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Leonian Strength When the Light Prevails Over the Darkness

Leonian Strength: When the Light Prevails Over the Darkness

Let’s talk about the Strength card in tarot! It is totally my card, representing the astrological sign of Leo, and to say I’m pretty fond of this card is the least I can say. Okay blog done, catch you later. Byeee… HA! I want to highlight my personal experiences and also explore the various meanings associated with the Strength card, such as mastering raw emotions, facing doubts and fears, and finding inner strength and balance. I want to emphasize the importance of leading with the heart, being resilient, and embracing the range of emotions within us. I’ve had some really beautiful experiences when pulling this card for readings but during a self-read last year there was one particular experience with it that completely changed my perspective for the better that I will share a little later here. I had used the wild unknown deck, which was actually the very first deck I had gifted to myself when I started on my tarot journey in 2017, and it gave me the most vivid and unforgettable associations with the symbolism found in the card. But any who, let’s get this baby started.


Strength Card Yo


And what about it?! Well, lot’s be about it for the Strength card duh. The first thing I think about is its association with mastering raw emotions, to bring a sense of calmness to your being and to the situations that present themselves as challenges in your life. It makes me think of the Chariot card, in that it helps you master challenges, except that I consider the Chariot as mastering external forces and the Strength card as mastering internal forces. Coming face to face with our own doubts, fears, and anxieties. Having the courage to conquer our own inner worries and believing in ourselves by honing in on and then sharpening our skills that enable us to succeed in mastering our emotions. It’s the inner resolve and the inner strength to confidently overcome our self-doubt in a spiritual sense and on a soul level. It’s this growing connection to my higher self, this higher self that gives you more inward balance than you ever dared to dream could exist for yourself. A harmony that creates an unshakeable bond of the mind, body, and soul. It’s this very beautiful aspect of the emotional being, that is transformed to work for you and not against you when you give it its time in the light, the time in the limelight to shine. It’s when we ignore what exists in the depths of ourselves that life goes haywire for us and that we end up coming out sideways, aggressive in our exerted efforts, bulldozing over others in a way to keep our own selves as the primary source of power. The strength card asks us to be patient, to be compassionate with ourselves no matter what arises to ruffle our feathers and shake our resolve. It’s a sense of keeping control so that we don’t lose control and being brave enough to dive deeper within the dark reservoirs of ourselves to let the light shine externally as brilliantly as it is meant to. The inner strength that encourages us to dig deep within ourselves and tap into hidden reserves of courage and resilience. Asking us to have the willingness to face difficult emotions head-on, rather than suppressing them or running away from them. A reminder to be gentle with ourselves and embrace all aspects of our internal self, including the darkness. Teaching us that it is not shameful or wrong to confront the darker aspects of our being and that instead it’s actually a powerful act of self-healing.


Leo Tings


Leo rules the heart in the body, the heart, and the back. And it is when we flex these muscles, when we work out these muscles that we have a strong platform to work from and off of. We know physically speaking, having a strong back and strong heart lets us exist in the world without worry that we cannot carry ourselves. I hear phrases in my head now “from the bottom of my heart”, “it takes the heart” “pour one’s heart out” and “put your back into it”, “stand tall” and “back in full swing”. These are all actions that come from one who’s inner strength spills out from within them and fortifies an outward motion. The Strength card embodies the nature of a Leo, which is protective, loving, loyal, and gregarious. And it is when we master ourselves, we master our emotions and skills that we help ourselves overcome negative emotions. I always think of the cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. The Lion was searching for his courage when, in fact, he was looking for his heart. The heart is the center of our being and the organ that keeps everything else running. Without it, we become like the Cowardly Lion, unable to face life confidently and without a sense of self-worth. Leo adds a boost to our confidence and ego and is vital in helping us overcome self-doubt and lack of confidence. It is the fierceness to protect our innocence of expression that begs us to roar loudly with the convictions of our well-conditioned and thought-out expressions. Those that come from the depths of our being and distinguish the superficial surface levels of existence. The Leo is a full embodied sun like energy that gives to us the ability to shine a light on even the darkest corners of our psyche. It’s by embracing the strength within us, we can tame these internal beasts and lead from a place that is raw and authentic. And as the Leo, who is unafraid of the spotlight, we should strive to be witnessed, shown, and seen, not hidden. Leading from this place of course may feel uncomfortable, and we may doubt ourselves. But remember that it takes persistence, stamina, and patience to reach into these depths and touch upon these scary qualities within ourselves and transform them into something that has risen from an authentic place.



