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 Psychic Readings 101: What to Ask a Psychic Medium

If you’ve ever been curious about what a Psychic Reading can offer, you might be wondering: What should I ask a Psychic Medium? Psychic Readings are becoming increasingly popular as people look for deeper answers and clarity. Psychic Readings provide an opportunity to explore the unknown and gain insight into our lives from beyond the physical realm.

Preparing for Your Psychic Reading

Before getting your Psychic Reading, it’s important to know what questions are good to ask a Psychic Medium. It’s a great idea to spend some time journaling or reflecting on the areas in your life you’d like deeper insight into, as well as potential solutions or answers you’re seeking.

Questions to ask a Psychic Medium

Some examples of common and good questions to ask Psychic Mediums include:

  • What are my current spiritual blocks?
  • How can I improve myself spiritually?
  • Is there any advice the spirits have for me as I move forward in life?
  • What message do the spirits have for me about my purpose or destiny?
  • Are there any spiritual beings or energies that can help me in my life journey?

Psychic Mediums are also able to provide answers related to past life questions and experiences, such as:

  • What were my past life occupations or relationships?
  • Have I met any of my current companions before this lifetime?
  • Are there any energy connections or spiritual messages from my past lives that can help me in this life?

It’s important to remember, Psychic Readings are not a substitute for medical advice. Psychic Mediums cannot predict the future and they don’t have all the answers. Psychic Readings provide guidance and insights, but it’s up to us to interpret those messages and decide how to apply them in our lives.

Keep Expectations for Your Psychic Reading Realistic

At the end of the day, Psychic Readings are all about connecting with the spirit world and exploring what lies beyond the physical realm. Psychic Mediums provide an opportunity to gain insight into our lives, allowing us to make informed decisions that will bring us closer to spiritual fulfillment.

Are You Ready for YOUR Psychic Reading?

Whether you’re looking for answers about your past or insights into your current life journey, Psychic Readings offer an opportunity to explore the unknown. Psychic Mediums are a great way to access spiritual guidance and gain clarity, but it’s important to ask thoughtful questions that will get you the answers you seek. So take some time before your Psychic Reading to reflect on what you’d like to know, and ask away!

Are you ready to unlock the answers that lie within? Schedule your Psychic Reading session today and start exploring the unknown! Let me, Sunshine, help you gain clarity and uncover deeper spiritual insights on your journey.

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1 thought on “ Psychic Readings 101: What to Ask a Psychic Medium”

  1. I am glad that I received a Email from you. After reading about all your different gifts you have and you sharing about being a recovered alcoholic I feel that we have some things in common and not only that but I strongly believe that your the one that’s going to help me in my life and in so many different areas that your going to be the one that’s going to help me save me.
    So let me share a little about me wi th you. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other and knew everyone’s business. I grew up in a family where a lot of Abuse took place. I went through every kind of abuse you can think of. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, psychology,Spiritually and lived in a home where incest took place for many years. At the age of 8 I became a Huffer I was sniffing glue, gas anything I could huff and get high on I did because I didn’t like the life I was in so to be able to deal with everything that was going on became a Huffer to where I escaped reality and my abuse for awhile at least.
    I got married when I was 18 and two children a girl and a boy and then state took them and never gave them back. I was a alcoholic at that time went through rehab 3 different times finally I got to where I didn’t drink anymore and I never will again either.

    I feel like from the time I came into this world someone had or has put a curse or something on me because everytime something starts going good for me and I start getting some luck in my life it ends up all going bad that nothing ever goes good or right for me. I get a.chance at luck and with money and etc and it doesn’t matter what I do it goes bad.
    I have a big heart and I love helping other people but now I need help for I have cancer and I don’t have that many years left for I am coming to a end of my journey. But I have 3 things that is very important for me to do and succeed at and these are things that as a very young child I have wanted to do and know that I need to do. Them 3 things are to write a book about my whole life, sue the state that I live in and my some land and have my own horse, wolf pup and build my home out of rocks and crystals and it will be known as my story house the story of my life.

    See I’m a different kind of human being in fact I think I’m a alien anyways I’m just not like everyone else I care about others I enjoy helping others and helping them with whatever or even just listening. I’ve gone without a lot cause I always put others before me and took care of them before me and because of that I’m lost, confused,,alone,andany other things. I need help I need my life to change now it’s time for me to start working on my childhood dreams for I end up saving a lot of children and adults with my auto biography about my whole life and I get to be heard and be able to speak Gods truth and save many innocent children and lives from having to have the life I had or even some of the things that has happened to me from happening to a innocent Soul out there for that is what the Lord wants us all to do right is love each other being peace and happiness among our fellow men. I never have had that and it’s time for me to have it before I go home to my father in Heaven to the Galaxies

    All those gifts you have I strongly believe in all of them some of them I use to do when I was younger and I really loved it to help bring healing to others and help them find them and heal from whatever it is either trauma or what ever it may be was the greatest feeling seeing them happy and shine and glow it makes you feel good. In 1994 I went on a vision quest which in return saved my life in so many ways changed me for.the better but yet I’m not the person that I know I should be or could become and I feel the reason why that is is because now.its my turn to shine and heal and etc that I don’t.know.how and I don’t have anyone there to help me and help with healing and cleansing and etc. For 55 years I’ve had this darkness follow me and it has taken control of me and my powers since the day was born and I’ve been fighting it ever since and now it’s time for me to shine and heal and do what I feel and want to do and I don’t know how. All the darkness and evilness that has been with me since I was really young has followed me and stayed with me throughout the years and it’s stopping me from having peace, happiness, success and so forth and I believe you are the one that can help me find me and bring me and my inner child back on the path that I need to be on and help me with lucky, money and everything that was my birthright when I was born to have I believe you could help me so that can happen.
    Anyways I believe we were met to come into each other lives for I believe you are.my spirit guide, my healer and etc . I believe you can help me get back into balance and enlightenment with my chakras and with my inner soul and help me get in touch with my pineal gland and etc

    I hope you will get back with me and let me know what you see and feel. I shared.alot.about.myself to you and I don’t do that with anyone for I have walls around me that I don’t share to much with people I only share a.little. I have a hard with trust and asking.for.help but with you it’s different. Anyways my chest hurts and I’m having up by my heart so I’m going to go for now and I thank you for letting me join your group and I would love you to do some healing and some readings and maybe even take me on a journey to some of my past lives help me figure out why I’ve had the life I e had because its not normal for me to live the.life I’ve lived and experience what I’ve experienced and so forth. I had a Grandmother that did Astrology and did people’s charts and etc I believe she was a evil witch. I can read.tarot.cards I use to time travel and I see things and I know things that at times I can’t explain and I know I have some gifts that I haven’t even gotten in touch with that I need.to get in touch with for it’s time for me to do that but I don’t even know which gifts they are. I really could and do need your help on so many different levels and your healing that you could help me with for it’s my turn to Shine and be happy and successful it’s time for me to experience freedom to be in the light instead of darkness and evil

    I send you my love and hope you have a good night and I pray that I will hear back from you. To have the gifts you have you e got to have the Lord the Holy Spirit with you and you’ve got to be really I tuned and in touch with your inner spirit also for you’ve got to be connected with the Almighty as one which not to many people can do. Don’t ever lose that for your one of his chosen ones just like Jesus is your kinda like that.

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