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What the Hell is an Ego Story and Why Should I Care?

Every single human being in existence has an ego. It is the part of the mind that is conscious of what we perceive as reality. But it’s not just the reality of the things around us or the things we interact with (you know…those tangible things we can touch). Oh no. It is the reality of our conscious self…who we see that we are in this incarnate world. 

Our ego is neither good nor bad.

It just helps us be our individual selves.

And that “ego” is formed by alllllll the various stories that other people feed it OR that we feed it ourselves. It is all the “I am” statements…whether they are helpful or even true. Let me try to explain it a little bit more by showing the ‘creation’ of an ego story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that loved to draw. She would spend hours in her room with a box of crayons and sheets of construction paper just creating all these various different characters and worlds. Every now and again, her mother would pop in and she would hold up the drawing beaming with pride and mom would say, “My dear…you are such a wonderful little artist.” (← This is an ego story being created!)

Well, one day the little girl was working on her masterpiece. This was going to be the absolute best drawing she had ever made. She was determined to finish it and take it in to show and tell so that all of her classmates and her teachers could see what a wonderful little artist she was. 

That is, until her brother walked into her room and took one look at her masterpiece and said, “oh my god, what is that ugly creature? I wouldn’t show anyone that if I were you,” and then walked out.

She sat there with tears welling up in her eyes as she took the paper, ripped it up and said, “I am such a horrible artist, I should never show my work to anyone!” (← This is another ego story being created!)

You see, our ego has been ‘forming’ since we were tiny little babies. And it will continue to form and change as we grow older. It does so by all the various different stories that allow us to be absorbed by it or that we choose to feed it.

THIS is why it’s important to recognize and know what an ego story is. Because we can choose to feed it other stories. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AFFIRMATIONS DO! We keep saying those affirmations till our ego accepts them as truths.

So, my dearly lovely humans…do you use affirmations? If so…please let me know one of your favorites. <3 

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