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With Sunshine :
The Pink-Haired Psychic Medium

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I Will Unlock Your Magickal Psychic Healing Gifts… Even if you’re not sure that you have any

A LIVE training & coaching experience where budding psychics and intuitive folks connect to their inherent intuitive gifts & unlock their deepest purpose.

LIVE ON JUNE 21st @ 4:30 PM EST

Are you ready to Answer Your Calling?

A mind-blowing workshop on connecting to your intuitive magick, with the opportunity for LIVE hot-seat coaching from Sunshine – The Pink-haired Psychic Medium.
(available on a first-come, first serve basis)

This one-hour workshop is for anyone who suspects you might have intuitive healing gifts, magickal powers, or even psychic skills . It’s for those who are ready to connect with your natural, divine-given talents, to develop CONFIDENCE in your abilities, and to start using your skills right away to begin to heal and improve your life in all ways—from your finances to your relationships, sense of purpose, and inner peace.

Before The Calling…

  You’re stuck wondering if the visions/words/sensations you experience in your daily life – from seeing the same numbers everywhere to just knowing what someone is going to say before they say it – are signs you’re crazy

  You’re overwhelmed by anxious energy and don’t always know why – especially when you go into a public space with a ton of people. It’s almost like you absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge

  You’re so curious what your intuitive inklings mean… but you would absolutely never come close to talking about this stuff openly because your S.O. would totally make fun of you

  You feel pulled to wander into the health food store or metaphysics shop, though you’re never really sure what you expect to see once you get inside

After the Calling…

  You know how to tune into your intuitive gifts when they’re trying to communicate with you. Along with this trust in your intuition comes clarity about which path to take next

  You have your energy in lockdown and can recognize clearly why certain folks seem to leave you drained, tired and even downright agitated AF sometimes.

  You’re fearless about sharing who you are with the world. If someone around you doesn’t like it, you feel confident that they no longer deserve to be in your life. Changes that used to seem impossible feel so easy!

  You begin to look forward to exploring new magickal tools to aid you in your journey. You’re starting to go down the rabbit hole researching the different uses for crystals & herbs, and you already have a long wishlist of what you want to add to your altar

Start living the life of the psychic witch healer you're meant to be.

LIVE ON JUNE 21st @ 4:30 PM EST

5 LIVE hot seats are available on a first-come, first served basis.
Sign up today to grab one of those spots.

Does this sound like you...

  • You wake up in the middle of the night with an irresistible impulse to go make sure the front door is locked. Sure enough, it wasn’t! And this isn’t the first time it happened. If only you could figure that out before bed…
  • You just made your morning cup of joe and sat down for a quick second. Suddenly you remember that you swore you’d start that morning coffee ritual and forgot. For the third time. A quick pang of guilt makes you shake your head. One day you’ll remember to get on track with your rituals…
  • You’ve asked a few other coworkers if they feel like “Cathy” is off a bit today, and they’ve said no. You then ask Cathy and she said she’s been having headaches on and off for the past week and just ran out of something for it. A wave of curiosity hits you as you just ran to the store for ibuprofen moments before because of your headache.
  • You reach for the phone to call a friend back and see that you missed a call from them. Oddly enough, this happens frequently. Is this a coincidence or are you going crazy?
  • You find yourself in the grocery store’s parking lot, realizing you left your list at home that morning. You decide to wing it because you can see the list sitting on the kitchen table (so you just read it that way).
  • You sit in bed every night with a pile of witchy and spiritual books on the nightstand that you’ve yet to finish. You have difficulty deciding which one is more fascinating, and you wish you had someone to talk to about it all.

If so then... Are you ready to answer the calling to use your own powerful magickal psychic gifts to heal yourself and create a juicy, connected, and wildly entertaining life?

LIVE ON JUNE 21st @ 4:30 PM EST

5 LIVE hot seats available for some 1:1 Coaching. Sign up today to grab one of those spots.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use your intution to make decisions
  • How to work with your energetic body
  • How to defend your most important assets
  • How to embrace magickal remedies
  • How to quickly learn how to advance your skills

What you’ll walk away with:

  • 5 techniques to put your  magickal psychic gifts to work
  • A clear understanding of how your gifts can change your life
  • Individualized coaching for 5 HOT SEAT participants
  • Confidence to take the next step on your spiritual journey
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Hi! I’m Sunshine, and I’ll be your high priestess!

I’m also a Psychic Medium, Soul Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Shadow Worker, Eclectic Witch, Practiced Magician, Recovering Alcoholic, and the Founder of Sunshine Readings. My guides blocked my magick when I was a kid, and it took decades for me to uncover them. Once I did, I began to heal myself and soon my wildest dreams began coming true. I built a life I love, with a deep knowledge of my soul’s purpose here on Earth, a career that fills me with joy every day, and a steamy romance with the partner of my dreams.

I’ve spent the past 25 years cultivating a complex magickal practice heavily sprinkled with witchcraft, spell work, ritual, and constant conversation with my spirit army. And I’ve been tasked with the mission to awaken and mentor more of us psychic witch healers.

LIVE ON JUNE 21st @ 4:30 PM EST

5 LIVE hot seats available for individualized coaching. Sign up today to grab one of those spots as it's first come, first served!