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Saturday, October 29th, 2022
Dearborn, MI

Grab a seat and hold on as you watch the power of magick transform your life.Β 

A Night of Wish Filled Magick...

Do you remember being taught to wish upon a star when you were a child? Can you recall the wonderment you felt when you looked up into the sky and wished with all your might? Well what if I told you that the practice of wishing upon a star was a magical ritual?

Well, my dear, it is.

You, obviously have an interest in magick, or else you wouldn’t even be here. And I imagine that when you begin venturing down this wonderful path, you may have often felt like you don’t necessarily know how to do β€œit”. You may have discovered that there are so many different ways. There are different beliefs. Different practices. I mean frankly, you very well could pick up a new book today and hear a completely different approach to magick compared to the book you read yesterday.


Well, Starbright is a magickal event that taps into the century-old techniques of ceremonial magick to full fill your deepest wishes. And guess what – you don’t need to know a lick of magick to partake!


So come with me and wish upon a star as I lead you through techniques have been passed down through generations. Many of them you may have heard of, some you may have not, but when you witness them, you will feel as though you remember them from a lifetime past.

You will have the wish you wish this night.

Your Wishes Can Come True

Never conducted any type of magical ritual before?

Don’t worry about that. We’ll go ahead and share with you the history of some of these rituals as well as gift you with the knowledge needed to do the ritual on your own.

Not quite sure how to work with planetary deities?

Or any deity for that nature?Β  No sweat. We’ll make sure that you know all about the deities that will be working with you this evening and how you may even be able to continue that work as we part ways.

Not feeling like you're magick is powerful enough?

Or good enough? F that. I will be leading this ritual for you so you can relax, have fun, and know that you’ll be tapping into my years (and lifetimes) worth of magickal experience.Β 

Starlight, Starbright🌟First Start I See Tonight

Founder & Cheif Mischief Maker

Hi! I'm Sunshine.

I’m a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic, and founder of Sunshine Readings. I was raised as a Catholic, and at the age of 16, my passion for learning different occult practices was born when I stepped into my first metaphysical store.Β 

I’ve now spent the past 25 years practicing witchcraft, spell work, and magical rituals in order to bring about changes in my own life. And all of them started out as wishes!Β Β 

In April of 2022, I created my most powerful transformational ritual and soon was called to offer these intense transformational rituals every new moon to my community.Β  Within two months the response that I saw was pretty spectacular, and in June of 2022, the idea of Starbright was born.

Some of My Ritual Participants...

Ritual Review
Ritual Review
Ritual Review

Grab a seat and hold on as you watch the power of magick transform your life.Β 

Here's What Your Magickal Night Will Entail...

The night begins at 5PM with a little storytelling...

Will begin the evening by sharing with you an introduction to magick, the history of ceremonial magick and an explanation of some of the things that you can expect through the evening.

...and we continue learning about deities.

After that we’ll move into more details around working with deities, specifically the planetary deities that will be working with during the evening.

You will be lead through a magickal practice.

A good portion of our event will include a workshop to teach you what I believe is one of the most simple and yet powerful magickal practices you can do.

The highlight of the event is a secret group ritual.

After the workshop, I will provide you with an opportunity to participate in a powerful, secret ceremonial ritual designed to grant you your most delicious wishes.

Last, but not least we finish we a celebratory 3-course meal.

To wrap the night up, we will all celebrate life and the next steps on our journeys as we share in a magic-infused, chef-prepared 3-course meal.

Grab a seat and hold on as you watch the power of magick transform your life.Β 

Get Ready to Make a Wish

I have limited seats to just 20 wish makers so that I can personally ensure the most magickal experience.

Every individual participating will receive:

  • A ritual kit that includes everything necessary to participate in the workshop and take the magick home.
  • Intimate hands-on instruction throughout the event so that you can confidently participate.
  • A chef-created, magick-inflused celebratory meal that is prepared for just you.

P.S. We are offering you the option to purchase a ticket in one payment OR two!