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FREE Circle to Talk About Magic and Spirituality

Calling all you fabulous Witches, Wizards, Magicians and those that wanna learn more about what in the HECK we are all talking about! That’s right, I’ve heard that this is a hot topic and folks wanna learn more so we are GRABBING the big topic wheel out again and having some fun chatting about all things magickal once a month. (By big topic wheel, I LITERALLY have a gigantic wheel I’ll spin every time to select a topic!)

So, come on and join us if…

  • Your spiritual curiosity includes wonderment around magick, 
  • You love some divination and wanna learn/share more,
  • You have an itch to go deeper on astrology, numerology, 
  • You embrace some natural healing through potions and elixirs, or
  • You just dig some good ritual work or wonder what it could do for you.

The topics each week will be completely random and could switch even in the middle of the hour. Any way you slice it though, it will be a spectacular little gathering of like-minded folks that believe there is something out there that the Universe wants us to tap into!

Did I mention this is absolutely Free???