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What You Need to Know If We Are All Connected

Being connected to the Universe and having the Universe connected to us can be a wonderful thing. This is where we can receive downloads from the other side, we can connect to loved ones, we can even manifest miracles. 

That connection can also come with some costs too. Especially when we connect to other energy that is not beneficial to us, like an energy vampire. And if you identify as an empath or a sensitive individual, you may already be familiar with some of the signs that you’re not protecting your energy from others. Here are a few…

  • You feel a lot of anxiety in crowds
  • You often feel drained after being around certain folks
  • You find you get a headache the day after an outing 
  • You have a hard time making plans with certain people
  • You almost faint at a concert (seriously, this was me this past Friday)

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All of these are signs that you are not protecting your energy or not protecting it enough. So here are a few things that can help that

  • Wear a hat/head scarf. This practice is like keeping your crown chakra under wraps and shows an intentional disconnection from others.
  • Wear protective jewelry. Black tourmaline is my favorite next to black onyx. I have bracelets and earrings that I wear when I go out.
  • Ask your ancestors for protection. Literally ask your ancestors to watch out for energy vampires and to warm you 
  • Visualize a bubble. Picture it completely surrounding you and not allowing any energy to go in or out without your permission.


So tell me, what are some other ways you know you’ve given your energy away? And how do you prevent it?

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