Make Your Chakras Work for You

 All signs keep pointing to your chakras being out of balance but you haven’t got a clue where to start bringing that shit back into alignment. Tap into that divine energy and watch your entire life begin to balance with the use of the Make Your Chakras Workbook.

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Who cares what other people think? Not you.

Fear, Shame, Guilt…these are emotions of your past, not your present. Holding your opinion in or doing things because others say you should…NOPE. Not any more. That’s because you’ve unlocked the secrets of the wonderful energy centers called the chakras. Unlocked the secrets, became intimately close with them and NOW life just fucking works for you be cause your chakras work for you.

Finally, things are easy, breezy, lemon squeezy and you love it, right?

The Painful Truth though is...

You're stuck in "what if" thinking constantly.

You find yourself apologizing or walking on eggshells.

You were told you're not good enough. Again.

You can't remember the last time you had some ME time.

You always seem to have to bite your tongue.

You don't know if its your intuition or if you're crazy

The Biggest Kicker is...

Everyone keeps talking about "life purpose" ...

And you're just over here wondering what the fuck you should be doing tomorrow. Or how you're going to manage to juggle everything on your to-do list let alone find some time to be all spiritual.

Hold up. Your Chakras are about to get aligned.

The Make Your Chakras Workbook is here to help you work some magick on those energy centers. Here’s what you’ll get

+ An introduction to the Chakras and their energies.
+ Weekly journal prompts to explore the chakras impact on your life.
+ Deep clarity on the roles of each of the chakras.
+ Key points to reference time and time again.
+ Affirmations to help align, balance and strengthen your chakras.


I am also including a very personal additional video for you that will give you a glimpse into my morning ritual that includes both chakra work with yoga to ensure that I have open, aligned, and balanced chakras every single day.

The BEST News...

My full blown, Divine Your Chakras with Tarot course will launch in the fall. Since I thought this content was so important and critical to share, I am offering this portion of the course work while I continue to work out all the super aligned details of my full course. So from now until I launch the full course, this Make Your Chakras Workbook is available for only $47 dollars.

Make Your Chakras Workbook

Part of the Divine Your Chakras Intensive
$ 47 For a Limited Time
  • Gain more confidence in the chakras
  • Understand their impact on your life
  • Have clear insight into how to balance
  • A bonus daily chakra alignment video

Hi, I'm Sunshine!

I’m Sunshine! A Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Fear Coach. I’ve been divining using tarot cards for over 24 years and I’ve been actively doing shadow work for the past 22 years. And I created my first study course in college at the age of 24!

In July of 2019 I finally accepted that I was an alcoholic and a few months later I realized that I could not stay sober on my own. Through the help of AA I got back in touch with my spiritual side and discovered that my witchy, spiritual ways were part of my road to recovery. And while in the program (which, in my opinion, is its own form of shadow work) I decided that I would do a deep, intensive study of the chakras and include my love of tarot in that study.

This exercise changed my entire life. Still, I find myself reverting back to the things that I learned. I find myself incorporating my knowledge of the chakras in my readings, my spiritual advisor sessions AND it is why I now identify as a Fear Coach. This changed my life and I believe it has the ability to change yours too.

Some of the Love that Has Been Shared…

What do people say?

I did this spread early this morning and just wanted to express gratitude for the chakra check in!! I woke up stepping into the day feeling clear and aware and this spread was undoubtedly supportive in that!
Jennifer L
I was excited to be one of the first individuals through Sunshine’s course. The most beneficial part of the entire course for me was uncovering the blocks of the chakras and getting to know exactly how to work on that particular chakra.
Keyva B

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