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Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical EPISODE 1

Sunshine – The pink-haired psychic medium: Hello, we are trying something pretty new and exciting today, including using some technology that we have not used in this fashion before. So welcome everyone to Witch Please! Sunshine’s Guide to the Mystical. We are in episode one and I’m incredibly excited. So here’s my intro, this is what we’re going to use, Witch Please! Sunshines Guide to the Mystical where I, Sunshine will share tips, tricks and stories from my own mystical journey of stepping into my witchy superpowers.


So welcome to Episode One, my dear friends. I’m excited about this, I’m hoping that this gets better. So if we like really kick this off with a bang today, just please know, it’s going to keep getting better and better. I even have my assistant on here, watching and helping to make sure that we’re doing this all good. So if you’re seeing this live, drop some comments, I’m not going to see them. But I will go back and read them. And the cool thing is we’re going to be taking these live stream recordings, transferring them on.


Oh, right on over to podcast episodes and releasing these as podcasts moving forward. So if you don’t catch them live, you will be able to catch them on all of the major podcast platforms. So for today, we’ve got you know, it’s just it’s a welcome, right, who I am, I’m Sunshine – the pink-haired psychic medium, High Priestess and Reiki Master. I’ve been doing this work for, you know, goodness gracious, almost 30 years now I know that might be hard to believe I look a little bit younger than I actually am almost 30 years and I’ve been doing it professionally for the last three and a half years. And so by professionally, I mean literally exchanging things of value for using my psychic mediumship. My high priestess or even my Reiki, my healing abilities and my purpose, you know, my guides the universe, the Divine, the Creator, whoever you want to refer to as a Higher Power has made it very clear that part of my mission here as I walk this Earthly planet, in this lifetime is to awaken more of you fabulous, amazing witchy superpower people right? You know, magicians, healers, psychics mediums, all of you folks, right, that is all right powers superpowers that a witch possesses. And so my mission is here to wake up more of you so that we can make a difference in this world. And I’m excited to be able to do part of that through this podcast. And I hope that we’ve got a really juicy topic for today for the very first one, I think so I think my lovely assistant will see what her smiles are sharing on her face.


We’re gonna be talking a bit about listening to Synchronicities today, and how doing that validated and improved out the presence of a dark entity with one of my clients. That seems like kind of exciting, huh. And by dark entity, you know, people are gonna have all sorts of words and languages and names for this, depending upon your background. Christianity is a very, very common religious, theological background that people are aware of. And so in that belief, a lot of times what I’m talking about is going to be referred to as demons. I like to refer to this as like maybe even a dark entity, a low vibrational energy, right? These are any kinds of spirits, these could be folks that have, you know, maybe spirits and aren’t happy on the other side. This could also be spirits that were present just from the land or from the experience. It really depends.


So yeah, we are talking about dark entities, we are talking about demons, we are talking about, you know, the negative, those things. And so the little story I’m sharing with you today is a couple of months ago, I had a client come across as a referral from a friend. And they were concerned about some presence that they were feeling around their son. And you know, at that particular time, just as I do all all the time, I leverage my guides my intuition, my psychic abilities to see what messages are going to make the most sense to share with them. And that in that point, and I don’t recall what it was that I shared at that point. But things were good things had you know, settled down. They felt pretty comfortable. And then lo and behold, I got an email this past weekend.


So I woke up Saturday morning to an email from the client saying that they were incredibly concerned them and their family including their son, their husband, and you know, both the kids, the one that was experiencing these symptoms had left. After a 30 day sabbatical, and things weren’t going so well with the child, and big concern, concerns around what could we do even concerns around seeing what they were referring to as the demonic presence within their home. Now, I’m going to start off by saying, a lot of people can feel low vibration energy, and they can want to automatically jump to the conclusion of demonic presence or evil entity or anything of that nature, because they’re feeling such a low vibrational force around them. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be true. So I always teach her very cautiously, before responding or you know, validating or anything of that nature. So today is the synchronicities to kind of share how that validation came about. So she shares that I sent an email back and said- Hey, I’ve got a whole big long day here. I don’t want you to think that I’m, you know, ignoring you or ignoring your, you know, ask for assistance. Let me give some thought to this. I will respond tomorrow morning, when I have a little bit more time to think. And so the day goes on, nothing really happens.


Except later that evening, I’m sitting around with my partner, my niece who lives with me, and we’re just we decided to watch a movie. And so I was like, “What are you guys want to watch?” So we start flipping through some channels. You know, once again, I’m talking about synchronicities, right? My partner nor my niece know of this email, or anything that I owe, right back to this client. And I’m flipping through and you know, we’ve been talking a lot about the the boyfriend and I have been talking a lot about aliens lately. So I click on a paranormal, you know, like genre, and we’re scrolling through and we’re looking at aliens and UFOs and things, all of these opportunities, right? I love the topics of aliens. But all of a sudden, he goes to me, you know, I’ve always wanted to see the conjuring. And I was like, “What is that about?” And he goes, it’s about a possession. And this really famous possession with you know, if you’re aware of paranormal investigators are very famous clairvoyant. By the name of Lorraine Warren.


Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren, amazing researchers, amazing folks that lived. I think they’re both passed, I’ll have to confirm that. And so I’m like, in my head automatically. I’m going like, you’re fucking kidding me, right? Like, this is the movie he wants to recommend. And so I’m like, I’m not gonna say anything. I’m like, asked my niece is, uh, “do you want to watch this?”, and I’m gonna allow this situation to do some validation here, as I’m talking to my guides at the same time. And she goes, I don’t know, it might be kind of scary. And I’m not a big fan of scary movies. And I was like, okay, so I say to my guides, I said, if she wants to watch it, then there’s something in there for me to see. And she goes, “Why don’t we go ahead and watch it, I can handle it.” And I was like, okay, so we get through the show, there is a particular, you know, as has happened, I tell both of them. I said, there’s a reason there’s a meaning from us watching this thank you for you know, for helping. And we get through the movie and I know the particular scene, I know the scene that I meant to now share with my client the following morning.


And so the following morning, I go ahead and I share this and I leave a you know, a video, some of my clients, I’ll actually send videos back and forth, because it’s just easier rather than us trying to find an appointment. And leave this video and so she you know, one of the things that I said is I don’t quite, I’m curious, when you are describing this demonic entity that you’re seeing, you’re describing it as a gargoyle, but in mythological practices. Gargoyles are actually meant for protection. So I’m very curious, do you have like, can you describe it a bit more so that I might, it might jog my memory, it might hit things? Yeah. I’m being told to say this to her. So she sends me back this image and it doesn’t hit me when she sends me this image. Until later in the evening I’m having dinner with my partner again. And I’m sharing I said, Oh, yeah, you know, it went well. She responded, it was great. And she sent me a photo of the demonic presence, and you know, and so he goes, Oh, I’d like to see and so I share the photo with him. And he reminds me that him and I are both recovering alcoholics. He reminds me of something we have both have in common, right, we didn’t get sober together.


We met each other after we both been sober for some time. He reminds me that of a common story we read shared, which is that we both personified our drinking demon, and they showed up to us as literal images. And he goes, Oh my God, that kind of reminds me or makes me think of my drinking demon and I all of a sudden it hits me of Holy shit. It does. It looks a lot like mine. And so here some validation that comes forward of oh my god, right? And once again, if you’ve seen the contouring, what if this demonic the child is being impacted by this entity, but it’s really the parent that the entity is attached to. So there that’s very curious.


We continue on with the Synchronicity and I haven’t shared this with the client yet, because my guides have not prompted me to actually said there’s some more information that was supposed to be coming throughout the week, right? And so Monday, I’m a guest on a podcast, and I get to talking this woman she hosts a podcast around sobriety, we’re talking about all sorts of stuff, my gifts, my sobriety, how, you know, that helped me really, you know, awaken my gifts in a way that they had not been thus far. And then she makes a comment about feeling like she was literally possessed when she used to drink. And I’m going like, You’re kidding me again. Right? Like, here’s this validation, it hits me again, at this moment of like, you need to talk to your client about her and her husband, right? Like, the parents may actually be drumming up more, especially because she said the child himself as an eighth is an atheist. While all of this is happening, right, that’s on Monday, my partner comes down with actually all of us in the house like a wicked round of some kind of stomach virus. And he’s a painter, he’s a fine artist. He finds himself Tuesday morning, called down to his paint room. And lo and behold, paints decides to paint his own demonic drinking demon, right? His dark drinking demon, and it is a creepy as fuck painting. I mean, it is, he’s literally has it right now in my barbecue grill outside because we are going to burn it. That is how spooky this thing turned out to be. That is how gross the energy of this painting feels, feels in it. And so like, again, I’m going Holy shit, you know. And so here’s that synchronicity of now I’m hearing, he needs to help these other people paint. So now he’s actually owes three paintings. Because there are two other folks that are within my circle that have been exhibiting strange and weird energetics that are impacting their physical health lately. So you’re all of these synchronicities that are happening, right? All of these little tiny things, and my guides keep coming back and validating how they all play together. And I want to call out here, this was not one thing. This wasn’t one synchronicity. This isn’t one example. But this is throughout the entire week, how these things have continued to kind of bubble up information as it’s related. And that is often how my gifts work. That’s often how my guides work.


