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The Secret of Your Best Days

We have all had good days and bad days. In fact, some of our worst days begin with that ONE thing that just goes wrong which seems to set off a chain of events that makes every single part of the day feel just plain rotten: it was a bad day.

Here’s an example:

I woke up after a horrible night’s sleep one winter in February. I was exhausted, it was cold, and the asphalt around the building was layered with ice. I could see my breath in the pre-dawn twilight and felt the chill of everything to my bones. I stepped around the storm doors to the basement heading towards my car, but I suddenly felt my world tilt as I slipped on the ice and tried to catch my fall with an outstretched left arm. In an instant, I was laying on my side groaning in pain. As I tried to get up, I couldn’t move my left arm. I couldn’t feel my hand. I panicked and slipped my arm free of the coat to see what was going on and my arm was dangling limp at my elbow: I had dislocated my elbow.

I went to reach for my phone, but it was in my left pocket. I was in panic mode, but instead of screaming, I crawled back to the stairs up into the building and up three flights of stairs to my apartment. I woke my fiancée to take me to the hospital. I was having a bad day.

I just wanted to go to work, make some muffins, and joke with my friend as we listened to music and made prepped food at the grocery store. That wasn’t going to happen. This was a really bad day.

We all have feelings, expectations, and desires. It’s part of being human in a human world. Feelings can easily overwhelm us. Expectations are frequently not met and that can be upsetting. The things we desire can be taken from us just as easily as we get them, and that can easily upset the apple cart.

How do I get past this bad day shit?

I don’t have bad days anymore. Not one bad day. How? How the fuck do I get off not having bad days?

It’s simple. Every emotion we feel is a part of us but does not control us. We walk with these emotions in our lives. When I feel angry, I can feel happy, sad, frustrated, and sorrowful as well, but these feelings are NOT WHO I AM.  I accept every emotion that rolls around to rear its head, ugly or pretty. I let the emotion have its moment and show me what I need to see for my life. The way to get to this point is easy…

Quit saying “I am pissed/happy/angry/sad/frustrated” instead acknowledge that these feelings do NOT control you by saying “I feel angry/sad/etc.” Then look at why you have these feelings. This isn’t a situation you can blame on the day, yourself, or other people. It is just a reaction. That reaction is key in understanding that you don’t have to freak out. Take a breath and ask spirit to show you why this feeling is in the movie of your life. Just ask what message spirit is giving you through this emotion, this moment.

After doing this a few times, you may start to see that every day isn’t some BAD THEME WAITING TO HAPPEN but a series of moments that YOU have the power to see and shape from your perspective.

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