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Leonian Strength When the Light Prevails Over the Darkness

9 of Pentacles: Your Beautiful Right

Well ohhhh snap, let us get into it. This beautiful, luxurious, full-bodied expression of a thing. I literally want to lay back and relax right now, let out a loud and audible sigh knowing damn well that I am well taken care of. That’s the kind of dialogue the nine of pentacles evokes in me. Stars in my eyes, or in this case, coins in my eyes and this ridiculous sense of bliss.


 This card goes deep.


The nine of pentacles is felt in the bones because it is very much felt in the mind. A mind that gives over to the beauty and pleasure of feeling full and filled to the brim with value, with self-worth, and all the goodness that comes with recognition and ownership, like wearing your very own statement piece knowing it is sure to dazzle all eyes including your own. There’s an ease in which one languidly exists, in a very grounded sense of course with Virgo’s influence found here, that allows for a flow in movement and the ability to tap into an abundant embodied state of existence. The nine of pentacles reminds me to slow down and savor these moments of pure ecstasy because it really is only a matter of time, right?


 There’s always going to be a natural progression in the cards as they move into the next number. Like the cultivation and careful planning and pruning from within the seven of pentacles into the sweat inducing efforts of the eight of pentacles and then boom! right in the nine of pentacles that has become juiced up from the previous efforts of its suit. The nine is considered the almost there, almost there to its max capacity as we find when we move into the ten and it calls attention to itself that cannot be overlooked.


 A random fact from a book I read by Nicolas David Ngan, “Your soul contract decoded”, the number nine represents the serpent like energy of great power and is associated with the Leo. So like the Leo basks in the glory of the nine knowing you have done the most to be the most and now you get to, you guessed it, enjoy the most! I wrote all about the Leo and its external light and the Virgo and its internal light recently here- so be sure to check out those blogs my loves! Dazzle yourself, fill yourself uppp. And don’t stop, ever.




Ahhh So Lovely


One thing that I really love about the nine of pentacles is the mannerism of the people in the cards. In the decks that I have I see mainly women expressed in the card with the exception of two animals. And the women are definitely at ease. There is no rushing, and it doesn’t seem like they need to specifically get anywhere. If anything, they’re in their own element. They’re in their own spaces. They have made their own space. They have made their space comfortable for them to stay in their own space.


They allow themselves to sit in, to lie in, to relax in, to think about, to dream about, enjoying life around them, the abundant wildlife and greenery around them, enjoying the fruits of their labor. And just overall a sensation of like, I can be at ease, you know, I don’t need to put in the work of the seven of Pentacles. I don’t have to do the pruning and the trimming and the resourcing and the checking of the seeds or the cultivating of the crop right in the seven of Pentacles.


It’s like Time has come right on time, you’ve put the work in, you freaking did it and now you get to enjoy it. It’s about a reward that comes from your previous actions. And coming from the Eight of Pentacles, which is the Sun in Virgo, and all about getting the work done, the make it or break it, let’s go, let’s get recognized, let’s get our work out there you sink into the Venusian flow of Virgo in the Nine of Pentacles and actually listen to that little voice that says let’s slow it down now and enjoy the finer things in life.


As difficult as it might be when you are just feeling that damn good, we must caution ourselves against getting caught in a cycle of relentless work without taking time to appreciate one’s accomplishments. In order to sync in, create more and more magical moments in our lives that catapult us into the next serendipitous occurrences we gotta sink in and take on the idea of immersing oneself in what is being created while simultaneously synchronizing ourselves with the ongoing currents.


I have often diminished the value of my achievements, neglecting to celebrate them and constantly pushing forward to the next task or goal. It’s a terrible habit, as it prevents me from fully embracing the joy and relaxation that these accomplishments bring. This behavior takes a toll on my well-being, which is precisely what the Nine of Pentacles card signifies – being fully present in our senses and luxuriating in the comfort it offers.


