depend upon us to be our fucking best. And I’m not talking about co-dependency here. I’m talking about your children, your elderly parents, your best friend that has hit a rough patch in her marriage and she really needs a shoulder to cry on. These folks are out there and because their relationship is important to us, there will be times we are really needed. We cannot do that if we haven’t taken care of ourselves first. 
  3. You have things you want out of life. Yes, sometimes we can find a partner and realize that we may want the same things, but usually there are things that really only WE want. And if that’s the case…if you have something that YOU desire, who the heck else is best positioned to help you get it then you??? And if you’re not showing yourself some love by working towards it, no one else is going to.
  4. It’s NOT hard to do. Seriously. I know sometimes we like to think that self-love is this big elaborate thing we have to schedule (massages) or go out and buy (manicure kit) but really self-love can be incorporated into your entire day in various different ways. It can be what you choose to eat, how much water you choose to drink, spending an extra 5 minutes in the shower doing a cleansing ritual, wearing sexy undies! You name it. Anything that you do because YOU want it is an act of self-love. 


So tell me my dear self-loving friends, what was the last thing that you did for YOURSELF?

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