Because think about this. Even though my gifts are pretty strong, and I can see pictures and hear things at any given time, that doesn’t mean that-  that is always the easiest way for them to get me to understand and believe what they’re trying to share. So they will use other synchronicities like this to validate and strengthen the message that’s coming forward. Right. And so it is very common when clients come into my circle, this is a cadence that happens. Those who have been around for a long time are probably familiar with this and even familiar with all sorts of weird, crazy stories that I’ve shared. So yeah, that was what I was called to share this week. Moving forward, we are also going to make sure and feel free. For those that are watching this live. You can drop comments, I’ll check and see them for those of you that are watching this on a replay you found this on the platform, or anything of that nature. I answer all of my emails, you can always email me with any questions or comments around this at sunshine@sunshinereadings.com. I would just encourage you drop podcast in the subject line. So I know you’re commenting about commenting about that. But yeah, it’s been a crazy, wild week.


And now I’m realizing why I did not yet had not yet responded to her because I was meant to do this podcast first and come to that conclusion that he is also meant to do a painting for them. And the cool thing is you know he loves to do this and these folks will be able to to get these you know as gifts. And I’m really blessed to be able to you know, have somebody that I can work with, you know, my partner, to be able to do things like this, it’s very beautiful. It’s very beautiful. And, you know, when we step into these powers, these superpowers, we find that the people that start gravitating towards us tend to be kind of have a different drum beat, but they are walking similar paths. So it’s really beautiful.


We did have as I said, we were going to check to see if anybody has any topics, any things that they may want to learn about, that’s burning in their head, and I forget who it was. Let me see if I’ve still got that up. Stephanie Hall dropped and this is literally what she had said- she wants to hear about the cosmic energy in the way that it affects romance, sometimes causing untraditional and awkward situations. And yeah, you know, astrology, the dear and very lovely Ineisha is much, much stronger in her astrological knowledge. She’s part of the Sunshine Readings family, but I am aware of it and I pay attention to it. And I am really happy to find that a lot of times my folks that are like, what I’ll call formally educated and things like Astrology or Human Design often say that the intuitive insights that I get when I just asked the question is very aligned.


So yeah, I happen to know and I’m guessing what you’re even talking about right? Now, is this Venus in Leo. So, for those of you that are not aware of Venus is the you know, the planetary around relationships, love and relationships can be you know, familial friendship group related. It can be romantic, it can be passionate as well. And being in Leo, you are talking about a vole very bold, fiery placement, you know, signed constellation and place placement for that that Venus to be in. And so right now like some of the things when I think about what could that Venus in Leo be doing? It’s probably having you speak up in ways with friends, family groups that you never have before like speaking your truth and making sure that you’re speaking to your own true like alignment in like, what makes you feel good, loved, cared for things of that nature is huge for any of you that our, you know, astrology pillar, please feel free to chime in, and any of the comments if you’re catching this live streamed? And let us know, right? So it’s, it’s really going to make you the picture and the image that it’s showing is like, if you ever had a shadow in your relationships around how you really wanted to show up and how you wanted other people to show up, it’s making itself known. Right? And so for me, I’ll give you a perfect example. Some of the things that I found is I’ve just been very forthright, when people you know, maybe haven’t shown me how, how much they believe in the relationship that we have. Or when people haven’t, you know, even some, there’s some groups that I belong into, we’ve been watching some things like flare up and I’m just really watching like, I’m not getting involved in it and you know, I’m loving from a distance and saying like, this is your this is your you know, kind of situation that you’ve got to deal with. I’m here to help but I’m not going to get involved you know, so it has you really speak a truth in a way that is very much aligned with who you are.


But you may not have expected the results like the consequences so to speak that that’s the that’s the truth that Leo-y, that fiery energy can sometimes have a speak very rationally and truthfully, and it’s though not intending to hurt if you are around other people that have not, you know, healed their own wounds. You definitely could can run some salt. Or, you know, just find yourself in a situation where you’re going like, I can’t believe I just said that out loud. So yeah, it can definitely do some weird things. I forget when Venus comes out of Leo. I believe it’s around October, I believe it’s around October so yeah, we got some time. We got some time but know that when we get on the other side of this, the relationships that are still there are going to be stronger and better than ever.


So all right, we are just at about 20 minutes here, Vox. I think I feel pretty good with this for our first episode. I hope everybody else does. You know, once again, we are streaming these live every single week. I’m probably gonna go live around noon. But I did have to shuffle some things around and I had appointments on but that’s my goal is to go live at noon every single Friday moving forward. So if you want to see it live streams, you’ll be able to join me there on Facebook. We’re also live streaming on to you tubes so yay gonna get some content on there. But the podcasts will be released. Come pretty much Monday. Give us a couple of weeks because we are learning learning some new technology so if we fumble we ask for your very gracious forgiveness. But we will figure it out. So until next week, all of my dear wonderful witchy lovely friends. Much Love from Me to all of you.

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