At other times though, I find myself on the opposite spectrum, indulging excessively in the material abundance depicted by the Nine of Pentacles. I am tempted to spend beyond my means, driven by the desire for more even when it may not be sustainable. It’s important to remember that this abundance is not infinite and can easily dwindle. However, when I receive this card, it serves as a reminder of my self-sufficiency and independence, highlighting my inherent worth. It reminds me that I am perfect just as I am and that my surroundings support and cherish my beliefs, which feels like a fresh act of rebalancing myself.

9 of pentacles


Lord of Material Gain 


In the Hermetic traditions found in both the Thoth Tarot deck and the Hermetic Tarot deck they call the Nine of Disks/Pentacles the Lord of Material Gain. Here we have the astrological sign of Venus in Virgo, so you get the beautiful awe-inspiring Venusian flare with the ever-questing practical energy of the Virgoan nature. The Nine of Pentacles represents finding joy in the things you love and appreciating what you have. It’s about feeling content without the need for external validation. And these sensations, feelings, and states of awareness come from the abundance, luxury, self-sufficiency, and financial independence that this card offers to you.


Now of course, as in any of the tarot cards, there are drawbacks and the chance to have your vision skewed by keeping your eye too heavily on the prize. There can be indications of an overemphasis on work and a tendency to overinvest in it. It’s like getting caught in a cycle of never-ending hustle, where you push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Think of it like wine. When you see a bunch of grapes, you envision all the possibilities of creating bottles of wine. But getting too drunk on it isn’t always beneficial. Similarly, constantly seeking to receive more and more can lead to its own set of challenges. It’s tempting to chase after every shiny opportunity, but sometimes, indulging too much in the abundance can have consequences that you may not want to meet when time comes.


So in the Nine of Pentacles Virgo adds a perfectionistic quality to this Venusian flair and with that there’s a constant drive to change and refine things. In this need to always strive for perfection an unattainable pedestal can be created, where desires and aspirations may become unrealistic. And it is ultimately essential for our best to find a balance and appreciate the beauty in what already exists, rather than constantly striving for unattainable perfection.


I like to think of Virgo as the Virgin and in doing so it brings my mind back to the energy of purity that the Virgo carries. It is this very essence of purity that gives the mind access to an innate knowledge that as we have deemed that all is well, we are able to look around us and know it to be true in the physicality. That one is abundant and in flow with all material goods of the earth.


At its heart, the nine of pentacles speaks of freedom and independence and this comes from the efforts expressed up until the point of culminating saturation in the Nine of Pentacles. It is the card of someone who chooses to rebel against the norm, to boldly carve out one’s own path based on the merit of one’s own self, the inherent worth that exists within all of us. In this card we are encouraged to follow our dreams and fuel the fire of our ambitions with confidence and courage. Venus in Virgo asks us to pursue our desires in the way we want them organized so that we are efficient in achieving success. To pay attention to the details, and what drives us to gain in our own personal way.


By embracing this card’s message, we can channel our rebelliousness into productivity and success without sacrificing our freedom or independence. To be bold in the pursuit of our own happiness and trust that we know what is best for ourselves.



I Am Worth It


I’m leaving you here with a tarot spread I created for the 9 of Pentacles energy I’m calling I am Worth It Spread. It is a four-card spread. If you have your own tarot cards that’s great but don’t feel obligated to go and purchase any. You can get any tarot app to help or use the 1-5 cards options to get your 4-card tarot generated on this

 website I found online Random Tarot Cards (dragonbanecreation.com). That website shares the meanings of the cards. Or you can use this website that shows the Rider Waite version of the tarot cards Tarot Card Generator – Generate a Random Tarot Card (generatorfun.com). Make sure to change the options of the sets to 1 and options for the number of cards to four cards. Then hit generate to receive your cards.


Before pulling your cards or using the online app make sure to set the intention by speaking out loud or in your mind the name of the spread and the questions so that you can connect your energy to the cards for the best possible cards to come out for you!


           I am Worth It Spread


  1. What is the glorious aspect of yourself that remains hidden within?
  2. How can you practically apply this essence of yourself into the world?
  3. What blockages can you shout a big fuck you to?!
  4. What does spirit wish for you not to forget about your magnificent being?


P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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