What Strength Showed Me I Was Blind To


We all have moments in life when we feel weak and powerless. These moments often come when we face our fears and doubts, and it seems like we have nothing left to give. That’s when we need to embrace the strength within ourselves. Last year, the Strength Card taught me an essential lesson – to acknowledge my ego and work with it. I had an assignment last year from a mystery school I attended, and I can’t recall what the wording was exactly, but I pulled the Strength card out from my Wild Unknown Tarot deck and being that I wasn’t in a good place at the time, I felt even more lost and overwhelmed when I saw it. The imagery seemed daunting, with the lion and the seemingly never-ending well of the emotions I was experiencing had shrouded me in darkness. I felt like I had been drowning up until then. I felt like nothing was ever going to change, felt angry, confused, and felt like raging hard. Of course my damn self was looking back at me through the Lion’s eyes. Of course I would pull the strength card out of all the other 77 cards I could’ve pulled. And mind you, I have 4 major planets in the sign of Leo in my birth chart. I was always trying to embody the “lighter” aspects of the Leonian nature and would get super depressed when I felt like I was embodying the “darker” aspects of the Leonian nature. Like the one who was egotistical, the one who was sheepish, the one who was buck wild and too forceful when speaking up or showing out. But as I looked closer, I realized that the card represented my inner demons – the dark places within myself that I needed to face. The Strength Card taught me that I needn’t hide from things that I cannot see within myself. Instead, I needed to shine a light on these dark places and work with them. I stood there and got quiet and gave myself over to exploring what this card wanted to show me. I started to see that life could be enjoyable when one doesn’t cower in the face of living and instead chooses to be lead with the heart. I saw that I had been over saturating myself with feeling and emotion that I kept stuffed deep inside the core of my being, and that these unexpressed inklings of mine, needed to be eaten, so that they could fuel my outward expressing light. I saw the play and dance between the dark and light, which from a oneness perspective are the same thing, and how delicate of a process it all was, like the blooming of a rose. That I was always in this rush to stand out, show up in my shining glory but the whole time I was negating important matters, the manifestation of the eye of the storm within myself that could withstand any hardships circulating around that calm center point within. The card showed me the courage I needed to do this dance consistently by not falling so deep into the darkness that I fumbled about inexperienced but that with time and effort I could gently coax the fullness of myself outwardly by simply knowing that everything, even the things we deem we don’t like, serve complementarity to our total existence. Embracing the ego can be an empowering experience, allowing us to persevere even in the face of challenges. The Strength Card taught me this. It showed me that by shining a light on the darkness within, I can find my strength and keep moving forward. By being open and authentic, I can lead with my heart and make the most of life. There are moments in life when we feel stressed out, challenged, and unable to find empowerment. The Strength Card reminds us that we all have the necessary inner strength to overcome these obstacles. We need to acknowledge our fears and doubts and work towards overcoming them with persistence. By doing so, we can discover our true strengths and embrace our egos. When we receive this card in a reading, it’s a reminder that we’re capable of handling the whirlwind of emotions that can consume us.


Strength Card


Don’t Forget


The journey towards inner strength may be challenging, but it is rich with rewards. To embrace vulnerability, we must dare to be brave. And being brave is not about being fearless; it’s about acknowledging our fears and facing them head-on. It is only through embracing our vulnerability can we develop the inner resilience necessary to face life’s challenges. So be loving and kind to yourself in this sometimes difficult and overwhelming process. Learn to be patient as you journey to self-discipline. Do yourself the favor and embrace your emotions and trust the journey of self-discovery towards inner strength. It is beautiful as you are and a worthwhile journey. Life already shows us without being shy of examples just how tough it can be, but by embracing the Strength card’s aspect of love and compassion, we can become more resilient and compassionate towards ourselves. By befriending our inner lion and accepting our emotions, we can become more in tune with our instincts and trust ourselves to make the right decisions. And this propels us forward to exist on the stage of our life. Life is what you make of it and the Leo in the Strength card strives to make the most of it always!


P.S. With Love


Everything that I talk about and speak about is for you to take with you and consider. If it offers you a different outlook on life, or further solidifies a belief that differs from my own, I will always consider that a win. I like to think about outcomes, probabilities, possibilities, and when I share I am offering you a way to see the world from my own lens. What you take or don’t take from my shares are your gifts to be had. Consider life, remember to choose, and decide to dream.


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