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Virtual Magickal Masterpiece Party

Dare to Paint, Dare to Dream! Magickal Masterpiece Party.

Prepare to shatter conventions and unleash your boundless creativity at our Virtual Magickal Masterpiece Party! Ignite your inner rebel artist as we guide you to craft your personal, unique Magickal Masterpieces, right from the comfort of your home. 
Armed with brushes and paint or whatever your inner artist desires, immerse yourself in crafting art that defies norms and embraces the mystical. Forget cookie-cutter designs, we’re here to rewrite the rules of creativity and magick! Experience is irrelevant, audacity is your ticket in. Bring your vibrant spirit, and join us for an unexampled day of art, laughter, and enchanting connections…in the virtual world. Buckle up for a magical journey, because this ain’t your average art party!

What you’ll need:

  • Any art supplies you desire. Some of us paint, some draw, some do it digital, heck, some just hang out!
  • Zoom on some kinda device. We’d love to see your beautiful face so grab whatever device you have zoom on and join us.