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When the Universe Feels Wrong

There are days when nothing feels real; nothing feels right. It feels almost like the Universe has been knocked off of it’s axis. Days where we are only going through the motions, surviving, but not thriving. Those days are the worst. There’s a disconnect between us and the rest of the world- I think these are the days we feel most alone. Alone tends to be the most horrible feeling I can imagine. However, if you are able to recognize days like this, then there are a few things you can do to bring the Universe back to you. Are you ready? 

The first thing I do, when the world feels ‘off’ is I tell someone. Sometimes it can be as simple as them saying ‘Mmm, I feel it too’, to make the feeling go away- but that is rare, though it does make you feel less alone. Speaking it, outloud, will make it real and it will force you to come to terms with what exactly feels off about the universe. If you talk to the right person, even if they don’t feel it, they will sit with you through it- that way even if you feel alone, you’re not. 

Next, I have to figure out where the ‘weird feeling’ is sitting in my body- this is important. Most days I find the feeling settled into my Sacral Chakra- like a rock holding its place in the bottom of my stomach. When this happens I know the world feels skewed due to my sense of self- my Ego is more than happy to get in the way of my perception of the Universe and I know it’s not just me.Using my Third Eye and Crown Chakra help me in acknowledging that it is my Ego gives me my power back. Now, I can use my Throat Chakra to talk about what it is that is making me feel this way to heal my Heart Chakra. From there, I love to stand outside barefoot in the sunlight for my Solar Plexus and Root Chakra. 

This is my Full Chakra Healing Routine when the Universe feels off, I hope that if you choose to use it, you find it beneficial. 

You can do this!



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