Tarot Roulette Intuition Experience

Focusing on strengthening your intuition so you have the confidence to charge BIG money for your readings. 

Seats are limited so don’t wait!

Friday May 14th, 2021 @ 7PM EST

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Fast Forward into Your Future...

You lay down the cards and it’s as though this magickal picture show begins to play in your head. Your third-eye buzzes with wonderful images and your inner ear begins to hear the actors of the story begin to speak. You know with confidence that you are getting a clear intuitive message to share with the individual that you are reading for. YES! Finally, you don’t have to remember the traditional meanings of the cards because your psychic abilities have bloomed. NOW you can start charging for your gifts and getting the money you deserve.

It feels downright fucking fantastic, doesn’t it? 

The Painful Truth though is...

This isn't close to your current magickal divination experience. I can feel from here that you’re frustrated as fuck. And it’s all because you’ve been practicing for quite some time and just cannot take off your training wheels. It feels uncomfortable to tap into your intuition and you are always second guessing your psychic abilities. Let’s face it...

You've studied the meanings of the cards for sooo long.

You still keep your meaning book near by...JUST in case.

You've looked up articles on intuition and how to build it.

Worse yet... you've done everything they've told you!

But the messages just don’t come through the way you want which means you keep hesitating to charge more (or even charge at all sometimes!) Ugh.

Step on up to the table, My Dear...

And let’s turn your current gamble of reading into a solid, confident, winning exchange by joining the Tarot Roulette Intuition Experience. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • + A warm community of like minded, magickal souls
  • + A solid introduction to your psychic abilities and how they benefit your practice
  • + A deep guided meditation to fire up your intuition 
  • + 4 rounds of one-on-one tarot practice
  • + A non-judgmental outlet to put your intuition practice to use

HOLD UP, Gifted Souls...

Every single Tarot Roulette Intuition Experience is centered around you, your intuition and your tarot practice. This special event will happen only once every moon cycle or so and has LIMITED seating to ensure that we are able to provide a safe and magickal experience for everyone that joins.

Tarot Roulette Intuition Experience

May 14th, 2021 at 7PM EST
$ 25
per Person
  • Understand the different psychics abilities available to you
  • Have a foundation for strengthening your own psychic abilities
  • Know the importance of ritual in your tarot reading practice
  • Feel more confident reading intuitively than when you started AND be ready to get PAID!

Hi, I'm Sunshine!

I’m Sunshine! A Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and the grateful owner of Sunshine Readings. I’ve been divining using tarot cards for over 24 years and I’ve been reading professionally since right before the Pandemic of 2020.

In July of 2019 I finally accepted that I was an alcoholic and a few months later I realized that I could not stay sober on my own. Through the help of AA I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy, spiritual ways were part of my road to recovery.  

While in the program (which, in my opinion, is its own form of witchy shadow work) I decided that I would turn to Tarot and reading for others as a way to stay sober. 

This changed my entire life. Slowly I began to see people show up for me. One person after another crossed my path and my heart, spirit and soul began to swell with so much happiness and self-love. Others could see my happiness and started asking me to mentor them and help them find their own way.

So now I bring you Sunshine Readings, where every gifted reader is provided a warm, open space to blossom into the intuitive psychic I believe we all have inside of us. 

Some of the love that has been shared…

What do people say?

I recently found this wonderful page. 2 readings have resulted in life affecting events. 1st a introduction to my spirit guide, who once I started with on a daily basis changed my world. I am now on a fast track to my goals. 2nd was a reading that saw me working on manifesting something into being at the moment. I thought it was something I was working on currently but not 30 minutes later I received a phone call offering me a learning opportunity that will change my life...one I had no idea was even an option nor had I solicited. And all these readings were done with pure love, light and joy. Definitely sunshine in a dark world. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

Tarot Roulette Intuition Experience

Limited seats available to ensure the most magickal time for everyone.
May 14th, 2021 at 7PM EST

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