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The Seven Layers of Your Aura

The Seven Layers of an aura are all important to the entire picture. Each mean something different and they all display themselves differently. The following paragraphs will explain the seven individual layers of every aura on Earth.

The first plane is the Physical Aura Plane. This layer represents your physical health and wellbeing. It is closest to the body and is connected to the root chakra. This plane will be stronger in athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Those with immune deficiencies may have a weaker Physical Aura Plane.

The second aura layer is the Emotional Aura Plane. This plane represents your emotions and is connected to your sacral chakra. This aura layer can be any color, but it can be dulled or muddy from emotional distress.

The third aura plane is the Mental Aura Plane. This bright yellow aura plane is connected to your solar plexus chakra. This layer is stronger in people who engage in mental tasks. When engaging in a creative activity, yellow-ish sparks can be seen flowing from this layer.

The fourth aura layer is the Astral Aura Plane. Forth from the physical body, this layer represents the formation of our astral cords with others. It is connected to the heart chakra and can be pink or rosy in color. This layer becomes stronger when loving, intimate relationships are formed. A breakup can weaken this aura layer.

The fifth aura plane is the Etheric Aura Plane. This aura layer represents the entire blueprint of the body that exists on the physical plane. It can vary in color and is connected to the throat chakra. This aura layer is healed and made stronger by expressing your truth and knowing who you truly are.

The sixth aura layer is the Celestial Aura Plane. This aura plane is connected the third eye chakra. This is where unconditional love and feelings of oneness flow. The Celestial Aura Plane is pearly white in color, and it can be healed with unconditional love.

The final aura plane is the Casual Aura Plane. This aura layer is the furthest away from the body (around 2-3 feet away.) Brilliant white and/or gold in color, this aura plane is connected to the crown chakra. When strong, this aura layer can help to increase psychic abilities.

Each layer is just an important as the last, and each aura is ever changing. These amazing colors can be seen by any person, big or small, with the right training. Auras are an extension of ourselves, and our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.

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