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Daily Rituals

Why do Daily Rituals?

LSo this morning I was talking about daily rituals with someone and realized, I don’t know if I’ve ever shared mine before. I’ve been doing the same morning ritual since probably December. Part of the 12 steps of AA is to create a “prayer” so to speak. Well, mine goes a bit further than just a prayer. It includes: – yoga stretches to start the day and open my chakras up…- then while in child’s pose I connect to my spirit guides, ancestors, and deities to express gratitude for what I have- I ask them to help me let go of my desire for control and asking my guides to sit in the driver’s seat for me. – I then ask the universe to send me those individuals that I can help. After that, I open my heart chakra to send love and ask for those that I know are suffering from alcoholism, addiction, or any vice to find the courage that they need to take steps towards a better life. Then I move into any healing energies that need to be sent (for myself or others). Finally, I end up the entire ritual in fish pose and ask to be connected to the universe. (And I’ve probably got a kitty trying to steal some pets at this time.

So that’s my daily ritual…pretty much every morning. And I feel it when I don’t do it. Why is it that we feel different when we choose to not do something we committed to doing daily?

It’s because daily rituals can ground us, protect us, release us and connect us in mind, body and spirit.

Daily Ritual


Daily Rituals Ground You

The purpose of grounding ourselves is to make ourselves fully present in the here and now. To truly live in the moment. Our lives can be filled with chaos and uncertainty. These things can lead us to feelings of sadness or even anxiety. When we create a daily ritual of grounding AND we keep it simple, we can call upon that exact same grounding technique throughout the day. Or we can at least hold on for the ride until the next day when we ground ourselves again.

Daily Rituals Protect You

I believe that we have energies and spirits around us that are there to help guide us, but more so importantly, protect us. Putting time and effort focusing on those energies and spirits ensures that their protective nature stays strong. And for those of you that lean a little bit more conservative, a daily ritual can be where you check yourself on those safety measures YOU put in place (locking the doors, paper shredding, renaming the wifi router “Van #1”).

Daily Rituals Release You

In my spiritual journey, I’ve realized that I carry very high expectations for myself. This means that when I don’t seem to be doing “as I thought”, it can be quite a moment of panic. So if you are like me, you will greatly benefit by a regular “release of control”. Giving up control to the universe and trust that everything will turn out exactly as it should. Repeating this every day helps the universe hear your message (and you can even sneak in a few things here that you might like in return!)

Daily Rituals Connect You

See, look…here you are reading this. We’ve connected! But for real, the best daily rituals are the ones we create with the ones that we love. The kiss good morning or the bedtime story at night. I even have tried in the past to meet a friend that lived nearby for a walk. A phone call. A sweet text message to say hi. Doing these things daily with someone will strengthen the connection between you.

So friends, do YOU have a daily ritual that you do? If so, share it with us below. ❤

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